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Session #14 - ““It Burns When I Pee””
« on: December 29, 2007, 12:07:36 PM »
Session #14
“It Burns When I Pee”

Once we get back from the witches ruins with the news of our impending death, we decided to act quickly against the Scourge. The disease is causing a burning in our flesh, a pounding in our heads and pains in our eyes. Our bodies are dying, all of our physical traits are suffering from it and it's getting harder and harder to concentrate. We have Paragon go into the Drowned Rat Tavern in disguise from his mask, looking for members of the Scourge for us to capture and question.

While waiting outside in an alley, Aruzmathel sees Pigeon walking through the streets away from the area. He is bloodied and bruised. A large fighter type is following him and it looks like he is about to attack him. Aruzmathel cast Message and tells Pigeon to dodge but it is too late. The bruiser grabs him and heads towards an alley. Torgrin says to send him in. Hugh starts running around the block to get to them. Aruzmathel tells Pigeon to go with the pull and then casts Benign Transportation to swap Pigeon and Torgrin.

Not expecting the 70 pound kid in his arms to change into a 240 pound dwarf, the figher drops Torgrin. Torgrin pulls out his ax and asks him what he wanted with the kid. The Bruiser tells Torgrin that Pigeon owes him 50 gold and he wants to get it out of him. Aruzmathel checks with Pigeon on why this guy grabbed him and he says that that he lost a bet and owes him 5 gold, well maybe 50 depending on how he looks at it. After some conversation with Torgrin and Hugh, the bruiser leaves and continues looking for Pigeon.

Pigeon explains the following:
Aruzmathel, I must speak with you. About the Street Rats… one of our brothers, a young thief named Saffa, picked the pockets of two armored men at the west market. He came back to our hide out with some gold and food. And a medallion. Beaten bronze. It had this symbol on it. (He sketches out the same symbol that the party saw before – the symbol associated with the Scourge). This is the symbol of the Scourge, isn’t it? Soon after Saffa showed us his treasure, eight armored men stormed our hide out. There was a terrible battle. We fought, but there were two many. They had armor and swords and three of them had magic. Ten of the Street Rats were killed. Four were captured. I and three others escaped. I followed these men who had the four captives. They went into the sewer. I can show you where. I followed them through two sections of sewer until they saw me and chased me. I escaped. Just barely.  I think I know where they were going. Based on where I managed to come up out of the sewer, I think I know what building. I can show you. No one knows the streets as well as the Street Rats. We know every nook and cranny of the city and many of us know the sewers as well. On behalf of the Street Rats, I humbly ask you to help me free my four brothers.

One of the spell casters chanted and threw a spell. Several of us were struck by it.. He cut open his arm and his blood flowed and we were all struck. We have all been sick all night and this morning. What is this sickness? Can you cure it?

We tell Pigeon that we will try to cure them and kill all the members of the Scourge that we can find. We go back to the Street Rats hideout. Saffa had a stash that Pigeon knows about, being the head of the gang and all, and in there is the pouch he got off the Scourge member. There is some coins and a leather tie with two keys on it inside the pouch.

Hugh gives Pigeon three silver and tells him to take the other members of the gang to lay low in a tavern for the night. Pigeon argues that he wants to go and to help be we insist that he and the other surviving members of the Street Rats must stay out of this next battle

We take the keys to Finnegan to use divination on them and the dead cleric body in the dungeon. He tells Aruzmathel that he has discovered the meaning of 17 symbols and the meaning of 4 derivatives of Huridian and would love to spend the next three days talking about it. Aruzmathel is very tempted to but realizes that his blood is burning, his head is aching and the back of his eyeballs itch. While the new knowledge that he has spent so much time searching for would be nice, the death at the end of that time wouldn’t kind of off set it. The Huridian updates will have to wait till after we kill lots of the Scourge and cure the disease that is killing us.

Finnegan uses his divination and receives the following:

He who held these keys and trust last moon
Does lair at the House of Mora.

Tread not the daylight gate
Fire, steel and spell shall rend your flesh from bone

Rivers of filth and darkness
Lead to Blood and glory.

Sight of your prey’s lair
Precedes great knowledge and fortuitous victory
Beware the ringing bells
For by their sound your fall is entoned.

We prep for battle and head out to the sewer entrance that Pigeon told us about.
We drop in and take up marching order of Torgrin, Hugh, Aruzmathel and Paragon. Torgrin is checking for traps and Aruzmathel is looking for magic.

Torgrin uses his dwarf senses to lead us to the right spot through the sewers. While moving through the sewers Torgrin sees a giant rat ahead and engages it in combat. The rat gets in a solid bite on him before he kills it.

Torgren goes up to see where the rat was digging in the wall and thinks that he heard some footsteps and maybe a voice. Aruzmathel puts on his blindfold of x-ray vision and about 10 feet in he sees two figures in a basement digging and prying into the ceiling of the room they are in. They are breaking into coffins in the cemetery above them. They take the body back through their tunnel to the house of the Scourge which they probably picked for ease of grave robbing.

We continue down the sewer and find a door that should lead to the house we are looking for. The keys fit the door and unlock it. Hugh pushes the door open and it makes a great squeaking sound and there is a slight moan heard somewhere in the distance. Hugh moves down the hall and Torgrin follows. They look around the bend in the hall and see a 9 foot tall at the shoulders headless undead. It has chains attached to its body and to the walls with lots of bells on the undead and chains.

After way too much debate we cast silence on the undead and then toss our rust grenade at it. All the chains and bells rust out and the rust finally settles. Hugh charges it and attacks. It pulls its sword and hits Hugh as he gets inside it’s range, but the large sword breaks while cutting into Hugh. It continues to pound Hugh and Hugh pounds it back. Paragon uses an impressive spell against undead and does massive damage to it, dropping it to the ground. Hugh sees an eyeball laying on the floor and squishes it. The undead stands back up and both Hugh and Torgrin hack it to pieces. They continue to squish other pieces of it that we find strewn about the room. Once all of these eyeballs and other bits of it have been destroyed it stops regenerating.

We advance into the complex. We find a kitchen and storage room and then off in another direction we find 4 stone coffins. Hugh advances in and pulls the lid off one of the coffins and finds a partial undead. It is a dry husk below the waist and above the waist is an undead in the creation. Hugh stabs it in the eye and then stabs it in the other eye. It starts regenerating. The coffin is magical and creating the zombie and regenerating it. We decide to leave the undead in the coffins so we don’t leave any obvious traces of being this far into the complex. We go across the hall and find another 4 coffins.

The only way further into the complex is through the kitchen. Paragon casts Silence on a coin that Hugh carries and we move in and attack the ogre that is working there. Another ogre comes in and joins the battle and we kill them both.
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