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The Swamp category includes animals that inhabit swamps, marshes and wetlands. Most creatures in swamp environments are excellent swimmers and many are amphibious. 

Name Description
Allithrax A carnivorous amphibian capable of tremendous leaps.

Bore Worm

A small, flesh burrowing worm.
Dragonsnake The world's largest snake.

Dung Fly

The adult form of the bore worm, a large and dangerous insect.


A swamp dwelling bottom feeder of great size.

Fur Frog

A large amphibian with mammalian characteristics.


Huge swamp-dwelling turtle.
Guramir Small winged limbless reptiles that migrate across continents.
Krathclaw A large, aggresive and dangerous swamp crustacean.
Mud Terror A tentacled slime horror.

Ookaran Mud Fish

A swamp dwelling bottom feeder found in only one region.

Red Asp

A small, but poisonous swamp snake.
Sarlang A large 4-ton swamp lizard used as a steed by certain races.
Scythe Lizard Bipedal reptilian predator.
Sewer Zombies Slimed coated mindless humanoid.
Skydrifter A giant sky tentacled ballon creature.
Sting Worm A large carnvirous worm with a stinger.
Winged Frog Aptly named.


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