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The Conservatory of Spellbinding

Full Name The Conservatory of Spellbinding
Location Chaddamar Theocracy
Head Master Headmaster Tomag Kedarran
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 700/60/45
Demographics Human (Chaddamarian) 70%
Human (Aukarian) 13%
Saridian 9%
Vaullian 6%
Other 2%
Languages Chaddi
Year Founded 1994 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude screening, interviews, various physical tests, "spiritual" tests and academic reviews
Curriculum General magic (excluding biomancy and healing magic).
Yearly Tuition 400 gold chaddi per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used New Kartese

The Conservatory of Spellbinding is the only official school of magic in the entire Chaddamar Theocracy. There is a great deal of friction between the Church of the Chaddamar and the "secular" mages of the land. This friction has worked its way into culture and most Chaddamarian citizens have a general distrust of any magic or spellcaster which is not of the Church. In addition to this, the Church has created very strict laws and harsh penalties that greatly curtail the freedom of secular mages.

It is this general distrust that separates the mages of Chaddamar from the Church and the general citizenry... both figuratively and literally. Some 25 kilometers from the capital city of Illhekar is a great castle on a hilltop overlooking the plains of the region. It is here, in this rebuilt castle, the the Conservatory resides. If truth be known, the mages of Chaddamar prefer the relative isolation that this location affords them.

The castle itself was once a great monastery in which a small cult of monks known as the Hashonari lived. Devoted to peace and the healing arts, these hashonari monks were unprepared from the onslaught of the civil war of 1295 CY.  They found the Chaddamar ban on healing to be intolerable and refused to turn the sick away. They refused to be converted to the worship of Chaddamar. The Church of the Chaddamar came with warrior priestesses. After a two week siege, the castle fell and all the monks were executed.

Over the centuries, the castle fell into ruin and disrepair. Then, in 1984 CY, the great sorcerer Mendalin went to the Church and asked to form a school of wizardry, a place where those with the gift of magic could find solace. He persuaded the Church by assuring them that this would allow them to monitor their comings and goings and exert more control over the mages of the realm. But in his heart, he knew that the Church would leave the mages to their own devices. "Out of sight, out of mind" would be the unofficial and unwritten policy toward the mages.

And so, Mendalin along with a handful of other mages, pooled their money and resources. The Church of Chaddamar also gave a small grant. With this, laborers were hired and the castle was rebuilt. It's repairs were completed in 1994 CY. Mendalin served as headmaster of the school for 35 years. He worked long and hard to build the school, hire more teachers, spread the word of secular magic and bring talented youngsters to the school to be tested. He died in 2029 CY.

The school now operates entirely independently of the Church and State. It has a staff of 45, a faculty of 60 and teaches about 700 students, graduating about 75 each year. The current ruler of the Conservatory is Tomag Kedarran.

Those who attend the school as students are known as "spellbinders". This label also applies to the faculty. Out in the world, there is a certain sense of brotherhood between fellow spellbinders and they often come to each others aid.


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