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Emerald Moss

True Name Emeril
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d8
Locale Freshwater banks
Form Moss

Physical Description

This moss is an emerald green and consists of many thousands of small curly tendrils, giving it a soft texture and spongy feel. It grows in shadowy nooks of rocks and is often damp to the touch. It has a distinctive scent which is fresh and minty.

Physical Properties

Emerald moss has general and broad curative properties. If applied directly to a fresh wound, this moss while easy pain, clot blood and relax muscles. In addition, it accelerates the healing of the area and reduces the incident of scarring and infection. The effect is better if the moss is thoroughly wet. Beyond that, it requires no preparation and is very easy to use.

Elves, rangers, woodsmen and others will often bind emerald moss to a wound with cloth or twine and let the moss do its work for several days.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Emerald moss is found the temperate forests of western Ithria, chiefly in Cyrell, Ethara, Bathynia and Uthran. It is found on the banks of creeks, brooks and rivers, usually in shadowy nooks and amongst rocks.


Emerald moss can be fermented to make a marvelous and delicately flavored wine. This is chiefly done in north western Ithria, specifically in the elvish nations of Ethara and Cyrell and in Normidia. Emerald moss is difficult to work with, but the wine is exquisite and well worth the hard work. The elvish and normidian varieties are somewhat different from each other.

The wine itself has no medicinal value.


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