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Ookaran Mud Fish

Other Names Ookara
Climate/Terrain Temperate to subpolar wetlands
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

This swamp dwelling fish is a meter long and 20 kilograms. The mud fish lacks scales and has a smooth, grey body. The fins of this fish aren’t really fins, but thick, muscled flippers which allow the fish to push its way through the thick mud.


Ookaran mud fish rely on the thick mud to hide them from predators. If attacked the mud fish will attempt to flee to deeper mud. They are slippery and difficult to catch. They can wriggle into deep mud very quickly.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The ookaran mud fish spends its life squirming through the stagnant mud of swamps. They are found in great numbers in the Janidan Mud Flats. A few of these can also be found in the Trackless Mire. They are much less common in the southern wetlands (Stench Bog and the Barakose Swamp).


The mud fish obtains its nourishment by straining mud through a special membrane in its mouth and filtering out all the organic matter. A special set of gills allows the mud fish to filter air from the thick fluid environment.

The ookaran mud fish is edible, but has a flavor that most find objectionable. Once the fish is dead, the mud straining membrane dries up and ceases to be a good filter. However, if dried slowly, it makes a good vellum.


The term "ookaran mud fish" is the name given it by the people of Vorrik and it is widely used. The term "ookaran" can be traced back to the Irenni words "ooka" (mud) and "karan" (dweller).


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