The World Of Khoras - History

A Timeline of Ithrian History

The following is a historical timeline giving the dates of major events in Khorasian history, from the earliest records of civilization to the present day. The exact date (if known) is given in all cases along with a short description of the event.

Normally, one would expect different cultures to use different dating systems. However, due to the Sundering (which was a sudden global event), virtually all civilizations have adopted dating systems that are synchronized upon and renumbered with that event. The Sundering serves as a historical landmark.

BT Before Thull
TIC Thullian Imperial Calendar
CY Common Year

Year Month Day Event
5,000 BT - - Scholars mark this year as the arbitrary beginning of the Age of Dawning. Nomadic tribes of hunter/gatherers begin to settle into agricultural communities and begin large scale farming.
4,500 BT - - Beginning of the Kingdom of Anhara.
3,700 BT - - Unification of the Darzek Tribes.
2,400 BT - - First recording appearance of the Barakus Clans.
1,300 BT - - Formation of the Kingdom of Gekron.
750 BT - - Beginning of the Four Kingdoms War. (Anhara, Barakus, Darzek and Gekron).
738 BT - - Darzek Tribes attack the Barakus Clans.
736 BT - - Barakus Clans turn on and begin conquering the Darzek Tribes.
730 BT - - Barakus Clans (commanding the enslaved Darzek tribes) defeat and absorb the Kingdom of Gekron.
725 BT - - Barakus/Gekron/Darzek fusion defeats and culturally absorbs the Kingdom of Anhara.
710 BT - - The founding of the Myratz Empire and the capital city of Quar'Ken.
400 BT - - Myratz Empire reaches pinnacle of achievement.
381 BT - - City of Quar'Ken rebels an attack from a rogue dragon.
362 BT - - Myratz Empire begins to suffer internal conflicts.
282 BT - - Ranyku is born.
262 BT - - First reference in imperial records to Ranyku and his teachings.
212 BT - - Ranyku is banished from the Myratz Empire.
200 BT - - Empire begins to suffer serious internal conflicts, riots, etc.
167 BT - - Mount Kamus erupts, destroying the city of Quar'Ken.
165 BT - - Ranyku, Founder of the Ranyku Order, dies.
162 BT - - Brotherhood of Ventax forms.
157 BT - - Church of Ke'tai is formed.
155 BT - - Formation of the Traxx legion.
153 BT - - A rogue dragon attacks several villages in the north over the course of a eight months.
151 BT - - In response to the threat of the dragon, and for other reasons, several towns and villages in the north unite to form the Irenni league.
148 BT - - Founding of the city of Nereli.
139 BT - - Founding of the city of Tarset.
133 BT - - Church of Ke'tai captures and execute Berenga, grandson of Ranyku.
132 BT - - Order of the Ranyku wipe out the Church of Ke'tai at the Battle of the Fire Cliffs.
40 BT - - Thull is born.
12 BT - - Thull begins covertly establishing a new order loyal to him.
0 TIC 7 15 Thull declares himself Emperor.
71 TIC 2 1 Thull dies. His son, Thull II, ascends to the throne.
119 TIC 8 4 Thull II dies. Thull III ascends to the throne.
131 TIC 6 22 Thull III appoints General Krellian to chief military advisor.
140 TIC 4 16 General Krellian overthrows Thull III and appoints himself emperor, Thull IV.
170 TIC 12 6 Thull V ascends to the throne.
202 TIC 5 17 Thull VI ascends to the throne.
213 TIC 5 30 A rogue dragon attacks and obliterates the imperial city of Kothun. Kothun lies in ruins afterwards.
251 TIC 11 13 Thull VII ascends to the throne.
280 TIC 9 25 The boy who will become Thull IX is born.
286 TIC 7 11 Thull VIII ascends to the throne.
297 TIC 5 13 Ozryk (founder of the Alliance) is born.
302 TIC 3 5 Thull IX, the Restituted, retakes the throne from the Krellian line.
341 TIC 4 7 Ozryk and friends form a private club for mages only, the Alliance.
343 TIC 8 5 Emperor's son, Thull X, joins Ozryk's group.
345 TIC 7 12 Alliance membership of emperor's son is discovered and this leads to disbandment of Alliance. Alliance is forced to hold its meetings in secrecy.
347 TIC 7 1 Thull IX killed during hunting expedition.
347 TIC 7 21 Thull X, the Wise, ascends to the throne and declares the Alliance the only official imperial guild of sorcerers.
348 TIC 9 8 To distance itself from politics, the Alliance relocates to the city of North Aden.
349 TIC 2 14 With imperial backing, Alliance begins the Purification Campaigns.
358 TIC 7 15 The Jakar, a group that fought against the Purification Campaigns, formed.
364 TIC 8 9 Emperor Thull X contracts Barrett's Syndrome and health begins to fail.
364 TIC 10 14 Emperor Thull X dies.
364 TIC 10 20 Thull XI, the Merciless, ascends to throne. Age of Dreams begins.
404 TIC 4 15 Empire succeeds in defeating or annexing many neighboring villages and towns.
410 TIC 3 2 Alrem Evarel is born.
421 TIC 9 24 Thull XI dies.
421 TIC 10 2 Thull XII ascends to the throne.
435 TIC 7 21 Alrem Evarel wins seat on the Alliance High Council.
439 TIC 1 16 Alrem discovers the inherent magical energy in Drellikar, the sun.
444 TIC 2 9 Alrem discovers the polar nature of magic. (q.v. The Age Of Dreams)
444 TIC 3 11 Alrem unveils his discoveries to the Alliance. He is ridiculed and ordered to terminate research.
450 TIC 5 20 After six years, Alrem completes research on the Focusing. Emperor discovers this and imprisons him.
451 TIC 10 9 Thull XIII arranges the assassination of Thull XII and then ascends to the throne. His first order is to release Alrem from prison.
451 TIC 10 20 Alrem proposes his idea, the Focusing, to the assembled imperial council a second time.
452 TIC 4 7 Initial work and preparations for the Focusing begin. Construction on the Assembly Hall begins in the city of North Aden.
460 TIC 12 21 Preparations for the Focusing are completed.The Assembly Hall is completed.
461 TIC 2 1 The Focusing begins.
462 TIC 8 13 At the request of the emperor, the Alliance begins construction of a network of teleport gates that will connect all points of the Empire and beyond. This project is secondary to the Focusing.
465 TIC 5 18 Minor problems are noticed by one mage lord but he is quickly silenced.
469 TIC 12 19 Surges Begin - Energy buildup becomes severe. Magical surges are first noticed.
470 TIC 7 6 The Sundering. The star is sundered. Shock wave from the exploding Core Crystal obliterates the Assembly Hall, North Aden and several nearby villages.
0 CY 7 7 The World Storm Begins. Immediately following the Sundering, a series of severe storms sweep the continents. This cycle of frequent storms continues unabated for many months. At the same time, a series of natural disasters occurs. Volcanic eruptions, landquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, massive tidal waves, essence storms tear across the lands. Many towns and buildings are damaged or destroyed during these chaotic months.
0 CY 7 11 Thullian Teleport Gates Abandoned - Work on the imperial network of teleport gates is abandoned.
1 CY 8 2 The Captured Sea - Northern Ithria is struck by the worst landquake to date. The terrific landquake devastates the northern hill country and the central plains of the Irenni League are flooded by the waters of the Crystal Sea. Hundreds of cities and towns are wiped out. Millions die in the deluge.
1 CY 11 12 World Storm Ends.  Age of Chaos begins.- After 16 months of freakish weather, daily storms and natural disasters, the skies, the lands and the seas finally begin to settle.
3 CY 8 21 Thullian Revolts Begin - Several revolts flare up against the imperial military and especially toward the Alliance.
4 CY 3 14 The Great War Begins - Amidst political tensions, the Traxx Legion launches a full scale assault against the Thullian Empire.
5 CY 4 2 Irenni League Declares War - Having suffered the deaths of millions, the Irenni League declares war against the Thullian Empire.
7 CY 7 8 Other Nations Join War - Several other lesser nations join in the fight against the Empire.
12 CY 8 2 Landquake of the Twelfth Year - Major landquake strikes north eastern Ithria.
43 CY 11 3 Mord Moves Into Mountain Fortress - The Irenni mining settlement of Mord, in the far north, relocates into an ancient mountain fortress ruin to escape brutal imperial and bandit attacks. They discover deep passages and caves beneath. Other villages join them.
46 CY 9 18 The Great Northern Landquake - A terrific landquake strikes the north. Among other disasters, the mountain fort home of Mord is buried completely in a land slide. Cut off from the surface world, the thousands of Mordians begin to explore deeper in to the underground than ever before. They discover a vast underground realm of caverns and tunnels stretching for hundreds of kilometers.
57 CY 7 9 Mordia Founded - The citizens of Mord, who now call themselves the Mordians, have successfully survived underground for more than a decade living upon the shores of a vast underground lake. Despite rivalry between different villages, they have stayed together. On this day, they are attacked by the skrell and have their first encounter with another underground race. In response to this, the Mordians set aside their differences and unite as one people. They began to build a great fortress and organize an army. The leader of the Mords crowns himself king and Mord renames itself Mordia. Mordia begans to function as a single cohesive nation.
62 CY 10 10 Morphians Are Unveiled - An Irenni League arch mage named Jaidor develops a new race - the morphians - a magically enchanted group of shape shifters. These are used as covert spies and assassins against the Empire.
74 CY 6 17 Battle of Bone Hill - The Alliance is scattered during the Battle at Bone Hill.
89 CY 5 16 Thullian Capital Falls - Last Alliance mage lord, Mandacas, is captured and executed by Traxxian forces at the Siege of Bekai, the capital city of the Thullian Empire. City of Bekai falls.
111 CY 12 26 Karnus leaves Ithria on a great ship and journeys to the continent of Qeshir. After many months of exploration, he settles in western Qeshir and begins building a great city on a bay on the southwestern coast.
119 CY 10 9 Karnus completes construction of the city of Ipotal and founds the Kingdom of Anquar. A great feast and celebration is held.
131 CY 9 2 Brentar Leads Refugees - Woodsman named Brentarr leads ragtag band of Thullian refugees to the north.
134 CY 1 12 Borrell Founded - The refugees reach the northern icy wastes and settle in the great forests founding the nation of Borrell.
155 CY 4 27 Humanoid Conquer City of Daetowa - The city of Daetowa in northeastern Aggradar is overrun by humanoids. Many Daetowans flee, but most are butchered. The city is completely conquered and taken over by the humanoid tribes.
170 CY 9 13 The Stiffening Plaque - A terrible plague, known as (the Stiffening, sweeps through the lands and across borders. Millions die.
184 CY 7 16 Mercia Founded - Mercia forms from several Traxxian and Thullian fishing villages.
205 CY 5 27 Cure for Stiffening Found - A cure for the plague (tara root) is found and the epidemic is curbed.
232 CY 8 5 Sager's Folly - The Incident known as Sager's Folly occurs.
239 CY 7 1 Irenni Dragon Taming - Several attempts are made by Irenni sorcerers to capture and train and dragon as a living weapon. However, all attempts fail and several Irenni sorcerers are killed. The Dragon Taming projects end on this day.
265 CY 3 16 Thullian Empire Begins Construction of the Citadel. Thousands of peasants, slaves, criminals and prisoners are put to work. It is the largest construction ever undertaken and is expected to take decades.
287 CY 8 9 The Battle of the Fallen Timbers - In 287 CY, the forest villages of the far north west were attacked by an army of disfigured brutish men from the mountains. War raged through the summer and dozens of villages were razed. Eventually the villages banded together and fought back in what became known as the Battle of the Fallen Timbers. The bandits were driven off. This sowed the seeds of political and cultural unification that would one day form the elven nation of Ethara.
292 CY 10 13 Villages of the Grand Wood Unite - A collection of villages deep in the Grand Wood band together for protection during the Great War. The people of the Grand Wood are a peaceful people. They are short, slim of build and smooth skinned. Many are gifted in magical ability.
295 CY 12 4 Empire Finishes Construction on the Citadel - The cost of building such a colossal fortress all but bankrupts the empire.
305 CY 5 26 Kraukor's Sojourn Begins - Daemon Kraukor, a Thullian general, deserts with a legion of troops. This greatly weakens the Empire in the South.
307 CY 4 7 Vorrik Founded. Daemon Kraukor and his followers settle in the north and found the nation of Vorrik.
307 CY 5 25 Having discovered that he was beginning to suffer from Mirodic Syndrome, Karnus, ruler of Anquar, begins constructing the Talisman of Anquar.
308 CY 11 15 Karnus completes the Talisman of Anquar and grants the eight pieces of the Talisman to his eight closest servants.
309 CY 10 17 Adaptors Are Created - The Thullian Empire creates a group of magically enhanced warriors called adaptors which are used for a variety of war-related functions.
311 CY 11 21 Blood Drinker Forged - Traxx Legion war hero Kirian commissions the construction of the magical blade Blood Drinker by a group of Traxxian wizards.
320 CY 5 19 Karnus dies. The Eight Kings, using their pieces of the Talisman, assume control of the Kingdom of Anquar.
327 CY 10 27 Adaptors Enter Baen - A group of adaptors are sent into the wastelands of the Baen Valley  to search the ruins there and retrieve whatever Alliance artifacts they can find. The adaptors are the only beings able to endure the conditions there. This group are called the Baenites because of their mission.
333 CY 9 2 The Conflagration of Aukell. A huge fire occurs in the Forest of Aukell. Several million acres of land are destroyed including the entire Forest of Aukell. Nations argue over the cause and who is to blame.
335 CY 6 18 Plaque Hits Vessapol - The Traxxian city of Vessapol is wiped out out by a plague. Many believe it was a biological terror weapon created and unleashed by the Thullian Empire as a last, desperate attempt to turn the tide of the War. No proof of this exists, however. By the end of the year, more than 80% of the city population is dead.
338 CY 8 18 The Sukaran Vanishing - On a late summer evening, near the end of the Great War, the tiny Kingdom of Sukara vanished in the night. Travelers reported finding the valley empty... even buildings were gone. Nothing of the Sukarans was ever found and it remains one of the great mysteries of the War. Most historians dismiss Sukara as the victim of some large scale weapon used in the War.
340 CY 6 1 The Empire Surrenders and the Great War Ends. Empire officially surrenders to the Traxx Legion and the Irenni League. The empire begins to break up into several large factions, many of which continue to fight the war. Historians mark this as the end of the Great War and the beginning of the Age of Sorrow.
348 CY 2 12 Night's Jewel - Aldos Vorgari, a wizard, scholar and astronomer in the Irenni League, first records a noticeable color change on Night's Jewel. Starting with this first recording, a gradual color change is noticed in the small moon which appears to turn more green over the years. Vorgari presents a paper at several scholarly gatherings in the League proposing that the effects of the Sundering altered not only Khoras but the heavens above as well.
355 CY 2 13 Kingdom of Imarrilus Is Founded - The Empire is  in chaos and many citizens fear that the Traxxians and Irenni may well ignore the formal surrender and overrun the empire. Doomsayers abound. Some citizens flee. An imperial noble named Imarrillus with large holdings of land in the central empire (in what is now the Snowy Timber) declares himself king and attempts to form his lands into a kingdom. He appoints servants to the roles of duke, baron and earl handing out titles freely. He takes a large sum of his wealth and  commission a wizard to create three magical weapons for him: a crown, a ring and a sceptre.  
358 CY 9 14 A massive orc horde, under the command of the the great orc chieftain Brauk, laid siege to and captured the Citadel. It should be noted that this was the first appearance of the orcs. The rapid fall of the Citadel to orcish forces was blamed on the abyssmal leadership and outright cowardice of Commander Marcus Tilley, who ruled the Citadel at the time.
364 CY 12 26 The Drakkellian Alliance Is Founded - The Drakkellian Alliance forms when several businessmen take advantage of the booming, but fragmented economy of the Traxx Legion and form a network of guilds to help optimize the flow of goods and money.
372 CY 4 20 The first appearance of the orcs in the far west when brutish humanoids attacked the provinces of the western lands.
374 CY 11 18 Kingdom of Imarrilus Suffers Major Defeats- The tiny Kingdom of Imarrilus is hard pressed to maintain its integrity in the face of bandit attacks and Irenni war patrols that are still fighting major imperial groups. During this time, a large bandit force regularly attacks the towns and villages of this area - killing, pillaging and stealing. As the months go by, the bandits grow in number and bravery.
387 CY 4 6 An old mage named Carrik settled near a small fishing village named Risdan on the north east coast. He established a small wizards' school that he named Arcanum.
404 CY 11 9 A renegade troop of soldiers from the former empire came to prey on the local villages and attacked the village of Risdan. The wizard Carrik unleashed powerful spells, killing dozens and turning the officers into pigs. The army was routed and the villages saved. Stories of the incident spread and refugees began coming to the village for protection.
407 CY 4 6 The Baenite Adaptors Rebel - The group of adaptors sent into the Baen wastelands rebel against the remaining imperial military authorities and establish their own nation. These rebels become known as the Baenites.
412 CY 7 17 The Etharan provinces of the far west name a High Lord Marshall with the power to levy taxes and raise armies across all the provinces.
425 CY 5 3 Pirate Isles - The Pirate Isles are first recognized as a growing threat to Traxxian stability.
457 CY 8 2 Bathynia founded. Scattered clans of horsemen end years of feuding with a peaceful meeting of chieftains and form Bathynia.
530 CY 7 13 Cyrell founded. The villages of the Grand Wood, bound by politics and race, unite formerly into the elven nation of Cyrell.
566 CY 8 7 Corvenia founded. A small group of natural talent mages settle beside Cauldron Lake and form Corvenia.
598 CY 10 10 Normidia is founded when several mountain clans unite.
621 CY 3 9 The Nine Clans of Tanlur unite and hold the first Verral. From this day forth, they call their united land by its common name... "Talis".
628 CY 6 1 The Irenni League begins a siege of the Citadel.
629 CY 2 19 Irenni League Captures the Citadel - The armies of the Irenni League capture the Citadel, and with that, the last remnant of the once great Thullian Empire falls.
650 CY 8 14 The city of Arcanum formed an alliance with several other nearby towns and villages. The towns and villages agreed to pay taxes and tribute to Arcanum in exchange for protection. With this alliance, the nation of Carrikos was born, taking its name from its founded. In old Thullian, Carrikos means "home of Carrik".
658 CY 1 15 Citadel Falls to the Ogres - Ogres and orcs descend from the mountains and capture the Citadel and begin waging war against the Irenni League. The ogres begin rebuilding the Citadel.
662 CT 7 13 Traxx Legion begins to crack. The Traxx Legion begins to suffer severe internal conflicts including struggles between the nobility and the military, struggles between different factions of the military and problems between the Traxx Legion and surrounding lands. Battles between the Traxx Legion and the orcs of the Sentinel Mountains continue.
684 CY 3 19 Arggallorex Attacks Kaldiran - A rogue dragon, named Arggallorex,  attacks and destroys the Irenni fortress at Kaldiran. Both the fortress and the town are wiped out.
684 CY 3 26 Arggallorex Attacks Ithoden - The rogue dragon, Arggallorex, attacked the town of Ithoden, slaying the Baroness Kair and her daughter.
684 CY 4 4 The Slaying of the Dragon Arggalorex - The Baron Kair returned and, mad with grief, set out with his troops to hunt Arggallorex. After many days of pursuit, the Baron and his forces slay the dragon. From this battle, the Dragon Slayer's Helm was created.
689 CY 8 19 The Battle of Seven Hills - the Irenni League loses a major battle to the orcish armies at the Battle of Seven Hills. Many Irenni heroes die in this tragic defeat. This further weakens an already devestated Irenni League.
712 CY 11 27 Irenni Capital Destroyed - The final tragedy to strike the Irenni League came in the late fall of 712 CY. Se'auri, the capital city of the Irenni League is attacked by a horde of ogres and orcs. The Irenni League, already in a greatly weakened state, is unable to fend off the attack. After a short 5 day siege battle, the city is breached and the humanoids pour into the city. Within two weeks, the once great city of Se'auri is completely destroyed. Following this, the League begins to break up as the nobles begin to fight amongst each other.
712 CY 12 13 Duke Ranold, rule of Strathon, marshaled his town militia and sent out word for all able bodied Irenni men to come to Strathon and prepare for battle. Two weeks after Se'auri fell, Duke Ranold led a force of 6000 soldiers to march on the orcs. Upon Torgan Field before the gates of Se'uari, a great battle was joined and the orc horde was scattered. Unfortunately, the city of Se'uari had been destroyed and was beyond repair.
714 CY 2 1 Arkalia Is Founded - Several Irenni nobles from the former  Irreni League unite and band together to form the Kingdom of Arkalia.
716 CY 10 2 Lord Syrenil leaves Cyrell. After many disagreements with the elven Queen, the elven lord Syrenil leaves the nation of Cyrell with some 2500 followers to try to heal the wounds of the world left in the aftermath of the great war. He and his entourage travel to the Traxx Legion to begin their quest,
720 CY 4 6 Lord Syrenil settles in Ithell. After four years of struggle, Lord Syrenil decided to focus his efforts on a single city. He and his followers abandoned the Traxx Legion and travelled north and settled in the town of Ithell, where several other elves were already living. Ithell became a mixed community of elves and humans who lived together peacefully.
722 CY 7 12 Mordia is attacked by a race of subterranean bipedal crustaceans, the Dythillin. War of Caverns begins.
736 CY 9 7 Drugen's Trek begins. Drugen Kren leads 60,000 dwarves on Drugen's Trek through the underworld to escape the Dythillin.
740 CY 7 14 Drugen's Trek comes to an end in the mineral rich deposits and caverns under the northern Thunder Peaks. Kran is founded.
765 CY 2 24 Captain Kassen, a Traxxian sea faring captain, having spent years living amongst the Myrians, returns to the Traxx Legion with tales and artifacts of Myria. Although there had been several previous encounters with the myrians, Kassen's tales ignite interest in Myria. Beginning this year, Myria is included on several Traxxian maps.
771 CY 6 8 The Traxx Legion breaks apart. The Traxx Legion is the only strong political entity remaining after the Great War. However, like the other super nations, the Traxx Legion succumbs to internal conflicts. In the summer of 771, a revolt among high ranking officers against the nobility leads to a full scale military coup. The ruling nobility are executed and control of the nation falls to petty warlords who fight among themselves. The Traxx Legion quickly begins to dissolve into dozens of  groups that wage war against each other.
771 CY 6 10 The city of Asylum is founded. Prison riot in the dungeon keep of Shirdan allows prisoners, led by the rebel Symok, to overpower guards and obtain control of the entire prison complex. The town of Shirden is taken over the next day. The town is renamed "Asylum". All laws are declared void and the gates to the city are burned. Asylum formerly declares itself an independent city and Symok crowns himself king.
777 CY 8 8 Ithell declares independence. Ithell throws off Traxxian rule and declares itself and free and independent city. Most towns and villages in the region declare their loyalty to Ithell. Thus, the Free City of Ithell is founded.
777 CY 9 16 Battle of Ithell. Three Traxxian war lords send three armies to crush the rebellion of Ithell. Ithell mustered its own army. The four armies clash on the banks of the Merchant's Highway. The Ithellian army wins victory and Ithell maintains its freedom and independence. Ithell marks its founding.
784 CY 11 7 Ulkran founded. Kran (Hope in the dwarven tongue) begins building on the surface, rejoins the world above and changes its name to Ulkran (New Hope).
790 CY 8 15 Dalius Thorn Discovers Thread - Dalius Thorn, a talented mage, discovers the most basic unit of essence, which he calls a "thread". This discovery prompts other mages to study this area of research (quantitative magic).
795 CY 4 14 Lord Rukemin Begins Gathering Followers - A wealthy guildmaster and shrewd businessman, Sindarian Rukemin, begins to organize the scattered fragments of the dead Thullian Empire and gather them together under one political regime. Many Thullian descendants flock to his banner.
797 CY 10 6 Alliance Begins Rebuilding a Traxxian Garrison - In order to defend itself against bandit raids from the bands roving the Sentinel Mountains, the Drakkellian Alliance captures an aging Traxxian fortress on its eastern border. Drakkel sends a small force of troops and craftsmen to rebuild and man this outpost.
809 CY 1 22 Kingdom of Rukemia founded. Lord Rukemin crowns himself king and declares the founding of the Kingdom of Rukemia. His small army begins to slowly assimilate all of the scattered villages and duchies of the old empire.
813 CY 9 2 Elven kingdom of Ethara is founded on the west coast.
825 CY 2 14 Rukemia Lays Siege - The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Rukemia begins a siege of the ogre held Citadel. The siege lasts seven years.
832 CY 12 10 Rukemia Seizes Control of Citadel - Siege ends in a climactic battle and the Royal Rukemian Army captures the Citadel and drives off the ogres.
844 CY 6 19 Great Horde of Agurad - Agurad the Toothless, a powerful goblin chieftain skilled in magic, successfully unites eleven goblin tribes and four orcish clans in the Dragonclaw Mountains in the summer of 844 CY. The Great Horde of Agurad, numbers in the thousands and includes saurians, ogres and trolls as well. This great horde rides down from the mountains and begins attacking towns and villages of Normidia. Town militas are unable to handle the onslaught and several towns are razed. The first attack obliterates the town of Kelest.
844 CY 8 6 Siege of Tykron - Agurad's Horde begins a siege of Tykron in the late summer and Tykron endures 4 months of warfare, disease and famine.
844 CY 12 4 Siege of Tykron Broken - A daring raid into the camp of the horde by a mercenary company allied with the Normidian crown combined with the arrival of several town militias finally breaks the siege and the humanoid horde is routed. Agurad himself is killed during the climax of this battle.
845 CY 1 7 Horde of Agurad Defeated - The tattered remnants of the horde, hounded by the Normidian army, regroup in of the Vidomosk Valley in northern Normidia and make a final stand. The Battle of Vidomosk Valley lasts for three days. In the end, the horde is broken and the surviving humanoids flee into the mountains.
879 CY 6 1 Avar founded. Mountain clans of avian humanoids unite under one banner and form the nation of Avar.
923 CY 5 11 Town of Vogue founded by a small group of Traxxian and Irenni nobles.
930 CY 2 7 Arrival of the Karthasians - An Explorer Class vessel from the Zen’trag Hive, a spacefaring race from a distant star system, enters the Khorasian system. Their power systems are adversely effected by the Drellisian radiation and the starship’s orbit rapidly decays. The powerless ship breaks apart in the lower atmosphere blazing a streak across the sky. Only due to emergency power on escape pods does part of the crew reach the surface alive. Most of the lifeboats head for a jungle peninsula, an area with a ecosystem similar to their homeworld. The Drellisian radiation renders all of their technology inoperative so the seventy four surviving aliens adapt to their new low-tech home. Many scholars cling to the belief that the karthasians come from an alternate dimension..
933 CY 12 26 Khenshire founded. Over the centuries following the Age of Chaos, the central lands of Ithria had become rich and fertile. Farmers slowly gravitate to this perfect farmland even as they slowly change to grum. The farmers of the central plains unite to form the agrarian nation of Khenshire.
954 CY 7 19 Jannerus founded. To accommodate the expanding farmlands, many grumman farmers move further west to take advantage of fertile plains there and Jannerus is founded.
970 CY 3 5 Karthasians discovered. The Drakkellian merchant ship Grey Gull lands on the southwest peninsula and stumbles upon a karthasian hive. Fearing the bizarre insect creatures, the sailors attack. The karthasians, defending their queen, kill all but seven of the sailors who escape (just barely) with their lives. These seven return to Drakkel and tell tales of the jungle insect men.
1017 CY 8 9 Dragon Takes Up Residence - The great wyrm Pyrilauth takes up residence in the upper caves of the mountain above the Citadel. The dragon preys on anyone daring to be seen outside. This makes life in the Citadel impossible and eventually the presence of the dragon drives the citizens away. For 400 years, no one dwells within the Citadel except for a few foolhardy tribes of goblins and a clan of saurian dragon worshipers.
1070 CY 8 5 Drakkellian Alliance orders Garrison to stand down. With the unification of several major orcish tribes, several Guild Masters in Drakkel fear that having a military outpost on the orcish border will provoke war rather than encourage economic relations between the two nations. These guildmasters use their influence to sway the council and Drakkel soon orders the Garrison troops to abandon the fortress and return home.
1070 CY 10 7 Garrison rebels. The soldiers, realizing that peace with the orcs of the Sentinel Mountains will not be possible, refuse. The soldiers, wishing to uphold the tradition of honor and integrity that defined the age old glories of the Traxxian Legion, remain at their post.
1070 CY 12 14 Garrison Becomes Independent. The Drakkellian Alliance promptly severs all political ties with the fortress. The fortress becomes known simply as Garrison. Many local woodsmen and farmers relocate to the Garrison for protection and a city soon develops around it.
1127 CY 8 8 Ithell and Cyrell become allies. Lord Ilsoren commissions the crafting of a magical decanter and gives it to Queen Theran to cement relations between Ithell and Cyrell.
1137 CY 7 2 Siege of Garrison begins. The orcs of the Sentinel Mountains launch a major assault against Garrison which turns into a siege.
1139 CY 1 9 Siege of Garrison ends. The siege of Garrison ends when orcish forces withdraw, unable to penetrate the ancient fortress or force the people within to expend their seeming infinite food supplies.
1150 9 14 Gold deposits found very close to the town of Vogue. Vogue begins mining operations.
1207 CY 4 28 The first sighting of Horde creatures occurrs in the northern reaches of the Chaddamar Theocracy.
1209 CY 6 7 The first major encounter with the Horde occured. Several towns were attacked by a large group of these creatures. Town militias patrol the northern lands near the mouth of the peninsula and spend weeks hunting the creatures down.
1275 CY 8 21 Ulkran sends out army to retake Mordia. Ulkran sends a huge force of thousands of volunteer soldiers, sorcerers, priests and craftsmen on a long trek back to Mordia with hopes of recapturing that ancient dwarven realm.
1280 CY 4 26 Mordia reclaimed. The Ulkran military force reaches Mordia and reclaims the dwarven city-state and renames it Urmordia.
1296 CY 6 10 In 1296 CY, a civil war erupted in the Kingdom of Shidar between those faithful to the crown and those faithful to the growing Church of the Chaddamar.
1305 CY 3 26 Battle of Illhekar. After 9 years of civil war, the church defeats the crown in a final battle in the city of Illhekar.
1309 CY 3 7 Falkir Clans War. Blood feuds among the farming communities of Khenshire flare up and several grumman clans break away. They travel east. These clans travel for a mere hundred leagues and settle in the Hills of Falkir. This group becomes known as the Falkir Clans and form their own nation.
1384 CY 9 7 Battle of Yvin's Gap - Battle at the gap in Garreon's Wall with the Horde. When the Horde, numbering in the millions, overcame the Old Wall, thousands of soldiers gave their lives to defend a gap in Garreon's Wall while it was hastily blocked. This was the first battle of the yearly conflict that now occurs at Garreon's Wall.
1392 CY 6 9 Boshok Ascends - A powerful org (orc-ogre hybrid) named Boshok defeats the chieftain of the Iron Fang orc clan and ascends to rulership. He begins a number of sweeping changes in the clan and institutes a number of new laws. He is notable for embracing magic and utilizing the skills of not one, but several orcish shamans.
1394 CY 2 11 Boshok Unites the Clans - Boshok leads the Iron Fang clan to victory over several other orc clans in what becomes known as the Battle of Wolf Mountain. This victory leads to the unification of most of the northern orcish clans in the Dragonclaw Mountains.
1396 CY 12 25 Boshok's War - Leading an army of orcs, ogres, goblins and evil men, the great war lord Boshok marches against Normidia. Boshok's soldiers attack and take control of the town of Caldore. During the battle, Boshok is gravely wounded as his sword arm is severed below the elbow. Boshok establishes a military command center in Caldore. From here he begins sending out raiding parties.
1397 CY 1 4 The Forging of the Fist - The three most powerful orcish shamans in Boshok's service forge for him an enchanted mechanical hand. The item is completed and attached on this day in the dead of winter. This item makes Boshok an even more formidable opponent on the battlefield. It becomes known as Boshok's Iron Fist.
1398 4 17 Boshok Slain - After more than a year of skirmishes, raids and several major battles,  the united Normidian armies and militias clash with the orcs for a final confrontation in what becomes known as the Battle of Caldore Vale. Boshok himself is killed in this battle along with many other great orcish warriors, the giant Undloras and the three orcish shamans. The Iron Fist is claimed by Garuneth, a human paladin in service to the King of Normidia.
1443 CY 7 11 Dragon Slain - The dragon Pyrilauth, who dwells in the ruins of the Citadel, is slain by a band of heroes led by the hero warrior Darmongur and his lord, Baron Alfred Thurin.
1444 CY 2 12 Cleansing Begins - With the dragon gone, humans recaptured the Citadel and the Cleansing of the Citadel began.
1453 CY 4 11 Citadel Reoccupied - The Cleansing is completed and humans once again reoccupy the Citadel in large numbers under the command of Baron Thurin and Darmongur.
1454 CY 6 6 Thurin Generates Support - With the political clout of having recaptured the Citadel from the forces of darkness, Alfred Thurin's fame spreads and he is able to generate support among several nobles in the court of Rukemia.
1456 CY 7 19 Rukemian Empire Founded - Baron Alfred Thurin, now popular with nobles and commoners alike, overthrows the corrupt king of Rukemia and publicly executes him. Baron Thurin declares himself Emperor and renames the Kingdom of Rukemia as the Rukemian Empire.
1471 CY 2 7 Kingdom of Ormek is Founded - Fearing that the newly formed Empire will attempt take them over, several independent baronies inhabiting the southwest peninsula band together. The wealthiest and most influential of baron intimidates the others into submission and declares himself king. The newly formed kingdom is named Ormek.
1508 CY 4 21 City of Vogue formally joins the Drakkellian Alliance.
1523 CY 9 27 Kalimura Founded - Three free thinkers, a dwarf smith, a human noble and a karthasian scholar, relocate to the west coast of the Sea of Chaos and found a small nation named Kalimura.
1530 CY 7 13 Cyrell founded. The northern kingdom of Taeluvia and THE southern kingdom IF Yavandir, bound by politics and race, formally unite into the elven nation of Cyrell.
1620 CY 4 7 Kitaran Freedom Fighters Resist Imperial Rule - Several villages in the northern empire revolt against imperial rule and (by fighting in the woods which they know well)  win several battles against imperial troops.
1758 CY 12 2 Rukemia Annexes Ormek - The empire annexes the small Kingdom of Ormek, despite Ormek's efforts to resist. Fearing the same may happen to them, the woodsmen, rangers and mountain men of the northern empire declare themselves an independent nation, Kitar. One woodsman, popular with the commoners, is placed on the throne.
1772 CY 5 10 Duthelm Unites The Clans - The greatest ogre chieftain of all time, a powerful ogre named Duthelm, unites all the ogre clans and amasses an unstoppable ogre army.
1776 CY 8 24 Ogre Wars Begin - Duthelm’s War Horde begin attacking from the mountains. The first battle occurs at the town of Tarn's Knoll. The town is outnumbered more than six to one and is utterly obliterated. No one escapes. The Ogre Wars begin with this battle and will rage for years.
1783 CY 10 24 Rukemia Annexes War Vale - The Empire defeats resistance in a valley known as the War Vale and annexes the territory.
1800 CY 9 23 Duthelm Lays Siege to Citadel, Orichalcum Mines Sealed - The Horde of Duthelm begins a siege of the Citadel. The siege lasts for 19 months. During the siege, mining of Orichalcum is shut down and, to protect the mineral, the mines are sealed with stone and spell.
1802 CY 7 18 Citadel Falls to the Ogre Hordes - The Siege breaks through and the Citadel falls to the ogres in a great battle. The Rukemian citizens flee or are butchered.
1803 CY 4 13 Duthelm Reigns - Duthelm begins his reign and rules from the Citadel with an iron fist. Ogres, orcs, goblins, saurians and other humanoids come from all over to serve. He rules with the title War Lord. Uninterested in magic or mages, Duthelm ignores the Orichalcum mines and they lie silent and sealed for many years.
1805 CY 7 16 Ogres Rebuild Citadel - The ogres begin repairing the damage from centuries of siege and warfare. Thousands of ogres work on this project. At the same time, the Citadel is expanded and improved with ogrish architecture. Over the years, it becomes known as Duthelm's Citadel.
1824 CY 6 14 Kitar Recovers the King's Relics - Border clashes escalate between the empire and Kitar. The current prince, Verris Arkain, and two friends follow an ancient map to ruins and there, amidst other adventures, recover three Great War artifacts. A crown, a ring and a scepter.
1825 CY 4 1 The King's Relics Reawaken - The King's Magus deciphers the aura of the three artifacts and learns that they must bond with the user. According to ancient texts recovered with the items, the wielder must be one of royal blood. A ritual is performed and the appropriate spells cast. The artifacts bond with the King and they are renamed the King's Relics.
1825 CY 6 10 Kitar Wins Battle - The King's Relics (The Crown of Wisdom, the Scepter of Might and the Ring of Truth) swing the balance of power in Kitar's favor and help Kitar win a major battle. This places Kitar in a good position to negotiate with the Empire on even terms. 
1825 CY 7 5 Treaty of Kitar and Founding of Kitar -To avoid further loss of life, Kitar offers a peace treaty wherein Kitar remains a separate state, but agrees to pay imperial taxes and follow imperial laws. In exchange, Kitar enjoys imperial funding and protection. The emperor agrees.
1874 CY 8 17 Cevalk Unites Clans - Orcish chieftain named Cevalk successfully unites the orcish clans of the Northern Tusks. 
1874 CY 10 14 Northern Orcish War Begins - The united clans sweep down from the mountains and attack Vorrik. Thus begins the Northern Orcish War.
1877 CT 11 14 Battle of Banold's Bluff - After three years of Cevalk’s orcish army making raids against various Vorrikan towns and villages, this was the first major military response by Vorrik. The vorrik military made a major offensive and met the orcs in battle at Banold's Bluff. A fierce day long battle ended with the orcs retreating back to the mountains.
1891 CY 4 18 Cevalks Betrayal - Despite his overtures of friendship, Cevalk kills War Lord Kraevan in a cowardly ambush on his return journey.
1895 CY 3 19 Cevalk Killed - Orcish Grand Chieftain Cevalk is killed by the ogre Traebus, in retaliation for ambushing and killing Warlord Kraeven. After this, the orcish clans fall to fighting each other once again and the Northern Orcish War ends.
1935 CY 8 5 Ormek Pinnacle, Imperial Visit - Ormek achieves its highest point, being the favored province of the empire. The Emperor visits Ormek with much fanfare and a great celebration is held.
1993 CY 5 9 Uthran Founded - Dwarves from Ulkran and human craftsmen join together in peace and found the nation of Uthran.
2025 CY 3 4 Syrenil Leaves Cyrell - A renegade elven lord and idealist, Syrenil, disobeys the elven ruler, Queen Theran, and leaves Cyrell in hopes of bringing elven wisdom to the world and quelling the conflicts that rage between other nations. He journeys to Drakkel in hopes of stopping the conflict that exists between that nation and the Coalition.
2124 CY 2 19 Stiffening Outbreak - The greatest post-War outbreak of the Stiffening plague begins. The first few cases appear in the town of Ravenhill in Ormek and the plague sweeps north into imperial lands. Quarantine measures soon follow.
2127 CY 9 - Plague - The plague reaches its worst point in the fall of 2127 CY. Hundreds die each week. Tara roots sell for more than 1000 gold pieces each. Nobles and freemen begin leaving the east lands and traveling in groups to settle in the War Vale or grumman lands. Carrikos closes its southern border.
2128 CY 11 - Plague is defeated - After a sustained effort of magical cures and wide spread harvesting and distribution of tara root, the Stiffening outbreak is finally brought under control. All quarantines are lifted by the end of the year. Displaced citizens begin returning to the Empire.
2130 CY 4 12 Sargran Banished - A powerful arch-mage known as Sargran is banished from Carrikos. The archmage takes up residence in a great ruined castle in the mountains on the border between Carrikos and Duthelm.
2136 CY 7 15 Sargran Joins Citadel - Sargran accepts an invitation of Heparus, crrent ruler of Duthelm, and in the summer of 2136 CY, relocates to the Citadel permanently.
2142 CY 9 2 Black Sorcerers Founded - The Black Sorcerers group is founded by Sargran. From this date forth, the Black Sorcerers slowly grow in size and power.
2148 CY 1 7 Shrine of Lost Souls Created - Sargran creates the Shrine of Lost Souls.
2150 CY 8 19 Kalamus Kills Heparus - An ogre general named Kalamus challenges and kills Heparus in a duel. Despite having both spells and his talisman, Heparus is unable to save himself from a grisly death by the sword of Kalamus. Kalamus assumes the title of War Lord. He also claims the Talisman of Heparus for himself. With this powerful Talisman, he would go on to live and rule for more than three centuries.
2151 CY 4 4 Kalamus Shuts Down Mines - Shortly after taking control of the Citadel, War Lord Kalamus orders the Orichalcum mines resealed and all mining operations shut down. He fears the Orichalcum mineral would be used against him.
2176 CY 9 14 River Gate is founded.
2185 CY 11 17 Archmage Sargran Dies - At the age of 123, Sargran, the most powerful wizard and chief magical authority in Duthelm, dies. He is laid to rest with honor in the halls of the Black Sorcerers.
2186 CY 2 9 Kalamus Declares Himself King - War Lord Kalamus declares himself King of Duthelm.
2209 6 6 The Servile Uprising - On this day, there was a great revolt of slaves, servants, private organizations and commoners. The revolt was against the ruling imperial government. As this revolt was preplanned and erupted in multiple cities and towns at once, it is difficult to estimate the scope of the conflict as it was not limited to a single battle. This incident precipitated almost 30 years of civil war.
2239 5 11 Battle of the Perundu Highlands - At the Battle of the Perundu Highlands, the starving and poorly equipped rebels met the Imperial Army on the battle field. The imperial soldiers were far superior in training and equipment and won a decisive victory. On this day, the rebellion was soundly crushed.
2242 3 21 Battle of the Senate - In a sweeping city battle involving thousands of city guards and soldiers, Lothiramar seized control of the Senate and the capital city of Brulan. This battle sparked a series of conflicts which ultimately left Lothiramar in control of the Aukarian Republic.
2247 10 17 Battle of Shaker Bay - A revolt on Lerobar Island in 2247 led to a full rebellion in which the people of Lerobar threw of the shackles of the Chaddamar Theocracy. At the bloody battle of Shaker Bay, the Church was taught a hard lesson. The people of Lerobar obtained their freedom and grudging respect from the Church.
2310 CY 8 2 Jyroga Religious Movement Begins - The Sayune Clan of the Falkir Clans begin to worship an entity named Jyroga and a sinister religious movement begins to spread through the clan.
2317 CY 4 11 Falkir Clan War Begins - Tension between the Sayune Clan and other clans in Falkir erupt in bloody civil war which rages across the region for three years.
2320 CY 3 9 Sayune Banished - Jyroga is slain and the Sayune clan is banished from the Falkir Clans region. Dozens of Sayune clan caravans begin their endless wandering.
2366 CY 7 1 Coalition Forms - The centuries, the Sentinel Mountains had been home to hundreds of tiny mercenary bands, villages, warlords, bandits and more. From these ruffians, seven major groups had slowly formed. In the summer of 2366, these seven groups meet on the battlefield and work out a peace accord. The Coalition forms under a single banner and begins to rebuild upon the ruins of the Traxx Legion.
2380 CY 4 14 Order of the Drake is Founded - In response to the founding of the Coalition, the growing threat of Duthelm and other sources of evil in Ithria, the Order of the Drake is founded.
2446 CY 11 12 King Maruk of Duthelm - The Ogre Maruk slays King Kalamus and takes over control of Duthelm. Shortly thereafter the Orichalcum mines are reopened. During his reign, a black sorcerer named Kartoth discovers how to purify Orichalcum, greatly increasing its use and value and also discovers that the Orichalcum deposits in the mountain of the Citadel are much greater than anyone knew.
2484 CY 6 4 The finding of the original Vejad Plenarum sparks the fires of revolt. A great uprising occurs in the city of Brulan which leads to a 3 day battle. Eventually, Lothirimar is forced out of the city. He and his armies regroup in the east of Aukaria. So begins a great civil war.
2485 CY 3 18 Red Eye Corps Founded - Maruk, ruler of Duthelm,  establishes the Red Eye Corps and puts the Black Sorcerer Kartoth in charge.
2488 CY 8 5 Battle of the Burning Woods -After nearly four years of civil war, Lothirimar and his minions are defeated. The climactic battle occurs near Calanon and becomes known as the Battle of the Burning Wood. Amidst a great conflagration in the Dwendaron Forest, the Sorcerer King Lothiramar and his minions perish. The Dark Time ends.
2512 CY 6 21 Hammerfall Begins - Unbeknownst to the world, the dwarves of Hammerfall in the city of Asylum begin working on a massive project beneath the city.
2536 CY 12 11 Ormek Begins Decline - Due to the King's extravagant lifestyle and abysmal financial management, Ormek begins to suffer an economic decline. This decline continues for many decades.
2565 CY 7 25 Duthelm Summons Draxorith - Under the leadership of Lord Caramus, the nation of Duthelm summons the demon lord Draxorith.


9 10 Having gathered troops and resources, Lord Caramus, Draxorith and the leaders of Duthelm begin a war with Kitar. The first battle is known as the Battle of Craython Vale. This is the first battle in what would become known as the "Demon War".
2567 CY 6 4

Siege of Myranor Begins. Draxorith, leading an armor of Duthelm ogre soldiers, orcs, goblins, skrell and lesser demons, finally arrives at the city of Myranor after several weeks of battle through the Kingomd of Kitar. Draxorith attempts to smash down the outer walls of the city, but its held at bay by the power of the King's Relics. The host then sets up around the city for a prolonged siege. Multiple assaults against the city are made, but the city withstands them.

2568 CY 3 11 Siege of Myranor Ends - The siege of Myranor is finally broken by the combined forces of regional militias and military aid from Rukemia. Mounted dragon knights from the Order of the Drake fight along side the forces of good and many feel that their aid turns the tide of the war. Six wizards, who call themselves the Conclave of Freedom, are instrumental in driving Draxorith and the other demons back.
2570 CY 5 11 Draxorith Banished - Through a combined effort of the armies of Rukemia and Kitar, the mages of Carrikos, mercaneries from the War Vale, the Order of the Drake and a group of spellcasters called the Conclave of Freedom, the demon lord Draxorith was finally defeated and banished in the castle of the Conclave of Freedom where a magical trap had been set for the demon lord. This immense climactic conflict was later known as the Battle of the Banishing.
2570 CY 5 15 Moutain Kir Brought Down - Duthelm rapidly regroups its forces and makes another assault on the Conclave of Freedom's castle, apparently in an attempt to exact revenge upon the wizards who banished Draxorith. The battle is cut short when the mountain overlooking the valley erupts, triggering a massive explosion which wipes out the castle and buries the valley. Thousands die in the unexpected landslide.
2678 CY 8 2 Emperor Serrax Ascends To Throne - The reigning emperor of Rukemia, Erris Thurin, dies of old age. His son, Serrax, ascends to the throne.
2680 CY 3 10 Archmage Morlokk Settles in Baen Desert - Several grum traveling one night through the northern peaks of the Sentinel Mountains  report seeing a great light on the southern horizon near the center of the great Baen desert. Later that year, desert travelers tell of a great oasis in the desert and of a wizard's tower at its center. Thus does Morlokk claim his new home. 
2687 CY 3 24 Ormek Begins Martial Law - The King of Ormek raises taxes to deal with social problems. This prompts riots in several cities and towns. In response, the military and city militias are unified into a martial patrol force whose primary function is urban pacification.
2695 CY 9 17 Tosadds' Mutiny - Second officer Tosadds leads a mutiny aboard the imperial ship Sterling Honor and executes his own captain and the first officer. He then rallies the crew, steals the ship and its valuable cargo and sails into southern seas. The ship is renamed the Whip & Hammer. Thus begins the career of the most feared pirate that sails the sea today.
2696 CY 10 19 Tymok Ozzel Becomes High Lord of Drakkel - The ruler of the Drakkellian Alliance dies. After a guild council vote, Tymok Ozzel becomes High Lord of the Council of Guilds in Drakkel.
2698 CY 8 14 Trossoli Appear - The first appearance and attack of the Trossoli warlords and their minions in the hyttar homeland in Aggradar.
2702 CY 2 14 Demetrius Retires - Demetrius the Venerable retires as imperial Grand Magus and relocates to the town of Bollus on the Rukemia coast. Setra Bejai becomes his successor. 
2707 10 14 After more than 120 years of relative peace, the nation of Duthelm begins to build toward war again. Several factors combine that lead to war. It begins on this day when the Black Sorcerers make contact with Xor for the first time. Xor is a mysterious entity of great power that dwells in another dimension in a distant part of the multiverse. The Black Sorcerers and Xor begin to exchange information, spells and arcane lore. Over the following months, contact is made at regular intervals.
2708 3 18 In the spring of 2708 CY, tales begin to spread of a giant named Karthus in the Icerock Mountains. Karthus successfully unites several warring orcish clans and forges them into a great single horde.
2708 8 5 Lady Sillar, the daughter of Lord Caramus, leads an expedition of soldiers and officers into the mountains and make contact with Karthus. With guile and gifts, Lady Sillar secures a military alliance with Karthus and they begin to make plans to wage war upon Kitar.
2708 11 4

After months of research and preparation, the Black Sorcerers successfully open a stable interdimensional rift and bring Xor through along with his minions, the Xorians. Xor allies himself with Duthelm.

2709 4 22 With the combined might of the Xorians, the Horde of Karthus and its own armies, Duthelm begins a military campaign against Kitar. On this day, the united armies of Duthelm march on and obliterate the Kitaran Castle of Klendagon.
2709 5 4 Starting on this day, the Duthelm forces launch a series of attacks from Klendagon against Kitaran towns and villages. The first to fall is the town of Ash Peak. Over the next several weeks, the villages of Firwind, Ordan's Vale, Mordrin and Whiterock are all annihilated.
2709 7 12 Kitaran soldiers assemble at, and ride out from, Fort Darimor and engage one of Duthelm's armies in the Black Pine Forest. The Battle of the Black Pines is fought over two days and Duthelm emerges victorious, routing Kitaran forces.
2709 8-11 - From late summer and through the autumn, several minor battles and skirmishes occur between different legions of Duthelm and Kitar with no clear victor. During this time, both sides develop strong fortified positions in various forts and castles. Because of the Xorians, who very much appear to be otherworldly creatures, the conflict becomes known as the Second Demon War. The xorians prove to be formidable and the Kitaran forces are beaten at a number of battles. Week after week, Kitar loses ground, sacrificing several fortified positions. As the days grow colder and winter comes, Kitar sends word to the Rukemian Empire and formally requests military aid.
2709 11 11 The Great Blizzard strikes. A phenomenally strong blizzard strikes the northeastern quarter of Ithria. It's effects range from Ormek to Borrell to Vorrik. However, Kitar and Duthelm seem to be hit hardest by it. The storm lasts for more than 2 weeks and buries the region in more than six feet of snow. Roads are impassable and almost all travel ceases. It is the worst storm in living memory. This storm precedes an unusually severe winter. The armies of both Duthelm and Kitar are immobilized by the weather and the war is held in check until the spring thaw.
2710 CY 1-3 -

While Duthelm waits out the winter, the Black Sorcerers work on a new weapon. In Rukemia, the Imperial Senate debates sending aid to Kitar.

2710 3 2 An unusual warm week results in a rapid thaw and both sides begin to mobilize again. On this day, a new army marches forth from the Citadel led by Sirreth the Unholy and a number of Knights of the Abyss. With this army travels a a number of covered wagons.
2710 3 19 The Emperor of Rukemia sends 10,000 soldiers, including 1,000 mounted cavalry and scores of knights, to aid Kitar. The army begins its slow march north. Numerous mercenary companies and adventuring groups join the march.
2710 4 27

The Duthelm army arrives at the fortified town of Coramir. Kitar forces meet them there and battle is joined. During the Battle of Coramir, the Duthelm army unveils their new weapon... the Surge Disruptors. These large, wagon mounted devices create a type of magical interference which disrupts the spells of enemy wizards without affecting their own wizards. With their wizards unable to utilizie any magic, Kitar forces are routed. Duthelm unites all of its armies at Coramir and then proceeds to march on Myranor. Before leaving, they raze Coramir to the ground.

2710 5 8 The Siege of Myranor Begins - The united armies of Duthelm lay siege to the city of Myranor. Myranor, being a well armed and fortified city with a double city wall is well prepared to withstand the siege. However, the city is surrounded by Duthelm forces and completely cut off.
2710 5 19 The Order of the Drake sends seven dragon knights to join the Rukemian forces. The dragon knights fly ahead to Myranor and serve as aerial reconnaisance. They report back to the Rukemian and Kitaran armies. The seven dragon knights attempt to aid the beseiged city, but the enemy forces are too great. The Citadel has sent forth its own winged riders and there are several aerial battles over the city.
2710 6 24 The vast Rukemian army stops a mere three days march from Myranor and sets up camp. Many Rukemian lords fear to march into a battle where Duthelm can use spells but they cannot. Reports say that the surge disruptors prevent all magic from working, even healing magic. Meanwhile, the outer city wall is penetrated and the middle city of Myranor falls. The city inhabitants fall back to the inner city behind the inner city wall.
2710 7 1 In a daring move, one of the small, independent mercenary groups successfully captures one of the wizard's commanding a surge disruptor in a pitched battle and manages to escape with their captive wizard. They take the captive wizard to the Rukemian war camp where, under magical interrogation, he reveals the secret of the surge disruptors and its magical workings. The wizards work on a way to defeat it.
2710 7 15 After two weeks, a way is finally found to modify spells so that they will not be affected by the surge disruptors. With the surge disruptors no longer a threat, the Rukemian army advances on Myranor.
2710 7 18

The Battle of Myranor lasts for a day and a night and into a second day. During this famous battle, Sirreth the Unholy fights numerous knights himself including a duel that ranges along the top of the city walls. Many valiant knights and heroes die in this battle. The giant Karthus is slain in this battle as is Sandrellar, an elven dragon knight. In the end, the Duthelm armies suffer heavy casualties and are beaten back. The siege of Myranor, having now lasted more than two months, is finally broken.

2710 7 22

The Duthelm forces retreat and regroup at what had been the village of Kaest's Ford at the Snowtimber River. The combined Rukemian and Kitaran armies follow and battle is joined at the Battle of Kaest's Ford. The battle is a near stalemate until Maldrok, the last surviving orcish chieftain, is slain and the orcs are routed. The remaining Duthelm and xorian armies break off the battle and head back toward Duthelm. The Kitaran and Rukemian forces do not pursue them into Duthelm territory. During the march back to the Citadel, Xor abruptly ends his alliance with Duthelm and the remaining xorians head north.

The Kitaran and Rukemian forces return to their homelands victorious. The Battle of Kaest's Ford is the last major battle of the Second Demon War. The orcs flee back into the mountains. Duthelm brings its soldiers back to the Citadel. The xorians eventually settle in a secluded valley deep in the Icerock Mountains. This area becomes known to the rest of the world as the Rift Vale.

The Second Demon War degenerates into an indefinite stalemate along the border and an uneasy truce begins between Duthelm and Kitar.

2712 CY 10 12 Queen Sillar Ascends to Throne - With the help of her father, Caramus, High Priest of Draxorith, Sillar ascends to the throne of Duthelm and begins reorganizing the politics of that nation.
2715 CY - - Current Year


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