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Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #25
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on June 28, 2020, 12:10:44 PM »
Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Tykor, very old half elven innkeeper that has forgotten he used to go by Illanor, an arch mage of the Conclave of Freedom - NPC
Nikos, friend of Tykor and entertainment manager for the Inn of the Broken Staff - NPC

After the battle in the entryway, the party had dragged five of the zombie bodies out of the mansion before boarding it back up and recovering from their wounds. They drag three of the bodies outside the estate's perimeter 100 feet past the entry gate to the grounds. Two of these bodies they burned to ash and any remaining bones were pulverized by Otep. The third is stripped of gear but otherwise untouched. They leave two bodies inside the estate perimeter. One burnt and pulverized, the other without gear but untouched. 

The party takes turns on guard duty that night, with the camp set up just outside the entry gate and two sentries on either side, watching the two piles of bodies. They keep a close eye on the zombie remains to see if they regenerate over night.

By the next morning, they find that the bodies have not regenerated and this gives them some comfort that they won’t be fighting the same ones in the house that they killed the day before.

That morning while preparing for their assault on the mansion, Akronos gets a Sending from Master Elodin. He lets them know that “The gate is failing faster. Need to hurry. 12 of 54 unlocked. Current rate of failure is one rune every three days but increasing.” They can’t just talk a month to pick off the undead in the house, but they still have a little bit of time.

They put together an elaborate plan on how to test the house and the moaning apparition. They want to trap it in Lutheos Sumerak shield and prevent it from escaping so they can deal with it once and for all.

The plan is to break open a window to the right of the front door and lure the apparition to attack them there, like it did when they were here months ago.

They have Otep pull the boards off the window, break out the glass (that they are sure they broke out months ago) and once again tear down the curtains inside. The party stands back with Lutheo and Otep near the window but nothing comes to attack them. Finally Otep and Lutheo enter through the window and find that they are in a very nice dining room that is covered in a layer of dust.

They also discover that there was one of the zombies with glowing blue eyes and a long sword standing in the room. It didn’t attack when they broke the window, but now that they are in the room it attacks them. They make short work of it and wait a moment to see if anything else comes to attack them. When nothing does, Otep explores further into the mansion, with Lutheo reluctantly trailing behind him for a few moment.

The rest of the party outside calls to Otep wanting him to hold to the plan of waiting outside to lure the apparition but he continues to explore. He finds what look like they might be servant stairs going both up and down but he resists them. Back towards the entry way he finds a door that leads from the dining room to the main hall way and takes a few steps in. He can see the remains of the undead that they killed the day before but there is no sign of the apparition. He finally heads back out to join a frustrated party. Tensions are growing high and the lack of the enemy following the parties plans is not helping with party cohesion.

They decide that they will have to do their back up plan and enter through the front door and slowly advance as a group and work to clear out the mansion. They tell Nikos and Tykor to wait outside until they call for them through a message spell. Nikos happily agrees and pulls two folding chairs out of his backpack for them to sit in while the party has their fun.

The party advances in, crossing over the rough terrain left by one of Akronos spells in the entry way. They have a silence spell on them in the hopes that it will protect them from the wails of the apparition. Lutheo and Akrons also have light spells.

Scattered throughout the entry way and into the grand hall are bodies of the undead that they defeated the day before. The party moves fully into the entry hall as a group. When they get to the far side of the hall, several zombies with glowing eyes come out from around corners, under the stairs and rooms beyond the hall to attack them. To the parties horror, the undead that they had defeated the day before rise up off of the floor to join in the attack, sealing the retreat out the front door. These zombies still show signs of the battle from the day before, but they have obviously also recovered partially from it.

Otep and Theren take up the battle with the fresh zombies at the front of the party while Lutheo moves to the back to defend their flank. Akronos takes damage from zombies that attacked from behind and instead of staying surrounded, he moves up the grand stair case to escape the silence spell and be able to sling spells in from the sides.

Seeing Lutheo surrounded by almost a dozen zombies, Theren drops his concentration on the Silence spell so he can cast a fireball, wiping out many of the injured zombies swarming Lutheo. Right after that, the howling aspiration appears and starts wailing. With the silence gone, Otep, Theren and Akronos all take damage from this floating specter assailing their minds.

A zombie comes out from under the stairs and attacks Akrons who backs up the stairs. Ceress comes to his rescue and engages the zombie in combat and eventually kills it.

At different points through out the battle each member of the party has disturbing visions, followed with either wracking psychic pain or whispers of madness. The visions are: suffocation, restriction, crushing death and destruction; men in uniforms, ogres in heavy armor and saurians in a frenzy of killing; a vaguely familiar body, torn, bloody and broken suddenly appearing at your feet on a mountain top; swords and spears reaving bodies, rocks and fallen trees crushing people; visions of mud and blood blinding vision and stealing breath.; weight upon the chest, every exhale loosing ground to the weight that prevents the next breath from being full; of powerful men standing on a mountain top watching the death and destruction of thousands.

Seeing that the parties back up plan has failed and they are taking heavy damages, Otep calls for the party to retreat and leads the way out of the house. The rest of the party fails to follow him, determined to win this battle. Otep misses much of the battle while leading the retreat and then realizing that the rest of the party failed to follow him, then rejoining them for the final moments.

The battle is tense with the moaning spirit assailing their minds and something else whispering madness in their brains but Lutheo uses a Misty Step to get right between the spirit and another zombie that seems to have held back from the attack. He appears in the air a little off the ground so he can uses his Sumerak shield to create a sphere encircling them so they can’t escape. He then attacks the spirt that has taken some damage from Theren and Akrons by magical attacks. He unleashes all of his holly power through mighty Smites and destroys the spirit before it gets a chance to escape from him. The zombie in the Sumerak shield turns and phases through a wall, escaping what would have probably been a similar fate if it had stuck around to go toe to toe with the mighty halfling.

A wispy apparition has floated into the battle and Lutheo is ripped from his feat and slammed upwards. Fortunately for him, his shield sphere kept him for being tossed two storied up into the high ceiling above and then dropped back to the floor, but it was still a very unpleasant surprise.

The battle is thinning out, but the characters are all damaged and running out of fight left in their arms and minds. While pulling back, knowing that there are still zombies with glowing eyes and what ever the whips of an aspiration is, Theren gets picked up by an invisible force and slammed across the entry hall, crumpling into an unconscious and bleeding mound.

Otep has rejoined the party and they finishe off the last of the zombies that are attacking them and beat a hasty retreat with a barely revived Theren.

Ceres and Otep grab several zombies that had fallen in the final retreating battle in the entry way and drag them out of the mansion. After a little healing, the party tries to drag as many out of the house as possible. The rough terrain in the entry way is slowing down their progress.

Akronos starts to cast a long spell to help with the bodies, but it takes longer than the party had for the task at hand.

Two more zombie come and attack them while they are grabbing bodies and then the whispers of madness are heard and Otep is struck motionless for a moment. When he recovers the party decides that the 10 bodies they have dragged out will have to be enough for now since they are all badly wounded and can’t stand any more damage without possibly having to leave a member behind, unconscious in the mansion.
This is where the session ends. The party has killed many of the zombies and drag lots of them outside. They know that something is making the ones left inside regenerate or be reanimated. Things in this mansion are tough and bent on sucking the life out of them. It will take an amazing effort by this group to be able to defeat the evil that is within…
Announcements and News / Re: Khoras Map
« Last post by Drul Morbok on June 24, 2020, 02:23:27 AM »
Lol, this sounds like an ingame adventure - the mighty artifact upon which the world was created, is now divided into 8 parts whose whereabouts are unknown.

It is rumored that if the original 8 pieces are found and put together again, all changes applied to the map will equally apply to the world.

Sorry could not resist  ;D
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #24
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on June 16, 2020, 04:22:35 PM »
Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Tykor, very old half elven innkeeper that has forgotten he used to go by Illanor, an arch mage of the Conclave of Freedom - NPC
Nikos, friend of Tykor and entertainment manager for the Inn of the Broken Staff - NPC

The party has just teleported to just outside the city of Freeport. They decide that they will skirt around the city and avoid talking to anyone. They won’t visit the offices of General Tomas Harn to take the city up on the deal of cleaning the haunted mansion earns it, but only if they inform the city in advance. They figure it would be better to clear it without anyone knowing they are doing it and then fake cleaning it later to claim it.

They get to the mansion around three in the afternoon. It has been rebounded up since their attempt on it several months ago. They pry the boards from the front door and with some prepared spells, they head in. Otep, Lutheo and Ceress lead the way with Theren and Akronos at the rear. Nikos and Tykor stay outside waiting for the party to give them the all clear to follow them in (despite the parties urging them to join and help).

Battle is joined before Otep has even had a chance to make it across the entry hall. Several very tough zombies with glowing blue eyes, come in and there is a pounding fight that rages for many rounds. Some of the zombies are dressed in various types of armor and cary swords, staves or other weapons and some look like they may have been a maid, butler or other house staff and attack with their clawed hands.

Ceress is struck with fear and can’t proceed in much further at the start of the battle, but he soon gets over it. Akronos launches spells from the back ranks, creating with one of his destructive spells rough terrain for the zombies to cross over to get to the party. Theren throws several fireballs at groups of the zombies, once catching Lutheo at the edge of the blast.

The wailing apparition appears early in the battle and lets out her blood curtailing screams, damaging all close by that hear her. Akronos, Tykor and Nikos all back up outside to get out of her range, with Tykor and Nikos chatting about how it sounds like it is going for the battle inside and what they look forward to most when they get back to the Inn of the Broken Staff.

At one point, the whispering madness effects Theren and he draws his rapier and takes a swing at Otep, but misses him. At another point, the madness gets inside Otep’s head and he spends the next several moments in the deep despair of what he heard, missing out on the battle raging around him.

Still fighting in the entry hall, the party finally whittles down the zombies. They wailing spirit retreats as they do damage it it with a fireball and other spells. The party is badly battered and spent and decide that they need to retreat and heal up. Otep explores the main room and discovers that it has an open ceiling to the second floor but he doesn’t see any more undead right away.

Ceress and Otep take to dragging a few of the zombie bodies out of the building to see if they regenerate over night. When Otep goes back in for a sixth body two more zombies attack him with a third coming towards him.

The party makes a hasty retreat and close the front door and the board it up again.

With healing all around, they devise a plan to check to see if the zombies will regenerate over night while the party rests and regains their abilities before starting the assault the next day.

Of the five bodies recovered they take three bodies outside the estate's perimeter, about 100 feet past the entry gate to the main grounds. Two of these bodies are burned to ash, any remaining bones are pulverized by Otep. The third is stripped of gear but otherwise untouched. The other two  bodies are left inside the estate perimeter, one burnt and pulverized, the other without gear but untouched. 

The party rotates sleep and watch, camping between the two groups of remains with two sentries on either side close to the bodies. They make sure that their sentries able to see bodies and easily able to wake sleepers if anything happens. They watch through the night in shifts to see if any of the captured remains regenerate but when the sun rises in the morning they see that the dead are still dead with no signs of regenerating.

This is where the session ends. Next session, the party will once again assault the mansion and hope to clear it out. If they don’t, they can always join Nikos and Tykor back at the Inn of the Broken Staff and retire from this crazy adventuring life, at least until the demon Draxorith breaks lose and wreaks havoc on the world…
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #23
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on May 23, 2020, 08:03:49 PM »
After the discovery that the skull probably resides in the urn on the fireplace mantle at the Inn of the Broken Staff, the party talk about options to get it.

- Theren says “What if, bear with me here, we simply meet with the owner and explain (divulging as little information as possible) what we need.  We could offer to pay for it.

This eliminates the need to burglarize the joint as well as reducing the possibility that we end up hurting innocent people during the heist.

Suggest the group consider this approach.  Theren offers to seek the owner out.  We will have the proceeds from the sale of the pirate ship, although our quest is true and paying may not be necessary.  The owner may not even be aware there is a skull somewhere near his fireplace.”

- Otep says that “he would be amenable, with certain reservations.

He'd not be willing to pay a huge amount.  It's something that needs to be done, and I'm not sure how the owner benefits from having the skull. 

Otep would suggest that the owner be isolated in a discussion with us.  And that we pressure him if he doesn't agree to give it to us outright, or sell it for a small sum.  Needs to be isolated so that the threat is felt fully.  In his best interest to sell for small sum, than for us to ruin the establishment and kill him.

Otep feels the end justifies the means.  Skull is certainly needed, and it's in everyone's best interest.  Including the current “owner”.”

- Ceress, as usual, will go along with the what ever the group plans.

- Akronos chimes in with “Theren, I am so pleased you are adapting to Drakellian ways so quickly! 

Otep, I applaud your willingness to try open communication and offering reasonable gold for the skull.

Gents, I would like a solution where we can attain the skull, be good with the Broken Staff Inn, and escape without ill-will nor being hunted.  I fear if we kidnapped the owner and offered a price he or she may say no for whatever reason.  I’d hate for us to have to kill them.

I have a plan… let’s steal the skull but leave behind a story written by Theren saying why we took the skull plus 150 platinum.  This would be a great opportunity to turn an ordinary theft into a fantastical story which will become famous at The Broken Staff Inn.  150 platinum to symbolize the 150 years since the demon war (and because it is a good price).  Theren could write about how we have collected all the other skulls and imply we already got the one from the apparitions.  It would be an epic tale!  In the story say we are fighting the Black Sorcerers and Hand of the Abyss to save the world and prevent another demon war.  Theren could even say he would return to The Broken Staff Inn to tell the rest of the story after we save the world… and sign it as the “Secret Bard” or some-such.  Instead of a theft it could be declared a set of heroes finishing the most important quest in 150 years and generously gifting 150 platinum to the prestigious Broken Staff Inn.

What do you think gentlemen?”

- Otep responds back with “No.  150 platinum???  Too much.  That's like, more than 100 gold!

1)  Talk to owner first.  Ask for it for free.  He should be paying US, since we've been doing all the work to save humanity!  Does HE want demons walking around Drakell?

2)  If talk doesn't work, then tell him we'll offer him 100 gold.  NOT platinum.  I'm not agreeing to paying so much.

3)  If that doesn't work....THEN we kill him.  I mean, after explaining how it's more in his best interest to get 100 gold rather than to die.  Unreasonable, ungrateful human.”

- Lutheo says “In all of what follows, this is a given: We will leave town with that skull.

That said, I'm torn.

On one hand, I'm keen on being open and honest, especially with people who have not done evil (at least, not that we have seen). And the people at the Braided Scarf have done no evil that we have seen. Their "no magic" rule and their magic detection field show how much they value honesty and fairness. Perhaps this extends only to their musical contests, but I'll bet not.

If honesty works, I greatly prefer that.

On the other hand, I'm also keen on avoiding bloodshed, especially with people who have not done evil. If openness and honesty fail, our interest in the skull will surely draw attention and raise suspicions. I don't see a way to advance our mission without bloodshed.

For my part, I am willing to pay for that skull with whatever money I have. I don't begrudge any of you who would do differently, because money buys support of one kind or another, and I suspect we will need all the support we can get soon enough.

I quite favor the kind of outcome we were able to achieve in Aridorn, at the Basiliarch of Imarus. A bit of noise and commotion, and perhaps a bit of future trouble if they ever figure out that their relic is gone. But all in all, relatively quiet.

So maybe we can devise some way to break into the Braided Scarf at a moment when it is empty or nearly so, and retrieve the skull with as little fuss as possible.

That's not nearly as honest as I would prefer, of course. But it has the potential to limit bloodshed. A tradeoff like that might leave me sleeping fitfully for a few nights, but sleep I will. (Depending on whether any lycanthropes bite me. Ugh!)

So my preference is to steal the skull as quietly as we can.

That said, whatever we decide, I will do whatever I have to do to ensure that we attain that skull.”

- Theren responds with “…and you call yourself Lawful Good?

If the caper goes awry Theren is worried we will have to spill innocent blood.

I too am willing to offer up my entire share of the ship as payment if necessary to avoid that.”

- Lutheo quips “As it happens, I do not ;-)

Yes, I have the same worry. If open negotiation raises attention and suspicions, that leads to bloodshed. If stealthy theft fails, that leads to bloodshed.

Which is more likely to fail?

I can't say.

Akronos, can your gizmo predict the outcomes of negotiations and capers, or only weather?”

- Theren “I think I have a way to finesse the “negotiation” (without magic)

Not guaranteed, but I think that if I can get an audience with the owner, I have a credible appeal lined up that won’t give up too much information unless he is willing to work with us and is likely to help him understand that working with us is in his best interest.”

- Akronos says “Lutheo, my Druidcraft can only predict weather.

As Lutheo and Theren said, I would be willing to contribute my share of the ship sale towards the bloodless purchase of the skull.

Any method that does not require bloodshed of otherwise innocent people is my preference.  Theren, as a bard if you have an idea that could pull on their heart-strings or otherwise persuade them… I’m all for it.”

The party takes time over that night to sleep on the options and the next morning Theren convinces the party that he has a strategy that should work well for getting the skull if he can talk with the manager. He goes to the Inn of the Broken Staff with Lutheo right at opening the next day and talks to Nikos, the manager who they had talked to the night before.

He says that he has a story that he wants to tell him but he wants Nikos to have someone there that can cast Zone of Truth to know that Theren is telling the truth. After some conversation he convinces Nikos that it is worth his time and he agrees to meet with them the following day at 2:00, before the Inn opens for business. Nikos will have a friend present that can do the Zone of Truth.

The next morning, the party checks out the progress on sprucing up the captured pirate ship and it is looking much better. Akronos goes to talk to his guild about the sale of their ship.

He meets with Murta the ship buyer for the Merchant Guild of House Qaigen. Murta lets him know that the guild would pay 4,000 gold for it to someone from the public but since his is a guild member they will pay 5,000. Akronos takes the deal and receives a Drakkellian letter of credit that they can take to one of the local banks.

Theren and Lutheo return to the Inn of the Broken Staff at 2 o’clock to meet with Nikolas. Nikolas lets them in and they take a table on the far side of the inn, in the corner to the east of the fireplace. Nikos is trim and clean cut. He wears his black wavy hair combed back and short. He has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, his clothing is of the finest cut representing the most modern trims and he has on some of the most styling shoes that they have ever seen.

Aside the crew that is preparing for the days business there are two other people on the main floor. There is an old man reading a book in one of the chairs by the fireplace and a younger man sitting further away who Nikos tells them will be performing the zone of truth.

Theren tells Nikos that he wanted to offer him a favor and ask for one in return. He encouraged him to get a zone of truth so that he could trust everything he was about to tell him.

Theren warns him that he would share as much information as he would like, but that he might want to go slowly because the information could jeopardize his safety. He lets him know that the party is on a quest trying to save the world. They believed he has on his mantle one of the items we need for our quest.

There have been multiple attempts on the parties lives in the last 2 months, and that those pursuing us would stop at nothing to get that artifact. We are offering to take it off his hands and that is in his best interests and in ours.

Through out all of this Nikos is interested but not too worried about it. When Theren starts to tell him that it is linked to the Demon Wars from 150 years ago, Nikos shows signs of concern. He sighs and mumbles that he can tell that this won’t end well.

Theren shows him the magical finger and encouraged him to allow Theren to find what it is pointing towards. He writes the word “skull” on a slip of paper and folds it up and tells Nikos that if Theren finds what hew was looking for, Nikos could open to confirm but that Theren didn’t want to tell him straight away because if he couldn’t find it, then it would be more dangerous for Nikos if he knew what the party was looking for.

Nikos encourages them to abandon the quest but see that Theren and Lutheo are set on this. The Zone of Truth shows that they believe their quest is real and just. He finally gives in, mumbling that the outcome isn’t going to be good.

Theren gets up and dangles the finger at the end of the chain. It swivels and points west of him, towards the fireplace. He walks over and the finger sways gently at the end of the chain. As he gets closer, instead of pointing north towards the fireplace mantel, it starts to swing to the south. Nikos continues to mumble that this is no good. Theren walks between the fireplace and the table with the old man reading the book and he realizes that the finger is pointing to the old man.

It dawns on Theren that this skull is still living, that before him is one of the original Conclave of Freedom members, now very, very old.

He asks the old man and Nikos if he can sit down and talk with him. The old man happily sets his book aside and invites him to join at his favorite table. Nikos and Lutheo join them. Nikos introduces him as Tykor, the owner of the Inn of the Broken Staff. Tykor is dressed very sharp for an old man. Slacks, stylish dress shoes, fine cut shirt, jacket and silk scarf, with a brass topped walking stick by his side.

Theren tells him that they are looking for one of the Conclave of Freedom members but Nikos tells him that he doesn’t know who they are. Theren holds up the finger on the chain and it points right to Tykor. Recognition comes over Tykor and he looks closely at the finger and say “Ah, Gelden my friend. Apparently you were right, it was your fault that they found us.” The waitress catches his eye as she is walking by and he asks Susie for another whiskey and then he apparently forgets all about Gelden, the finger and the previous conversation they were having. When Susie brings him his whiskey, he tries to pay her for it but she reminds him that he doesn’t need to pay since he is the owner. When she continues to refuse to take payment, he tells her that she must at least take his tip and he slides her a full gold Drakkellian coin.

The group talks for a while and it becomes clear that Tykor was known as Illanor long ago. After the Demon War, he left the Rukemian Empire and came to Drakkell, leaving the name of Illanor behind and taking on the name of Tykor. He met a wonderful human woman named Ezra and fell in love.

Ezra was a great musician, amazing with the harp, the flute and violin. He talks at length about her. He says that she would play off of a split musical score, also known as a broken staff. Her skills were amazing, playing a double melody at once, she was the inspiration for opening The Broken Staff. They made this into the best place for musicians to play and get inspiration. She passed away long ago and her ashes remain on the mantle to this day.

Apparently Illanor has been playing at being Tykor for so long that most of the time he doesn’t remember that he was Illanor. For the most part, he just wants a warm fire, a comfortable chair and a nice glass of whiskey. Once when asked about Illanor he said that he had heard of him and doesn’t think very highly of him. Thinks he was a wizard too powerful for his own good, that he thought he knew everything and really didn’t know anything. Wizards are risky companions he says.

Often he will just forget what they were talking about and start talking about musicians, the Inn, whiskey and other good food and drink. “I think we should bring back the Shepards Pie now that the weather is getting cooler” or “Nikos, is it too early in the session to start serving pumpkin soup? That pumpkin soup that Devonte makes with a thick slab of bread would be prefect right now.”

Theren asks if Tykor will join them on one last quest and he is willing to do that. After much back and forth with Nikos, he tells the party that he needs a day to think about it before he lets his friend risk his life leaving for some crazy adventure. He points out that Tykor is still a very powerful wizard, he just doesn’t remember that most of the time. Every now and then they will find a pile of ash in the Inn and they just hope that it was a robber or chair or something else that doesn’t matter if it was disintegrated instead of something worse. Travel could get complicated with Tykor in his current condition.

 He tells them to come back tomorrow and he will have an answer for them.

Theren and Lutheo agree and leave to rejoin the party and tell them what they discovered. The party agrees that it would be best to relocate where they are staying from the Merchant District to the Guild District. They pack up their things from the Cracked Mug and get a room at The Stone Lady, just a short distance away from the Inn of the Broken Staff. They have dinner that night at the Pig and Thistle tavern and Theren spends the whole evening and night in the Plaza of Mallugar with the magical finger, making sure that Tykor is still in the inn and that Nikos hasn’t whisked him away to protect him.

The next day the party goes back and talks with Nikos and Tykor. At one point during the conversation, Tykor sees the finger pointing to him and he proclaims “Ah, Gelden my friend. Apparently you were right, it was your fault that they found us.” He then reaches out and takes the finger and chain and puts the chain around his neck. The finder points directly to his chest the whole time he wears it. He orders a round of whiskey for the whole party and goes through the process of trying to pay for it when it arrives and ends up overly tipping his employe, Susie again.

Nikos tells the party that they will help with this quest but he needs time to train up a new front of house manager. Logan is a great kitchen manager but he can’t run both sides at the same time. We will need a month to train up a new manager. The party stresses the urgency of their mission and try to take Tykor with Nikos catching up but he won’t have that. After much back and forth, the agree on only two days before they all must leave.

Nikos is protective of Tykor and refers to him as his Reshie which translates from Sylvan roughly as uncle or teacher. He has served him for over 130 years and won’t let anything happen to him. He always knows where his Reshie is and won’t let him out of his sight.

Nikos asks how long they will be gone and they party debates this. They hope to have the quest completed in the next few weeks.

Nikos will want to be back before a month is over. Reshie shouldn’t be gone long and if Nikos say Tykor has to come home, then he has to come home. Also, Nikos has heard that Lord Ashcroft has purchased a rare book of the complete Wild Goose Chases written by Gustav Wilder. Lord Ashcroft will be hosting some epic parties based on the Wild Goose Chases. Nikos loves good music, dance and flirting with woman and that is why being at the Broken Staff is the best life that he can imagine. It is always a party here with the best musicians and a parade of new woman to woo every night. Lord Ashcrofts party will be amazing and he wouldn’t want to miss such an epic event as the Wild Goose Chases! Rumor has it that Lord Ashcroft paid 475 gold for the book at an auction just about a month ago.

The party has Akronos contact Master Elodin through a Sending to see how things are going and inform him of finding Illanor alive. Master Elodin is amazed that he is still alive and reasons it must be due to the half elven blood that he has in him. Elodin is saddened to hear that Illanors memory has abandoned him. He agrees to contact a mage that he knows at the Drakkell school of sorcery and see if he can get them teleported to their next destination, Freeport. After a little while he lets them know that he will owe the wizard Dezi for performing the teleport but it has been arranged for two days hence.

The party decides to spend this time and their new found money finding out if Drakkell, the city where anything can be had for a price, has some magic items they can purchase.

Akronos goes back to his guild for advise on where to purchase the magic items and is informed that House Landry would be the best source. They also recommend that the party higher one of the fabled negotiators know as a sword tongue. House Qaigen has several that they employ and they recommend using the sword tongue Luzon due to his deep understanding of the value of magic items and the business of buying and selling them.

Over the next two days, the party sells off some of the items they have acquired during their adventures, splits up the proceeds and buy new items.

They return to The Inn of the Broken Staff at the appointed time two days later and meet up with Nikos and Tykor. Nikos is still very sharply dressed, this time with very styling traveling boots that he just purchase for the occasion at Jerome's Taught and Tanned Leather Shop. He has a small backpack ready and adds to it the small box from the mantle. Tykor is dressed mostly as he always has been, slacks, dress shirt, vest, scarf and jacket. He takes the worn mandolin from the mantle and reverently slings it over his shoulder and with walking stick in hand is ready to venture out.

The party realizes that Tykor is pretty slow at walking so they hire a carriage to take them to meet with the wizards who will teleport them to Freeport. The teleportation circle goes smoothly and they arrive at the designated location to the west of the city.

This is where the session ends. The party has decided to continue on with their quest instead of giving up adventuring and retiring to buy their own inn. They have one of the original Conclave members with them and four skulls. They are headed back through Freeport to the haunted mansion of Nikova.

Next session, assault on the haunted mansion of Nikova!
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #22
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Session #22 - The Drakkellian Alliance

The session starts right after surviving the pirate attack and capturing the pirate ship.

The party licks their wounds, heal the wounded and lock up the surviving pirate captain, ships mage and long surviving deckhand in the hold of the Sea Had.  They search the pirate ship for treasure and come up with a total of 2875. A later, more thorough search finds another 150 gold that was cleverly hidden. They give Captain Lantro of the Sea Hag 875 of the gold for the damages to his ship and to give to the loved ones of the crew that were lost. He promises to deliver the funds as well as pay tribute to the sea god in request for a good watery rest.

The spend the rest of the day and the next morning returning both ships to sea worthy condition with spare sales and rigging that each ship carried, just in case of fireballs on the open ocean. This is the Pirate Isles after all.

The next day they set sail with Captain Lantro and three of his crew on the Sea Hag and four of his crew manning the pirate ship. Theren, Lutheo and Ceress sail on the pirate ship helping out and Otep, Akronos and Lutheo magical stead Cato remain on the Sea Hag, each taking turns watching the prisoners.

It takes them three more days to sail across the Sea of Chaos and make port in Drakkell. Aside from some sightings of sails on the horizon there are no other encounters before making it in to port.

The party discusses it and decide to turn the pirate crew into the authorities in Drakkell for what ever bounty they might be able to collect. They will also sell the pirate ship and give a portion of the sales to Captain Lantro and his crew.

While sailing into Drakkell, they hear stories about the impressive city from the ships captain and some of his crew that have been to Drakkell as well as from Akronos who grew up there.

The Drakkellian Alliance is a political and economic unification between a number of wealthy guilds, cities and towns in the central south coastal region of Ithria. At the heart of this great alliance are five massive cities: Drakkel, Vogue, Ithell, Penketh and Grimstone. Drakkell is the largest city and leads the Alliance.

Politically, the realm is ruled by an alliance of guilds. Each guild is a business organization with its own leaders, employees, rulers, ships, guards and caravans. The guild houses fund their own private armies, spies, assassins and so forth which give them a great deal of influence throughout the nation and beyond.

The guilds are scattered throughout the nation. Some guilds are located entirely within Drakkell while others maintain their headquarters elsewhere. Regardless of their geographic location, all guilds have at least a token presence in the city of Drakkell. Those located outside Drakkell often run their own small city, little more than a village, which is home to its employees, warehouses, support businesses and more. Most guild houses specialize in a particular commodity and may have subdivisions within it each specializing in a particular facet of the business. Some guilds specialize in security, protecting the caravans of other guild houses and lending out warriors. Fantastic rivalries often flare up between guild houses. Alliances are forged, betrayed and made again in an endlessly corrupt game of politics and business as guilds struggle for status and position against each other.

Through out the nation there is an active and almost cutthroat business environment. All manner of monetary transactions are legal and encouraged. Prostitution, gambling, drugs, slavery and protection rackets are all legal, common, organized and of high quality, as long as you can afford the bill. The citizenry is a melting pot. All races can be found there. It is assumed that everyone is there to buy or sell and so everyone is welcome.

The city of Drakkell is a large, wealthy and powerful city that holds much political and military power in the south. It is one of the five major cities that, along with towns and a group of economic guilds, form an economic alliance. Situated at the mouth of the Merchant's Highway river and several trade roads, it is a major trade center. It's booming economy has made it a beacon of civilization. Drakkell is the largest of all the cities that form the Drakkellian Alliance and serves as the national capital.

The Drakkellian Alliance is widely known for its festivals, games, gambling and entertainment. This reputation is especially true for the capital city of Drakkell that is seen as a city of sin and debauchery by many. The locals see it as good clean fun.

Drakkell differs from most other cities in Ithria. For one thing, it is a very clean city. The city maintains a brigade of workers whose sole function is to keep the streets clean and make repairs as necessary. This band of about 200 commoners is paid by the city officials and takes great pride in their work. They are protected by the city guard and enjoy certain privileges about town.

Drakkell has a refined air about it. Unlike the posh civility and blatant snobbery of Vogue, Drakkell maintains order because it's good for business. There are beggars, pickpockets and such in Drakkel, but the city keeps a close eye on them. They are simply the lowest tier in a complex economic tapestry. There is another saying in Drakkel: "Poverty must exist so that the nobles may enjoy their wealth".

Often called the "City of Coffers" and the "City of Coins", Drakkell is an opulent city with luxurious trappings on every wall and door, a spectacle of riches around every corner. There is a saying - "Drakkell wears its wealth on the outside". This undoubtedly refers to the architecture. Every building is adorned with columns, bas relief, sculptures, marble, gold leaf and other expensive touches. Between buildings, one will find statues, parks, gardens, cobblestone walkways, reflecting pools, sculpted shrubbery, fountains and elaborate gateways. It is quite obvious that this city has been methodically planned out and unashamedly crafted for one specific goal - to boast its wealth. And at this, the city planners have succeeded.

The Great Bazaar is the largest and oldest continually active market center west of the empire. In fact, the market existed before the city itself did. It's a grand spectacle... Goods and services from all nations, cultures, anything that could ever be imagined can be found in abundance here. Vendors enjoy a reduced trade fee, to encourage the growth of new businesses. People from all the lands, even savages, can set up shop here as long as they've got something to sell. The Bazaar is open all hours of the day and every day of the year. Political upheavals and wars throughout history have not been able to stop it or even slow down the thousands of people who continually flock here. The Bazaar never, ever closes. It has been and will always be. The Bazaar is a circular area with three tiers, each inner tier being set 3 meters lower than the next. This gives the market a bowl shaped appearance and allows everyone to see the entire market place no matter where they stand. Flanking the Great Bazaar are a number of side markets. The side markets are smaller than the bazaar and each is focused on a specific commodity.

The party hear some of the common sayings in Drakkell that further illustrate the true nature of the city : Secrets don't keep long in Drakkel;; The blood of Drakkell is coin; Coins have ears as well as mouths; Some people will tell you there is more to life than money. These people haven't been to Drakkel.

Once the Sea Hag docked in Drakkell the party disembarked and found Holik the junior harbor master. They tell him that they have captured some pirates at sea and wanted to know where to take them to turn them in.

The harbor master instructed them to take the pirates to the city guard house three blocks away.

Up to this point, the pirates had been gagged, tied with their hands behind their back and naked in the Sea Hags cell in the bottom of the boat.

The party gave each of the pirates their trousers back to wear for the walk through the city but nothing else. Walking through the city, the party got to experience how busy and crowded Drakkell streets are, especially down by the docks. The activity on the streets during this mid day afternoon was high. Carts pulled by horses vie for space with merchants, ships porters and street vendors.

After walking a block through this busy hustle and bustle of the city traffic the pirate mage stumbled and fell against a passing wagon. As he slid down on it he hooked the gag on a piece of wood and took it out of his mouth, receiving a nasty scratch on his cheek in the process. Spitting the sock out of him mouth that the gag held in place he started to cast a spell.

Theren responded quickly and tried to Charm him but unfortunately, that failed. Before anyone else in the party could react, the mage disappeared in a cloud of silvery mist. Otep runs over and attacks the space that he last saw the mage in, just in case he was invisible but still in the same spot, not realizing that the mage used Misty Step to get away from the party and then start running down the street towards an ally way.

Lutheo see that the deckhand is backing up and looking around so he grabs him and tries to drag him towards the captain to prevent them from both scattering.

Akronos moves up to the pirate captain and lets him know that if he tries to run that Akronos will light him on fire before before he can take two steps. Ceress contacts his falcon familiar and looks though its eyes to scan the street but doesn’t see the shirtless mage from its vantage point.

Theren chases after the mage and throws a Mind Spike at him, hoping that if the mage fails his saving through that Theren will be able to track him no matter what he does to escape, but the mage saved against the spell and only took minor damage. Ceress joins in the chase with his falcon searching from above but they loose him after he turns down the alley.

While Ceress and Theren are chasing the mage, Otep helps Lutheo by punching the deckhand and knocking him silly. Instead of waiting for Theren and Ceress to return and giving the captain and deckhand a chance to escape, the party decides to take them to the city guard and turn them in.

The captain of the guard checks over the pirate captain for distinguishing marks but couldn’t identify him until the party showed him the pirates ship. He identifies him as Captain Bema and offers the party a 500 gold reward to capturing him. No reward for the shipmate, but they will gladly execute him along side the captain. The party almost accepts the reward but them Akronos remembers that Drakkellian bartering is considered an art form. Drakkellians don't respect you if you can't barter well. He tells the captain of the guard that Bema is worth 600 gold and they could sell him to the criminal city of Asylum for at least that much. The guard curses that Akronos must be a local based on pushing for more of a reward and he doesn’t think it would go well for the party to try that in Asylum but in the end he gives in and pays 550 for the pirate and his shipmate.

The party returns to the docs and tracks down the junior harbormaster. They tell him that they want to seller the captured pirates ship and ask who the best buyers in town would be.

The harbormaster tells them that they would probably have the best luck selling it to one of the builds and Akronos realizes that his guild that he was a member of before leaving the city would be the best place to start.

Akronos ask him how much they should expect to get for the ship and the junior harbormaster tells them that he is not sure on the value of a used ship of this size and configuration but believes a new ship like this would have cost 10,000 gold.  Given the blood on the decks and signs of recent fire damage he thinks they would be lucky to get half that amount for the ship in its current condition.

Theren offers up and pays the harbormaster a couple hundred gold as thanks for the advice, a sum that Akronos’s and others in the party balk at. Akronos then asks Holik if he can help them prepare the ship for sale. Clean up the blood from the battle and the signs of fire damage. Holik offers to coordinate that for 10 gold pieces which Akronos willingly pays.

Akronos tells the party he will meet them at the Cracked Mug tavern after talking with his guild. He goes and meets with his guild and pays up for the next six months of general membership as well as a sales license good for the next two weeks.

Akronos tells them that he has a ship that he would like to sell to the guild and they set an appointment in two days to meet with the guild procurement officer.

He then joins the party for dinner at the Cracked Mug. The Cracked Mug is a nice family run inn that is famous for their venison pies. Being the first time they have been in a civilized town in weeks and it being Akronos’s home town, he teats the party to a feast. Otep tries Thundermead, a strongly flavored brew made from fermented honey and spices and an unusually powerful intoxicating effect but it’s too sweet for his tastes.

There is an excellent musician playing that night at the Cracked Mug and Theren asks their server about him. The server tells them that his has a silver mandolin pin from the Inn of the Broken Staff, testifying to the high quality of his skill since those are very hard to earn.

That evening in their rooms, the party checks the finger and it points across town to the south east.

The next day they hire a carriage to take them to the south side of town to triangulate the location of the fifth skull.

The carriage takes them along the Long Walk Road and over the river and into the southern side of Drakkell.

They go to the preserve and think that being in the wide open green spaces there would be a good place to discreetly check the finger but find that the preserve is an expensive zoo of exotic animals and they don’t want to pay the price to get in.

In the University District they find a little alleyway and quickly check the finger there. It points to the east so they head to the Murdock Square which might be where the finger pointing intersection is and check the finger again.

This time it’s pointed directly north of them. After walking around the building at the north end of the square, they realize that the finger is pointing to that building. There is a sign above the door that says The Inn of the Broken Staff.

The Inn of the Broken Staff apparently isn’t open for morning or lunch service so they wait in the courtyard for them to open.

Just before the Broken Staff opens at 3 o’clock, a line has already formed to get it. They cue up with other patrons and start a conversation with one of them. He tells the party that the Broken Staff is THE location for the greatest musicians in town, in the entire Drakkellian Alliance. The food and drink are also amazing but the music can’t be beat.

There is a club of sorts of Pinned musicians. To earn your Silver Mandolin is very difficult and is a sign of exceptional talent. A pinned musician gets paid top price to perform anywhere else in town and will often attract a noble patron. They also get in to the Broken Staff for free as long as they give at least one performance that night.

When they make it to the door, a large human takes their entry fee of five silver each. Quite a high door fee, but apparently worth it by the number of people paying it. The doorman Sid is huge for a human and rather hairy too. He is dressed impeccably in a button down shirt and jacket but his chest and arm hair won’t be so easily contained. He looks like he might be more comfortable with Bugbears instead of the wealthy merchants of Drakkell but his manners are impeccable.

He informs them that they look a little road weary and like this might be their first time at the Broken Staff so he’ll explain some house rules to them. They are to be respectful during performances and keep noises to a minimal. Show respect for all musicians, Pinned or daring novice alike. Do not interfere or enhance anyone’s performance magically or in any other way. Any use of magic will light up for all to see and magic items will glow at all times within the Broken Staff.

The party enters and is immediately greeted by the smells of an apple wood fire, fresh baked bread and spiced meats. The hustle and bustle of the inn has already started and many seats are filling up fast. They grab a table in the south west corner, directly left of the entry door and against the far wall.

The main floor is large with a stage in the center of the east wall, the bar opposite it on the west wall, a huge fireplace on the north wall across from the entry door on the south wall. There is a door to the kitchens behind the bar and stairs leading to a second level just south of the stage. There ceiling above the stage is open to the second and third floors so the acoustic of the music will be heard by everyone on each floor. There are many instruments hung on the walls throughout the building, most of them looking like they were used up and are no longer serviceable, but probably have a lot of stories behind them.

Shortly after the party enters there is a duo that goes up and plays on the stage on the east wall of the main floor, one singing a haunting melody and the other on the violin joining in with the song on key refrains.

After they finish there is much applause for them before they play a second song. After the second upbeat song has finished they depart the stage to join a table with two others waiting for them. The party signals the waitress and buys the musicians a drink.

A little while later an old woman goes up and plays the mandolin with such mournfully anguish it brings tears to many patrons eyes.

In between songs, Ceress discreetly checks the finger and finds it pointing north across the common room. Ceress and Theren decide to go upstairs to check out the whole layout of the property. While walking up the stairs, Ceress checks the finger quickly again and finds it still pointing north across the common room but most likely crossing the previous direction near the fireplace at the center of the north wall. They explore the second and third stories and just find more seating up there around the balcony. They return back downstairs to rejoin the party.

They decide that a good strategy would be to rent one of the rooms here in the inn and explore more in the dead of night. They ask their server about renting a room and she apologizes to them and tells him that none are available. She suggests staying at the Starving Bard Inn just down the street. Unlike the Broken Staff, they have a lot of rooms and it shouldn’t be hard to get one there. The party persists and she lets them know that there’s only three rooms here and they are always rented out. They continue to push, asking if there is any price they can pay and she offers to bring over the manager to talk to them so she can get back to work waiting on other customers.

A little while later a very sharp dressed man comes over and introduces himself and Nikos, the manager of the Broken Staff. He is trim and clean cut. He wears his black curly hair combed back and short. He has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache and is clothing is of the finest cut representing the most modern trims.

Nikos assures them that there are only three rooms at the inn and all are taken. The owner has one, he has one as the front of house manager and the back of house manager has one. The title of “inn” and the three “rooms for rent” are really just for tax codes as well as for how it flows off the tongue. Inn of the Broken Staff sounds better than Tavern of the Broken Staff and the tax on taverns is higher on their liquor sales but inns have higher taxes on their room rentals so when the business was established over 100 years ago, the owner chose to make it an “inn”. The tax collectors have since closed that loophole but this property is grandfathered in, partially since many of the ruling merchant families love coming here for the entertainment. No one has rooms here aside from the owner and two managers. Even the night guards don’t have rooms here.

The party thanks the manager for the considerations and they enjoy another performance.

After the next performance ends, Akronos gets up and walks across the main floor to warm himself by the fireplace. While he is there, he checks out what is on the mantle. Hanging above the mantle is a broken walking staff as well as a piece of musical sheet, torn from top to bottom. In the center of the mantle is a ceramic vase with a lid on it, an old but well loved mandolin sits on the left side and a small wooden box of some dense and exotic wood sits on the right side. Akronos checks out the urn and sees that there is a plaque on it that reads “Our beloved has started the next journey”.

He returns to the rest of the party and tells them what he has found with the urn and plaque. After a short while they leave the Broken Staff.

Once outside, Theren goes around to the back of the building and uses the powers of his spider cloak to walk up the back of the building and along the roof. He verifies that there doesn’t seem to be hidden rooms in the building based on the layout he had seen in the upstairs and then he checks out the chimney. There is a rain cap on it limiting the space to squeeze into the chimney. He reruns to the party and on the long walk back to the Cracked Mug they talk about strategy. Lutheo is small enough to fit into the chimney and they could give him resistance to heat but there are complications to that plan.

Akronos offers that he could stand outside of the north wall and cast his Blink spell. When he is Ethereal he could pass through the wall and enter the inn. When he comes back to this plane he can grab the urn from the mantle and then when he is ethereal again he can simply pass through the wall again and step out with the prize of the remains of the fifth member of the Conclave of Freedom.

This is where session #22 ends.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #21
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The last session ended with the pirates advancing on the Sea Hag and catching up. The enemy ship fired their ballista with the goal of fouling the Sea Hags sails and rigging, doing damage and causing it to slow down some.

Theren tells the rest of the party that he is going invisible and jumping over the side with a float to hamper the pursuing pirates. He does as promised and is gone over the side of the ship.

As the pursuing pirate ship gets within range of Theren he casts an impressive fireball on the front of the ship, engulfing sails, rigging and six of the ships crew that were manning the ballista at the front.

The rest of the party is preparing as the pirate ship advances on them when Theren, now visible in the water and almost even with the ships midst throws another fireball at them. This spell fizzles out and doesn’t explode on the ship as Theren was hoping in his attempt to catch the other sails on fire.

Lutheo drops his Moonbeam on the replacement crew of the ballista and later moves it to the main deck. Akronos who has been making great use of his Blink spell to avoid drawing fire drops his Cloud of Daggers on the ballista crew and leaves it there, disabling it.

The pirate ship pulls along side of the Sea Hag and some of its crew throw grappling hooks to lash the two ships together while others rain arrows down on them.

Battle rages as pirate raiders jump onto the Sea Hag with supporting fire from their archers. Lutheo and Otep fight shoulder to shoulder with the Sea Hag crew, mowing down the raiding pirates, but unfortunately the crew from the Sea Hag aren’t nearly as capable fighters and many of them fall in battle.

A thunderous blast is unleashed on Otep, Lutheo and their crew from someone unseen on the other ship.

Once Theren has swam back to the ships he casts another Fireball on the back deck, greatly damaging the pirate captain and remaining crew there that Akrons has been harassing with Eldritch Blasts. The captain retreats out of sight and Theren uses the abilities of the Arachnid cloak that he claimed in the last session to walk up the back side of the ship and onto the deck.

The party is suffering badly from more spells from the pirate ship and the swarm of enemies. Most of the Sea Hags crew has died in the battle, the Sumerak Shield has been employed, Otep has been hasted and both sides are down to the last dregs of fighting ability when Theren drops another fireball on the pirate mage that has been posing as a crossbow archer all this time, greatly damaging the mage and taking out many of the remaining archers.

The pirate mage realizes that the end is near for his side so he casts a fireball onto the deck of the sea hag killing several crew members, scorching Lutheo and Otep and damaging one of the pirates in the blast. He then runs and dives off of the ship in a desperate attempt to escape.

While Otep and Lutheo finish off the last of the pirate crew, Theren throws spells at the mage swimming alongside the ship. The mage does something and doesn’t seem to be effected by the spells. He swims to the back of the ship and tries to hide from Theren. Ceress has jumped overboard and is swimming to catch up to and kill the mage when the mage casts Misty Step to appear on the back of the Sea Hags main deck where he realizes that Captain Lantron and another crew member are. Realizing his defeat, he surrenders.

Otep and Theren search the pirate ship for its captain and find him in his quarters with one crew, both badly injured. The captain has a heavy crossbow on the table between him and the door and he offers to surrender peacefully if they promise not to killing him. Lutheo won’t take his offer to surrender so he launches at the captain, who raises the crossbow and take a shot but misses Otep. Otep slams into him, knocking him unconscious.

Akronos has been working to revive as many of the Sea Hag crew as possible and then set about putting out any remaining fires. Three crew had lived through the battle and four more were unconscious and bleeding out on the deck of the ship but were able to be saved.

The party searches the pirates and ship and find a magical rod on the wizard. Despite Otep and a couple others great desire to kill the captured pirate captain, mage and last living crew member, they decide to lock them in the cells in the bottom of the Sea Hag and turn them in to the Drakkellian Alliance authorities for the bounty on pirates.

This is where Session 21 ends. The party and crew of the Sea Hag are exhausted, beat up, on a damage ship but they have defeated the pirates and captured their ship.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #20
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Session #20 Summary

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Q’Tahna, NPC, a Myrian ranger guild from the Nengeli tribe

At the end of the last session, the party had just killed three forvalaka/wereleopards and recovered the skull of the fourth member of the original Conclave of Freedom. They have rebuilt their flying contraption and had just lifted off to head out to the ocean and summon their boat to take them out of Myria.

While in the air, the party realizes that the sickness that Lutheo experienced in the night is probably the early onset symptoms of the lycanthropy curse. They need to get him healed before the next full moon which is 19 days away. Akronos remembers that U’gita back in the Gethyan village is a strong healer and might be able to help.

They navigate the rickety flying contraption towards U’gita and Nu’takies village and set down in a clearing far enough out that the won’t be seen flying in. They hike the rest of the way in and are warmly greeted by the villagers who didn’t expect to see them return this soon.

They explain to U’gita through the translation of Nu’takie that that they killed three forvalaka. U’gita and Nu’takie are impressed and thankful. They show him the deformed head of the Myrian that was cursed with the forvalaka disease and he examines in closely, doing everything aside from licking it to test it.

They explain that Lutheo has a curse and ask if U’gita can help him. U’gita examines the little warrior and declares that he can help Lutheo with the aid for Ox’oh’lae but that it will need to be tomorrow when Ox’oh’lae can grant him that power.

When the party gets some free time, they go into the snatch pit and check the gem and map to see where it now highlights. When the gem is placed next to the map, a small dot appears now in Drakkel. Akronos is thrilled since this is his home town. The party checks the finger as well and it points in that direction. They now know their next destination.

The party is happy to stay the night with the friendly Gethyan tribesman and Theren treats the village to the story of the forvalaka battle, enhanced by his impressive powers of illusions, complete with sounds and smells. While he doesn’t speak their language and they don’t speak his, it is not necessary when showing them the bravery, risks and epic battle they party endured. He even gives Q’tahna an increased role in the battle, boosting his reputation with the local tribe. Q’tahna is honored to have the slight variation in the story to include him going into the shrine to battle the forvalaka.

Q’tahna then asks Theren to show the battle with the Horaxx swarm and Theren obliges him, once again embellishing the story, this time with a much larger swam that what they were really attacked by. As a finale, Q’tahna takes out two of the Horaxx corpses he kept from the battle and shows it to the tribes men. They are all properly impressed.

That evening, Akronos asks Nu’takie for another spell and Nu’takie is happy to provide it to him. The service Akronos has done of ridding the jungle of those forvalaka is more than worth it.

The next morning, U’gita summons the party and talks to them, not needing a translation this time since he has been blessed with the power of Tongues from his god.

He explains that through a complicated ritual and the power of Ox’oh’lae he can cure the little warrior Lutheo of the evil curse. He proceeds to paint Lutheo with tribal war paint on his face, place a necklace of bones around his neck and feathers in his hair, all while chanting to Ox’oh’lae for his blessing and power to heal the little one. This goes on for a couple minutes of complicated ritual and Akronos and Theren get the impression that U’gita is doing it more for his own entertainment and to mess with Lutheo in a teasing, brotherly way than out of any necessity.

U’gita caps the ritual off with thumping Lutheo between the eyes with a stick he carries that is capped with a monkeys skull. The impact is hard and leaves a welt and Lutheo seeing stars but he does start to feel better almost immediately, feeling like his fever is receding.

U’gita tells him that he should leave the tribal pain on his face, the bones around his neck and feathers in his hair for at least a week, and a month would be safer.

U’gita then explains that he has created a magical item that gives him the ability of speech with others, but only if he has the right, very specific component. If Lutheo is willing to give U’gita his tongue to add to the little leather pouch that U’gita wears around his neck, U’gita would be able to speak the languages that Lutheo speaks without the need of casting a new spell each time. U’gita isn’t yet powerful enough to regenerate Lutheo’s tongue, but U’gita is sure he will someday find someone that could. Lutheo politely declines the request, and knowing it was a long shot since most of the tongues so far have been collected through battle, U’gita isn’t too disappointed.

The party decides to stay one more night in the village so that Lutheo can get his first good nights sleep and finally regain his powers.

That evening, U’gita talks with Theren about Ox’oh’lae and the Forest of Waiting and the powers of the shadows. He shows him his pest skeleton monkey that he keeps in a pouch at his side and how he can animate it and use it kind of like his brother Nu’take has a bat for a familiar. Nu’take is not amused by the comparison. U’gita explains that asking Ox’oh’lae for the power to animate a skeleton is not an evil act in itself and that Ox’oh’lae provide a spirit from the Forest of Waiting to assist, but this should never be abused and an animation should always be dismissed instead of binding that spirit to this world for any length of time.

During this time, Theren works on his flying contraption, incorporating the tribal children to help with gathering new materials. He thinks that his improvements will help them complete the last leg of their journey to the coast and he has Akronos send a message to Kenton back at the island city of Haven to commission Captain Lantro of the Sea Hag to come and pick them up. 

The next morning they say fair-wells to U’gita, Nu’take and the rest of their tribe and once again head to a clearing, use their snatch pit and hid from the village children that followed them. When all of the children have left, they come out of the snatch pit and get onto their newly engineered flying contraption. They secure the Desjani stone to it and slowly uncover it.

When the contraption is just 10 feet off the ground, things start to go bad. There is a snapping of lines and one of the support posts comes loose from the top cross beams. The whole contraption twists with the top cross beams and the Desjani stone pulling skyward while the lower section with the party sitting on it hinges down towards the ground. Each member makes a split second decision, some of them jumping off, some of them scrambling up to try to cover the stone. With the force of people jumping off it causes the lower section to swivel and break off of the top section before anyone can get in reach of the stone to cover it. The party and lower section of the contraption crash to the ground while the upper section with the Desjani stone rocket skyward, shedding more of its covering in the rushing air. Soon, it has flown so high that the party can’t even see it since this stone was strong enough to lift six grown men (averaged out with a halfling and a saurian) and now it is only weighed down with a little bit of bamboo and rope.

The party decides that bartering for a large canoe and taking the river to the coast is the next best plan. U’gita is happy to provide them with the canoe and they give him and the tribe all the rest of the trade goods that they had brought to Myria with them.

They spend the next three days and nights traversing the river ways to the coast. With the aid of Akronos’s Tiny Hut spell at night and Q’tahna guiding them during the day, they make it to the ocean without any significant encounters.

When they get to the ocean they see that The Sea Hag hasn’t arrived to pick them up yet.

They can see that up the coast a little ways is the encampment of the Kalimurian military. They go to them an explain that the Phoenix Four flying ship was attacked by huge bats with Myrians of the Amaputu flying on the backs of them. They used darkness to bring the ship down and the crash killed almost all of the crew. The only surviving crew members where quickly killed by the followup attack on the ground.

Commander Blake is saddened to hear the news that Captain Jenkins, the crew and the Phoenix Four were all lost, but they figured that was probably the case when the ship hadn’t returned before sunset which would have grounded the ship in the jungle with no sunlight to power the Desjani stones.

Blake thanks them for the information and assures them that the Phoenix Five will be even better than the Phoenix Four and they will somehow find a way to prevent the wickedness of magic from bringing it down. Maybe Dresilite crystals that prevent magic can be incorporated in the new design.

Not long after they party leaves the Kalimurian encampment they see the sails of of the Sea Hag on the horizon. As promised, and in expectation of pay, Captain Lantro has returned to pick them up. He is surprised that they are early but happy for the easy pay.

The party pays Q’tahna, including the bonus for every party member coming out of the jungle alive. Q’tahna thanks the party and wishes them well, but will not journey with them back to Haven and instead plans on enjoying and helping his reputation grow with the tales of his slaying of forvalaka and Horaxx.

The sailing back to Haven on the Pirate Island of Nadzam is uneventful. The party pays Captain Lantro and he pays his crew who quickly head to the taverns to spend their meager wealth.

The party sets out to find Kenton and asks him to teleport them to Drakkell but he laughs at them and tells them that he isn’t a wizard and there is no wizard on the island powerful enough to perform such a spell. They are going to have to sail there, through the Pirate Islands.

They decide to track down Captain Lantro and charter him to take them there since he is the only captain in these waters that they know and that is better than starting with a new and unknown captain and ship.

Lantro agrees to take them there for another 250 gold and the party sets out the next morning. The water of the Pirate Islands is clear and inviting but Lantro warns them, the name of the islands is well earned and they should concentrate on making good time.

Sure enough, on the morning of the second day, a pirate ship comes out to intercept them from behind one of the neighboring island. It is sleeker and faster than the Sea Hag and quickly catches up with them.

This is where session #20 ends. The party is heading towards Drakkel in the great Drakkellian Alliance.

Announcements and News / Re: Khoras Map
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Cool! It's like finding an old family picture, but for the brainchild you post on the internet.  ;D

Nice bit of archiving on your part, making photocopies, btw.
Announcements and News / Khoras Map
« Last post by David Roomes on April 20, 2020, 04:31:23 PM »
For those interested, I just posted the FIRST version of the Khoras map. The original hand drawn map I created around 1991 or so. Around 1995, I cut it into 8 pieces so that it could be scanned and digitized. The pieces went into storage. After I created version 2 and then version 3, the digitized copy of version 1 got lost somewhere along the way. For awhile, I feared I had lost version one entirely.

I still haven't recovered the actual original pieces (it's a long story), but I hope to acquire them later this year. Anyway, last week I was going through some of the really old Khoras papers and stumbled upon a set of really good color photocopies of the original 8 pieces. I was thrilled. So I scanned those in and stitched them back together with Photoshop. It required some fudging as a small amount of material along the seams was missing. Despite this, it's fairly accurate. I would say it's 99.9% accurate to the original. Anyway, I'm uploading it to the website just as a curiosity. All 4 versions of the map are now online and you can see how the world developed over time. Also, version 1 shows the original names of some of the major cities before they settled on their current names.

Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #19
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Session #19

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Q’Tahna, NPC, a Myrian ranger guild from the Nengeli tribe

The last session ended with the party in the crypt of the ancient ancient Myrian pyramid after their battle with two Forvalaka outside. That battle ended with them dropping one quickly and the second running out of sight over the top of the pyramid.

They have explored two chambers and found both to have stacks of bones in a crazy patterns. The party has three touches burning to insure that the party members that don’t have dark vision can still see and function in these pitch black catacombs.

In the third and norther chamber that they enter, the discover that a ramp slopes downward going east out of that last room for 25 feet, then turns south for another 25 feet decent before entering a 25x25 room. In that room there is a section of the room that has the floor broken out on the south side. Theren casts invisibility on Otep to insure their toughest fighter will have the drop on any opponents they come up on.

There is a 15 foot drop into a natural cavern below. The landing area below is about 40 by 30 before it slopes down to the west and opens up into a huge cavern opening. Otep jumps down but lands poorly and hurts himself in the fall. Not being deterred, he picks himself up and continues into the cavern.

Theren takes out his rope and sits on the edge of the drop off and helps Lutheo safely climb down. Ceress follows him with the ease of a trained monk.

With Otep well into the cavern and Lutheo and Ceress following, Akronos gets ready to descend down the rope that Theren is holding for him. At that moment, they get rushed from behind by two Forvalaka. They both attack Theren and with their powerful claws they drop him in one quick rush. Being unconscious, Theren looses concentration on his invisibility spell and Otep become visible again.

Akronos dislikes remaining up on the ledge with the two killer Forvalakas so he uses Misty Step to quickly catch up the rest of the party that is still alive.  In the darkness Otep and Ceress rush back to the aid of the fallen and abandoned Theren and climbs back up the rock face to fight the Forvalakas.  Akronos curses one of the Forvalakas to think that Enemies Abound, intending to have it attack the other Forvalaka since he does not see where Ceress and Otep went and believes only the Forvalakas are still up on the ledge.

As Otep and Ceress battle on the ledge, Ceress recognizes both of these as the Forvalakas that attacked them outside on the pyramid. Apparently they left one for dead but didn’t make sure he wasn’t able to get back up and its partner must have revived it to come and attack the party from behind.

Meanwhile another Forvalaka comes out of the shadows from deep within the cave and viciously attacks Akronos, bringing him close to death in just two clawed attacks.  Lutheo bravely engages and tries to take the attention by stabbing the Forvalaka powerfully.

Up on the ledge, the two Forvalaka trade blows with Ceress and Otep. The Forvalaka drop Ceress and then Otep drops one of the Forvalaka, leaving a one on one battle.

Down in the cave the Forvalaka makes short work of Akronos, shredding his unarmored, book-learned body in short time despite Lutheo's distracting attacks.

As both Otep and Lutheo start to run out of tricks, the battle slows down to a grinding slug fest, but eventually one and then the other Forvalaka are dispatched. During that finale of the battle, Akronos, Theren and Ceress all stabilize in their slow progress of bleeding out. Lutheo uses his powers to heal them enough to regain consciousness and the party sets about licking their wounds.

They bring all of the bodies back up into the hallway and insure that each one is fully dead, not just unconscious. Theren creates an illusion that the passage has suffered a cave in to deter any enemies from venturing in and finding them resting. They search the bodies of the dead and find four potions and one magical cloak on them.

After they have completed a short rest and are feeling much better from their beating they decide to explore the large cavern, at least a little bit to see if they can find the skull of the conclave member easily before retreating.

They cautiously enter the cave, much more strategically than last time. The enter as a group and find that there are are lots of bones littering the floor and three rock pillars in the center of the cavern extending to the ceiling. Some of the bones still have remains on them. Some appear to be human but most are animals from the jungle. The stench is bad down here.

To the right and down a ways is a large stone shelf with imagery etched along the edge of it. On the shelf is a dust covered corpse, splayed out in a ritualistic fashion. It has obviously been abused or tortured to death. The dust and bones debris on the floor around it shows that nothing has walked within reach of the stone shelf in a very, very long time.

The images around the edge of the shelf are not the typical Myrian glyphs, they are definitely foreign. These are old, but maybe not as old as the temple. They are images of sacrifices by the full moon. Images of torture, burning, freezing, and summoning demonic creatures to nibble at the flesh of the victims being scarified.

After checking the magical finger again they find that it is definitely pointing to these remains. They must be one of the lost conclave members, either Taramandan or Illanor. Akrons focuses and discovers that the remains do glow with the same magical energy that they have found in the other conclave members remains as well as the banishment pit and the Avisarr gem stone.

They take the head off of the body and decide that since they have what they have come for, there is no need to search the rest of the cavern and see what is in there or risk their lives if they find anything else that wants to fight them given their exhausted abilities.

After they died, the Forvalaka reverted the the human forms that they were before they contracted this wereleopard lycanthropy, apparently Myrians infected with the curse of lycanthropy. Their heads are a little deformed from living for years with lycanthropy. Theren decides to cut one off to give to Q’tahna as a souvenir of his encounter with the dreaded Forvalaka.

They quickly leave the tomb and reenter the light of day. They start heading through the jungle back towards their flying contraption and encounter Q’tahna waiting for them. Q’tahna is trilled to see that they survived the the tomb and is appalled but still pleased to have the head of a dreaded Forvalaka.

Q’tahna leads the party back to the clearing where they stashed the flying contraption but they find that the little Felchkun monkeys have scavenged parts off of the contraption. Fortunately, Theren had stashed the Dasjani stone in their bag of holding and he sets about rebuilding a smaller and less stable version of their flying contraption.

That evening, Lutheo develops a fever and tosses and turns all night long. He didn’t get hardly any rest and the next morning so he is exhausted and looking haggard. The party realizes that he was one of the few that was bitten by the Forvalaka during the battle and that he must be feeling some of the effects of that bite.

After a shaky false start that almost ended in disaster, they get the balance right on the new contraption and slowly lift into the air…

This is where Session #19 ended. The party has recovered the skull of a fourth member of the Conclave of Freedom and they are starting to precariously fly over the jungle, heading back towards the ocean where they hope to get their hired ship to pick them up.
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