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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Swamp and marshes
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

Guramir (the term is both singular and plural) appear as small, winged amphibious creatures. They have clawed reptilian wings with a wingspan of about a meter (although some specimens have wingspans up to 3 meters). They have long tails and a set of smaller sub-wings near the base of the tail. Their heads are somewhat frog like. Their smooth skin is soft and green with a with pale underbellies. They have two feet that are look very much like a bird's claws.

There are at least seven subspecies of guramir.

Guramir spend most of the time lying in the mud of swamps, basking in the sun or perched on the branches of swamp trees. They often fly about wetlands in groups of several dozen.


Guramir are not dangerous and generally will flee if threatened. However, if a large group of them are startled, they will fly about haphazardly and can be dangerous when they swarm. Individuals caught in a guramir swarm may likely walk away with many cuts and bruises.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

They are found in the wetlands and swamps of Ithria and Aggradar. Once each year, as winter approaches, guramir will migrate several thousand kilometers to Qeshir to seek warmer weather. Some guramir travel to the steamy jungles of Myria. These migrations are massive involving many thousands of the creatures. They return to their northern swamps in the spring when warmer weather returns to Ithria and Aggradar. Not all species of guramir migrate.


Guramir gorge themselves prior to their annual migration. They lose 50% of their body mass during the flight.

Many races and cultures that live in or near swamp lands will have massive feasts around the time of the guramir migrations. During these migrations, it is easy to shoot them out of the air with a bow. This is common among orcs, ogres, saurians and goblins, but even some human villages partake. Many other cultures, particularly the elves, find guramir disgusting creatures and would never lower themselves to eating one. Guramir "harvesting" during the migrations is practiced in parts of Corvenia with gusto. Magrakians love guramir migrations and will not hesitate to eat raw guramir meat.

Guramir is a dry white meat, somewhat more dense than chicken. It is chewy, but flavorful. During these times, those races that harvest the guramir eat well. Many recipes have been created for guramir meat.


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