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Announcements and News / Re: Three Short Stories
« Last post by tanis on Yesterday at 04:28:18 PM »
1) "Braya", huh? I know a Callister story when I see one. ;)

2) Holy shit, those were all excellent, especially the most recent one. I especially loved the implication for all those poor henchmen and hirelings getting drug hither and yon on adventurers' business.
Announcements and News / Re: Three Short Stories
« Last post by David Roomes on Yesterday at 04:13:54 PM »
Thank you!

Yeah, I've been getting back into writing lately and enjoying it very much. More short stories to come, hopefully.

I've also been doing more 3D computer generated art. My goal it to release a new CG image every month for Khoras. The first new image was the Citadel, the second piece was Death's Door. Next up is the Core Crystal that was central to the Focusing/Sundering. After that, the CG art will probably be related to whatever spotlight item I'm working on that month.  That's the goal, anyway.
Announcements and News / Re: Three Short Stories
« Last post by tanis on Yesterday at 11:39:31 AM »
Congratulations, that's really cool!
Announcements and News / Three Short Stories
« Last post by David Roomes on June 21, 2019, 08:22:43 PM »

My best friend and creative collaborator, Mark Price, and I have written three short stories together which have been recently published in Dragon Magazine.

The first was a few months ago. It's called "Secrets of the Deep". The second is "Raven's Reckoning" about two months ago. Those first two short stories both feature a female rogue named Braya. And the third short story, "The Henchman", was just published a couple days ago.

You can find all three of them at The specific issues are below:

Secrets of the Deep - Issue 20
Raven's Reckoning - Issue 23
The Henchman - Issue 26

These aren't Khoras short stories. In fact, the first two take place in the Forgotten Realms. The third was based on the new "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" adventure which Wizards of the Coast just published and that adventure can technically be put in any world. So they aren't Khoras related, but they are swords-and-sorcery fantasy.

Writing them was a lot of fun and yes, we are planning on writing more. I will be more timely with notification here in the forum about any future stories.

Announcements and News / Avisarr Campaign Notes and Session Summaries
« Last post by David Roomes on June 16, 2019, 06:48:37 PM »
This is just a heads up.

Nathan Sherman, a friend of mine and former member of my gaming group (who is now living in California) is planning on running the Avisarr campaign on his current gaming group. As a favor to him, I'm going to remove the Avisarr notes and session summaries from the website. That way he can show the web site to his players, but there will be no "spoiler" information about the Avisarr campaign on there. I'll be removing that information later this week.

If anyone else out there is currently running the Avisarr campaign or reading the summaries or otherwise wants access to that material, just email me at the Contact link above. I will be happy to share the Avisarr campaign and all related materials with anyone who wants it (except for Nathan's players, of course -  ;) ).

I will re-upload the Avisarr campaign and session summary information back to the website at a later date, to be determined.

Email me with any questions or concerns. Or just to say hi, what the hell. :)

General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by Delbareth on January 03, 2019, 03:32:13 PM »
In fact, even with Karrym and Drellis, I very often say "the sun" and never "the suns" or "the stars". So There won't be any problem for that I guess.

- A real problem could have been the lack of Drellis effect, but the scene takes place the first week of July during a would-be balanced phase.
- I already though about changing names of countries or languages ("-PC : Hey DM, you didn't told us the name of the empire we live in ! - DM : Uhhhh...).
- They could ask me in which year they live, but last time I played in Carrikos around 2500 C.C they didn't ask... Anyway, I will say their country have set its own calendar, and they live in the 470th year.
Please, tell me what else could be a clue for you to discover the truth.

The main issue of this adventure idea is that these events are very cool to describe, but not necessarily interesting to play. It's a kind of survival adventure, not at all what I want. I want to show the Assembly Hall, but there is nothing some PCs can do there. Mage-lords are extremely powerful and can solve every problem without help. So I imagined two things :
- a Traxx commando attack, shielded with the most potent traxxian anti-magic. A situation where quickly-reacting warriors can have a role, before mage-lords can understand and adapt to the situation (and kill the commado).
- a false adventure: to make it simple, their mage-lord master thinks there is a treator among the other mage-lords, who plots to overcome his own position. In fact it's only the pre-Sundering disturbances which destroy some of their cosmology spells. PCs are sent in the Assembly Hall to find the treator (they have clues he can be there at this very moment).
When they come back in Tosche, and when the Sundering happens, my goal is to make them think as long as possible it's "only" this treator assaulting their master mansion. Tower explosion, OK. First earthquake, OK because they don't know it is a continent-wide earthquake. Burning light, why not. End of magic, OK he can be very strong in metamagic. Dust clouds and storms, easy. 15 minutes long meteor shower, uuh ?. As the time goes on, it will appear more and more unlikely a single mage-lord (or even few of them) could or will destroy an entire region just for them. Few days later, after numerous replica, and a completely ruined city, a piece of cloudless sky will reveal the truth: two distinct stars in a giant shell of ejected gas. Angry mob will then assault the mage-lord mansion to kill him.

This is a quite psychologic adventure. Players will be gradually stripped from their power (all the magical weapons and tools which behave eratically), from their mission (this treator issue was nothing but thin air), from their confort (everything is destroyed around them, lot of dead friends/collegues) and finally from their loyalty or their live (without magic and greatly overnumbered, their only chance is to abandon their master ; it will be an individual decision and I don't know who (if any) will choose to do that).

I want them to FEEL how the sundering destroyed everything of the former world.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by Drul Morbok on January 03, 2019, 07:08:23 AM »
Yeah, great campaign idea, also looking forward to any reports how it went.

Just out of interest: Your players are aware of the fact that the adventure predates the sundering...?
From how I understand it, they know enough that this would be pretty obvious from looking at the sky...

Edit: Sorry, I failed to read that you want your players to assume to live in the "present", i.e. the end of the timeline.
And while I'm aware of the fact that in a pen&paper game, players don't "look at the sky" as naturally as in the real world (or in a modern video game), I don't think it's easy to be consistent about sky-related wordings...
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by David Roomes on January 02, 2019, 07:19:26 PM »
Sounds great! Very cinematic. And that makes for great adventure. :)  Looking forward to hearing more about the campaign as it goes.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by Delbareth on December 31, 2018, 02:57:32 AM »
Thanks for your answer.
Obviously I can always adapt the Khoras Canon, but I prefer to stay in it (or argue to change it if I have arguements).
I even think it's better to imagine a worldwide known Focusing, as every one on Khoras known WHO is responsible of this disaster. It's easier to explain the Mage Lord hunting, and it's a better "humility lesson" from gods. Nevertheless, it does not mean tat every commoner, even in Aden, know exactly how it works and what is the Focusing schedule. But I guess everyone there know the final goal of the Mages.

My players are not used to read the website. I did not forbid them nor encourage them to read it, but they know that it would somewhat "kill the mystery". They know what their character knows and that's fine. However, it seems to me that one of them did read some part of the website. Anyway, they all know the principle of the Sundering, the Alliance Mage Lords and the Thullian Empire.

I think I will be obliged to use some tricks :
- replace names with former names : the Thullian Empire and Traxx Legion will be called the Miratz Empire and Kingdom of Gekron.
- present a different type of Focusing spell : something to change the magic in the Empire (why not a magical protection for the whole empire, a way to change the magical field, etc...)
- place the event in a neutral period (and say it clear) to avoid questions about Drellis
I have already presented them they will play on a different continent (hey, Ithria was very different at this time, wasn't it ?), with an organisation of very potent arch-mages. I guess they imagine playing on a fourth continent (we have already played on Queshi and Agraddar), kept secret because quite far or different. So a very powerful mage organisation in 2700 C.C on a remote continent is a reasonnable assumption for them.  ;D
The adventure will take place partially in the Assembly Hall, but is not focused on the spell itself, so I guess the trick will work. As soon as they will understand what is happening, I will reveal the truth.

I will change some things on the Focusing/Sundering events, and I have arguments for it.
It is usually admit the magic does not travel very well through matter. Tens ot hundreds of meters of matter are enough to stop most spells. Even if Alliance Mage Lords were able to enhance the spell penetration through matter, it is impossible to be enough to reach the inner layer of a star (thousand of time the "thickness" of a whole planet). So I prefer to imagine they send the magical energy with an interdimensionnal portal directly inside Drellikar, rather than letting the magical energy travelling through space and drilling through the star.
When the Sundering begun, a portal was open to send magical energy (to try to reverse what appeared to be an immense mistake). A tiny part of the huge sundering energy overcame the portal protection, and Drellikar energy came directly on Khoras surface, wiping out the Aden entire region. Only 8-9 minutes later came the brillant flash and so on.
As the players came back to Tosche, via a small scale portal, they are safe from the Aden events. But the energy also goes through this second portal to make the mage tower explode. Few minutes later, the shock wave of the Aden region reach Tosch and make violent earthquakes. Then come the flash which severly burn every square meter exposed to the direct light. Magic is gone, giant dust storms, eartquakes again, burning rocks falling from the sky (from Aden)... Exciting program !  ;D
I will post a description of the sundering events after the game.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by David Roomes on December 30, 2018, 03:04:23 PM »
Well, feel free to adjust for your campaign. You could make it so that the Thullian Empire and the Alliance worked very hard to keep it under wraps. You could even make it a "Cold War" kind of thing. Secret meetings, spies from other nations smuggling secrets about the project out and so forth. Or maybe the Alliance was working on it secretly and even the Empire was not entirely informed on the scope of their project. After all, what they were trying to achieve stains belief.

The "large and elaborate ceremony" might have been limited to nobles. Perhaps two dozen people in the entire kingdom might be privy to certain things. For the rest of the kingdom, it's just rumor and gossip, most of which is wrong or exaggerated.

The varying number of Mage Lords refers to the number of Mage Lords who were living in the Assembly Hall. Not all Mage Lords were working on the Sundering project. Most were, but there were some working on other projects or being given assignments that required travel, etc. So, the exact number varied. Also, the servants, slaves, laborers, apprentices and craftsmen would not be directly involved in the project and their knowledge of it would be, again, very limited, not much more than rumor and gossip.

Are your players familiar with the Khoras site? If they have delved deep into the site, then yes, trying to surprise them might be difficult. You'd have to change the names of organizations and people and such. But I think it's doable.
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