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Other Names Life Giver, Thief of Pain, Healer of the Gods
Status Greater God
Area Of Control Life, Healing, Purity, Regeneration
Ethos Heal thy friend, heal thy foe, heal thyself.
Pantheon Human
Worshipers Healers, herbalists, apothecarians.
Appearance Sarreth appears as a middle-aged human male with greying hair. He wears white robes and carries a long alliun wood staff. Around his neck is a sash necklace woven from various healing herbs.
Symbol A bitterberry.


Sarreth is depicted as either a young man with red hair or as a middle-aged human male with greying reddish hair. He wears white robes and carries a long alliun wood staff. Around his neck is a sash necklace woven from various healing herbs. Sarreth is soft spoken and shy.

With the mere touch of his hand, Sarreth can heal any wound and restore life to the dead. He also has a complete knowledge of the healing properties of all vegetation on the planet. He has no power to kill and the very thought of killing goes against his nature.


Ancient texts conflict, but Sarrethian priests maintain that the following is true: Sarreth was born to a wealthy family in the Irreni League. He was constantly bringing home sick animals as a child. He was born with a natural ability to heal. When he grew older, he studied under the priests of an ancient healing god. His ability to heal increased greatly as he grew older and soon he was routinely performing miracles for his religion. All praised the ancient deity, whose name is now lost to antiquity. But Sarreth new it was he that was performing these feats.

When the Sundering occurred and the World Storm began, the need for healing was greatest. Sarreth left his temple and established his own place of healing. His fame grew as did his faithful, until his followers finally declared him a god while he was still mortal. Other healing cults died out or were absorbed by the cult of Sarreth. During the Age o f Chaos, nations met on many battlefields. There was much bloodshed and much healing to be done. Sarreth preached to his followers that all bloodshed was wrong and that all wounds must be healed. He made his followers take a vow - to heal any wound, no matter the nationality of the victim. For years, his temple grew and healed any and all who came. Often, the faithful of Sarreth would venture out to battlefields and heal soldiers on both sides.

Finally, Irenni nobles declared Sarreth a traitor to the League and had him arrested. Priests of other faiths, jealous of his power, declared his faithful to be a cult, unholy, unclean and corrupted. Sarreth was imprisoned. His faithful argued with the nobles for days, but to now avail. The day of his execution arrived and Sarreth, who had healed so many, was put to the sword. His body was then burned and buried. The next day, Sarreth arose from the dead, whole and uninjured.

His followers declared that he had healed himself. After this event, Sarreth’s cult quadrupled in size and has continued to grow. The followers of Sarreth, hunted by the Irenni nobles, scattered to carry on the faith. The temple Sarreth had founded was razed by Irenni soldiers.

In 492 CY, many years after the Great War ended, the faithful of Sarreth returned to the ruins of the small stone temple he founded and rebuilt it. That temple still thrives today and serves as the center of the religion. The Great Temple of Sarreth is located in the great broadlands between Arkalia, Ithell, the Grandwood and the Trackless Mire. This temple has been built up over the centuries and is now a great citadel. It is a center of healing, but also a place of learning and ancient lore. Politically independent, the Great Temple of Sarreth is allied with Arkalia, Cyrell and Ithell. Surrounded by allies, these faithful of Sarreth, pacifists all, remain safe. The High Guard of Arkalia has taken a particular interest in keeping the Temple of Sarreth safe from harm.


At present, the religion of Sarreth is wide spread and established. While it lacks a rigid heirarchical ranking system, it does have a central temple which serves to anchor the religion. Sarrethian priests are common and can be found in most cities and nations throughout Ithria. They are expert herbalists and students of anatomy and psychology. All races, sexes and ages are welcome into the ranks of Sarreth.

Priests of Sarreth consider all life precious. When they join the church of Sarreth, they take a sacred vow. They must heal any wound or illness to the best of their ability, no matter the cause or circumstance. They are forbidden to cause harm to befall any creature. They are forbidden to consume the flesh of any animal. They may never take part in a battle or any undertaking which will lead to the death or injury of another.

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