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Winged Frog

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain  Swamps
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

These large frogs weigh about 10 pounds and have legs that are 12 inches long. Sprouting from their backs are a pair of large wings. These wings have thin, green rubbery amphibian skin stretched over a bat-like bone structure. A winged frog typically has a two foot wing span.


Winged frogs are surprisingly agile for the size and notoriously difficult to catch. They move quickly, hop and fly. They are capable of short duration flights - about 100 yards - before they tire and must land.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Found through forests and wetlands of Qeshir, but especially common in the Moors.


Winged frogs are edible and very tasty. They are considered a delicacy in the Kingdom of Anquar. Some winged frogs are even exported to Ithria where they might find their way to a Freeport tavern and a Drakkellian noble's table.


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