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Gaming Tales / Re: New One-shot in alternative khoras
« Last post by Laurent MEKKA on October 12, 2018, 03:50:38 AM »
It was fun to revisit Stirling and see "known" faces in an alternate setting.
Players started in jail for having been involved in a tavern brawl, and they needed to find a patron in order to stay in town.
They choose to ask Jathor Teroth and he agreed if they could to something for him...

13th age is a pretty epic game (the barbarian twice killed 2 zombies with one axe swing, on level 1)  and it was fun. They are in the sewers looking for a smuggler abducted by ghouls to make a sacrifice, we'll see next week...  ;D
Gaming Tales / Re: New One-shot in alternative khoras
« Last post by David Roomes on October 11, 2018, 08:12:08 PM »
Wow. That sounds like a great adventure idea. The changes to the environment are really cool. A shattered world where demons rule in some areas. Lots of plot hooks there.

I love that Khoras can be a spring board for new ideas. That's great. Love how you're using it.

Best of luck with the adventure! I'm sure your players will love it!
Gaming Tales / New One-shot in alternative khoras
« Last post by Laurent MEKKA on October 11, 2018, 07:31:22 AM »
Today we'll try 13th age RPG.
It's a variant D20 game (like D&D) but with a bit of narrative stuff.
There's "icons" that are shakers & movers of the world and important characters. PCs need to determine their relationship with some icons and it affects the game (at the start of each session, your roll 1d6 per relationship and if you roll a 6, the followers of the icon (or anything else related to it) will give you something benefical. If you roll a 5, something benefical BUT with a disadvantage.

So, this is a non-canon Khoras where a Cataclysm destroying the two moons has also "shaken" reality, mixing for an instant the material plane with elemental planes, hell, heaven, and all the other planes. Parts of the world changed, a lot of outsiders now live in Khoras and civilisation was hurt, even destroyed in places. Demons rules some places and have enslaved humanity, some places are still connected to elemental planes and have become colder, hotter, earther (lol) or airer (...)...
50 years later, Arkalia is not a great country anymore. Only Strathon and 2 other cities are Arkalia, with an useless king and the power behind the throne, Jon Tenral, that turned the Knighly Barrinor cult into something more cruel and more like an inquisition. "New" Arkalia is safe from monstrer but not from inquisitors and injustice.

The game will start in Stirling (again !). Malcolm Teroth is undead (but players don't know). He rejected Barrinor for Kael, in order to fight harder against the enemies of Stirling.
His son, first Knight, is still faithful to Barrinor. The place is now haunted, because of the influence of the negative energy plane and a witch that came back from the dead. Sadie Lone (from my old campaign... it's like American Horror Story, new setting, same actors..). Second threath, a demon that rallied a saurian tribe after having tamed Black Claw (from my old campaign...), a young black dragon venerated by the saurians.

As the game is "supposed" (we'll see :) ) to be only a one-shot scenario and not a campaign, I chose to make only 7 Icons (right from google translate...)
Heroic icons
Queen Erelicia Syntha (Queen of Cyrell's Elves) [Guardian of Nature in Exile]
Queen Erelicia Syntha fights the demons that infest the Cyrell wood. She fled the capital and runs the operations remotely, moving in secret. She has developed a gift for military strategy and alone is able to establish a defense and reconquest plan at the level of her entire nation and beyond. She is a target for demons, who, if they managed to eliminate it, would greatly disrupt Cyrell's defense.

Dorian 1st, the Unbreakable (Sovereign of the Underground Kingdoms - Ulkran) [Purifier of the Underworld]
In the underground world of Ulkran, the Dwarves reigned as masters. Until they are invaded by aberrations that literally dock their caverns with caverns that seem, like vessels, able to move in the earth's crust. But it is without counting on the courage and tenacity of the dwarves who have practically won this war, even if there are pockets controlled by aberrations and there are regularly new assaults. Dorian needs allies on the surface, and to recover the relics stolen from the dwarves to put an end to the invasion.

(desert wizard, relic guardian) [Protector of the Irenni Legacy]
Morlokk knows, Morlokk sees. And Morlokk is convinced that to cleanse the world and that every being, every thing, every place finds its place in its original plane of existence, it needs the relics and knowledge of the now extinct Irenni civilization. Each artifact, each legend, is one step closer to its goal. War is not a lasting solution. Put everything back in its place, if.

Ambiguous icons
Great Bishop Jon Tenral (supreme religious authority of the Church of Barrinor) [Turned the worship of Barrinor into inquisition, the power behind the throne that runs Arkalia]
Jon Tenral had to overcome a great crisis, when his King did not rise to the height, when the precepts of his God bridled the noblest knights, in a fight against unscrupulous and immoral enemies. The power behind the throne, the man of the shadow, that's what he's become. And it is only he has rewritten the word of his god, his precepts. Harder, harsher, less chivalrous. The new cult of Barrinor seen by Jon Tenral purifies (with the hammer of war) at the slightest supposition that the innocent can become evil. And all those who do not worship Barrinor can become evil.
He is the one and only responsible for the reunification of Strathon, Newcastle and Corrington, the new great nation of Arkalia, free, relatively safe and strong, although for some, it is a lesser evil of living oppressed by his peers that tortured by demons.

Vurai Bodikur, mayor of the Free City of Ithell (Protector of the City of Splendor, young scholar elf) [Think only of the interests of his city to the detriment of others]
Ithell, the City of Splendors, the Mecca of culture and the arts. Now, an impenetrable vault, neither by men, nor by demons, nor by any other creature. An Eden in a destroyed world. And Vurai will do everything to keep things that way. Even if it is done at the price of the rest of the civilization. It is said that he made a pact with the underworld to protect his city. It is said that he sold the rest of humanity to protect his city. That does not prevent, that sometimes one finds his agents in defenders of the humanity on the other end of the world. Guilt?

Bad icons
The Seven Lords of Dread (High Priests of Barulda) [Dream of a Undead World]
The seven high priests of Barulda, neither quite alive, nor quite dead, were able to revel in the destruction of humanity, the awakening of the dead, the influence of the world of the dead on that of the living . Demons and other arrivals from other plans are both an obstacle and a playground. If they were able to convert them to their pleasures of torture and self-mutilation, they could certainly create a paradise...

Queen Sillar, the Merciless (Demonic Majesty, Queen of Shadows, Eastern Scourge, Light-Bane of Light - Duthelm) [Wants to see the world crumble in chaos and blood to reshape it in her image]
Queen Sillar wanted to see the world burn, humble men and conquer the entire planet with her troops of orcs, ogres and goblins. But the Cataclysm has changed its plans. Chaos is now his enemy. Or a beast to tame. Allies to find, new victims to enslave. Collaborate with the strong, eliminate the weak. Then conquer the world.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Barrinor cult and rangers
« Last post by David Roomes on October 07, 2018, 12:27:30 AM »
This is how I run it in my games...

The High Guard, the Stirling Knights, noblemen and various others of Arkalia spend their time trying to live up to the highest ideals of the faith of Barrinor... which includes the choice to avoid ranged weapons. However, they are the only ones who adhere that strictly to the code. Others, such as city guards, common soldiers, militia men and yes, the Stirling Rangers, are more practical. While many of them worship Barrinor and try to live by most of the tenets, they do so mixed with a measure of pragmatism. Ranged weapons are sometimes necessary. Lords and nobles realize that ranged weapons are needed to win battles. This is one area where "common soldiers" are useful. They can sully their hands with ranged weapons while the knights and nobles keep their honor clean.

I think the rangers are a different breed all together. They not only use long bows, I think they are excellent archers and prefer ranged weapons. Also, I imagine most of them are flexible when it comes to faith as well. Barrinor is the state religion, but it's not the only one. The rangers may bend the knee in a church to Barrinor when they are in town and city, but out in the wilds, they pray to Erylon.


General Discussion and Questions / Barrinor cult and rangers
« Last post by Laurent MEKKA on October 06, 2018, 11:44:51 PM »
Another question in Arkalia. Stirling in particular !
There's rangers around the town but on the Barrinor's page : "Ranged weapons are shunned as they are a craven’s weapon."
How is it compatible ? Are rangers worshipping another god ? How worshippers of Barrinor see them ? They protect the town against dangers from the Trackless Mire, are they seen as coward by the knights and most of Stirling people because they use bows ?
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by tanis on September 25, 2018, 01:27:19 AM »
Yeah, go me! Lol. Morlokk was obvious, so I just had to guess which other wizard was comparable to him in power, and Tolkarus seemed the most likely candidate.

When I was double-checking my assumption, I noticed that Tolkarus doesn't have his own page, which I did find a bit odd, especially given how powerful he obviously is. I'd be very interested to see more information on him in future.

As for the History section in general, and the section on the Alliance specifically, it seems like there would always be more to know, but, while I would certainly always like to see more information added to the site, along with greater explication and clarification of what's already present, it does seem to me that it would be entirely likely that information on that period of history, and the Alliance itself, would be quite spotty anyway. For one thing, there was an enormous cataclysm which killed most of the Alliance's members, and presumably destroyed most of the contemporary written sources, followed by an equally destructive period of total war between three states and multiple non-state factions, for another, the Alliance itself was a secretive organization, which means that much of the relevant information would have either been intentionally obscured, perhaps through Huridian, or simply died with the Mage Lords in whose minds it solely resided, and finally, it's nearly three thousand years later in Khoras's timeline that most play is occurring, which means that it's not dissimilar from the difficulty we have studying the period around the Bronze Age Collapse in our own world (which, sans magic/magic-related solar catastrophes, is actually quite parallel to the events, despite the Thullian empire clearly being more closely modeled on Rome), and that with our vastly more advanced academic infrastructure and highly developed disciplines of study compared to a medieval society.

So, in a sense, it's almost a bit apropos that the details of that period are a bit fuzzy.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by David Roomes on September 24, 2018, 08:23:30 PM »
Ok, to answer all the questions:

1. The history pages really don't go into much detail and I need to fix that. But I've always imagined that the magic of the Alliance mage lords (I should come up with a name for their magic) evolved as the group evolved. The group and their advanced form of magic were tied together. And no one outside of the Alliance had access to the new, more powerful, type of magic. As the group grew in size, their magic evolved into something that far surpassed normal magic. I never really saw a single sudden moment, but again, not much detail in that area. I suppose there could have been some sudden flash of insight that started it all.

2. Yes, the two mages who have successfully decoded Huridian are Morlokk and Tolkarus. Both did it independently. Tolkarus is unable to leave his mountain for reasons explained in the Crystal Dominion campaign. I should probably write up a page on him. Anyway, he can't leave his mountain and so the world is safe from him. And Morlokk, although extremely powerful, is not at all interested in world domination. He's actually a kind old man who is more interested in his magical studies and traveling the world and multiverse beyond.

3. The general population knew very little about what was going on in North Aden. The commoners knew that a powerful and secretive order of wizards was working in a great castle and there were tavern talk and rumors and gossip, but nothing solid. Very few people, mostly kings and arch wizards and heads of powerful organizations, knew that the Alliance was working on a vast and powerful project of sorcery. Even few knew exactly what it was.

4. After the Sundering, there were no new wizards joining the Alliance as members. Alliance mage lords were able to prolong their lives and vigor with powerful magic. Many of them were quite old.

Eventually I will get around to organizing and expanding the history pages. The History section should be a lot better than it is.

Delbareth, that sounds like a really fun campaign you're planning. Can't wait to hear more about it!

General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by David Roomes on September 19, 2018, 11:37:28 AM »
I'm about to get on a plane. I'll be gone for 5 days. I'll answer this when I get back. :)
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by Delbareth on September 19, 2018, 09:17:39 AM »
I add a new question :
It is said that Mandacas was kill during the fall of Bekaï in 89 CC. Was he an very old Mage-lord (kept young by magic), or did the Alliance continue to form new mages ? (did the Alliance even existed still after the Sundering ? I bet no)
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Alliance mage Lords
« Last post by Delbareth on September 18, 2018, 02:03:31 AM »
I have another question regarding the Focusing.

What was known of this experiment by the common population. I guess in North Aden they were quite aware of a this spell. But was it known that Alliance wanted to change something in the star ? (by official speech or rumors...)
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