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Title: Session Summary #7.5
Post by: Nathan Sherman on November 11, 2019, 08:33:08 AM
Session #7.5 Summary

This is a summary of events that were discovered between sessions through phone calls and emails.

The party backs away from the battle with the ghost and regroups since they are once again running out of spells and havenít scored any kills yet.

Otep is bound and determined to free the captured souls of this mansion and sets about ripping off the boards covering the windows, breaking out the windows and pulling down the curtains to expose the interior to the light of day.

During the destruction of one of the windows a zombie with glowing blue eyes attacks him. It attempts to drag him into the mansion but he hits it with his maul and escapes getting dragged in. That one hit did sever necrotic damage to him and he realizes that just two solid hits from these zombies could probably kill him. Going forward he uses a little more caution and will work one window for a moment and then move to another window before coming back to finish clearing out the first window.

He succeeds in opening up many windows on the front of the first floor with back up from the rest of the party.

There are several other attempts by the zombies and the ghost to attack him and drag him in but he evades them. While the ghost never leaves the building or comes into the sunlight a few of the zombies reach out into the light while trying to attack him. They seem to not want to leave the house but the sunlight also doesnít seem to de damaging them.

After inflicting lots of damage on the mansions windows they decide to camp at the gate about 300 feet away from the mansion. As the sun starts to set Ceress watches while invisible from about 100 feet away from the mansion. Theren is concentrating on keeping him invisible. Akronos, Otep and Lutheo tend to camp and occasionally watch as
the sun goes down.

As the sun starts to sink below the horizon both Otep and Ceress notice that something is off. Itís quiet out, too quiet. Sunset should have brought out lots of birds and insects making plenty of noise to celebrate the end of the day and the beginning of the night as is has in all of the lands they have grown up and traveled through, but thatís not happening here.

Now that they start to think about it, they arenít sure they have seen any insects or birds since heading down the lane to this mansion and they are pretty sure they havenít seen any mammals anywhere near this mansion.

Otep mentions this and Akronos encourages him, Lutheo and Theren to pack up just in case this goes badly.

At that moment the sun dips fully below the horizon and a blood curdling scream is heard from the apparition as it leaves through a wall in the second floor and slowly descends to the ground. Ceress sees this from only 100 feet out but so can the rest of the party from the gates at 300 feet out.  The apparition floats to the east instead of directly towards the party and Ceress gets tempted to follow it until he sees that one and then another zombie leaves the house. They arenít specifically following the apparition but wandering randomly through the grounds. He quickly retreats to the rest of the party but either noise from his movement or the party gathering up the horses attracts their attention and the zombies noticed them and start running to attack them.

Knowing the damage they can inflict in a single hit the party beats a hasty retreat. Some items are left behind in favor of escape and survival for themselves and their horses.

The retreat down the overgrown lane in the fading light is fraught with branches scratching and tearing at their clothing and exposed skin. The party gets creative with their limited remaining resources and they make it back to the main road with several zombies with glowing blue eyes in close pursuit, never sure how many are chasing in the darkening night.

After making it all they way back to the main road the party realizes that the zombies have recently stopped pursuing them. When they turn around they can see the glowing blue eyes of at least six zombies starting at them from about 100 feet down the lane. They have apparently found the limits that the zombies are willing to travel away from the mansion, at least for now. The blue eyes fade back into the overgrowth as the zombies turn and haunt the surrounding areasÖ
Title: Re: Session Summary #7.5
Post by: David Roomes on November 12, 2019, 09:08:47 PM
That last image with the blue eyes staring at them from the trail... creepy as fuck! I love it.
Title: Re: Session Summary #7.5
Post by: Drul Morbok on November 17, 2019, 12:10:30 PM
I also love it that the story doesn't follow the "meet it, defeat it" principle I see in many campaigns, where throwing in everything the players have (or sometimes less) is the key to success.
I have a guess about what will be necessary to overcome those enemies, and I'm pretty sure the players won't just need the same guess, but also a good plan (of course my guess might be wrong).
Title: Re: Session Summary #7.5
Post by: Nathan Sherman on November 18, 2019, 02:21:45 PM
Yes, this could have been a total party kill if they pushed it. I didn't expect them to go here yet (despite the finger pointing here) but I wasn't going to bend the world to fit their path. Sometimes the party must get that they can't win every battle.

I had a lot of fun with the creepy aspects. When them come back it will be ramped up a bit as well. I even had sound effects for the wind, voices and screams that they heard as they got closer to the mansion. Here are the links if anyone else wants to use them. I opened them in three separate windows and would add the second one as they got closer and then the third one when they were right up at the mansion.

Wind 1st:
Voices 2nd:
Scream (played at 50% speed) 3rd: