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Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #17
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on March 26, 2020, 01:14:32 PM »
This session was the first where the game went digital to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus! The game won’t be stopped!

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Q’Tahna, NPC, a Myrian ranger guild from the Nengeli tribe

The party is in the Gethyan village that Q’tahna brought them to. U’gita and his brother Nu’Takie are intrigued with the outsiders and have ofterd them shelter. The Gethyan lack of love for the Amaputu tribe that now wants to kill the party helped in that decision.

U’gita is the leader of his village, one of about 200 villages in the Gethyan tribe. He wears a necklace of bone around his neck. His head is plucked bald in all but the back portion which is a long black braid. He is the villages holy man in addition to its leader. He is a worshiper of the Myrian god Ox’oh’lae.

Nu’takie is U’gitas brother and the villages shaman. Nu’takies head is bald in all but a topknot that he wears in a long ponytail. His front teach are filed to points. He has a string of bones at his side with runes written all over them.

That afternoon, Akronos gets a Sending from Master Ta’hana, the Myrian master monk of Ynthar.  He says “Another glyph has failed. Activity is staying hidden. Haven’t seen Black Sorcerer but know he is working here. What is your progress?”

Akronos replies with: “We are in Myria, nearing 4th skull. With Gethyan tribe. Travel through the jungle is slow but we are getting close.”

Theren has a brilliant plan to build a contraption of seats under a framework that would hold the Dasjani stone, the floating rock that they scavenged from the wrecked sky ship. His thoughts are that they can have little Lutheo on the top, covering and uncovering the Dasjani stone to control the amount of lift it gives, while the rest of the party rides on the seats below. Akrons would then use his spell of Mage Hand to push the contraption along in their desired direction. As long as there are no complications, they should be able to make good time flying over the jungle this way and avoid many of the challenges of traveling on foot.

Theren sets about looking for sturdy building material in the jungle and finds a great section of bamboo that will be both strong and light weight. He spends the next several days perfecting his flying contraption, making sure that it will support the weight of the party and be sturdy enough to hold the Dasjani stone in place. The village children are fascinated by the project and Theren takes breaks to entertain them with illusions of tiny dragons flying as he practices his abilities to craft distractions out of thin air.

Akronos spends a full day with Nu’takie trading spells. Most Myrian shamans are reluctant to trade spells with competing shamans that live in the neighboring villages and even less so for trading with a shaman from another tribe. The opportunity for Nu’takie to get spells from the outside world is too good for him to pass up and he and Akronos each expand their spell books, or in Nu’takies case, his string of bones with runes on them.

That night, the party tests the finger and it points to the north east. They ask Nu’takie what lies in that direction.

He tells them: “Several days journey in that direction is the jungle of death, the D’loc Aloc.

In the time of my fathers, fathers, fathers, father there was a demon man-tiger that haunted one of the Amaputu shrines on the edge of their territory there. It would posses tribe members, taking them back to its lair to slowly devour them. Sometimes it would curse a man to have terrible nightmares anytime he closed his eyes. Death became favorable to sleeping for those cursed. The Amaputu tribe in the area tried to kill it and lost many leaders and warriors. It was immune to almost all of their attacks. Outsiders came to our land and hunted it, but they too died. Then one day the demon tiger disappeared.

Several years of peace followed until the Forvalaka (for-vul-ah-kuh) showed up. The forvalaka shifts between Myrian, black leopards and a half-man, half leopard form. The forvalaka are predators which feed on anything but love the taste of humans most. They drink the blood of their prey, and when possible, eat the internal organs, especially the heart and liver. The beasts have speed and agility greater than even a leopard and normal weapons do not harm it. It is said that even some magic can not harm it.

In all of the Gethyan tribe there is probably 50 villages with about 200 souls each. From all of those villages, the Gethyan people might have amongst us one shaman, holy man or warrior of similar skill that can change forms or control the weather or greater acts, two who could cast balls of fire and lightning bolts in the same day, four who could cast a single ball of fire in a day, eight who could make themselves and others in their party invisible, thirty who could make darkness so pure that it would make Dasjani stones plummet to the ground and 12 or 13 souls per village who have the first skills in magic, the gods or fighting.

Several generation ago, one of the tribes, the Buriska, gathered several of their stronger warriors, shaman and holy men to take on the forvalaka. The Buriska didn’t risk the tribal leaders but had the second strongest from each village join in the assault. It was a massacre. Many of the Buriska warriors couldn’t damage it at all. It killed most of them and only a few survived to tell of the horrors. It took the Buriska tribe decades to recover, something the Gethyan helped with but we were eventually betrayed by the Buriska.

The Amaputu say this is the curse for trespassing on one of their sacred temples. I do not know if this is the truth but the area does seem to be cursed and we avoid it, never hunting in the area the forvalaka hunt and roam, never getting close to give them a taste of Myrian flesh.”

The party discuss this and they decide that they should avoid this area if at all possible. If the finger is pointing to that area, they will figure out what to do when they get there.

After several days of working on the flying bamboo contraption, they finally have something that looks like it will work. They have tested it out and it supports the parties weight. They say their farewells to U’gita, Nu’takie and the village and carry the contraption out of the village to a clearing a little ways away. Many of the village children follow them since they have been so enamored by Theren and the contraption he made. To lose the kids so they don’t see them fly off, and worse, don’t seen the forbidden use of the Dasjani stone, they have Ceress use the Combat Shroud to hide them, then they go into the Snatch Pit with the contraption and seal it up from the inside. They wait almost half an hour for the children to leave before reemerging. They have taken the Dasjani stone out of the bag of holding and tied it to the framing of their contraption before opening the pit. They cover it up so the sun won’t touch it and cary the contraption out of the pit.

Lutheo climbs on top and the rest of the party take their assigned seats. Q’tahna is uncomfortable with this use of the Dasjani stone, but he has spent many year living outside of Myria with the sailers of the Pirate Isles so he isn’t as tied to the old superstitions.

Lutheo uncovers a small portion of the concentrated Dasjani stone and the contraption is quickly lifted off the ground. Given that just six of these concentrated stones carried a small ship and a crew of 16, this one is more than powerful enough to lift the whole party. Lutheo covers the stone a little bit before the party gets too high and they settle in at an altitude of about 200 feet above the tree tops, probably 300 feet off the ground.

One factor that they didn’t take into account when they had Akronos checked the weather and see that the skies were clear with plenty of sunshine is what the wind would be like. It is a very windy day and the floating contraption gets pushed along with the wind. It blows the party to the north by northwest, not the north east that they need to go. Akronos tries to influence their direction with his Mage Hand but it isn’t nearly strong enough to push them in the right direction. At best, it makes the course more northern than north by northwest.

After a rocking and adrenaline filled flight the party decides it is best to set down on the ground. They have Lutheo slowly cover the stone to descend but the wind is still pushing them along. As they spot a clearing in the jungle ahead they cover more of the stone and drop below the tree line where the wind isn’t as strong. The landing is bumpy and almost tips are contraption over which would have exposed in the Dasjani stone to the sun in sent them rocking back into the air. Akronos quickly casts Earthen Grasp to hold the contraption tight to the ground but unfortunately that also damaged it.

They all get off after properly covering the stone on all sides. Theren and Akronos set about repairing the contraption through Akronos Mending spell. This takes them a while to repair all the damage done while the rest of the party stays wary of what might be lurking in the jungle waiting to attack them.

After they finish the repairs to the contraption the party starts talking about what to do next. Before they can settle on a plan, a buzzing sound is heard. Q'tahna screams in a voice almost too high pitched to come from the man, “Horaxx!”

The Horaxx are a bizarre and deadly cross between a dragonfly and the poisonous stinger of a scorpion. They measure about a foot long and are incredibly quick in flight.

Otep advances out in front of the party to take the brunt of the initial wave of attack. The huge insects swarm in, stinging Otep, Akronos and Theren repeatedly. Akronos succumbs to the stings poison and realizes the deadly impact that it has on him. He is weekend, his constitution is sapped and with it his life force is depleted.

Q’tahna moves behind Lutheo and Ceress to take shelter from what he knows to fear. A small swarm of several dozen Horaxx can be deadly but a large swarm of hundreds of them have been known to wipe out entire villages.

The party is successful at killing many of the winged terrors attacking them but they are replaced by more and more flying in. They realize that they will quickly be over powered and reduced to helpless meals writhing on the ground if they don’t take shelter quickly.

All in the party except for Theren are successful in gathering around Lutheo. Lutheo uses the power of the Sumerak shield to protect the party with only a handful of Horaxx trapped inside of the impenetrable shield with them. Otep, Ceress and Q’tahna set about killing the few Horaxx that are inside the protective sphere.

Theren becomes invisible to escape the Horaxx attacking him and runs to join the rest of the party in Lutheo’s protection sphere. Well timed use of bringing the protection down and then back up lets him in while keeping the Horaxx out.

Since creatures and items can’t pass through the Sumerak sphere ten feet around Lutheo, but spell can, the spell casters in the party set to killing off the Horaxx buzzing around the outside of the protection. Since the shield only lasts for one minute and a couple rounds have already passed, the work fast and furious to kill off the remaining Horaxx. Fortunately for the party, it was a very small swarm of Horaxx and they dispatch all of them before the shield fails.

This is where the session ended. The party has just survived a small Horaxx swarm.
General Discussion and Questions / Avisarr Campaign
« Last post by Slydog75 on March 19, 2020, 05:55:59 AM »
Hi David,

Will the Avisarr campaign be going back online at some point?  Sounds intriguing!
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #16
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on March 14, 2020, 10:32:50 AM »
Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Q’Tahna, a Myrian ranger guild from the Nengeli tribe

We pick up the session right after the air ship has crashed into the jungle.

The air ship just crashed and the party gathers together to search through the wreckage for any other survivors. Unfortunately, none of the crew of the airship were sturdy enough like the players to survive such harrowing experience. After spending several minutes searching the wreckage Otep and Theren decide to procure one of the floating Dasjani stones from the sky ship. Otep starts to break it free of the housing it’s in but soon realizes that when he succeeds it will launch into the air due to the dappled sunlight falling on it through the canopy of trees. Theren covers it with his cloak and Otep breaks it out of its housing and they stuff it into the bag of holding.

Apparently this delay at the crash site was enough time for the Myrian wizard to gather some warriors and return to the crash site. They have surrounded the party and battle is announced when Q’tahna and the one airship survivor Roger are both struck multiple times with Myrian arrows. Roger drops dead and Q’tahna takes refuge against the base of one of the nearby large trees.

Otep charges through the forest in the direction that some arrows came from to find someone to fight but apparently the enemy is adept at concealing themselves in the jungle and he doesn’t see anyone right away. Ceress and Theren rush over to join the rest of the party In a defensive group.

Ceress enacts the combat shroud which brings up a ring of fog to obscure the party from their enemies but unfortunately, just seconds later a large fireball explodes in the center of the tightly packed group, damaging everyone except the insightful Otep who was far enough away to escape the damage.

The party starts to scatter throughout the forest after this, deciding that they don’t want to provide an easy cluster for the mage to target again.

Akronos casts Enlarge on Ceress who uses his new found stature to scout out the enemies by looking over the top of the shroud of fog. He sees many Myrian warriors darting from jungle foliage to tree cover and doing a great job of staying hidden between shots at the party. The Myrian warriors are dressed in leather armor studded with iron wood and decorated with feathers. They stand about 5 feet tall and blend into the jungle very well.

Otep finds his target enemy and beats him into unconsciousness.

Akronos uses his limited knowledge of the Myrian language to call out to the attackers that he is a friend of the Pahavi tribe, they are friends, they have helped bring down the flying ship and kill the infidels.

Akronos repeats the claim of friendship and finally gets a response from the Myrian wizard that the Amaputu are not friends with the Pahavi so his alliance with them doesn’t matter, they will still die as infidels.

Theren fires off several arrows, Akronos blasts some Myrians with spells, Ceress provides a great big target that none of the archers can seem to hit either due to his great dodges or the catching of arrows mid flight. Q’tahna returns fire but appears to be a favorite target and gets dropped, healed and then dropped again.

A Myrian warrior shoots Theren in the back and Otep and Lutheo charge him and catch him despite his evasive efforts. Together they make short work of the little warrior.

Arrows are peppering the party from multiple directions and almost everyone has been hit at least once. The wizard cast a spell and slows Lutheo but several other party members shrug off the effects. Everyone is running out of spells and resources since this battle followed right after the battle on the air ship and they realize that they can’t survive it. They throw the Snatch Pit on the ground, opening up the portable space and all pile into it with Ceress grabbing Q’tahna. Sealing the pit from the inside allows the party to view out of it and they see many Myrian warriors searching the area for them for the next 15 minutes.

After using the last of his abilities to provide a little bit of healing, Theren goes into his elven meditation in an effort to to regain some of his abilities while the rest of the party debate what to do when the Snatch Pits abilities expire after 4 hours and they are dumped back into the jungle where scouts will undoubtably be waiting for them.

After much debate, it is agreed that it would be best if Q’tahna uses his Longstrider ability to make him and Ceress quicker then they leave the Snatch Pit, close it from the outside and take it with them to run through the jungle in a desperate escape attempt.

He explains that the Amaputu build stone shrines to their gods and believe these places to be holy. These places, once built, are left untouched, left to the creeping vines and weeds for the jungle to reclaim. They are the dwelling places of the gods. The most ancient of these sites are difficult to find. Trespassers upon these grounds would find themselves facing an angry shaman and Amaputu warriors, but the party will already be facing that. The Amaputans will not set foot on the holy ground of these shrines. The holy ground of each shrine is designated by a ring of stones at its perimeter. An Amaputun will die before breaking this holy law. Someone fleeing an Amaputan tribe could conceivably find refuge in one of the shrines, but such sanctuary would be futile. The Amaputans would wait outside, indefinitely, to punish the infidels.

Since the party won’t be back up to full health or spells when they have to leave the snatch pit, fighting the shaman and his warriors at the crash site of the air ship would probably result in death. If Q’tahna and Ceress can make it to the center of a holy site, they can open the snatch pit there and the party can rest and recover there. Most likely, the shaman will gather all the warriors he can find while they are recovering, but at least this way they will have a better chance of escaping them for good.

They put the plan into effect and Ceress and Q’tahna try to sneak out of the area. They spot one scout in a tree but he doesn’t see them. They head the other direction and try to avoid detection but unfortunately, they pass right under another scout that spots them. He shoots the traitor Q’tahna in the back for his association with the infidels and then raises the alarm. Ceress and Q’tahna run for their lives with arrows pelting down around them and drums beating out the alert that the prey has been found and the chase is on. A couple more arrows catch Q’tahna but they are able to put enough distance between themselves and the archers before he is dropped.

Ceress and Q’tahna spend almost the next two hours running through the jungle, zig zagging, avoiding ravines and looking for sacred Amaputu ruins. They finally find one of the stones marking the perimeter of a sacred site and follow it to discover where the perimeter is and where the center of the site is. There is an ancient step pyramid being slowly taken over by the jungle in the center of this holy site. There are lots of little glyphs written around the stones of the pyramid and Otep spends time studying them and trying to figure out what they mean.

Otep asks Q’tahna about the Myrian gods and who this site is dedicated to? Q’tahna looks at the symbols of birds, cats, sun and more and declares that is is a shrine to Teara’now. Otep asks him for more information about the Myrian gods and Q’tahna goes into great detail.

The Gethyans see everything in four layers within the whole. The jungle itself is four levels:

The ground under foot, the caves and the darkness below. The forest floor, the cave entrance. The trees and branches above. The forest canopy (and the endless sky above).

There is a great god and then the four facets of that god, just like the jungle and the world. Uaht’a’hau is the Great God, the One God who oversees all. Tesh’ah and Oks’oh’aah are high gods, Ge’ara and Teara’now are lower gods but all are just facets of Uatht’a’hau

Uah’ta'hua is The God of The Jungle Overall. Uah’ta’hua is the jungle. He is everything. The four aspects of Uaht’a’hau are Life, Death, Plants and Animals.

Tesh’ah is the God of Life and Birth. Healing, Harmony, Protection. Tesh’ah is the creation of all life. Tesh’ah is the counterpart of Oks’oh’aah. Without one, the other could not exist.

Ox’oh’lae is the God of the Afterlife, Death, Knowledge, Magic. Ox’oh’lae is the gatekeeper of the afterlife. Ox'oh'lae is the counter part of Tesh’ah. Without Ox'oh'lae claiming old souls, teaching them, and giving them back to Tesh’ah, the cycle of life could not continue.

To the worshipers of Ox'oh'lae, death, afterlife and undead are all holy, not evil. The dead are to always be given words of departing. The ones killed would not die if Ox'oh'lae was not ready for them and the ones that are saved could not be saved if Ox'oh'lae was calling them.

Death is very natural and comes to all. Without death, there could be no life. The decay after death brings life. After death, all things (people, plants, animals, everything) go to the Forest of Waiting. In this afterlife, there is no need to sleep or eat. Time is spent exploring, traveling and learning. That’s why we know some things without learning them in this life. Everything remains in the Forest of Waiting until called by Tesh’ah to return to the Jungle of Life (often referred to as the Jungle of Death by worshipers of Ox'oh'lae.

The Jungle of Waiting is seen as having four steps as well. These steps mirror the steps within the Jungle of Life. First is disorientation. Second is learning how to navigate the Jungle of Waiting and becoming a new individual. Third is traveling, learning and exploring. Fourth is teaching other new comers and thus preparing to return. The time frame for each in the Jungle of Waiting varies greatly.

Animations like skeletons are on loan from Ox'oh'lae for the faith that has been shown. The essence is done with the form and completed its cycle. The shell is empty. An essence from the Jungle of Waiting will be assigned as caretaker of the animation for as long as it is needed.

It is considered bad mojo to create more animations than one can control. That would bind an essence to be caretaker for an uncontrolled time, not allowing them to return to the Jungle of Waiting to continue the cycle.

Ox'oh'lae is often seen represented as an ant for decay and a bat for the afterlife.

Ge’ara is the God of Plants, Land, Water, Caves, Safety, Darkness.

Teara’now is the God of Animals, Strength, Luck, Risk, Light.

He also explains that most holy men wear their hair long, in a single braid. The longer the hair, the closer the holy man is to his god. Piercing is a common practice of the holy men.

Shaman will pluck their hair, all except for a patch in the back top of the head that is worn in a topknot. The longer the topknot the greater the shamans communication with the spirits. Shaman will often file their front teeth to points.

Warriors wear their hair in mohawk. Longer mohawk indicate greater status as a tribe’s warrior. Warriors will paint themselves for battles and great hunts.

Scouts pluck their heads bald. Scouts will also wear paint when going on missions.

Shortly after the detailed lesson on Myrian religion and culture the Amaputu warriors have finally tracked the party down to this ancient site. They start in with their drums to summon more warriors and shamans to set up the vigil and kill the infidels when they finally leave. The drums play on through the day and night.

The party decides that the best chance for escape is to once again use the snatch pit with all party members in there except for Ceress. Ceress will close up the pit from the outside and while undercover of invisibility and silence, he will sneak out during the dark of the next morning. Having superior night vision to humans will give him an even greater advantage over the Amaputu keeping watch. To make this plan work, they will need to spend a full day at the sacred sight hoping that the legends of the Amaputu superstition around the sacred site are true and they they don’t come in to kill them.

They decide to also incorporate Lutheo’s mystical riding dog as a further diversion, having it run while carrying a magically glowing vine to enhance its distraction, in a different direction than the Ceresss escape route.

Around four hours before sunrise the next day, they put their plan into effect. The only unforeseen kink in their plan is that the dog moved at a much greater speed than Ceress and broke through the line of the enemy surrounding them before he did. When the Amaputu see the dog, they rouse everyone with their drums, signaling that the hunt is on!

One of the Amaputu warriors notices something unusual as Ceress slipped past the guard line but the warrior can’t figure out what it is and Ceress makes good his escape with the rest of the party in the snatch pit.

Ceress runs for the next four hours through the jungle and anytime he finds a river he uses his superior Saurian swimming abilities to traverse it for a ways to further make it hard to track him.

After four hours the snatch pit expels the party back into the jungle. Having timed it well, the sun is about to come up and the snatch pit is soon ready for another days use and four more hours of concealment for the party. They decide to have Q’tahna take the next four hour shift of running through the forest with the party safely in the pit.

At the end of those four hours, Q’tahna brings them out of the snatch pit and the party realizes that they are in the center of a large gathering of Myrians…
Q’tahna introduces them as the Gethyan tribe and U’gita is the tribes chief and holy man. He doesn’t speak common but his brother Nu’Takie can translates for him better than Q’tahna can.

This is where session #16 ended.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #15
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on March 06, 2020, 02:18:06 PM »
The session starts in the Pirate Island of Nadzam in the city of Haven.

The city of Haven is built into a cliff side of one of the larger islands on the furthest south segment of the Pirate Isles. Kenton is the head of security in Haven and an old friend of Henrik in Myranor.

The party hires Captain Lantro of The Sea Hag to take them to the jungles of Myria. It will cost them 250 in gold for the 4 day journey to get there. the party also gives Kenton 200 gold with instructions that Akronos will contact him by spell when they are ready to get picked up. Kenton is to give that as payment to Lantro to come and pick them up and they will give Lantro the remainder when he gets them. They agree to pay Kenton 50 gold for his services.

The Sea Hag has a mixed crew with the captain and several members being human, a couple grum, two Saurian and one Myrian of the Nengeli tribe.

The party spends 120 gold on items that might be of value as trade to the Murian people. They ask around town and find a good Myria guild to hire. Q’tahna is of the Nengeli tribe and he speaks several languages. They agree to pay him 10 gold per day and Q’Tahna makes sure that he clarifies that he gets paid that amount even if some of the party members die in the jungle. In an effort to improve their chances of survival, they offer to pay him a 10 gold bonus per person if they are all alive at the end of their jungle adventure. He say OK, but he said OK to a lot of things and Akronos wonders how much of what he is being told he really understands.

The Nengeli tribes men are masters of both land and sea. They build a variety of lean, oared longboat that carries 20 rowers and can outrun even the biggest western sailing ships for a short while. Nengeli can often be found throughout the western Pirate Isles. The region claimed by the Nengeli is a tropical paradise of white beaches, crystal blue water and palm trees. The beauty of this region is reflected in the Nengeli people who are the most physically attractive as Q’Tahna tells the party often.

The sea voyage to the Myrian jungle is uneventful. The party decides that a drop off and pick up at the mouth of the Tosh River would be best. As they approach the coast they see that there is a large camp set up to the west of the mouth of the Tosh. They use their telescope that they picked up in Land’s End to check out the camp and realize by the flag that they are flying that it is a Kalimura encampment. They decide to set ashore just to the west of the Kalimuran camp and are greeted by Captain Jenkins and a contingent fo Kalimuran soldiers. After a brief conversation they get on friendly terms and are invited into the Kalimuran camp.

The Kalimura and campground is bustling with efficiency. And there are two impressive ballista contraptions on higher ground on either end of the camp. If I asked about them, it will be explained they are perfectly counterbalanced for 160 pound soldier to sit in the loading chair and crank back the bowstring through an ingenious mechanism. A clip of 20 bolts sits on top the ballista and drops a fresh bolt into place each time the bowstring is drawn back. A well seasoned pair can fire off four heavy ballista every round for five rounds before they run out. In just one round the loader can dispose of the old clip while the fire drops a new one into place. The balance of the machine makes it easy for the soldier and firing position to swivel and aim anywhere within the 360° ark.

This is one of the great Kalimura engineering projects. The country has only small standing army and most of them are highly specialized for weapons like this. Being a prosperous nation, they are hiring miss mercenary troops for most of the shock troop needs.

There is an unusual ship in drydock on the large clearing in the middle of camp. It is 30 foot wide and 70 foot long. It has an unusual flat bottom to it instead of the standard bowed bottom of all seafaring ships. Running along that bottom are metal beams from front to back along each outer edge and down the middle spine. The boat is sitting off the ground a couple feet on six stilts, three on each side.

The Kalimura are most proud of the ship. Word is starting to spread outside of their nation that they are getting close to mastering the design of it. The captain hopes that they were going to production in the next year.

Yes, the captain proudly proclaims, this is the famed Kalimura flying ship, the Phoenix Four!

There are stones in Myria that when exposed to the rays of the sun, repel themselves from other stones of their same type. In some areas of Myria there are stones that float free during the day, repelling from the other stones that are buried in the ground. Most of Myria has the stones buried in the ground to one degree or another. They are currently mapping the region to determine strong and weak pockets.

The Kalimura nation has been working on flying ships for a while. This is the beta test ship design #4. The flat bottom was a learning lesson, and so was the adjustable length landing legs. They have made a tentative allegiance with one of the tribes on the coast but have met with serious resistance with some of the other tribes they have encountered.

Captain Jenkins offers them and adventure on the Phoenix Four for tomorrow.

Captain Jenkins will explain that there is six concentrated blocks of the minimal strategically placed around the ship and by uncovering them and exposing them to the sun the ship will rise or fall at the command of the captain and his crew.

They start all of their expiration voyages in the morning and are usually limited to just a three or four hour tour. They need the best light of day for their test flights.

The next morning, all of the players are weighed for proper weight allowance on the ship. Due to the heavy weight of Ceress tipping the scale at 350 pounds, Captain Jenkins will have to also have ensign Thomas removed from the voyage much to the ensigns dismay. Flights are nerve-racking but prestigious.

There are 10 other members of the crew in addition to the party. The party is given strict instructions not to help out in anyway unless called for defense.

The sails and other techniques that the captain assures the party are too complicated for them to understand and too confidential to talk about there are scientific means for controlling the direction of the ship.

Jenkins will explain to the party that they haven’t encountered any serious threats in the air. There are some frighteningly large bats that hunt birds by day and while they have flown by the ship they have never attacked it.  There are plenty of terrifying things in the jungle that fly from the Horrax to the amazingly persistent mosquitoes but the bats and the colorful parrots they hunt and eat seem to be the only ones that really go above the treetops.  Down below the tree tops it’s a whole different story. Everything from shimmer cats, poisonous frogs, more snakes than you can count, thieving monkeys, murderous creatures of the night and of course the local tribes men that seem to have an almost automatic dislike of the Kalimurains.

A couple hours into the impressive tour over in this jungle, several bats fly towards the boat from a distance. They have an erratic flight pattern as bats usually do with rapid beating on her wings. It’s hard to tell how big these fuckers actually are from a distance but that quickly becomes clear as they buzz the ship.

Unfortunately, what would’ve been a normal curious flyby from past days has turned into the first aerial assault the Kalimurans have experience.

Four of the bats land on the ship and it is discovered that little, brown warriors are riding on each one. Some Warriors jumped from their bats onto the ship catching sail and breaking on their way down as if they were branches and vines. Combat ensues!

The battle rages across the deck of the ship with several of the Myrian warriors yelling in their native language language. Theren casts comprehend languages and he them yelling about the abomination that is flying ship. One of them realizes that the foreigners are using the gods stones to fly the ship and calls that out to the rest of the raiding party.

A couple of the Myrian warriors focus their attacks on Q’tahna, calling him a traitor. Q’tahna identifies them as the Amaputu tribe, the Myrians that paint their faces to mimic the animals about them.

The bats join in the combat but aren’t nearly as deadly as the nimble, almost naked Myrian warriors who are attacking with short swords, kicks and punches. Their ability to dodge blows keep them alive much longer than the party would like.

Akronos uses his Blink spell much more effectively during this battle and then to many party members surprise, uses his magic to Enlarge Ceress. Ceress’s sudden shift in weight from 350 pounds to now over 2800 pounds offsets the delicate balance of the ship. Since Ceress is at the front of the ship fighting some of the Myrians, the ship starts to dip down at the nose. This angle makes a ship fly forward faster but it also is starting to lose altitude and head towards the tree canopy below.

The party and ship crew takes out three of the warriors and all of their bats and Otep is grappling with the last warrior when a Myrian still riding a bat flys closer to the ship and casts darkness on the front of it, screaming all the while about freeing the stones from the evil foreigners.

Having two out of six of the stones plunged into darkness combined with the extra weight of Ceress is too much for the ship and it plunges nose first into the tree canopy below. As a tree catches one of the outstretched side sails, the ship is wrenched around, smashing into more tree, propelling all of the bodies off of the ship and into the jungle. Akronos is quick with a Feather Fall but because Theren and Otep were still in the darkness, he isn’t able to include them in the spell. He gets the rest of the party, Q’tahna and Ensign Rogers with the Feather Fall.

Theren tries desperately to lessen the damage of his flight into the jungle with catching vines and leaves but the crash through the vegetation and impact into the ground is still enough to leave him badly battered on landing. Otep uses his superior strength to pivot the Myrian warrior and use him as a shield in their careening crash through the jungle. Both are injured in the impact but Otep finishes out the little warrior in short order when on the ground.

This is where the session ends. The party is scattered around the jungle crash site. They know that they, Q’tahna and ensign Rogers have survived but suspect that the rest of the crew probably didn’t make it through that wreckage. They are deep in a very dangerous jungle and still have a long ways to go to get to where they are headed, but haven’t had the chance to check the map to confirm yet.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #14
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Session #13 ended with:
Akronos realizes that he is the least qualified within the party to find the Skull of Hardin because he has poor human eyes that don’t work nearly as well in poorly lit areas as everyone else in the party. He calls Lutheo and Otep over to join him in the search in the dark for the skull. One of the guards confronts Lutheo and Otep as they get closer, telling them to stay out of the area while the guards investigate what went the hell just happened, but while the guard is talking to them, Akronos turns them invisible. Unfortunately, to concentrate on the invisibility spell Akronos has to let down his concentration on the levitate spell and the slab that is glowing and levitating 30 feet off the ground plummets to earth.

This is where the session ended. Everything is going perfectly according to plan, if the plan was to create chaos, destroy the square and the war memorial statue, wake up the city and summon all of the guards within a ten block radius.

And we pick up with the continuation of the master plan…
Akronos takes out his favorite purple silk pouch and loads some coins in it then has his Mage Hand spell carry it over towards one of the three guards to distract them.

Lutheo and Otep are both invisible and they start searching through the cobblestones and rubble for the skull of Hardin the Crusader. Lutheo has detect magic going but it is picking up all of the Faerie Fire lit cobblestones so it isn’t as easy to spot the magically radiating skull. Otep gets lucky and finds the skull of Hardin under a pile of cobblestones and dirt. He quickly picks it up causing it to become invisible in his grasp and he runs out of the square.

During this time, the guard that is distracted by Akronos's floating pouch takes a swing at it and expertly slices in two while screaming that there are invisible opponents in the area.

One of the guards that ran back to the guard headquarters comes back with a wizard in tow. The wizards assesses the situation as he marches into the square. The other guard is yelling to the wizard that there are invisible people in the area and he has seen the cobblestones near the statue being moved.

Akronos uses his message spell to check in with Otep and finds out that he has recovered the skull and is headed back to their in. Akronos lets Lutheo know to also start heading back to the inn and then he starts looping around the outside of the square to join the rest of the party.

Seconds after Lutheo leaves the area around the statue the Storm Port wizard orders the guards away from the statue and unleashes a massive fireball over the churned up area, hoping to catch whoever was in there. The party has barely escaped a blistering fate.

The wizard calls for other guards to lock the city down and find the scum from Kitar that destroyed their war monument. It has been a rude awakening for the city at this predawn hour and the guards are furious.

All of the party rendezvouses back in their inn, some seen by the innkeeper and others sneaking in invisible. They decide that they need to get out of town as quickly as possible with their new skull tucked into the bag of holding.

The party devises a plan that everyone will get into the snatch pit except for Theren and Theren will become invisible and head out the main gate as quickly as possible.

Zug refuses to go into the snatch pit. He will walk out on his own and he has confidence that as a half Ogre he can pass for a local. They will meet up at the last point they camped before getting to Storm Port is they get separated.

On the way out of town Zug realizes he will be leaving his two trusty horses, Blackie and Brownie and the cart behind but it is a sacrifice he will have to make. The guards are in the process of trying to get the seldom used gates closed and they stop Zug on the way out of town but Theren is able to sneak pass them invisibly while they question Zug and Theren makes good his escape.

Theren puts as much distance between himself and Storm Port as possible wall invisible before bringing the rest of the group out of the Snatch Pit. They continue to travel until they get to the last campsite before they went into Storm Port. This is their planned rendezvous point with Zug so they wait there for him to join them. A couple hours later Zug joins them and explains that he was questioned and strip searched and finally let out of the city. He almost seems proud that he had to strip down for the guards but was let go.

The party decides to march through the rest of the day and much of the night to put as many miles as possible between them and the riled up hornets nest of Storm Port.

The next day the party uses the Snatch Pit to take out the Avisarr gem and the magical map. With the skull of Hardin in the bag of holding the map now points to deep in the jungles of Myria.

They use the Sending spell to contact Master Elodin and let him know of their success in getting the skull of Hardin. Elodin tells them that he has discovered the site of the ruins of the Conclave of Freedom stronghold. The area has been cleaned up to make it as least noticeable as possible that an excavation has happened here. None of the slaves are seen and very seldom is a guard seen. The black sorcerer is never spotted and Master Elodin is concerned that if they launch an attack on the fortress and do not kill him quickly he would escape back to the Duthelm and quickly bring back military reinforcements. Without all of the skulls in their possession and ready to completely the banishment, it would be unwise for his group to attack. They must wait and watch and be ready to attack when the party has all six skulls.

The next two days are spent marching as hard as they can back into Kitar territory. They march into the night for the first two nights but after that they are feeling better about the distance they made and keep their travel to the days. Akronos points out that since they have the Snatch Pit for up to four hours in a day, it would be great if he and Ceress could ride it in instead of the hard march that they have been doing and the party agrees.

In the afternoon of the third day out of the Storm Port the enemies catch up with them about an hour after Akronos and Ceress have left the Snatch Pit. The party is alerted to the presence of Storm Ports trackers when two arrows spring into the back of Lutheo.

Three Saurian Harothi Berserkers charge the party followed by four elite guardsmen from Storm Port. The ranger stays back and peppers the party with arrows.

Otep runs up to engage them and Akronos ceases the opportunity of a tight cluster of enemies to cast Erupting Earth catching all of the berserkers and two of the guardsmen in the explosion.

The Ranger launchers two arrows into Zug before Theren can bring up an illusion of a wall of fire blocking his view and separating him and two of the guards from the party. Otep and Zug trade heavy hits with the Harothi berserkers and are joined by Ceress in that brutal combat. At different points all three of our fighting heroes are dropped unconscious before a fellow party member can lend a healing hand. Theren’s illusion keeps the ranger and two of the guards separated from the main battle for several critical rounds. Ceress breaks off from the main group to go and engage in combat with the ranger. Much to the rangers dismay, despite having skill in close quarter combat with his bow, the monk is able to catch several arrows that would have otherwise struck him.

It seems that the berserkers were able to shrug off a lot of the damage from Otep and Zug so it takes them a long time to whittle them down. The battle rages on with Lutheo getting in some hits aided by his ability to smite his opponents, doing more damage than many of the other punishing blows laid by Otep and Zug.

Eventually the whole party working as a tight group has reduced their enemies down to just the ranger and the ranger, sensing his eminent death flees before more of his enemies can join Ceress to fight him. His attempts to get away are no match for the speed of Ceress and he is cut down in his tracks.

The party ties up and revives the Ranger in order to interrogate him. They discover that his group was sent out to track and kill the Kitar marauders that destroyed their war monument. He was given an arrow that was enchanted to track them down tied to the arrow is half of the silken pouch that Akronos had used to distract one of the guards at the monument. Apparently the black sorcerer’s have an improved locate person spell that they used with this item, probably the same or a variant of the spell used on the finger of Geldan that the party now possesses.

After the gain as much information as they can from the ranger, they kill him and leave him and several other bodies strong up as a warning to their enemies. They continue traveling until they get to the town of Trails End where they buy four new horses (Zug names them Blackie 2, Brownie 2, Spot and Spot 2) and they press on at the fastest speed possible to make it back to Myranor.

Once back in the Kitar capital of Myranor they go back to Henriks home and explain to him that the Duthelm military might be very angry at Kitar and it would be good for Kitar to be prepared for that. They explain most of what happened and Henrik tells them he will alert the location authorities.

They ask if Henrik can teleport them to Maria.

Henrik doesn’t know of a location in Myria to teleport them to since teleportation circles are rare.

The neighboring nation of Kalimura would never allow teleportation circles in the nation, much less the capitol. The nation as a whole embraces science and discovery and shuns magic and religion to the point of having a major holiday dedicated to mocking wizards and priests.

The closest he can get them is into the pirate city of Haven in the pirate isles. One of his friends is head of security for the ruler of that city.

He warns the party that the Pirate Isles are rough and tumble and the teleportation circle there is well protected. Teleportation circles are very rare and take a full year to set up. This one is known by few individuals and even then, they go to great lengths to be cautious about it.

The city of Haven is built into a cliff side of one of the larger islands on the furthest south segment of the Pirate Isles. The strong hold of the city has its own dungeon and in the bottom lowest cell in the dungeon is the teleportation circle. The cell is specially designed that it can be flooded at a moments notice drowning all the occupants if need be.

The party is eager to put Kitar behind them and they arrange to teleport out the next morning.

Here is where session #14 has ended. The party has just teleported to Haven in the Pirate Islands and will seek out a ship to transport them to Miria.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #13
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Session #13

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Zug, a Half Ogre Ranger guild from Kitar

The morning after the party was attacked by the troll the party splits up the treasure from the knoll attack from two nights ago and gets ready to leave camp and head to Storm Port.

Zug asks them to wait a little bit for him and he heads off into the forest. About an hour later he comes back with a small bird on his shoulder and carrying a muddy old cloak wrapped around a bunch of treasure. Apparently he talked to the woodland animals to help him in tracking down the home of the troll in a muddy hollow of a fallen tree. In the treasure is gold, platinum, gems, a potion of healing, an Ioun Stone and a magical javelin in addition to all the other random items he grabbed from the troll lair.

The party sets out and has one last night of camping in the forest before making it to Storms Port. That evening, Akronos gets a message from Master Elodin through a Sending spell. Elodin tells him “Challenges finding the Conclave ruins. Narrowing in but taking longer than expected. Most likely they are blocking us. Fifth rune has failed. What’s your updates?” Akronos responds back that they are about to enter Storms Port in search of the remains of Hardin.

On their travels they have asked Zug about Storm Port and Hardin and have gathered the following:

Storm Port was lost to Duthelm in the last war and the loss is still keenly felt by those who fought the war. Storm Port was originally populated by people from both countries but during the Demon War 150 years ago it became a Duthelm town. Many in Kitar still feel that Storm Port is theirs but the feeling is not longer mutual.

The city is made up of sturdy buildings with stone, timber and stucco and large eves to help keep the rain off the buildings. The buildings definitely feel a lot like Myranor.

Storm Port is a shadow of its former self. With Kitar owning and controlling the channel access to the ocean, shipping and trading with the outside world by sea ended with the Demon Wars. It is now the fishing capitol of Duthelm as well as a military outpost. The signs of its decline show in a lack of upkeep in the buildings and the roughness of its citizens.

It has been a long time since Kitar forces have been at their walls but the fortifications are still very evident even if a bit rundown. Storm Port is heavily fortified against invasions and has a large garrison of the Duthelm Military for patrols and strikes against Kitar or any internal uprising. The military plays a huge role in the economy with about 10% of the towns 8,000 population being military and another large group being military support. The bulk of the population is tied into the fishing trade but the military is the main purchaser of the fishing trade and what the town relies on to survive. While Duthelm isn’t currently at war, they have been ready to be at war for most of the past 150 years and often in skirmishes with neighboring countries. The city is a melting pot of races and is made up of humans, orcs, half orcs, ogres, half ogres and the occasional halfling, saurian or other race. There are no elves in the city of Storm Port and very few Saurians that aren’t in the military as members of the Berserkers.

Despite its small size, Duthelm maintains a large standing army and wields it like a machete. Any problem that arises - be it rebellion, incursion or other - is usually solved by sending out several battalions to ride out and slaughter the problem.

The armies of Duthelm consist of a ragtag miscellany of orcs, ogres, saurians, humans, goblins, half breeds and the occasional trolls. On the whole, they are unorganized and lack discipline. But what they lack in order, they make up for in sheer numbers and raw brutality. Standing out from the ranks of common warriors are three groups... the Orcish Rippers, the Ogre Iron Fists and the Saurian Berzerkers.

The Rippers are are highly skilled orcs known for their spiked armor and their whirling, rapid attack style.

The Iron Fists are are ogres that wear extra heavy plate armor and wield huge spiked iron gauntlets. They close range with their opponents relying on their armor to protect them from ranged weapons and then pummel their opponents with crushing blows.

The Berserkers are all Harothi Saurians that take aggression to new heights. They rush into combat with no regard for style, enter a berserker rage and attack with suicidal ferocity.

Having grown up in Kitar and being a part of their military protecting the nation against raids by Duthelm and the ever present threat of war, Zug is also familiar with the basic history of Hardin the Crusader who is a great hero of Kitar.

Hardin died behind enemy lines in Duthelm territory in the town of Storm Port. He was a native of Kitar before the demon war and returned there after the war to continue fighting Duthelm. He dedicated his life to regaining as many towns and lands as possible for Kitar and led many army crusades into battle. Storm Port was in many battles during the war, but it was the site of the last remaining serious offensive against Duthelm by Kitar after the war. Without Hardin leading the efforts to regain lands, Kitar lost the will to sacrifice more lives in exchange for retaking more territory.

The next morning the party has their cover story ready as traveling merchants with their cart full of wine, traveling from the Duthelm city of Dominion with wine stollen from the Falkir Clans to sell. They approach Storms Port from the south and enter the poor district outside the walls. This is where more of the commoners, poor fishers and farmers live as well as access to the unregulated docks.

They continue through the poor district and approach the large gate to the walled city. The gate is functional but shows signs of neglect, kind of like the four guards that are at their posts there. One of them nods to the party as they come in with their covered wagon containing their carefully staged merchant wears as well as a hidden elven bard. They aren’t challenged or charged an entry fee, reflecting the lack of organization of Duthelm and Storm Port.

They party rolls into the city and discreetly checks the magical finger of Geldan to see what direction to go to find Hardins remains. It leads them a short ways across the city to a large statue by the harbor.

This is a large and elaborate statue in one of the squares overlooking the harbor. There is a sour odor in the air in this area. On a raised platform is the statue of Hardin laying on his back, being torn apart by burrow hounds. His face is upturned and his mouth is open in a scream of agony with three burrow hounds bitting him from different directions. A Knight of the Abyss is pinning him to the ground with a spear through his chest. There is a plaque that states “Site of the final battle where Duthelm defeated Kitar. This monument is dedicated to the army of Duthelm and the guards of Storms Port for their valor and sacrifice.” In smaller text it states “By the oder of the city guard, do not damage this monument upon pain of death.”

Just down hill from that statue is a slab marking the spot where Hardin died in the final battle. The slab has a plaque on it stating “Here lies Hardin, buried in a shallow grave, the last of the Kitarian invasion.” In smaller text it states “By the oder of the city guard, do not damage this slab upon pain of death.”

While the group is looking at the slab, a huge ogre in heavy armor comes out of the guards headquarters on the west end of the square and walks over to the monument. He drops the heavy, spiked gauntlet off of his right hand and pulls his cock out of his trousers. He arches his piss high in the air and after a slight adjustment his piss starts splashing in the open, screaming mouth of Hardin. It was apparently mostly full already and after it has overflowing for a bit he adjusts his aim to piss in the agonizingly wide open eye of Hardin. The ogre pisses like a horse and chuckles while taking his time at it, nodding to the rest of the party with a grin on his face.

The urine runs down the statue and through a cleaver design it drains over the slab covering Hardins grave before tickling down the cobblestones and down to the harbor. Once he is done, the ogre puts his cock back in his trousers, puts his iron gauntlet back on and goes back into the guard headquarters.

The party decides to get a couple hotel rooms close by and have Otep and Zug watch the activity around the statue. There is a bar on the east side of the square and as the regular city traffic on the harbor slows down in the evening the activity in the bar picks up. The city night life is wild and unrelenting for hours. Pissing on Hardin seems to be a regular pass time and even the tough women of Storm Port join in the sport and squat directly over the slab and piss on his remains as a sign of defiance to Kitar and support for Duthelm.

Around three in the morning the activity has died down to just a trickle and the fishermen haven’t started going to the harbor yet. The party decides to put their elaborate plan into action.

The plan is that Akronos will levitates the slab while hiding in a nearby buildings shadows. As soon as the slab is a few feet off the ground Otep will push it out to the harbor where Akronos will release the levitate and let the evidence disappear. Lutheo will take the shovel that they bought and dig up the “shallow grave” to find the skull of Hardin. Meanwhile Theren will be hiding in the shadows with Akronos and be ready with an illusion to cover up Lutheo if someone happens to stagger by. This is the plan, but it didn’t last for more than a couple seconds before it fell apart.

Apparently the party should have checked to see if the statue and slab were magically warded against being tampering with or damaged. When the slab was levitated it activated a Magic Mouth spell on the statue, emanating from the mouth of the Knight of the Abyss yelling “Guards, Guards, Fools are Damaging the War Monument Again! Surrender Now Fools or Feel The Wrath of Storm Port! Yours will be the eye we piss in.” At the same time both Lutheo and Otep feel the tingle of magic upon them but fortunately they resisted whatever the effects were. The ground, statue and floating slab are suddenly outlined in a green light giving off dim light in the area.

Instead of pushing the slab that is now glowing green and floating five feet off the ground across the square and into the harbor, Otep pushes it just a couple feet so it is off of the grave site and he runs back to one of the buildings surrounds the square.

Theron acts quickly and casts Silence on the statue, cutting it off in mid repeat of the warning cry.

Lutheo casts detect magic and determines where the skull of Hardin might be and starts digging in that spot. The ground is hard packed with a layer of compacted sand on the top so digging isn’t easy. Akronos raises the glowing slab another 30 feet in the air.

There is the sound of guards string in the command center that boarders the square to the west, followed by and running booted feet. Theren casts an illusion to cover Lutheo while he digs. When Theren concentrate on his illusion, his silence spell ends and the statue alarm spell starts screaming for the guards again. Lutheo abandons digging and runs towards the harbor and round to the eastern edge of the square. Akronos decides they can’t miss this opportunity to unearth the skull so he casts Exploding Earth at the gravesite and memorial statue. The explosion of earth, paver stones and bones is spectacular, damaging the statue of the defeat of Hardin in the process.

The falling debris, glowing statue that has just been severely damaged and glowing slab 30 feet in the air is what the guards see as they come running into the square. Apparently this isn’t the regular minor damage to the statue or drunkard getting too frisky in his show of disrespect to Hardin that they usually see.

With the guards coming into the square, Akronos throws the snatch pit onto the ground and Theren casts invisibility on Akronos and then jumps in the pit, suspecting that an elf in the area will be executed on sight. Akronos picks up the snatch pit and runs to the site of the exploded earth to try and find the skull of Hardin. Otep has made his way around to the east end of the square and joins up with Lutheo.

Akronos realizes that he is the least qualified within the party to find the Skull of Hardin because he has poor human eyes that don’t work nearly as well in poorly lit areas as everyone else in the party. He calls Lutheo and Otep over to join him in the search in the dark for the skull. One of the guards confronts Lutheo and Otep as they get closer, telling them to stay out of the area while the guards investigate what went the hell just happened, but while the guard is talking to them, Akronos turns them in visible. Unfortunately, to concentrate on the invisibility spell Akronos has to let down his concentration on the levitate spell and the slab that is glowing and levitating 30 feet off the ground plummets to earth.

This is where the session ended. Everything is going perfectly according to plan, if the plan was to create chaos, destroy the square and the war memorial statue, wake up the city and summon all of the guards within a ten block radius.

Next session: The party will pick up the skull that is laying at Akronos feet and saunter out of town, celebrating their smooth recovery of another skull of the Conclave of Freedom!

Experience from session #13 will be combined with session #14 when we see how it all plays out…
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #12
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The party has just made off with the skull of Saint Kelandor the Healer, having stolen it from the Basilica of Imarus in the early morning hours. They checked the map and find that now with Kelandors skull is in another realm in the bag of holding, the map now points to Storms Port in the boarder town of Duthelm.

They return to the wizards guild of Aridorn and meet up with Hessen as previously planned. Hessen has agreed to teleport them on to another destination in exchange of being owned a favor or a proprietary spell by Master Elodin. He tells them that the closest location that he knows a teleportation circle for is in Myranor, the capitol of Kitar.

The party decides not to waste any more time in Aridorn since the Church of Inthar might figure out what happened and hunt them down. They have Hessen teleport them to Myranor after just a short debate.

The teleportation circle of Myranor is located out to the east of the harbor on a section of rocky outcropping. There is a seldom used path from the circle into the harbor and to the gates into the town.

Myranor has an impressive harbor with many docks. There are large towers overlooking the harbor to provide protection in case of invasion. Much of the shore along the outer city wall consists of hard, sharp black rock with numerous caves and blow holes. Waves often crash spectacularly against the black rocks and jet out of blow holes. Small boats are often crushed between the waves and rocks during storms.

Lutheo grew up in a small town in the nation of Kitar. He educates the party on what he remembers of the nation as well as the little bit that he knows of Myranor from the few visits he had as a child before his parents disappeared on a mission and he was taken in by the Ynthar monks.

Kitar has the feel of a frontier. Hardy woodsmen, trackers, adventurers and wilderness guides populate the taverns and towns. Kitar is mostly a human nation, however, elves, half-orcs, half-ogres, and dwarves are also common with the occasional grum and saurian. It is not unusual to see borrellian traders on market day either.

Myranor is a large and varied city with a number of excellent inns and guilds. Like Kitar, the population of Myranor is a mix of hardy types - farmers, hunters, trappers, woodsmen, sailors, soldiers and mercenaries. Myranor is a strong community where men survive by their wits and their blades, but it is also a fair city ruled by a just king, King Davillon Arkain.

The Royal Palace of Myranor is the governmental seat of the nation, residence of the royal family, headquarters of Kitar’s military forces and university all in one. Within the large castle is the main conference hall where King Davillon meets with his Council of Advisors.

Myranor is a very heavily fortified city. It's northern location and past history make it the first line of defense against Duthelm for all the eastern lands. For these reasons, Myranor is built to withstand a siege.

Myranor has two city walls - an outer wall and an inner wall - which divide the city into three sections. Both walls are immense things being 100 feet tall and 36 feet thick. A walkway runs along the top with crenellations for archers to take up positions and guards to patrol between guard towers. This city was built to withstand a siege and it shows in the walls.

The two walls divide the city into three sections: the outer city, which is mostly hovels and shacks; the middle city, which is home to shops and taverns, craftsmen and freemen; and the inner city, which is the sanctuary of the nobles, scholars, priests and the wealthy. At the center of the inner city is the royal castle.

The city is made up of sturdy buildings with stone, timber and stucco. Large eves help keep the rain off the buildings. Night comes earlier this far north and it feels a little oppressive having instantly come from the warmer and sunnier south. Fall has already arrived here while it is still probably a month away back in Aridorn.

The city guard keeps the peace in this frontier city. They patrol in groups of four (three fighters and one officer). City guard wear shining chainmail, very heavy cloaks (to keep out the cold), high leather boots and iron helms with visors. They wield broadswords and large shields bearing the standard of Kitar. There are no city restrictions on wearing armor or weapons. This is the frontier after all.

The party splits into two groups to move through the outer city and enter the gates of Myranor. Theren and Lutheo go in first with Akronos, Otep and Ceress following about an hour behind. It is just about noon when the second group enters the city. Theren and Lutheo go a few blocks in and get a room at The Tall Trees Inn, a nicer inn with good meals and comfortable beds. Akronos, Otep and Ceress take the first inn inside the walls, the The Creaking Mast, a decent inn with filling food for hardy seaworthy types.

The party take most of the day to rest up and practice their new skills. They meet up in the evening to discuss next steps. They send a message by scroll to Boazman and let him know that they left Aridorn and shall never return. He responds later in the evening with a short message of “Good to hear”.

After some discussion they decide that Akronos should use his new Sending spell to contact Master Elodin and let him know they have succeeded in retrieving the skull and are now in Myranor to head to Storms Port.

Master Elodin responds back with “Contact Henrik in Myranor. He is ex-military and well known to me. He will help with the mission, no questions asked. I’ll let him know.

The next morning they party gears up and checks with a guard station to see if they know who Henrik is. The guards don’t know Henrik is but they suggest that someone in the Kitaran Army station might know who he is. With directions they find the army station and track down one of the older timers that knew him. He lets them know that Henrik is retired and living in the inner city district near the Black Square. 

The party heads up in two groups and each is met by the guard at the inner city gate. The guards have been informed by Henrik to expect them due to the contact from Elodin. The guards give them an escort to Henrik’s house just off a market square with black cobblestones.

When they knock on the door they are greeted by a staff member who lets them in and takes them to a sitting room. He notifies Henrik who comes in shortly. Henrik a human wizard who is ex-military. He is about 6‘2“ tall and has broad shouldered with a full beard. A typical northman of Kitar. He doesn’t fit what the party would consider a wizard but apparently he has a long history of friendship with Elodin.

He has spent many years of his life in the service of the Kitar military fighting off Duthelm skirmishers before retirement.

The party has questions for Henrik about Storm Port and he helps provide them with as much information as he can.

There has been an embargo with Dathelm for many years and the city of Storm Port sees many smugglers coming and going. It houses spies for both sides. The party will probably have to travel in by foot or wagon since shipping into the city from Kitar is illegal.

He can lend the party a horse and wagon but he won’t go with them. He can also recommend a guild to help them, Zug, who served with him back in the military. He sends his servant out to notify Zug to come to the house.

Storm Port was lost to Duthelm in the last war and the loss is still keenly felt by those who fought the war. Storm Port was originally populated by people from both sides but during the Demon War 150 years ago it became a Duthelm town. Many in Kitar still feel that Storm Port is theirs but the feeling is no longer mutual.

There are no elves in the city of Storm Port and very few Saurians that aren’t in the military as members of the Berzerkers.

Storm Port is a shadow of its former self. With Kitar owning and controlling the channel access to the ocean, shipping and trading with the outside world by sea ended with the Demon Wars. It is now the fishing capitol of Duthelm as well as a military outpost.

Storm Port is heavily fortified against invasions and has a large garrison of the Duthelm Military for patrols and strikes against Kitar or any internal uprising. The military plays a huge role in the economy with about 800 of the towns 8,000+ population being military, another 800 being military support personal. While probably 1500 of the population is tied into the fishing trade, the military is the main spender and even the main purchaser of the fishing trade.

The party asks Henrik about Hardin and he tells them that Hardin died behind enemy lines in Duthelm territory in the town of Storm Port. He was a native of Kitar before the demon war and returned there after the war to continue fighting Duthelm. He dedicated his life to regaining as many towns and lands as possible for Kitar and lead many army crusades into battle.
Storm Port was in many battles during the war, but it was the site of the last remaining serious offensive against Duthelm by Kitar after the war. After his death in battle there, Kitar didn’t have the stomach to continue the offenses and an uneasy truce was called. Many boarder skirmishes still happen, but the two nations aren’t currently at war, just enemies.

Despite its small size, Duthelm maintains a massive standing army and wields it like a machete. Any problem that arises - be it rebellion, incursion or other - is usually solved by sending out several battalions to ride out and slaughter the problem.

The armies of Duthelm consist of a ragtag miscellany of orcs, ogres, humans, goblins, half breeds and trolls. On the whole, they are unorganized and lack discipline. But what they lack in order, they make up for in sheer numbers and raw brutality. Standing out from the ranks of common warriors, are three groups... the Orcish Rippers, the Ogre Iron Fists and the Saurian Berzerkers.

The Rippers are are highly trained orcs known for their spiked armor and their whirling, rapid attack style.

The Iron Fists are are ogres that wear super heavy plate armor and wield huge spiked iron gauntlets. They close range with their opponents relying on their armor to protect them from ranged weapons and then pummel their opponents with crushing blows.

The Berzerkers are all harothi saurians that take aggression to new heights. They rush into combat with no regard for style, enter a berzerker rage and attack with suicidal ferocity.

All of these forces can be found in Storms Port, ready to raid into Kitar or put down any rebellion that rises in this part of Duthelm.

At this point, the door to the sitting room opens and a huge half-ogre squeezes through the door. Henrik gets up and greets him warmly, introducing the party to Zug, his former captain and now friend. Now Zug works for Henrik as security and all around muscle. He is a powerful fighter that uses a two great axes with ease and obvious joy. At the offer of being the parties guide Zug says in his broken Rukemien language “Zug happy, get mud between toes again! Piss on trees, sleep in the rain! Hopefully killing and much fun.” Apparently the city is no place for a civilized half-ogre for long and he loves getting back into the woods.

Zug takes them on a supply run and helps them get outfitted to look like they are from the north. Akrons stocks up on empty wine bottles to fill up along the road to Storm Port to help with their disguise as illicit smugglers.

On their way to the city of Storm Port they will have to spend several nights on the road. The first four nights are still in Kitar territory and they are able to stay at small inns along the way. During these travels Zug asks Otep if he speaks the mother tongue and when he finds out that they share the language of Orcish they have a vibrant conversation. It turns out that Zug isn’t as stupid as he sounds, he just has challenges with the over complicated Rukemien language.

After passing through the small town of Trails End they enter the neutral zone between Kitar and Duthelm and have another four nights of camping under the start before they will make it to Storms Port. On the second night of camping the party is ambushed in the middle of the night by a band of Gnolls, lead by a Gnoll lord, a Gnoll in a frenzy and three of their burrow hounds. It’s a bloody battle with Zug getting dropped, Akronos’s new spell failing him miserably and almost getting him killed and most of the rest of the party cut up at least a little bit before all of the enemies are killed, the last while trying to run away.

On the bodies of the gnolls they find 110 gold, 7 gems worth 50 gold each, 5 gems wroth 25 gold each, two potions, a Staff of the python and a Wand of magic missiles.

The next night also sees trouble for the party when during the second watch a troll charges into camp. Theren deftly dodges it by turning invisible and it rushes past him and attacks the sleeping Lutheo. The battle is swift with Lutheo being nearly killed and the party getting in some great hits on the troll to take it down in record time. The toss chunks of the troll on the fire to make sure that it doesn’t disturb them again that night.

The next morning Akronos offers to split up the treasure from the gnolls. He says “Zug, you have been a great guide and powerful warrior.  We happily share in the loot.  You take 25 gold, these two gems and as many spears and the glaive of their leader if you like.  Everyone else gets 17 gold and 2 gems.  I’ll take the wand and the rest of the items we will sell as part of our trader disguise.

By the scowl on Zugs face, Akronos realizes that his math might be off and he says “I should never try to split of treasure before my second cup of coffee. We’ll split the loot amicably around the campfire after everyone has their coffee.”

Zug says “Coffee Good!” and wiggles his toes in the dirt in front of the campfire. He goes back to gathering bones from the troll that didn’t burn in the fire from last night and snapping them like twigs and tossing the pieces into the fire. He gives Akronos a big smile while he does that.

This is where Session 12 ends.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #11
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Session #11

The party has spent the last two and a half months traveling to the Great Temple of Thandrimora to ask the monks of Ynthar for advice. Given that the symbol of Ynthar is so heavily associated with everything they have found, they believe this to be the best place to get confirmation on what to do next. Since Lutheo and Ceress had spent years training there, they feel they can trust them.

The party was given a warm reception when they arrived at the temple. Lutheo and Ceress were welcomed back by the monks that they had spent so much time with before leaving about 4 months ago. The party asks to speak with a master and they are granted an audience.

Master Ta’hana sits with the party and reviews all of their findings. They talk for hours about what the party has witnessed, what they have found and what they have deciphered in the book of banishment found at the ruins of the Conclaves stronghold.

As a group they come to the following conclusions:

From the book they are were able to discover that each of the Conclave members dedicated their mind to the banishment, their bodies were present and they sacrificed/tied a portion of their soul to insure the banishment would work. This is in line with the three paths of Ynthar, the paths of the mind, body and spirit.

The banishment needed to break Draxorith into the three separate parts of mind, body and soul to insure they could succeed in banishing the mighty greater demon.

The finger on the chain and map were probably made by the Black Sorcerers to track Geldan (using his amputated finger from the historic battle of Storms Port). This is probably how Duthelm found the secret hideout so quickly after the banishment, using the map for general location and the finger to pinpoint him.

They surmise that the fingers enchantment continued to work pointing to Geldan even after death. When his remains were taken out of this realm by being put in the bag of holding, the finger then pointed to the next closest Conclave member since they were all tied together through their dedication of their souls to the still active banishment.

Similarly, the map pointed to Geldan but they are unsure how it picks the next Conclave member to highlight since it isn’t based on proximity. This is a mystery that they will have to see if they discover in due time.

Through the use of Legend Lore, Master Ta’hana was able to confirm their suspicions that the gem holds the soul of Draxorith. Based on the circumstance of finding the gem on the body of a dead Black Sorcerer near the banishment chamber as well as notes in the final pages of the banishment book wondering what caused the banishment to fail, they surmise that this separation of the soul probably happened prior to the banishment and is what caused the banishment to only partially succeed. It was probably a defensive measure taken early on by Draxorith like a Lich using a soul jar. Maybe the Black Sorcerers brought the gem with them in an attempt to use it to undo the banishment, giving Draxorith an anchor close by to help retrieve him, but instead they died in the final battle leaving the gem, the answer to the reason the banishment failed, right there for all these years, unknown to anyone but some of the highest ranking Black Sorcerers.

Given that the banishment probably failed due to not having Draxoriths soul in the banishment, the only way to complete the banishment is to throw the gem in the banishment pit. But since the Conclave members had to bind their souls to the spell, had to physically be present and dedicate their minds to the activation of the spell (which is still running), it is most likely that the remains of the six Conclave members will also need to be there to complete the banishment. Without this, the warding may unravel and Draxorith will once again be unleashed on the world to wreak havoc.

During these conversations, Ta’hana assures them that they have done the right thing so far. He lets them know that the church of Imarus has no rights to the bones of Kelandor, the Conclave member interred  there. He will point out the folly of the church of Imarus being attached to material things and the mysticism surrounding remains of the dead, although apparently this one does have some mysticism due to the tie to the banishment spell.

At various points, master Ta’hana encouraged each of the characters for their futures. He tells Otep that he is wiser than he gives himself credit for. He encouraged Theren to follow the path of getting his head out of the stars (and the bottle) and into the soil, less Moon and more Shadow. To Akronos he subtly mentioned that he should return home before too long. Lutheo he told to continue to walk the path and get your hands dirty but also look to lead down the path for others need your guidance. Ceress was encouraged that it is time for him to come out of mourning for who he has been and fully engage in who he wants to be.

Ta’hana sends the party to dinner with the monks of the temple while he and the four other masters meet to talk about next steps and how Ynthar will be involved.

The dinner is simple but excellent. They haven’t had this good of food in a long time. Otep asks one of the other monks about this and is told that a regular practice among the faithful is the Three Day Cycle. Adherents study each discipline for one day and then begin again. The first day is completely devoted to physical training. This includes exercise, weapons practice, running, swimming, yoga, martial arts and gymnastics. The second day is devoted to study, intellectual pursuits and magic. This usually involves reading and may also involve visiting a local library, solving puzzles and riddles, magical research and engaging in discussion with learned scholars. The third day is spent meditating and in deep contemplation. This day may also include resolving problems, confronting fears, honoring the past, planning for the future, trying something new, fasting, feasting, arranging flowers, gardening, creating art or anything else that enriches the spirit. This third day, the "spirit day", is a deeply personal day and it may take many different forms. Many of the monks in the temple have found a deeply satisfying joy in cooking and the results is an active, meditative culinary masterpiece that everyone gets to join in.

Otep is impressed with the diversity of the monks given that there are humans, elves, grum, dwarves, half orcs, saurians, phellysians and others. The fact that they are not all just traditional monks but also clerics, wizards, fighters, paladins and more intrigues him. When he talks of this later with Master Ta’hana, he is told that Ynthar isn’t a religion so much as a philosophy and way of life. The monks who study here are studying that way of life and philosophy, not specifically the martial arts of being a monk, although some of course are monks in the martial arts sense. Otep is given the invitation to return once his mission is accomplished if he would like to study the way of Ynthar.

Master Ta’hana has met with the four other Masters of Ynthar currently in residence at the temple. Master Michael (a human monk from Drakell), Master Elodin (an elven Wizard), Master Agoch  (a dwarven paladin) and Master Edwin (a grum cleric).

Currently in attendance at the Temple of Thandrimora are five masters, fifteen monks, thirty two apprentices and fifty two initiates. There are many other Ynthari monks elsewhere in the world. Some come to Thandrimora from time to time. Most make a pilgrimage here at least once in their life. The three lesser temples are little more than ruins that lie in hostile territory.

The Master Monks can’t spare more than a small but strong party without leaving this last remaining temple of Ynthar woefully undefended. They have agreed that Master Agoch and Master Edwin will lead a party of 5 monks to find and kill the necromancer at the ruins of the Conclaves banishment site.

The party should continue upon that path of retrieving the other skulls and meet up at the banishment site to complete what was started 150 years ago.

Otep and Ceress have great skill in surviving in the outdoors and paid close attention to the surroundings when they escaped the digging camp. They give Master Agoch and Master Edwin detailed descriptions of the area to help them find it. They also agree to leave the book of banishment with the masters in hopes that it having been created at that site will give it a strong binding to the location and they might be able to use it to help magically pinpoint the location. Master Elodin has all of the notes that Boazman and Akronos made while translating the book over the past three and a half months copied so Akronos can keep the originals and the Masters can have a copy.

Master Ta’hana introduces them to master Elodin the top ranking wizard within the monastery. Elodin is a tall Elf with long white hair in a tight ponytail braid down his back. He is old even by elven standard and whipcord strong. Elodin provides Akronos with the spell Sending so they can communicate more while the party is on the road. Akronos asks for a couple other spells including Levitate which might come in very handy in lifting the lid off of the sarcophagus of Kelandor and Elodin is happy to help the cause. Akronos then thinks to ask for a long shot and asks if Elodin can recharge the ring of fireballs. Apparently this is well within Elodin’s skills and he has it accomplished before the party leaves the temple.

The party asks if the Masters will be able to provide them with anything else to help in their mission. Ta’hana explains that they live rather simple lives and most items in the monastery are the personal belonging of a monk that brought it with them and will take it when they return to the outside world. They do collect up several potions of healing, lots of holy water, 5 pearls that can be used for identify and 1,000 worth of gold for them.

The Monk Santiago who was the mentor for Ceress before sending him out to the world meets with Ceress to see what his progress has been. After an unarmed sparing match and then a match with swords (both of which Santiago easily wins), he offers up a magical long sword to Ceress. The hilt is intricately carved and by tracing the lines with the eye or hand it could be used for meditation. He wishes him well and looks forward to meeting up with him at the ruins of the Conclave since he has volunteered to be one of the five monks going on that mission with the masters.

With the blessing and encouragement of master Ta'hana the party sets about a plan to steal the skull of Kelandor from the Basilica of Imarus. They spend the next two days practicing this plan while at the monastery to make sure that everything will go smooth when it comes time to execute the heist.

Master Elodin agrees to teleport the party back to Aridorn. He provides them with a letter with his personal seal and lets them know that they can present this to the wizard Hessen at the guild in Aridorn and he will assist them with a teleportation circle to another city when they’re done with their mission there.

Master Elodin uses a Sending spell to contact Hasson and alert him to their arrival. When they teleport into the courtyard of the wizards guild of Aridorn, Hessen is waiting for them.

The wizard Hessen of Aridorn is a butt ugly half orc with a rough demeanor. The party informs him that they will be needing to teleport out early the next morning. He laughs and says that he’ll be happy to have master Elodin in his debt. Normally he would charge 2500 gold pieces for such a service but Elodin has promised him proprietary spells in exchange.

After Akronos and Lutheo make a quick trip out to barter a deal to exchange Lutheos magical short sword for a magical rapier the party lies low in the wizard school for the evening.

They head out first thing in the morning before the Basilica opens to the public. They travel in small groups to not be seen together and when they get there they spread out in the public courtyard with the locals. A couple of the party purchase some meat pies from a local vendor and wait for the opening of the Basilica.

Two Civilars flanked by four Militants come promptly at 8:00 and open both the large double doors in the center of the front of the church as well as the sets of double doors on each side. The civilars go deep into the church and the militants take up position by the doors.

There are plenty of locals waiting around to enter the church at first opening and after a dozen or so go in Theren passes by each party member and gives them Bardic Inspiration on his way in. The rest of the party moves in and takes up their designated positions.

Theren and Otep go to the area dedicated to the Demon War hero’s that contains Kelandors sarcophagus. Lutheo and Akronos go to positions across the isle from them. Ceress goes to the far end of the Basilica and waits for the signal.

Theren bribes and uses his power of Suggestion on the local that was already at the shrine of Kelandor so they could have it to themselves. He gives him a gold to go out and purchase a meat pie for Theren and keep the change.

Theren then casts silence ten feet above the sarcophagus. Ceress sets off the Combat Shroud in the back of the church drawing the attention of the Civilars and Acolytes and terrifying the worshipers. Akronos uses Levitate to lift the lid to the sarcophagus, Theren throws the Snatch Pit on the floor next to it, Otep grabs the skull of Kelandor and jumps into the pit. Lutheo is ready to run interference if any part of their plan goes awry Akronos lowers the lid while a couple of the Militants are running past to investigate the commotion in the back of the church and Theren closes the pit with Otep and the skull in it and takes the controlling lever with him as he and the rest of the party head for the exit with the rest of the frightened masses.

The two remaining militants guarding the door aren’t able to contain the flow of panicked worshipers fleeing and the party escapes in the confusion.

While in the pit, Otep gets his first experience of pure darkness. With no light source and no friends to provide light or even a comforting conversation panic starts to set in. After just a little bit of panic he decides to do that meditation thing he has seen Lutheo, Ceress and the monks at the temple do. He calms down and finds it to be a surprisingly relaxing experience.

The party meets up a few blocks away from the church, join Otep in the pit and close it back on themselves. They check the map and now that the skull of Kelandor is in another dimension the map no longer points to Aridorn, it points to Storm Port up in Duthelm. 

This is where session #11 ends. The party has collected the second skull and have a clear idea of what their mission is.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #10
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Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

The party takes the assassin back to their room at the Tangled Riggings Inn.

They have Raradin, the human assassin that led the attack on them. Dead in the Snatch Pit is a human and half orc in chain mail and a human and half orc both in studded leather. All had short swords.

Raradin has a +1 Short Sword, the human fighter has +1 chainmail, the half orc in chainmail had the Snatch Pit and the half orc in studded leather had the Combat Shroud. In addition to the standard gear they have a total of 250 in gold pieces on them.

The party interrogates Raradin and finds that he is a local member of the thieves guild and was running this team, hired in by Delmanakan to kill/capture as many of the party as possible. Tobar was the human fighter in chainmail and he was one of Delmanakan’s crew that was put on the snatch team to insure all the items on the captured party members got back to Delmanakan instead of ending up in the Aridorn underworld. Raradin doesn’t have much more information than this except that Delmanakan seems very powerful, he has at least five more very tough guys with him and has hired in a slew of other muscle in town. He is well guarded and well entrenched, using multiple layers and buffers to protect himself as if he is used to working in a dangerous, backstabbing, treacherous environment.

Raradin tried to trade his little bit of information for his life. He was to bring the prisoners dead or alive to the warehouse like usual. He never saw anyone at the warehouse when dropping off Saurians, just dropped the body there, dead or alive and pick up his reward from another drop spot two blocks away. He was given this assignment through a street urchin. His description of the party was very detailed, down to what they were wearing and carrying. His instructions are to bring as many bodies as possible to the warehouse and all of their possessions. He was told that eyes would be on him at all times to make sure that every possession makes it to the warehouse in addition to having Tobar assigned to his party.

Up till two days ago the bounty was just for this grouping without the specifics of what they were wearing and looked like. Any Saurian that was thought to be suspicious would do and bring in a bounty of 50 gold but if they turned out to be the right one the bounty would go up to 1,000 gold. “It was a slow way to make 500 gold but a good way to get paid to practice ones craft”  Raradin said.

The Snatch Pit works like a Rope Trick but on the ground instead of in the air. Six people can survive in it for up to 4 hours. They can see out of it and can open it from inside if they closed it from the inside. It can only be opened from the side it was closed from. That is where the lever will be that opens it. It can be deployed on any relatively flat surface like a floor or road. The interior is 8’ by 10’ and 8’ deep. You can look out of it if you closed it from the inside.

Raradin offers the party that the head fo the thief’s guild would pay 5,000 gold for his return. The head of the guild is Kazik and according to Raridan he would pay this price then make Raradin an indentured servant for buying his life. Not exactly attractive to Raradin, but better than being dead.

The party spends some time debating if they could come up with a way to cash in on this opportunity and still survive the deal. They think of detailed plans of brokering in through Drakos at the Kettle, of using the reward to put out a bounty on the head of Delmanakan or a couple other opportunities. In the end, Otep decides that they all sound too dangerous and he walks over and takes a hatchet to the head of Raradin and kills him.

With this lack of leverage, a bounty on their head and uncertainty on if retrieving the remains of the dead conclave members is the right thing to do, the party decides to leave the city and travel across the country to ask the monks of Ynthar what they should be doing and what the items that they have found mean.

It is a long and boring trek. A week into their ride west they think to contact Boazman and ask him to send a letter to Drakos claiming it is from Ceress. The letter proclaims his victory over killing Raradin and that he and the party have left the city. Drakos is to get this information to the head of the thief guild in hopes this will help provide relief to the other Saurians getting slaughtered in the city. 

During this long trek Akronos spends a lot of time studying the Conclaves banishing book. He deciders much of it and finds that the first section was dedicated to banishment analyzing in general, all the how’s and why’s of banishment spells.

The second section was dedicated to Ynthar and the three paths of mind, body and soul. When he got deep into this section of the book it talked about all living things being made up of the mind, the body and the soul. The Conclave were all practitioners of Ynthar and decided to weave this into their banishment in an attempt to break Draxorith into these three separate parts to make it easier to banish the greater demon. The cost to them would be substantial though since they would all need to be there physically during the opening and closing of the banishment gate. They would all need to put their minds to the task of casting the greatest spell any of them had individually cast while wearing it into one incredibly powerful spell. And most critically, they would all need to dedicate a portion of their soul to the ritual in order to fracture Draxorith and then seal the gate forever against his or his minions attempts to bring him back.

The third section was dedicated to the riddle and trap coding. Each master was assigned to creating 9 symbols (three sets of threes) that would be anchor glyphs forever binding Draxorith to the banishment. To insure that each glyph was working properly they created a page in the book that had all of the glyphs on it tied to their corresponding glyph so that they would light up when detected for magic. Boazman had explained that this is the only part of the book that detects as magical but when Akronos detected for magic on it, all but one of the glyphs showed as magical.

A frantic set of communications back and forth with Boazman confirmed that they all showed as magical just three weeks ago when he handed off the book. All agreed that this wasn’t a good sign and that Akronos should monitor the glyphs closely. Over the remainder of their trip to the monastery, two more glyphs stopped detecting as magical, as if their corresponding anchor glyphs had been snuffed out.

After two and a half months of travel across country, the party finally makes it to the Great Temple of Thandrimora.

Ceress and Lutheo are greeted warmly by the resident monks. They ask to speak to a master and are given an audience with Master Ta’hunaga, a human monk from Myria who stands about 5’2” and looks to be ancient.

The party shows Master Ta’Hunaga the gem, map, finger and skull of Geldan. They tell him the whole story and ask for his guidance.

He asks them many questions and confirms some details for them.

This is where session #10 ended.

Next session: Has the party completed their mission and are now free to buy an inn, retire and leave the saving of the world to the monks of Ynthar? Will they continue to help with this mission that they stumbled into in some capacity? Will Master Ta'hunaga spank them all for not coming to him sooner, or spank them for not trusting in themselves to finish what they started?
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #9
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Session #9

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

The party takes some time to discuss their options and next steps. They consider talking to the Church of Imarus about what they are doing and why they need the skull of one of their saints. They decide to wait a little while before doing that. Instead, they will explore why so many Surians have been killed in the city over the past several weeks.

Before launching into their search they get a scroll message from Boazman that he has his note book on the coding in the demon banishing book that he would like to give the party before he leaves. He arranges to meet with Akronos at the Black Mug cafe down by the docks and shows him the coding method used. He explains how it shifts from page to page.

He explains that there are multiple sections of the book; one dedicated to banishment analyzing in general; one for Ynthar and the three paths of mind, body and soul; one to the riddle and trap coding; one to the gate with a full map of the symbols that has each symbol actually light up individually when detected with magic and explains that this is the only part of the book that detects as magical; one detailing out the limits and range of the banishment pull and the plan to lure in Draxorith and the questions on why it didn’t work. Possibilities on why it didn’t work is that it was too far a pull through the ground, too much magic deflecting/shielding stone in that area of the ground or unexpected defenses of Draxorith as a Major Demon.

Boazmans workbook has all of the translated pages that he has figured out to date. He has focused on the banishment analysis, why it didn’t work, how it was supposed to work and enough pages from the other sections to identify what those sections are taking about.

He then has to hurry to catch the boat to flee the city with his wife but will be available by scroll if needed.

They party has been careful not to been seen together while in town. They have secured separate rooms in the same inn and when they walk anywhere they walk in three separate groups with about 30 to 50 feet between each group. They have taken the city’s rules about no weapons and armor seriously and those that are wearing light armor take efforts to hid it and smaller weapons are carried but concealed.

They go back to the Kettle and have Ceress talk to Drakos. Drakos explains that Saurians have been turning up dead in the Dockside district of town at a rate of 2 to 3 per day. This is a large section of town that spans all of the docks, warehouses, stores and inns around the cities harbor.

The party decides to get two separate inns in Dockside and try to find out who is killing the Saurians and why. They get a room at the Captain's Galley Inn which is run by Captain Trenchard and another room in the more rundown Broken Mast Inn run by Jonathan. Otep goes to talk to the city guard about joining them (hiring and training happen on the second Tuesday of each month, two weeks away) and also asks about the killing of the Saurians due to concerns for his Saurian friend. He finds from Gurk the Halforc city guard investigator that the dead saurians are being dumped there but are being snatched from all over they city. There has been more snatched around the University districted that anywhere else.

The party spends two days and nights in the Dockside district looking for clues and loosing track of each other with no real plan on how to proceed. At one point they all split up and go out on their own at night with no plan on how to communicate in case they find something or get attacked, but amazingly enough, none of them get jumped and killed.

On the 3rd day Lutheo and Akronos talk to some of the street urchins (Matt, Muddy and Puddles) and after a comedy of errors and missed clues find out that someone by the name of Smiley is willing to pay for information about a saurian traveling with a halfling, elf and halforc. He can be found at the Rusty Blade here in Dockside.

The party moves inns closer to the Rusty Blade and get rooms in the Lost Anchor Inn and the Tangled Riggings Tavern (testing the ability of the creators to come up with enough Dockside tavern names on the fly). Theren goes into the Rusty Blade and asks the barkeep if Smiley is around. It’s early in the morning and Smiley isn’t in the inn at this time. He gets a room and asks if he can perform for the patrons in the common room and spend much of the day just hanging out. Later in the afternoon Lutheo comes into the inn and grabs a seat to enjoy the music. Otep also comes into the inn a little while later, all three of them sitting apart and pretending not to know each other.

Akronos then turns Ceress invisible so he can also enter the inn and sneak around with the plan that he will go upstairs and look through peoples rooms. Ceress successfully sneaks in but forgets about the plan and just hangs out near Otep, being invisible and watching the crowd. Before the invisibility ends he leaves the tavern and finds Akronos waiting outside for him a few doors down.

Akronos and Ceress decide to walk past the Inn of the Rusty Blade while talking and tempt fate just one more time. Sure enough, an assassin surprises them by running his short sword through Ceress’s back right in front of the Rusty Blade. The assassin has four accomplishes that come out of the crown and join in the battle. One drops a smoke screen that creates loud bangs and fills the area with fog, creating a ring of obscuring fog in a twenty foot radius around the combat. The locals on the street flee the battle, noise and fog, leaving the assassins to their work.

With the battle breaking out right outside of the inn, Lutheo and Otep run out the front door to join in and Theren goes around through the back door to approach from an ally. In the short time it take for the rest of the party to join the battle, the assassin has dropped Ceress, one of his crew has tossed some sort of portable hole on the ground and another member has rolled his dying body into the pit. Otep wades deep into combat and lays about the enemy with his mighty maul. Akronos gets out of the middle of the battle and casts spells dropping one of the killers. Lutheo drops one, Akronos revives Ceress just before he slips into the sweet oblivion of permanent death and with the party fully engaged the thugs are quickly taken out. Most of the party has been injured and burned through their resources quickly but they have dropped every enemy. While in the pit Ceress had seen that there was a handle dangling inside it. The party quickly rolls four of the enemies bodies into the pit to loot later and revive the assassin for later questioning. Picking up the handle zips up the pit and they take it and the contents of it with them.

The entire battle took only half a minute and the streets are cleared due to the magical fog and noise so no one is around to see the party scurry off through the nearest ally with the captured assassin in tow.

This is where session #9 ends. The party has escaped an ambush and captured someone that should be able to confirm their suspicion that Saurians are being killed because they only make up 1% of the population in Aridorn so they would be the easiest to narrow the focus for the escaped slave digging team.
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