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Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Temperate to subtropical wetlands
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

Ebrin (the same word refers to both singular and plural) is a large smooth bodied creature that seems to be, on the evolutionary scale, somewhere between a fish and an amphibian. It is roughly torpedo shaped, with a broad head and two large, wide set eyes. It has a wide fish-like mouth. It has two sets of rudimentary flippers and a broad tail. The typical ebrin is about 3 to 4 meters long and a little over 400 kilograms. Large deposits of fat underneath its skin create rolls and ripples of flesh. Its dark grey skin is smooth and often caked with mud. It has a pale underbelly. The ebrin has two large, intelligent looking red eyes that lack pupils. The ebrin is able to release a loud, high pitched roar which can be heard at a great distance.


In general, ebrin avoid combat. They are slow moving creatures, but can escape predators by burying themselves deep in the mud or submerging underneath the surface of the water. Ebrin are able to stay submerged for up to twenty minutes at a time. The ebrin may also use its roar in an attempt to scare off a predator. Its thick skin is difficult to cut and this often saves it from the claws and fangs of smaller predators.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Ebrin are found only in the wetlands Ithria - the Barakose Swamp, the Trackless Mire and the Stench Bog. They are able to breathe both air and water and spend their lives slithering through the muck and mud of swamps. The ebrin is a solitary creature, pairing up only to mate. Young stay with the mother for up to a full year for protection.


Ebrin are peaceful bottom feeders and herbivores. The ebrin obtains food by straining microorganisms from the mud and detritus of the swamp. It supplements this with a diet of plants and fungi. The ebrin itself is edible and yields a very soft, tender meat. The animal also has a thick layer of fat which can be boiled down into a high quality, slow burning oil. The hide of the creature, if properly prepared, yields good leather. For these reasons, ebrin are often hunted. However, they are difficult to find and surprisingly good at evading hunters and predators. The saurians consider roast ebrin a delicacy. It is not uncommon for human or grum villages that border wetlands to kill and consume ebrin. However, in certain civilized regions, ebrin meat is considered "foul" or "lower class" because the creature is a bottom feeder.


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