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Session #2
« on: April 30, 2007, 12:02:14 PM »
Session #2

The dungeon is in poor repair with cracks between the stone walls and light filtering in from outside. The parties cell has been repaired within the last few days. There is a hole in the floor for sewer, a 2’ length of chain, a broken human femur and the bars of the cell are old and rusted. The other cells are in similar disrepair and hold all the people from the village.

There is a lamp hanging outside of the groups cell and it holds a tiny Drellisite crystal (a rare blue crystal that emits an energy which interferes with the normal flow of magic, much like the blue sun). Apparently they remember that we have many spell casters in the party and want to make things difficult for us.

Aruzmathel starts working on his gag while Hugh moves a little bit more to block the view of the only guard in the dungeon.

Another prisoner gets his gag off by rubbing up against the rusted bars and starts talking to the party. He lets us know that his master is in one of the other cells and wants to know if we can use our magic to get us all out of here. Oliff gets his gag off and tells him that Aruzmathel is the only one that can easily cast spells without a spell book and the rest of the party needs to get their spell books back before they can cast effectively. His name is Maric, but he goes by Bull and he is the bodyguard for the old man in another cell. Later we find out that that old man is Lord Jondas Peldor who is a ranking member/officer of the house Quaigen, one of the Guilds of from Drakkel. He is the Master of Coffers for House Quaigen, one of the guilds in the Drakkellian Alliance, and one of its highest ranking members.

Once he has his gag off, Aruzmathel casts Mage Hand (after making a check to cast through the Drellisite interference) and starts using it to get Soris’s gag off. After he gets Soris’s gag off and starts working on his bonds. Hugh gets through his bonds by sawing them against the rusty bars.

Soris hears something from outside our cell, through the cracks in the wall. Through the crack, we can just barely make out green grass, distant trees and blue sky beyond.

The overheard conversation:
Orc - Here he comes.
Korick - Let me handle this.

(A man dressed in armor and cape rides up and dismounts)

Captain - Korick, I understand you’ve got a whole village trussed up in there?
Korick - Yes sir.
Captain - And why is that?
Orc – Yeah… why ‘ave we got ‘em rounded up like this. Why not just kill ‘em all? Why round ‘em up? And for Gorag’s sake, why waste good ‘ealing on ‘em?
Korick - Because our compass was damaged four days ago during a capture. We had previously detected a strong source in this area, but now we can’t identify the target. Helram believes it’s one of this group, but we can’t tell which one. But it’s definitely someone who was in the village... or near it.
Captain - Can Helram repair your compass?
Korick - No sir. I don’t think so. The spells involved are well beyond his knowledge.
Captain - Very well. Tannark’s group is coming from the east. We’ll merge groups and use theirs to find the target.
Korick - And how long will that be?
Captain - They’ll be here in two days. Sit on the prisoners till then. Where is Boris?
Korick - I sent Boris and his men down to the village for cleanup and to the mill to salvage what they can. But I doubt there’s much left after all those explosions. The place is probably still burning...
Captain - I’m riding on south to meet up with Sarshem and his group. When Helram has a working compass in his hands, find the target. The xorians are leaving two here to aid you. The rest are heading on.
Korick - And after the target is found…what of the rest of the villagers?
Captain - Kill them all. No one’s going to miss this puny cross roads village.
Korick - Yes sir.
Orc - We’ll be ‘appy to take care of that.

Soris relates this to the rest of the party when he gets a chance.

Another orc comes in and starts talking to the guard. They pull out a deck of cards and start playing.

One of the prisoners in a cell close to ours takes off his left boot which was a prosthetic and takes a lock pick out of the fake boot. He starts working on his cell lock

A rat comes up through the sewer hole and Oliff catches it and starts to play with it. He strokes its head and it tries to bite him, but can’t get through his thick, aberrant skin.

A orc comes into the room with a cart. There is a large pot with soup and bowls and he starts giving out food to the prisoners. He skips the prisoner that are bound and gagged, or at least still look bound and gagged (us, Bull and the guy with the fake foot). After he serves the guards and leaves, Aruzmathel and Soris cast Acid Splash on the top and the bottom points of one of the weakest looking bars of their cell. The entire party has escaped their bonds and gags by this point, but we are keeping up the appearance with our arms behind our backs and the gags loosely around our mouths. 

After half an hour two orcs come and replace the two orcs on duty. A Human, Half Orc and Ogre enter the dungeon and start walking the stalls. The Half Orc is wearing Hugh’s armor. Once they are done inspecting the prisoners, they leave.
The man with the wooden leg, Grig, finishes picking his lock and offers his lock picks to us, which we turn down. He lets us know that we are probably in the old ruins on a hill about a quarter mile from town. This explains why the cells are in such poor shape.

Hugh and Oliff get up quietly and with a quick pull they break the bar that was weakened. One of the orc guards reacts immediately and the other is a bit slow. After squeezing through the bars, Hugh charges and runs the bar through the quick orc, killing him. Crazy Cloak summons a skeleton in front of the exit door of the dungeon. Soris casts Daze and dazes the other orc. (both succeeding at casting through the Drellisite effect).

Aruzmathel gets out of the cell and starts working to pull down the Drellisite crystal. The guy with the wooden foot gets out of his cell and starts working on our cell to get Oliff’s massive body out of our cell.

The Burrow Hound (did I forget to mention the massive Burrow Hound that is in the dungeon with us? Yea, we know about it but didn’t seem to remember it much when the battle started) charges and bites Hugh on the shoulder. Hugh tries to slam it against the bars but doesn’t do any damage. The summoned skeleton charges and attacks the orc and does plenty of damage. Crazy Cloak advances and grabs a falchion from the downed orc. Aruzmathel gets the Drellisite crystal lantern down and takes it to the far side of the cell.

Hugh drops the iron bar and pries the hound from his sholder. Crazy Cloak catches the bar, keeping it from making a lot of noise as it falls, and still casts Blood Fist and hits and kills the last orc that is running for the exit to sound the alarm.

Soris wraps the length of chain around the hounds throat and it turns and bites Soris. Soris and Hugh work together to strangle the hound. While trying to strangle the hound, Hugh slips, looses his hold on the hound and falls flat on his back. Crazy Cloak steps in and slaughters the hound with the falchion.

Oliff goes around and tries to calm and quite the villagers in the cells. He also apologizes to the woman that he shot and the little girl he pushed out the window and then dragged into the dark bar.

We check the bodies of the two dead orcs and find a pouch with moldy bread and cheese, another pouch with three coppers with a deck of cards as well as two small shields, two Falchion and the keys to the cells.

We start checking the doors leading out of the dungeon and find the there is a sleeping, drunk orc in one of the rooms. Hugh suggests that we kill him but doesn’t want to do it himself. Crazy Cloak asks him why he would suggest killing the sleeping orc but won’t do it himself and they have a very brief conversation on moral dilemmas. Soris says he will do it and heads down the hall into the room and kills the orc in his sleep. There are weapons, a cloak and a locked chest in the room. Inside the chest is a pouch with coins 5 copper, 2 silver, a carved ivory flute, a fancy gold capped quill and bottle of ink and a block of cheese wrapped in cloth.

The next room is the kitchen where Hugh finds and takes some lantern oil. Oliff find a silk pouch and a bottle of blue liquid, both of which detect magic. He then goes about raiding cooking ingredients and handing out food to the party (he still has his new pet rat in one hand while working with all the food)

We question a beaten half orc that is in one of the cells. His name is Thrasher and he tells us that he is in here because he tried to stop his commanding officer from butchering 5 kids. We ask him lots of questions and find out that there are about 6 skrell, 3 orcs, 3 officers, 1 goblin shaman and two xorians still in the ruins. Our equipment was outside being divided up and the rest of it will be sent south in the bright colored wagon.

We set up an ambush for the changing of the guards by propping up the dead guards at their table with the jug from the barracks. Some of us are in cells, some behind the main door in the shadows, some in the kitchen. We wait for over an hour before the new guards arrive.

Two orcs come through the doors, close and lock the doors behind them. Hugh steps up and attacks one right after they are through the door. He hits and does plenty of damage. Paragon (Crazy Cloak) steps out of a cell and hits the same orc and drops him, then tells the other orc to surrender. The rest of the party slaps the other orc around and he surrenders.

The dead one had an elven dagger with a jewel in it, apparently it belonged to Soris and he takes it back. The captured one is wearing Paragons chain mail and had 12 copper. We interrogate the remaining orc and find out that there are about 5-6 skrell and 10 people up stairs (4 in the tower and 4 outside with the employers and one of the xorians). The wizard one is upstairs looking at our spell books. The bodyguard and the other one is out there too. Most of our gear is upstairs in the big room with the fireplace. After the questioning, Paragon leaves the room (now wearing his chain mail again) and Soris slits the orcs throat.

We form up and leave the dungeon. We turn a corner and spot five commanders around a table (a goblin, human, halforc and two orcs). A skrell comes around a back corner and see us, Oliff tries to cast a spell from yesterdays memory and fails and Aruzmathel casts magic missile and kills it.

Hugh charges the orc in the command room, trips and belly slides right up to the orc. Paragon casts fear on the orc and it fails its save and runs out of the ruins. The goblin wizard casts an inky black sphere that slams into Thrasher who had just run into the room and he drops to the floor. Bull runs up and scores a solid hit on the human. The human takes a swing at Bull and misses. Oliff readies an action to throw a rat at the goblin if he casts another spell. Aruzamethel casts acid splash on the goblin. Soris moves up and attacks the goblin and misses. Another orc comes around the tables and attacks Soris while yelling for Korg. Hugh gets up off his belly and gets ready for joining the battle. Paragon runs down the hall, gracefully jumps up on the table and attacks and missed the goblin.

The goblin goes to cast a spell and Oliff throws the rat and nails him, disrupting his spell. (The rat hit him in the upper leg and scrambled upwards towards his crotch). Bull hits and drops the human. Aruzmathel holds his spell for two skrell that are charging him. When they get close enough, Aruzmathel drops one of the skrell with a color spray and the other one attacks and misses him. The halforc attacks and hits Bull. Soris slams the goblin with his falchion and does good damage. Thrasher charges the orc and cuts him in two. Hugh slams the halforc and does lots of damage to him. Paragon swings and misses the goblin.

Oliff swings at the skrell on Aruzmathel and misses. The goblin goes to cast a spell and Paragon, Thrasher and Soris all take attacks of opportunity and miss. Fortunately for those around him, the rat continues to bite and scratch the goblin and he fails his concentration check and messes up his spell. Bull hits and kills the halforc he was fighting. Soris slams the goblin but it’s still up. Aruzmathel swings at the skrell on him and misses. The skrell takes a deep breath and exhales an inky black cloud, obscuring the area. Hugh steps up onto the table to attack the goblin and almost falls again. Paragon flanks the goblin and attacks and misses him. He tells him to surrender and the surrounded and greatly wounded goblin surrenders. Paragon then finishes him off.

The party regroups in the main room and prepares for the other enemies running towards the sounds of battle.

We brace for the new fight and call it a night.

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