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Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Swamp
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The sarlang is a large 4-ton swamp lizard. This massively built reptilian quadruped is covered with thick green scales and has a powerful, thick tail. The creature has large paddle-like feet allow it to swim or scramble through water, thick marshy grasses and soft ground. It uses its tail to propel itself though water and grasses. The sarlang is immensely strong and a powerful swimmer. It can travel ove any type of swamp terrain smoothly and quickly, effortlessly transitioning between swimming, scrambling, sliding and walking. It has a very distinctive low rumbling growl. From the tip of its snout to the end of its tail, a typical sarlang measures 7 meters (22 feet).


Generally, the sarlang is not aggressive. It is a docile herbivore of the swamps and marshlands. If cornered or threatened, it will bite and strike with sweeps of its tail. The sarlang generally flees combat. If used as a steed, it can be trained to hold its ground.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Sarlangs can be found in wetlands, swamps and marshes on all three continents. The species described above is typical of the type found in the Barakose Swamp on Ithria. A slightly smaller, light colored species is prevalent in the Darijun Jungle and the Aswanar Wildlands. The largest variety, known for very dark green scales, dwells in the Kalanos Marshes. Specimens there can reach 10 meters long.


Both the saurians and the boglings use sarlangs as steeds and beasts of burden. The sarlang is trainable and has proven to be a docile and easy to control animal. Sarlangs are surprisingly strong and can carry up to three riders at once or a heavy load of cargo. The saurians have developed a sort of elongated saddle which typically has two seats and a section of cargo netting. A well trained sarlang in the hands of an experience rider can travel 50 km through swamp/marsh terrain in a single day.

Saurians, orcs and other races also slaughter sarlangs for their meat, which is edible and tasty, although somewhat greasy and fatty.

The thick hide of the underbelly does not have scales and makes good leather. This leather, combined with the scales, can be fashioned into good scale armor which is favored by boglings, orcs, saurians and goblins.


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