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Session #3
« on: May 19, 2007, 06:50:07 PM »
Session #3

The party braces themselves for the next wave of bandits, probably including some of the leaders. After quickly scrounging supplies from the table, Huge, Oliff, Paragon and Thrasher gather around the entrance to the main room we will make our stand in, using the doorway as a bottleneck in combat.

From across the ruins between the two main buildings, the enemies head mage fires a blinding blue bolt which streaks through the doorway, misses all the fighters and strikes Oliff, sending him flying back. He lands unconscious and smoke rises off his body while the smell of roasting pork fills the room. We all get the feeling that he will be out for the entire battle/session.

The fighters look outside to see what forces we are up against and see that the enemy mage is standing as ways off with three humanoids. The humanoids light bombs on their torches and throw them at the party. One of the bombs makes it into the room and explodes, doing plenty of damage.

Since we haven’t found any missile weapons yet, none of the fighters can fire back and aren’t willing to rush through the open ground, Aruzmathel finds on the table a bolt part from one of the thunder sticks of Finnegan and uses a cantrip to fire it at the enemy mage outside the building. The bolt flies true but strikes an invisible barrier and misses.

Hugh, Bull and Thrasher all prepare to catch the next wave of thrown bombs. Bull catches one and throws it back out but the two others miss the second bomb which lands on the table behind them. It explodes and does fire damage to several of the party.

Two of the humanoids fire crossbow bolts and hit Thrasher. The other humanoid throws another bomb and Aruz tries to shoot it with a Magic Missile and times it wrong, hitting the shield before the bomb passes through it. The wizard shoots a spell and hits Thrasher, Bull and Hugh each with a ball of fire. Hugh gets the table and lays it across the doorway, using it as cover.

Grig comes into the room with the sliver of Drellisite and Aruzmathel tells him to wrap it in something and throw it at the mage. Grig lets us know that the three small kegs on the table are his explosive powder, brought up from his mill.

Paragon goes around the back exit of our room and out the damaged wall of the ruins. He moves gets close enough to the enemy and cast a fear spell from behind a section of crumbling wall. He targets the orc that has his crossbow, but the spell doesn’t affect him.

Grig throws the boot and hits the magic shield wall and it fails to hold up against the Drellisite. Paragon charges the wizard and attacks him and does a little bit of damage. The wizard has the org throw the boot back and the other two humanoids attack Paragon, doing lots of damage.

Hugh jumps over the table and grabs the boot. Bull and Thrasher jump the table and charge the enemies and Soris follows them.

Paragon moves out of combat and takes cover behind the wall of the other main building. The Half Orc moves up to meet Thrasher and nails him with a great hit. The Org and Orc move up even with the Half Orc and attack Bull.
The wizard pulls out a wand and fires it at Soris and misses. Hugh charges in and hits the Half Orc, bringing with him the boot holding the Drellisite crystal to mess up the mage.

Aruz has spent the last several actions wrapping half a keg of explosive powder in his shirt and then moving into position to get a shot at the mage. He uses Launch Item to send the 7.5 pounds of explosive powder further than he could have thrown it and nails the torch laying three feet away from the wizard. It is a perfect shot. The explosion shreds the lower half of the wizard, leaving him laying on the ground, legs missing, waist ripped open, screaming in pain and bleeding out. The shrapnel from the explosion pelts the humanoids and deafens some of them. Aruzmathel makes sure that the lid is screwed on very tight on the small metal keg he is carrying that contains the other 7.5 pounds of explosive powder.

The org smashes Soris and drops him to the brink of unconsciousness.  The other fighters go toe to toe and smash each other around.

Aruzmathel cast a ray of flame and catches the half orc on fire and drops him. His body lays on the grass, still on fire, cooking in the fine armor of Hugh’s that he was wearing.

Soris makes one last thrust and hits the Org, then drops into unconsciousness.

After giving himself some healing, Paragon see a man in armor and a Xorian running up the hill to join in battle, with another Xorian a ways behind them. He runs into the ruined building and starts searching for something that might help us against the new threat. He collects stuff from the table and stuffs it into a box, including spell books and potions and maps of the area.

Flannigan and Grig run up and join the battle. Flannigan gets to the dead mage and grabs the wand he was using.

Thrasher gets a good hit on the Ogre. Hugh gets his first hit in and does solid damage to the Ogre. Thrasher gets another hit in on him. Aruzmathel picks up the loaded heavy crossbow and shoots the Ogre in the back. Hugh gets in another good hit on the Ogre, but it’s still up.

Paragon comes out of the building with his arms full of loot and yells, “There are reinforcements coming in, more than we can handle. Run!” He then heads south, with the loot.

Aruzmathel hears this, sees the warrior and Xorian come around the corner, and grabs the wrist of the wizard and starts running south, dragging the remains with him. After he gets a little ways away, Aruzmathel takes a moment and pulls from the body a pouch, two scrolls, two potions, and a satchel.

Flannigan figures out how to get the wand to work and blasts the ogre and it finally goes down.
The Xorian enters battle and blasts Thrasher with his arm spikes, dropping him, leaving only Hugh, Grig and Flannigan on the battle field against the Org, Xorian and warrior.

Flannigan uses the wand again and blasts the Org, finally dropping it.

Hugh picks up the Ogres great sword and tells Flannigan and Grig “Go, I’ll delay them”. The follow his order and grab Soris and run south to catch up with Paragon and Aruzmathel.

The human leader charges Hugh and cuts him deep. The Xorian blasts Hugh with his arm spikes.

Hugh slashes the human, but then the poison of the Xorian kicks in and drops Hugh unconscious.

The remains of the party continue to run south. Grig and Flannigan are carrying the unconscious body of Soris and are following Aruzmathel and Paragon. We stop a ways south west of the ruins and bind our wounds, and Paragon brings Soris back to consciousness.

We have the spell books of Oliff, Flannigan, Soris and the dead wizard. Two goblin scrolls, two wizard scrolls, a good map, a red potion that is healing, 2 potions off the wizard, a pouch of heavy and chalky powder (that radiates the alteration school of magic). Flannigan brought the wand of stunning with 7 charges left (stunning? That means that the Org and Ogre might still be alive), a jar with a chalky magical white powder, a full canister of explosive powder, all of the pieces of a stun stick and a blue pouch with red leaf tobacco.

We march to the town to the west, where the other prisoners were supposed to head if they got away. When we arrive in town we talk to the town leader. Since Grig is from the destroyed town and is know in this town, we are welcomed and our story is believed. We get fed, armed and armored. They have a town meeting right there in the inn and argue if they should run, fight or what. We start our planning for returning to the ruins and freeing our remaining friends, if they are still alive…