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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Swamp/Marsh
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The dragonsnake is the largest snake on Khoras. Typically reaching a length of 13 meters (43 feet) and weighing several hundred kilograms, this mammoth snake has a distinctive cranial crown and saurian beaked snout which makes the snake's head resemble a dragon. The snake's bodies is typically grey and green with prominent triangular scales.


The dragonsnake is a constrictor and will crush its prey to death. Dragonsnakes can easily kill a man and have been known to kill and consume full grown war horses. The dragonsnake is fast, agile and can coil around a man sized target with frightening speed. In addition to its constriction abilty, the dragonsnake has a very strong bite.

Despite its name, this snake has no breath weapon nor any special abilities.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Dragonsnakes are found only deep in large swamps and marshes on all three continents.


The female dragonsnake lays 2-12 eggs every 3 years. The hatchlings devour each other in a nest war. Typically only 2-3 survive and leave the nest.

The blood of the dragonsnake is dark green, smells terrible and is a valuable alchemical component.


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