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Session #5
« on: June 17, 2007, 09:18:55 AM »
While the party is getting slaughtered inside, a half elven ranger named Faltar, who was checking in on the small town of Bullhorn (where we had just rested) catches up to the archers and Finnegan. The townspeople had told him of the attacks and that we were trying to free the prisoners and he had ridden as fast as possible to catch up and join us.

He arrives shortly after we have gone in and finds the group of ten archers and Finnegan standing at the edge of the forest a bow's shot from the ruins. He gets an update from them and decides to lead the best four archers and Finnegan down the hill and into battle.

As they get within closer range of the Xorian, Finnegan begins to cast a spell but an arrow hits him through his neck, dropping him. The group turns to see that it was fired from a Half-Orc that is coming up the hill with an Orc and Org behind.

Back within the ruins Aruzmathel casts Benign Transportation (a short range pre-targeted teleport spell that swaps the positions of two people). The spell swaps the places of the unconscious and bleeding Grig (who has just fallen in the sword fight) with Hugh (who is imprisoned below in the dungeons). Hugh shows up on the ground floor in the midst of the fight, lying on the floor where Grig had been lying. He is unarmed and unarmored, wearing only a loin cloth. At that same instant, Grig is transported to the safety of the dungeon cell below.

The Org swings and misses Paragon and Paragon returns the favor by hitting him twice. Hugh picks up Grigs abandoned sword and a shield and leaps into the fight.

The Xorian outside runs back to the ruins and instead of jumping over the table blocking the entry way, the xorian, instead, grabs the table and breaks it into pieces.

The ranger, Faltar, shoots and hits the Half-Orc archer. The four townsfolk archers shoot and two of them hit the Xorian.

Aruzmathel flings one of Grig's exploding powder bombs at the Xorian. A good throw lands the bombs at the Xorians feet where the other three bombs from earlier in the fight lay intact. The flung bomb detonates and successfully sets off the other three. Four explosions sound off in rapid succession and the xorian is engulfed in a brilliant flash of orange flame. The tremendous explosiong brings down the ancient walls and roof on top of the xorian who is crushed under a pile of stones and mortar.

The Org swings at Paragon and fumbles and throws his hammer into the cloud of dust and rubble. The Half-Orc takes a couple more shots at the archer party and they focus their shots back at him. The Orc and Org run towards the entrance to join the battle inside the ruins.

Aruzmathel takes a moment to stops the bleeding of Soris. The Org realizes that without a weapon it is doomed against the crazy one and it runs away from the battle. Paragon charges after it and hits it hard. Hugh takes a moment to better equip himself from the dead around him.

Faltar shots the Half-Orc through the heart, killing it. He then signals the six archers still on the hill to come down and provide cover and then rips the arrow out of Finnegan’s throat and uses a healing potion to keep him alive.

Aruzmathel hears the Xorian moaning beneath the rubble. As the dust clears he sees the xorians head poking out from the rubble. He finds a large heavy rock and brings it down on the xorian's head, splattering brains and blood all over.

The Org tries to run again, but before it can get away, Paragon finishes it off.

The fresh Org and Orc join in the battle, attacking Hugh. Hugh attacks back but swings and misses.

Aruz summons in a Celestial Owl to attack the Org. The Orc swings and hits Hugh but the Org misses him. Paragon charges and attacks the Orc. Hugh power attacks and hits the Org for lots of damage.

Paragon swings and hits the orc. Hugh power attacks and hits the Org. The Org takes a potion and heals it self. Paragon hits the orc again. The orc tries to drink a potion, but both Paragon and Hugh attack the potion in its hand and destroy it, meanwhile the Celestial Owl attacks and kills the orc.

Paragon moves past the Org to heal Soris. Hugh power attacks the Org and does great damage. Aruz moves up and sticks the Org with a dagger. The Org senses the danger of Aruzmathel and attacks him, but misses. Now that he is back up, Soris casts burning hands and kills the Org.

Meanwhile, the Ogre that was running away from Fear at the start of the battle has returned, right behind the ranger and the four archers he brought into the ruins with him. The Ogre pounds on of the villagers into a bloody pulp. The Ogre goes on to kill all four of the villagers while Faltar and the villagers try to fend it off.

Aruzmathel uses the Necromancy dust and animates the Org and commands it to attack the Orge around the corner.

Paragon, Hugh and Soris head around the corner and down the stairs towards the dungeon, and find that the door barricaded and they hear there is a chanting mage and a growling Xorian behind it.

Aruzmathel goes to join his org zombie and Faltar in fighting the Ogre. Faltar gets a great hit in on the Ogre and then Aruzmathel pops him with a crossbow and drops him. The undead Org’s wounds from the Ogre are magically healing as it comes to join Aruzmathel.

Paragon runs back and gets a packet of explosives from Aruz and goes to blow up the barricaded door to the dungeon.

After the doors are blown open, Faltar and the undead Org run down the stairs while the Xorian runs up the stairs and shots both Soris and Hugh with its arm bolts. Paragon tells Aruzmathel to web the bomb to the Xorian and then hits it in the chest with an unlit bomb (Aruzmathel uses Web from Oliff’s spell book). Faltar is cut off from the party and gets attacked and captured by the three enemy humans in the dungeon.

Hugh slashes the Xorian for plenty of damage. Soris drops from the damage of the Xorian bone spur digging into his flesh. Aruzmathel sets the webs and the bomb on fire. The Xorian attacks Paragon for lots of damage.

Paragon and Aruzmathel get out of the blast radius, the bomb goes off and does a some damage to the Xorian while blasting it back down the stairs, knocks Hugh unconscious and finishes off Soris. The undead Org is killed in the blast.

Aruzmathel notices that the Ogre that should have been dead is bloody and limping out of the ruins. He runs after the Ogre and finds the archers peppering it with arrows. Aruzmathel commands the archers and Finnegan to come in with the stun wand. He searches the dead Ogre and finds a ring of regeneration and gathers up the troops and heads back in.

Paragon moves up and heals Hugh, but not enough for him to regain consciousness. The Xorian gets up and shakes itself off at the bottom of the stairs where he was blown to. Paragon heals Hugh enough to bring him back to consciousness and then moves away around the corner. The Xorian runs up the stairs, past the unmoving Hugh and around the corner in the other direction that Paragon went.

Aruzmathel and the archers move back into the ruins and see the Xorian coming. The archers fire and only one hits, but Aruz drops the Xorian with the stun wand. We move up and deal the final blows to the Xorian to make sure that it is really dead.

Paragon strips armor from some of the enemies we killed earlier and Hugh starts putting on chain mail and using the regeneration ring to regain hit points. We set up the archers to guard the halls leading from the dungeon. A man comes out and tries to slip past the archers. Paragon chases him and Aruzmathel hits him with the stun wand and drops him. We have one of the archers finish him off and drag his body over for searching.

After Hugh has armor on we go down into the dungeon and find Boris who surrenders to us and a human in plate armor who is kneeling and chanting.  Aruzmathel tries to stun the plat armor guy and misses him. He gets up and charges Hugh, his sword bursting into flame. Hugh swings and misses and breaks his sword. Paragon swings and hits him. Aruzmathel hits him with the stun wand and drops him. Paragon delivers a killing blow to him.

Boris remains face down on the dungeon floor through all of this, staying true to his surrender.

Aruzmathel checks the back room and finds a man trying to communicate through the damaged magical compass. Aruzmathel kills him, hopefully before he could properly contact his commander.

We free all the prisoners in the cells, finish off all the enemies and check for any allies that might still be alive. Grig is dead, Soris is dead and the four archers are dead.

We question Boris who turns out to be a mercenary captain, hired to help find whoever the magical compass pointed towards. We decide that instead of killing him we will turn him over to the city for justice.

We search the place and find some of our gear and two of our horses that was taken when we were imprisoned. We gather up all the valuables:

Boris had a magic ring that heals 1d6 twice a day. Aruzmathel puts it on. We get the magic compass, a flaming (+1d4) long sword +2 that has another function we’re not sure of, a wand of healing (2d8) that works at long range with 8 charges that Paragon takes and very nice plate male armor that Hugh puts on. Hugh is still wearing the regeneration ring. The stun wand is down to two charges. We find 37 gold, 59 silver, 149 copper. Two decks of cards, scale mail,

We gather up the villagers and prepare to head out…
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