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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Subterranean
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

Some scholars believe that javok (the term is both plural and singular) are a subterranean cousin of the torgat and desert strider. The javok stands four meters tall and weighs about three tons. It is similar in shape to the other bipedal lizards, but it has several distinguishing characteristics. The javok has very strong forearms and iron hard claws which it uses to tunnel and dig underground. The grey scales of the javok greatly resemble stone allowing it to camouflage itself. The javok is more compactly built and thicker limbed. Its eyes glow red and it has a ridge which runs along its saurian snout.


The javok is a monstrous and aggressive predator that makes hardened warriors quake in their boots. The javok is a terror in the lightless underworld. It uses it rocky hide to blend into the surrounding stone and surprise opponents. It will often lay in wait along well travelled underground routes near its lair.

Other than surprise attacks from hiding, the javok uses little in the way of tactics, preferring direct frontal assault. It will lash out with its powerful claws and attempt to bite opponents in half with its huge fang filled jaws. It will also swipe with its tail at opponents behind it.

The javok has very little sense of pain and will continue to fight even if badly wounded. It will retreat if confronted with bright lights (which blind it’s sensitive eyes). The javok is slow moving, but it has excellent senses including the ability to see in almost total darkness. It has a form of heat vision which allows it to see body heat. It also has the ability to sense vibrations in the stone. This vibration sense is remarkably accurate and allows it to sense intruders into its lair and fight invisible opponents.

The javok's most terrifying weapon is its breath. If greatly threatened, the javok can exhale a noxious grey gas which has several effects. First of all, it consumes oxygen and will rapidly extinguish all flames and fire. Second, the thick gas completely obscures vision. Finally, it causes fits of choking and coughing. Many individuals, the weak, the ill or the elderly, will even pass out from lack of oxygen. This thick choking noxious gas is a non-magical attack created by biological means. It cannot be dispelled. The javok can fight in total darkness and will take advantage of its opponent’s blindness and distress. The internal organ which generates this gas replenishes itself slowly requiring about 10-15 hours before it can be used again.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The javok is subterranean, typically inhabiting a network of caves and tunnels which it often expands by tunneling out veins of softer rock. Javok usually live in shallow caves near the surface, but have been encountered at extreme depths.


The javok feeds on anything organic it can find underground including subterranean vegetation and all kinds of underground prey. On rare occasions, hunger may force a javok to venture out of its caves and search for prey outside on the surface. It prefers to do so at night and will never willingly expose itself to broad daylight.

Javok, like many other animals, are attracted to shiny things that sparkle, gleam or exhibit a magical glow. Javok also tend to drag their prey back to their lair to feast. Therefore, while the javok does not intentionally hoard treasure, there is often quite a bit of weapons, armor, jewels, coins, crystals and other shiny trinkets in the central lair scattered amidst the piles of bones.


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