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General Discussion and Questions / Player's Guide
« Last post by Slydog75 on October 27, 2019, 12:05:06 PM »
Hey David, I'm making a fancier version of your player's guide based around the look of your website, to hand out to my (theoretical) players.  I noticed that is missing 8 of the Greater Races.  Are they newer races and the guide was created before them and not updated or were they left out on purpose (ie. because they aren't as well known)? 

Also, would you like a copy of the guide when I'm done?
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Map Key?
« Last post by Slydog75 on October 27, 2019, 11:59:04 AM »
Thanks exactly what I was looking for!
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Map Key?
« Last post by David Roomes on October 25, 2019, 09:15:05 PM »
To answer your immediate question:

Big Red Dot = major city
Yellow Square = town
Three white dots = A ruin

Everything else is fairly self-explanatory. What other kind of stuff would you like to see on the key/legend?

Maybe what the different font types denote (nation, geographic region, etc) and different types of terrain by texture. That's all I can think to put on it right now. But I'm open to suggestions on what to put on a key and how to implement it.
General Discussion and Questions / Map Key?
« Last post by Slydog75 on October 25, 2019, 05:29:30 AM »
So the World Map has a number of different icons on it, but I can't seem to find a Key.  Can someone shed some light on them?

Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Re: Session Summary #5
« Last post by David Roomes on October 22, 2019, 10:23:25 PM »
Great job, Nathan. Totally loving this.

Nice to see the "1000 foot Ynthar symbol scorched in the grass" bit used again!  ;)
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #5
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on October 16, 2019, 01:26:19 PM »
Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

The party explores the ruined lighthouse where they just battled the hobgoblins and bugbear and they discover the remains of several dead human bodies and parts of an elven body and their gear. Apparently the hobgoblins have been part of a raiding party and have brought their elicit gains back here to enjoy.

One of the hobgoblins had a spyglass on him and on the top floor of the lighthouse they find a lookout perch.

Included in the gear in the ruined lighthouse they find a magical jug that pours different liquids out of its 10 different stoppers. It can produce acid, basic poison, beer, honey, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, fresh water, salt water and wine. Otep is thrilled about the ability of the jug to produce mayonnaise and Akronos has to bargain with him that it is only to be used for mayonnaise on non-adventuring days.

The giant sized mace is claimed by Otep who loves having a magical bashing instrument.  Otep tries out his new weapon on one of the dead hobgoblins but aside from the great joy of tenderizing a dead hobgoblin he doesn’t see any special benefit that the weapon bestows. They decide to give the hobgoblins, bugbear, human and bits of elf remains all burials at sea and toss them off the cliff into the pounding surf, successful with most of the throws making it into the waves leaving only one body on the rocks waiting for the high tide.

Since it is getting late in the evening the party decides to stay in the lighthouse for the night. They check the magical scroll that Boazman has given them to communicate back and forth and find that he finally has some updates for them.

The scroll has written on it in overly flourishing script “I have deciphered the first page in the book. This is definitely a workbook on demon banishing, hand written as they worked it out. I’ve redouble my efforts and will have more updates for you soon.” It’s nothing they couldn’t have guessed for themselves but having the confirmation is good.

The next morning the party searches around outside of the lighthouse and they discover that there is a small foot trail that shows signs of use heading to the east. The party heads out and Ceress and Otep keep an eye out for game for the party to kill and eat, seeing as how they didn’t buy supplies back in town before heading out into the countryside. They find a shepherds lost sheep on the pastural hillside and with a marvelous shot they kill the vicious animal before it could charge the party and seriously injure one of them. After bleeding out the sheep and dressing the kill they check the enchanted finger on the chain and find that it still points to the east.

The rolling cliffside hills level out over the next several miles to be mostly flat land with a mild drop off into the ocean and occasional beach access points. After about an hour of hiking the party sees more ruins ahead.

These are the ruins of a small village with just the rubble of little houses remaining on the outskirts of the ruins of a church and decent sized fort. There is an earthen ramp between the ruined houses and the church and another one between the church and the fort. The fort is at the end of a cliff creating a small peninsula with the earthen ramps/walls running from cliff side to cliff side as well as the fort wall running from cliff to cliff. There are many easily accessed points to go up the earthen walls/ramps due to years of neglect. There is what might have been moat at the front wall of the fort but an earthen bridge has been created going to the gate and the gate doesn’t doesn’t look like it could be closed anymore.

They check the finger again and it points at the ruins of the fort. The party hides a ways out and using their newly acquired spyglass they search the ruins for activity. They see that two hobgoblins are digging up graves outside of the church. Eventually two other hobgoblins come out to trade off on digging duty.

Ceress takes the spyglass and Theren turns him invisible and he goes scouting. He gets close to the ruins but finds the cliffside is too steep to risk climbing down in this area so he starts heads back to the party. As he does he sees a goblin with two skeletons and two zombies following him come out from the fort. They go to the hobgoblins digging up the graves and collect two freshly unearthed piles of bones and take them back to the fort.

Ceress returns to the party and they hatch a plan of attack. They will lure the two digging hobgoblins away from their dig with a “wounded and helpless halfling” calling for help and then spring a quick and deadly ambush on them!

The plan goes almost according to plan, aside from the damage they take from the hobgoblins and the fact that one isn’t quickly killed and it goes running back to the fort screaming something in goblin that probably means “help, we’re under attack”. Otep finds himself quicker into battle and with a burst of running speed during this combat and starts to wonder if the oversized mace has more properties than just hitting a little harder. The second hobgoblin is taken down and the party tries to hide the evidence of the battle.

While the party is trying to dump the dead bodies into open graves to hide their kills, enemies on the walls of the fort start firing arrows down on them. Akronos jumps into a grave for cover while the rest of the party hides behind the church.

Theren turns Otep invisible, Ceress heads over the far side of the sea cliff wall and the party starts advancing on the fort. The enemy within the fort has pushed a wagon into the entryway of the fort but Otep sneaks past it while invisible and finds that there are two hobgoblins to the left and two skeletons, two zombies and a goblin that is chanting to the right. He sneaks past the skeletons and zombies to get up to the goblin with the intent to attack him and disrupt his long casting spell. This is when he notices that the goblin is standing around four piles of bones.

Theren has advanced on the fort and takes this moment to use the ring he got from the original ruins to cast a fireball into the entryway of the fort, hoping that Otep isn’t in the blast area. The wagon goes up in flames and so does one of the hobgoblins and both skeletons. Otep was fortunate enough to be out of the blast radius but now that Theren isn’t concentrating on his invisibility spell it goes away.

Battle breaks out with Otep the only one in the fort for the first several round and things get ugly. The necromancer goblin is much tougher than Otep guessed and despite loosing his animate dead spell just before finishing it he gives some serious damage before Otep is able to finally kill him. By this point the zombies and the two hobgoblins from across the hall have also attacked Otep and he is hard pressed. One of the hobgoblins has a silver circlet around his right wrist and a sword made of shadow and gloom, but despite all of his efforts, the fates do not favor him and he never gets to show Otep what wickedness the gloom blade can do to living flesh.

Akronos makes great use of a catapult spell to smash a hobgoblin in the back of the head with that iron A he had created back in Aridorn, Ceress and Lutheo team up in the forts courtyard to take down another one and eventually the party is victorious. Everyone is injured and mostly tapped out of spells and abilities but everyone has scored a kill in this epic battle.

Some of the party searches the fort for any other enemies and they find no other enemies, only several caches of piles of bones throughout the fortress. The others loot the bodies and check for magic. They find that the silver circlet, a potion and a bag are magical. The bag is easy to figure out that it must be a bag of holding due to the vast amount of look that it holds, apparently loot from raiding merchant caravans and travelers.

Theren takes the circlet off of the hobgoblins arm and notices that where it was touching its skin that there are angry red marks. He looks at it in the light of day and sees that the circlet is made of silver and has incredibly detailed motifs of a deep sylvan forest scene. Dryads, nymphs, Sater, fairy dragons, all harrowing goblins through the forest. This sounds good to Theren and the blade the hobgoblin had that disappeared with his death sounds promising so he puts on the circlet. He hears a whispering when he puts it on, a soft voice telling him to kill the goblins, the hobgoblins, to kill them all, to get revenge for killing its friend. Assuming this is a good thing, Theren decides to keep wearing it and test it out along the way. After all, all magical items that adventurers find are beneficial and ones that talks to you but the rest of the party can’t hear it must be even more so!

At this point the party decides its a good time to take a short rest before looking for what ever it is that the finger was pointing too.

After the short rest they wander around the ruins of the fort until they figure out that the finger is pointing to one of the sets of bones piled up in the ruins. These are the bones of a male human that is missing the ring finger and pinky from its left hand, and maybe the previous owner of the finger that is now mummified and dangling from the chain. The cast detect magic on the bones and discover that they do have trace elements of magic lingering in them. The magic has the same signature as the gem and the glowing green pit back at the dig site. Most of the magic signature is concentrated in the skull and only trace amounts remain in the rest of the bones.

Akronos casts the spell rope trick to create an extra dimensional space so the party can bring the gem out of its protective shielding box but not have it in this dimension in case the black soccer is searching for it. The party climbs into the extra dimensional space and Lutheo brings the gem out. He notices that when he has it out of the box he feels warm and as if an uneasiness that he hadn’t been able to put his finger on before was lifted. There is a reassurance to having the gem out of the box.

They experiment with the gem and the bones, touching the gem to the bones, the mummified finger on the chain to the bones and several other experiments that yield no noticeable results. They take the finger out of the rope trick and check to see where it points. It now points to the west no matter where they stand in the ruins. Back into the rope trick they touch the gem to the map and the area of Lands End flickers with light briefly before winking out and coming back into existence at Aridorn, which happens to lie north by north east of where they currently are.

Once again while having the stone out Lutheo feels more at peace than he has in recent days. Somehow having the gem out of the box makes him feel much better than when it is locked away.

Some of the party finds this curious and while a few encourage him to use his innate paladin powers to sense good and evil, others advise agains it. Lutheo decides that it is better to know that his powerful, magical gem with the symbol of Ynthar, his religion roughly etched into it is a great force of good instead of a force of evil. He concentrates and focus his energies and works to detect good and evil around him.

He senses in the gem great evil, darkness, the soul of all demons, the depths of hell and demonic hatred all wanting to crush his happy little paladin soul!  He then falls into the black abyss, loosing conciseness.

The party sees him concentrate on the gem, his eyes roll back, he collapses to the ground and he starts thrashing about. The thrashing quickly passes. 

When he comes to, he is covered in a sheen of sweat and feels terribly nauseous.
He can sense it, the gem wants to influence him, to use him, to consume him.

The party decides that Lutheo shall no longer carry the gem or the box that it is locked in. Otep will carry gem locked in the box and Ceress will carry the key to its lock.

That evening they check the magical communication scroll and found the following in Boazmans flowing script:
“I skipped ahead and deciphered the last page. They were trying to work out The Problem when Duthelm attacked, earlier than they thought they would.
“It’s not finished. They haven’t worked it out.”
Oh gods, what did you five find in those ruins?!?”.

Apparently the party has stumbled into something greater than any of them could have imagined.

When they go to leave the ruins the next day they find that there is a line in the grass a ways out from the ruined fort, straight and dead. It runs north and south. It eventually intersects another line. That line comes to a point at a curved line. The curved line forms a circle about 1,000 feet across with the center being where they were when Lutheo case the detect evil (while in the rope trick). The lines for the edges of a 1,000 foot diameter symbol of Ynthar.

This is where session #5 ends. The party now realizes that they probably have the remains of one of the six original members of the Conclave of Freedom. It might be that persons finger on the chain and it is now pointing to the west while the map is highlighting a new location in Aridorn which might be another Conclave member or an intricate demon laid trap. If only they had planned their mapping waypoints better they could have started with Aridorn and then come down here instead of now having to backtrack.

Next session: Will they travel back to Aridorn to find what awaits them and take the opportunity to personally thank Captain Obvious/Boazman for his detailed research into the book of banishment or will they all leap into the pounding surf to join the bodies of the dead in what would probably just be hastening their destined fate?
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #4
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on October 01, 2019, 04:46:27 PM »
Session #4 Summary

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

When last we gamed, the party is “safely” in Aridorn with two rooms in The Kettle Inn enjoying soft beds, hot meals and cold drinks for the first time since the many weeks of hardship as slaves and escapees on the run. They have sold off loot and are replenishing the gear that was taken from them when they were enslaved.

After buying new musical instruments Theren spends time in the vast Aridorn library with the help from a library pass that the sage Boazman vouched for. He spends several days looking through the books on astrology for a clue to the poem he has been pursing for the past 100 plus years but doesn’t find it or any reference to the author, Thun Pines. His evenings are spent playing his new musical instruments at The Kettle inn and earning a few coins and free drinks.

After buying new gear, Otep gets bored and takes a job loading and unloading wagons at a pay of 2 copper pieces a day.

Akronos has a custom made, one pound letter A crafted for reasons only know to him.

Lutheo practices his sword play and the meditations of Ynthar in an effort to get back into balance with life after serving as a slave.

Ceress buys a small set of pan pipes to help calm his nerves and control his Saurian rage. He also spends a decent amount of time with the Figurine of Wondrous Powers cat curled up on him and purring despite not needing the boost to healing. He has taken an instant bond with the figurine, more so than would be expected from a massive lizard man.

Theren and Lutheo team up in the library of Aridorn to search for history on the Conclave Freedom and their involvement in the Demon Wars and the banishing of Draxorith. They discover that the Conclave was made up of 6 individuals. 4 were men, 2 woman, 4 were wizards and 2 were clerics. There names were Kelandor (F cleric), Tarmondan (F wizard), Nikova (M wizard), Hardin (M cleric), Geldan (M wizard) and Illanor (M wizard). All were hailed as heroes of the war when it was over. Some stayed in the public eye and some disappeared from the spotlight after the initial celebrations were done.

Kelandor dedicated her life to healing others, working from sun up to sun down using her spells to heal any that needed it and her skills with medicine and first aid when she would run out of spells. Nikova went on to become a politician in the Rukemian Empire and Hardin became a crusader leading may battles for his home nation of Kitar into the boarder lands with Duthelm. The party didn’t find much on the other three past the first year of the end of the Demon Wars.

On the evening of the fourth night at the Kettle, Boazman joins the party for drinks. He has obviously been working long hours studying the encoded book that the party brought out of the ruins. He tells the party that he is proud to have deciphered 2, maybe 3 of the symbols used in the coding method. He can also tell that the cipher changes with each page. He is thrilled to be making this progress but the party is a little underwhelmed with how long it is taking. Boazman points out that who ever encrypted the book was brilliant and it will take him quite a while to get to where he can ready it.

The party decides to sell their two stolen horses and take a ship to the point on the map that is highlighted when the green stone is brought near it. This is in Ormek, the southern most region of the Rukumian Empire in the area of a town called Lands End.

Akronos goes down to the harbor to find and negotiate passage for the party. He finds the harbor master who for a small fee tells Akronos that there are 5 non military ships due to head south in the next few days that might be willing to take on passengers.

Port Master Rillo tells him that the Warthog, captained by Sancho, The Third Wind captained by Draabyn, the Clay Duck captained by Rinity, the Anterra captained by Salazar and the Comet captained by Nikos are all scheduled to set sail within the next week with charters to the south.

Akronos asks Rilio which is the ship least likely to encounter pirates on its voyage. Rillio let’s him know that while he isn’t sure which one is least likely to encounter pirates he is sure about which one is most likely to encounter pirates. “If any of these five ships had an encounter with a pirate it would almost definitely be the Third Wind” he says. “For that matter, if there’s an encounter with a kraken, a hurricane, an angry sea god or anything else befalling a ship in these oceans it would be the Third Wind mixed up in the disaster.” He went on to say that “According to Captain Draabyn, he got his start adventuring when he was just a ship hand and the ship he was on was attacked and destroyed by a kraken. He was the only survivor and washed ashore clinging to the ships name board. He spins an even crazier tail of adventure from there that none of us believe but now he’s a renowned captain. Renowned mainly for attracting crazy situations that go exponentially bad.”

Akronos decides to avoid the Third Wind and talks with Sancho of The Warthog. While the normal rate to book passage as far south as Lands End would be fifteen gold per person, Akronos negotiates a rate of five gold pieces per person since they are skilled adventurers who could help in the case of a pirate attack or other challenge at sea. Sancho also agrees that if there is battle and they are instrumental in the victory then he will refund their five gold pieces each.

They set out the next morning on the Warthog and are informed that they are not allowed to tie knots or help out in any way aside from fighting off enemies. The well trained crew of the Warthog doesn’t need landlubbers messing up the ship. They do notice that The Third Wind has already left port despite not being scheduled to set out for a few more days. They keep an eye out for it while at sea but don't see it or any ship wreckage so maybe it was just good fortune that took it out to sea in the middle of the night instead of ill fate or nefarious business.

Several of the party spend the first couple days at the railing throwing up but by the fourth day at sea, everyone has gotten their sea legs. The weather and wind was good, there were no pirate attacks or other encounters and on the fifth day they make it in to port at Lands End.

The town of Lands End is a shabby shadow of its former glory. The kingdom of Ormek has been in decline for a long time and now suffers great corruption and lawlessness. Bandits and raids on the roads have become common.

The party gets two rooms at the local inn called the Slaty Dog and enjoy a decent lunch before testing out the map and finger back in their room. The map still lights up in the general area of Lands End when the gem is brought close to it but now the finger points to the east, showing them that they are now west of the location instead or north of it like they were in Aridorn. 

The party decides to head north out of town a couple miles and test the finger again. This time the finger points East by Southeast and the party sets off in that direction realizing they must be very close to have have that much of a shift in a few miles. They hike across rocky, rolling green hills sides with nice views of the ocean for a few hours with the occasional check of the finger to make sure they are still on course. After a few hours they see a tower up ahead, probably the old abandoned lighthouse they had heard about.

Ceress snakes ahead to find out what the movement was that they saw near the base of the lighthouse. He discovers that it’s a hobgoblin with a human leg on a spit that he starts roasting over the campfire near the lighthouse.

The party decides that such evil can’t be bypassed so they decide to attack and kill the hobgoblins. An elaborate plan of attack is designed and the three hobgoblins now seated around the campfire eating the leg are surprised by a well shot arrow from Theren. The party sets upon the hobgoblins quickly killing one and scattering the other two, one into the lighthouse and the other around the back of it. Two arrows whip out of the lighthouse doorway, one striking Otep as the party advances on their enemy. Ceress goes through the lighthouse door to battle the hobgoblin in there only to find out that he is backed up by a bugbear with the largest mace Ceress has ever seen. The remaining hobgoblin circles around the lighthouse to rejoin the battle but is brought down by the remaining party outside.

Inside, Ceress is hard pressed and it is only through the magical aid of Theren that he lasts as long as he does. Otep and Lutheo join him and shortly after Ceress is dropped by a massive hit from the bugbear.  The party drops the hobgoblin and focuses their attacks on the bugbear and are finally able to kill it.

Ceress is revived, the party regroups and searches for magic items and finds that the oversized mace and a jug in the lighthouse are both magical.

This is where session #4 ends.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #3
« Last post by Nathan Sherman on September 18, 2019, 10:30:59 AM »
Session #3 notes

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

The party has just escaped the buried ruins and had their first full nights rest under the stars with a full belly of wild game caught by Ceress.

The next day they start traveling through the forest heading towards the Aridorn, the capital city of the Rukemian Empire. This is where Akronos was captured and enslave. He had originally traveled here from Drakkel to learn some specific spells from a sage named Boazman. His spell book and magical chest of book storage was left at Boazman home and Akronos is eager to get them back.

They spend that first day traveling through the forest and rivers and avoiding any paths. In the second day they see what might be a hunters Lodge potentially filled with provisions, soft beds, a good fireplace and spare hunting gear, but out of great caution and wisdom, the avoid it and spend the night sleeping in the dirt instead.

From there they find game trails to follow and the ground they cover picks up. They eventually find a small road and follow that to the east.

Later in the day as evening is getting close they come upon a roadside inn.
They decide that a party of a human, an elf, a half orc, a saurian and a halfling might be too easy to identify if they are followed so they send in just the elf and human to buy dinner as well as more provisions for the road. After eating their warm meal they return to the rest of the party and give them the provisions for a cold but superior meal to anything they have had in the past several weeks while slaves.

This travel continues for several days with the occasional stop in a roadside tavern for provisions. On the fourth day after escape, the are traveling down the road in two groups, Lutheo and Akronos in the lead by about 100 feet followed by Theren, Otep and Ceress in the hopes that they won’t be as identifiable.

Two guards from the slavers dig catch up to the party at this point. They ride past the first group without recognizing them but when they get to the second group they realize they might have found the escaped slaves. The stop and circle back around, dismount and interrogate Lutheo and Akronos. These two stall the guards while the rest of the party catches up, then they attack and quickly overcome the guards. They keep one from dying and hasten the other to his afterlife.

The party questions the guard that they kept alive and he begs to trade any information he has for his life. They find out that the Black Sorcerer Kelvar and his right hand man Delmanakan have sent half of the guards out looking for the escaped slaves. The guards aren’t just mercenaries hired for this job, they are part of the military arm of the Knights of the Abyss of Duthelm. For some reason they aren’t wearing their uniforms on this mission. The guard doesn’t know much but promises to never return to Duthelm if they set him free, he will go to the War Vale and become a mercenary and never speak of them to anyone.

Just to make sure that they aren’t missing anything, the party has Akronos detect magic on the guard and all of his gear. While doing this Akronos sees the green gemstone for the first time with detect magic since it has been carried by Lutheo outside of the protective box that it came in. The power of the stone almost knocks Akronos unconscious but he quickly drops his concentration on the spell before it overwhelms him. He instructs Lutheo to put it back in the box for safe keeping and to shield it from detection. They then swear the guard to silence upon pain of death, strip him of all possessions except some of the scrap slave clothing that they still have with them and then set him loose to go to the War Vale. They are very good people for doing this and the gods will probably smile upon them when they meet their early death for some good deed one day.

They now have the two horses of the guards and their speed of travel improves greatly.

They continue on their way and as the party approaches the great capital city of the Rukemian Empire they start to see the landscape changing. The forest gives way to farmland. The farmland eventually gives way to smaller specialized farms and then to outlying villages as the city comes into view. Aside from Akronos, none of the party have seen anything on this scale.

There is a sprawl of tents and shanty dwellings from travelers too poor or cheap to stay in the city leading up to a cleared area 1000 feet from the great wall of the city of Aridorn. The wall is at least 30 feet tall and formidable. Guards can be seen patrolling the top of the wall. Hawkers line the road leading up to the gate selling meat pies, hats and cloaks, offering their services as a tinker to repair items and selling small toys to occupy children’s attention. The queue of people entering the city at this time of day isn’t very long and it doesn’t take the party long to get to the gate and hear the rules of the city while paying the 3 copper piece price each to enter.   

The guards at the gate inform all that come through the rules of the city of Aridorn and the Rukemian Empire. Bared weapons are forbidden. Fighting is forbidden. Killing is an execution-able offense. Theft will be punished in proportion to the crime. Wearing of armor, carrying weapons or other signs of being ready to fight, kill or cause mischief is highly discouraged. The city guard are to be obeyed at all times. The Empires roads is sacred and commuting a crime on the Empires road is as if you committed the crime in the capital.

The party is informed that they can recognize the Aridorn Guard by their shining silver helmets and shields, their white and purple tunics and the purple padded jerkins.

Once past the city walls the party find themselves in a tight packed city of stone, wood and plaster buildings, mostly three to five stories tall. The main roads are wide enough to pass two wagons while still leaving a space for pedestrians on either side. The side lanes are wide enough for a wagon and a pedestrian on one side and ally ways are only wide enough for two people or a hand cart. At regular intervals are courtyards that are a bustle of activity during the day with farmers and venders selling their wears.

The hustle and bustle feels like it is pressing in on the players that didn’t grow up in a large city, the stench is overwhelming and the sounds make it hard to think. Dirty children in rags and filthy bare feet beg, hustle and steal, merchants walking with purpose, shoppers, craftsmen, messengers and the occasional grouping of Aridorn Guards.

Akronos doesn’t recognize this section of the city from his few weeks here in the past so he finds a carriage for hire to take them to the university district where his friend Boazman lives.

The carriage drops them off in the square just up the road from Boazman home and Akronos leads the party to the door leading to the second story home of Boazman, the sage he was staying with before getting kidnaped while exploring the city down by the waterfront.

Boazman seems genuinely surprised and happy to see Akronos alive and at his doorstep. He invites him in before realizing who his traveling companions are. Unable to retract his invitation and not wanting to be rude, he invites the road weary party into his home. His wife Rezo seems even less pleased with the unexpected company but still offers refreshments to them. Ceress and Otep take the horses and extra great to a inn just a few blocks away called The Kettle to stable the horses and stash all of the weapons and armor that they have collected in their escape.

Boazman returns a small but heavy chest to Akronos. The chest was in a prominent bookshelf in the living room and he assures Akronos that all the contents are as they were when left.

Boazman is a sage working at the local university authenticating written documents. He analyzes the language used (where art tho vs where are you, etc), the ink composition and the paper to put it into date context. He has developed a specialized version of the Identify spell to analyze ink composition.

According to Boazman “A lot can be told just by analyzing the ink. Ink can be made with plant, animal, and mineral inks. Pine sap from trees that were between 50 and 100 years old and then boiled till black is popular in some areas. Ink from mixture of hide glue, carbon black, lampblack, and bone black pigment which was mixed with pestle and mortar. Ink made from burnt bones, tar, and pitch or ink from soot, glue and water. These don’t damage the paper they used on but are not resistant to moist and can smudge. Iron ink made from iron salts and tannic acids. Only problem with this ink was that it is corrosive and damages the paper it is on. Ink was also made from branches of hawthorn which were cut in the spring and left to dry. Then the bark from the branches would be peeled off and left to soak in water for eight days. That water would be boiled until it is thick and black but while boiling, wine would be added to it. That thick and black liquid would be poured in bags and left in the sun to dry. When it is dried, wine (again) and iron salt would be mixed with it over fire. The resulting mixture would be ink ready to use. But I degrees, you asked about...”

Theren asks him to look at the poem that he has been obsessing over for the past 111 years and Boazman take it with the promise of fully analyzing it and providing any information that he can.

The party tells Boazman a little about their adventure but leave out the information about the room with the symbol of Ynthar, the gem, finger on the chain and the map.

Boazman suggests that it sounds like the party found the final battle site of the Demon Wars. He would be interested in any of the books they would be willing to part with. He knows others that might be interest in any other hard artifacts they found.

Most of the party don’t know much about the Demon Wars except that it happened a long time ago in this part of the world so Boazman educates them.

“The Demon War was fought from 2566 to 2570 CY, during which time there was a nine month siege of the city of Myranor. Duthelm fought against the combined forces of Kitar, Rukemia, mercenary companies from the War Vale, the Order of the Drake and the Conclave of Freedom (a group of six very powerful wizards and clerics). In the end, the Conclave managed to setup and spring an elaborate trap within their own stronghold during a climactic battle known as the Battle of the Banishing. Draxorith was banished and the forces of Duthelm were routed. The forces of Duthelm retuned to attack the Conclave but reinforcements of Rukemia and Kitar were there to ward them off. Unfortunately during this battle when the Empires side was winning a volcano in the Snowy Timber range erupted and whipped out both sides in a massive lahar mudslide. It buried the army of both sides as well as the conclaves stronghold where the banishing took place. The only ones to escape were the powerful Conclave Defiant, the hero’s of the war.

With the demon lord Draxorith banished, the war quickly unraveled. The loss of their master was a devastating blow to the Church of Draxorith. The loss of Draxorith left the priests weakened. For the last century and a half, the priests and the Knights of the Abyss have sought a way to re-establish contact with Draxorith.

Duthelm has since had other skirmishes, battles and minor wars with Kitar, but none that quite rival the first Demon War. The Second Demon war is recent history with Duthelm summoning in an extremely organized and almost hive mind Demon force but they quickly lost control of them. Now those Demons live in the Rift Vale in the Snowy Timbers south west of Kitar.”

The party decides to show Boazman the large book that was found in a side room by the final battle, the book that is locked and they haven’t been able to look at yet. With great reverence and care and the white glove treatment Boazman uses spells to check out the book, unlock it and discover that it is encoded and will need lots of time to decipher.

The party mentions at this point that they might be tracked by a Black Sorcerer and Boazman freaks out, making them gather all of their possession and leave his home to continue the conversation at their rooms in the inn.

Once in their rooms in their inn they bargain with Boazman to get the magical ring and cat figurine identified, get a couple extra pearls for their future use all in trade for giving him 8 books on demons, summoning and banishing that they took from the ruins.

Once identified the ring is a ring of fireballs with the two smaller ones used, two medium ones and one large one still intact.

The figurine of the cat is discovered to be a Figurine of Wondrous Powers. It is the legendary Kitten of Purring Health. It can be used once per day to summon a magical cat that will curl up on the bonded owners chest while they rest, purring and doubling the amount that they heal during that time.

Theren takes the ring and Ceress takes the cat figure. The look on Ceress’s reptilian face is hard to decipher, but maybe this small item means more to him that first glance would indicate.

The party sells off the used armor and weapons they gathered, the demon horn they took is sold to Boazman and they entrust him with the large book that is written in code on the understanding that he is to work on decoding it and provide them with what he learns and return the book when they want it back. They have money in their pockets to replenish the gear that was stripped from them when they became slaves. Boazman acquires some lead sheeting from a local components shop here in the university district and wraps the encoded book in a cloth, then bends the lead sheets around the cloth wrapped book to help hide it from scrying and magic detection and then puts it into a large sack.

This is where the third session ends. The party is “safely” in Aridorn with two rooms in The Kettle Inn enjoying soft beds, hot meals and cold drinks for the first time since the many weeks of hardship as slaves and escapees on the run. Next session, do they retire from adventuring life and set up shop in the big city or try to find out what the map, gem and finger are leading them into?
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Session Summary #2
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Session #2 was epic.

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham
Three human NPC’s Joe, Billy and Fritz (the “locksmith”)

Nathan, the DM

When we ended the last session the players had explored the entire ruins, found the site of a major battle and the circular chamber with the symbol on Ynthar and pit of evil green glowing smoke in the middle of it.

They have a large map, the green fist sized stone with the symbol of Ynthar etched into it, a finger on a chain and other items collected from the site including a magical wand, shield, ring, cat figurine, 2 potions, 3 scrolls, the remains of the dead mages spell book and coins and other small valuables scavenged from the ruins and the dead.

When we pick up for Session #2 the party splits up after a few minutes. Ceress and Otep went back to the flooded cold storage room to see if the location where the water is leaking out could be turned into an escape rout. They would spend the next 30 minutes or so bashing and pulling apart the section of floor that the water was seeping out. When they finally had it large enough to fit through they discovered that there was a natural chamber that the water followed through. They explored it and found that it went quite a ways and would be their best hope for escape without going back to the necromancer running the digging slave outfit. When they checked the collapsed entry hall they could hear the digging crew hard at work trying to get access to them, most likely to kill them all and turn them into zombies.

Akronos sat down in the chamber with the glowing white line around it and all of the dead bodies. He had all of the magic items with him and using supplies scavenged from the wizards lab set about identifying the magical shield and the wand. He discovered that the shield would provide great protection to the one that wears it and utters the word Sumerack. The wand would provide healing but only had 9 charges left in it. During this time he notices that there is a growing pressure on his ears like being underwater but he can’t figure out what is causing it.

Meanwhile, Theren decided to check out the pit of swirling green evil in the center of the symbols of Ynthar. He walked up to the edge and touched the green smokey substance. Immediately his stomach churned and his bowls turned to water. He barely made it to the side of the room to drop his pants and void himself before soiling himself. He decided after that encounter to leave the evil alone for now. He went to the study off the room before the main battle room and found a very interesting book that is close to what he has been looking for for years but doesn’t appear to be actually written by the same author. He lost a lot of time reading this book and trying to figure out why the writing style is different than the author he has been searching for even through it is written under the same.

Lutheo kept watch over different party members while all of this was going on. He too noticed the growing pressure on his ears but couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

The Otep and Ceress came back to tell the rest of the party about the possible exit that they had created. While the party was debating what to do next they all felt a sudden increase in the pressure and then the white line around the battle room flared brightly. Green oily smoke started to pour out of the hole in the banishment chamber and rush towards their room. They backed up into the next room which had two rooms off of it, one the wizards lab and the other the library (each with a dead body in it). When the green smoke hit the white line surrounding the battle room it spread out along the mortar in the walls to go around the room. After passing through that room it rushed past the character and some mist broke off and went into each side room and the remainder rushed past them and down the hall through out the rest of the ruins.

They all looked at each other knowing that bad stuff was happening but not sure what it was. They quickly found out when the skeleton in the next room got up and charged through the door they had left open. Battle ensued and they managed to kill the skeleton without too much injury, pinning it in the door while hacking at it. They heard the skeleton in the next room trying to open its door and realized that all the skeletons in the complex were probably coming alive, except the ones in the room with the protective white line around it.

A running battle ensued. All three of the zero level NPC’s were killed by the skeletons, Lutheo once again was brought to unconscious as well as Otep. The Sumerack shield was put to great use to save the party when they were overwhelmed by skeletons. The scroll of Lightning Bolt was the final key to taking out the last 5 skeletons and saving the party from death.

After the battle the party healed up as best they could. They gathered their possessions and moved to a room near the cold storage room. They barricaded the door leading into that hallway and got an hour of rest before continuing on.

They explored the cavern that the water had been running out and found that it led to the outside after a long, twisting, muddy path. The sun was setting and they used the cover of dusk to make their escape down the hill. They traveled for many hours before allowing themselves to crash for the night and get a solid rest for the first time in who knows how long. A vigilant watch was set to make sure that if pursuit found them they would not all be caught sleeping.

This is where Session #2 ended. They party has escaped with the stone, the map, the finger on a chain, the large locked book and a few more magical items as well as a handful of coins, books and valuables.
Avisarr Campaign - 2019 - Run by Nathan Sherman / Re: Session 1 Summary
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And the final chamber with they symbol of Ynthar.
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