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Session #6
« on: July 03, 2007, 04:37:05 PM »
After a brief discussion of what to do next, we decide that we are currently no match for the multiple other groups of mercenaries and xorians they have hired. We will head to Drakkel and inform them of the attacks in this region. Maybe once we are a little stronger we will come back out and find out what they are up to and put an end to them.

The party leaving the ruins now consists of :
Oliff, Hugh, Paragon, Aruzmathel
Finnegan, Faltar, 6 archers from Bullhorn, Lord Peldor (The Guild Leader from Drakkel) and his bodyguard Luger, and 19 villagers.

We also bring the bodies of Grig, Bull, Thrasher (after some dispute with Aruzmathel wanting to take him and Hugh wanting to leave him or bury/burn his body close by), 4 archers from Bullhorn that died and Soris back to the second village.

We have all the villagers strip the enemies bodies and take all the gear with us.

We march in a single file line (as per Faltars advice after some prompting by Aruzmathel) and he works on obscuring our tracks as best as he can. We know this wonít be much help in hiding the tracks of 33 people and two horses, but at least it will obscure our numbers.

We make it back to the village of Bullhorn without any other issues. There is a great reception for us and the morning of the loss of the four archers and Grig, the only locals that were killed. We check with the locals and they are fine with Thrashers body being buried in their cemetery so we have a proper ceremony for them.

That night, Aruz works on translating Sorrisís book from the Inedka code.

The next morning, Paragon heals Finneganís throat more and he is able to speak properly again. We head out of town with Faltar, Finnegan, Lord Peldor (who is a little sick), his bodyguard Lugar and our party of four.

While we are on the road we hear a dwarven yell and the sound of battle and we head towards the noise. There is a Dwarf fighting a Xorian and nearby is a dead dwarf and a large red creature with a saddle on it. Hugh charges towards battle but fails to control his horse so he has to dismount and run in on foot.

Faltar puts an arrow into the Xorian,. The Xorian takes two swings against the dwarf and misses.

Oliff shots the stun wand and misses. Aruzmathel casts Ray of Flame from a distance normally beyond the reach of the spell and catches the Xorian on fire. The dwarf (Torgren) attacks and misses. Finnegan hits it with Magic Missile. Lugar charges, attacks and misses. Hugh charges and gets a good solid hit. Oliff and Aruzmathel both hits him with a Magic Missile. Lugar gets a solid hit on it. Faltar moves in to combat, fearing that shooting another arrow would only result in hitting one of his companions. Aruzmathel moves up and uses Shocking Grasp and finishes it off! The party is relieved that when outnumbered 7 to 1, Xorians are much easier to take down.

Torgren goes over to the dead dwarf and removes the xorian bone spike from his chest, then rips the tooth out of the spike (apparently, theses are kind of like a snake that the xorian fires from itís arm, capable of independent movement and with itís own teeth).

Aruzmathel summons in Paragon for healing all around.

Torgren has many tattoos that highlight his barbaric appearance (foam around his mouth, wounds, blood splatters on his face, etc), a headband with several xorian sucker teeth on it, braids, and ironwood armor in the style of scale mail. He explains that he is a member of a tribe that has sworn to hunt down and kill xorians. The large mount is called a Thunderbeast and it has been died red and has two shaved strips on its side.

Faltor has traveled with this dwarf before and vouches for his courage and loyalty. Faltor then decides he will head back to the village that he so loves and help them prepare against any other possible raids in the area.

While we debate having the dwarf join the group, Torgren proceeds to cut out the heart of the xorian and burns it. He then cuts out the liver and eats it raw. We decide that he might not be all there in the brain, but he is good with an axe and will at least absorb some of the frontline damage, so we let the barbarian join us.

The party sets back out of the road and after a couple hours of travel, we get to a fork in the road with one direction that leads to Three Stones Fall and the other towards Barter. Luger lets us know that there is a barge in Three Stones Fall that leads down the river towards Drakkel and we should be able to barter passage on it.

Once we get into the village we check with the healer in the town to see if he can help with Lord Pelarís illness. There is a dispute over the payment for the healing and Hugh pays with his very nice, silver dagger.

Aruzmathel finds a quite spot in the local tavern and spends all of his time studying the wizards spell book.

While wandering the side roads of the town, Oliff finds a puppy and decides that it has plenty of meat on it, so he kills it and stuffs it into a bag. He takes it down to the river and cleans the carcass, dreaming up what great recipe he will us it in for the party. He then goes and talks to the local apocathary to try to identify his magic pouch. He trades him his potion for the casting of the bones to try to gain knowledge about the pouch. The little hedge wizard tells him that once per month, in the light of the full red moon, the pouch will change a pebble into a wonderful gem. Oliff is very grateful for such detailed and insightful information about his magic pouch in exchange for a lousy potion that he doesnít know what it does.

As the barge pulls up to the docks, Hugh, Finnegan, Lord Pelar and Luger go to barter for our passage. The barge master says that it will cost 35 gold for our party of seven to sleep in the common room, and Hughís horse and the Thunderbeast (charged as a wagon) to be in the stables. They arenít able to use the clout of Lord Pelar to get us on the barge, so Torgren pays for our passage.

Aruzmathel feels like he is about to break the code of the wizards book when Paragon pulls him away so they can catch the barge before it leaves. Aruzmathel asks the barge master where our group is staying and when he finds out itís a common room, he pays for a private room and goes back to work on the wizards book. After much more research he finds that the structure is the same as Huridian but most of the symbols are different, with only a few of the same symbols. He realizes that this will take him several days to decipher, maybe even weeks. After taking a breather he packs up the information and goes and finds Oliff to trade spells with and they spend most of the night trading spells while Torgren plays cards, Hugh plays darts and Paragon gets too drunk to move much.

In the common room, a Grum starts picking a fight with two orcs in hooded cloaks and their human companion. They end up dragging the grum outside and Hugh and Torgren follow them. Hugh takes the grum from them and they are OK with letting him go. The Orcs have red flesh and the human has an accent from somewhere around Duthelm/Kitar/Rukemian. The orcs flesh is red instead of the standard green and Torgren recognizes them as Red Eye Corps orcs, the ones that are in charge of the orichcalcum mines from Duthelm. These two are very red and thatís a sign that they are very high up in the ranks and shouldnít be this far away from Duthelm. Apparently the dispute started by the grum when he thought one of the orcs was trying to steal his drink. This information is gained by dangling the grum over the railing of the barge and interrogating him. At this point Paragon is so drunk and he is being fondled by the bar maid that kept giving him free drinks.

When Aruzmathel and Oliff finish trading spells, they head down to the common room to join up with the rest of the party. After being told about the Red Eye Corp Orcs and the orichcalcum, Aruzmathel detects magic and catches two very strong signals from the second level. He goes up to towards their private room up there and discovers that one of the signals is from our room and the magical compass and the other is from a room at the end of the hall. He stands in the hallway for a while and concentrates on the emanations. If it was described as a sound it would be white noise. Aruzmathel has heard this sound before, but never in this quantity or level. It is the emanations orichcalcum makes while it is being charged and after itís charged.

While trying to fall asleep and thinking about the huge block of orichcalcum, Aruzmathel hears a scratching at the door to their private room (where he, Finnegan, Lord Pelar and Luger are sleeping for the night). Someone is trying to pick the lock. He wakes up Luger who is on a top bunk by the use of a mage hand and they wait for the door to open. As it cracks open, Aruzmathel casts color spray but doesnít get the person. Luger jumps down from his bunk and chases after them down the hall. Torgren hears the running steps through the hallways and comes out of the stables where he was planning on staying. They run all over the boat looking for the person, but the thief stays ahead of them by a just a bit. At one point in the chase while on the main deck, Torgren sends Luger back to the room to take over guarding Lord Pelar and Finnegan and Aruzmathel goes and wakes up Hugh to join in the chase.

The thief leads Torgren from the main deck to the roof of the third deck and then jump from the roof to the first floor. Aruz and Hugh come out of the common room on the first floor just in time to see them land right in front of them. The thief prepares to jump over the railing and into the river when Torgren smacks them with the flat of his axe and she lets out a scream of pain and goes overboard. Torgren jumps into the river after her but canít see her due to the dark conditions. Aruzmathel uses dancing lights to locate her and finds that she is swimming towards the back of the boat. Torgren swims after her while Aruzmathel paces along side the boat waiting for her to surface so he can hit her with a magic missile. Hugh tells one of the people that has come outside that there is a man over board. Hugh then grabs a huge section of heavy rope and drops it into the water, timing it perfectly to entangle the girl as sheís swimming. He then starts hauling her up out of the water, and once she breaches the water, Aruzmathel pops her with his magic missile. Hugh gets her on deck and under guard while Aruzmathel tries to help Torgren get into the boat, but neither of them were are graceful as Hugh and Torgren slips past the back of the boat. Fortunately the calls of man overboard were enough for the captain of the barge to stop the ship and start preparing for a retrieval boat to get them.