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Session #9
« on: August 09, 2007, 01:51:52 PM »
We make it back to Hugh’s horse that was tethered a block away without any incident. Before we leave the alley, Hugh becomes visible again so he can load gear and ride his horse back to house Quagin. As Hugh is putting things into his horses saddle bag Torgren notices that someone is watching us. Hugh takes us thorough a long round about rout back towards house Qaugin. A couple minutes into the rout, Torgren tells us that we are still being followed. We double back on the person and he dodges into a houses bushes. Hugh asks him “is there anything I can help you with neighbor” but there is no response? Torgren goes in and tries to grapple him and gets hit with something that knocks him back on his ass, then the guy teleports out. While he was following us he kept checking a little pendant around his neck. Aruzmathel checks the area for magic and sees the residual from his teleport and finds the magical traces of where he teleported to a few blocks away.

We head out and after we are confident that we have lost him we find a tavern with a large, private room to look through the treasure.

Each of the 8 bricks is 5 pounds, and has a glyph of the Red Eye Corp. Aruzmathel drains one of the bricks and checks it for magic but it has none. Apparently the glyph was due to a metal piece being in it, but it has been removed. This missing metal might have been a tracking symbol.

Hugh tries to open the chest while Aruzmathel is looking at the oricalcum and he finds a needle trap with his gloves, fortunately avoiding the poison. The lock is complicated so Aruzmathel uses Knock to open it. Hugh goes about setting the coins into stacks and counting them and finds it is filled with 800 platinum and 350 gold (Drakellian mint) two small red gems (blood opals) and a fire agate.

The only magic item we have from the battle is the green potion.
There is 47 gold from the bodies, some basic non-magical equipment, some weapons, and the broken shards of the flaming sword.
There are four papers written in Southern. One is a map with two levels of a house with an address for house Winari, the house we were just in, marked Safe House #7.

Two papers are official, stamped documents that are letters of credit. One is credit voucher from Argenthouers Vault House and declares a value of 10,000 Drakkellian Gold Lords. It is made out to someone named Rancard. The second credit voucher is valued at 7,500 gold and drawn upon another bank. The fourth document is a letter of introduction for Rancard to Fallenkor, a wizard that might be interested in the product.
The spell book is from the battle mage.

We go back to House Quagen and meet with Burver, the Master of Arms. We explain the details and reasons for our attack, but he is concerned and wants to bring it to the attention of more of the nobles.

We then move the meeting to the library and meet with Burver, Morkei, Lord Kryton and Guild Representative Darian. We retell the story. They say it’s possible that House Winari might have seen our house symbol and track it back to us.

After talking it over they decide that we should get a standard missions 10% cut from the take of this attack. Our take comes out to a 5 pound brick of oricalcum, 1,000 gp, the spell book and the green potion of regeneration (1d12 plus 6 rounds heals 5 points per round). Torgren gets the potion, Aruzmathel and Oliff split the brick and share the spell book and Torgren and Hugh split the gold.

Before we retire for bed, one of the house guards reports that the Horathi Sorian that Hugh was looking for was seen at the Wounded Keel Tavern playing cards with a mix of humans and orcs. Oliff decides to stay at the house but wants us to bring him back some Sorian meat if possible. The Wounded Keel Tavern is a tavern which is built into a permanently moored ship at the docks. It is a rough tavern with a seedy clientele.

Hugh, Aruzmathel and Torgren go to the tavern and find the saurian Bael playing cards. There is one other saurian at the bar but it doesn’t look like they are together. One guy glances at the table regularly but we are not sure if he is part of the gang that Finnegan mentioned.

Aruzmathel goes to the bar pretending not to know the other two of his group. Torgren goes and joins the card game. Hugh goes and talks to one of the bouncers and lets him know that there might be a conflict as he tries to arrest a criminal and is told to take it outside. Hugh walks up and pulls out his sword and denounces Bael as a murderer and that he needs to go with Hugh to meet justice. Many weapons in the room are drawn. Bael growls, shoves back from the table and grabs a weapon. Hugh sticks Bael during this opportunity. Aruzmathel holds a spell for the first one from the crowd that joins Baels side. Bael swings at Hugh and misses twice. Torgren smashes one of the guys coming up from the crowd and Aruzmathel blinds another one.

Aruzmathel sees an org down a potion and draw his sword. Bael hits Hugh. Aruzmathel casts an extended duration Spectral Hand. Several of the guys are on Hugh and he takes a couple hits. There are two on Torgren and they do some serious beatings on him. Hugh takes a serious bite out of Bael. Aruzmathel hits Bael with Belker Claws through the Spectral Hand and drops him. Torgren drops his guy. Hugh takes another solid hit. Hugh strikes and drops one and then cleaves and drops a second fighter, offering up to the final orc that was against him to surrender. Aruzmathel drops the orc on Hugh with Belker Claws. The guy on Torgren pulls out of combat after seeing so many drop but the org moves into combat to replace him. Aruzmathel uses spectral hand to shocking grasp and takes out the commander in the breast plate that was retreating. Hugh swings and misses the org, Aruzmathel hits him hard with a shocking grasp and Torgren misses. The org pounds Torgren for heavy damage. Torgren pounds the org and cleaves off his right leg and drops him.

Torgren drops when he comes out of his rage. Aruzmathel checks the bodies for magic and finds that there are two potions one that looks obviously like healing so he gives to Torgren and brings him back up (the other radiates transmutation magic).

The half orc that Hugh spared the life of comes up and thanks him for sparing his life. He asks for his name and Hugh gives it to him.

Once we get Bael out of the bar Hugh checks his body for valuables. We head back to the house, go into the stables and Hugh lets Torgren do the honors of decapitating the body.

Hugh delivers the head to Finnegan. Finnegan is taken aback but thanks Hugh. Hugh has someone within the house mount the saurians weapon on a placard and gives it to Finnegan. Hugh then takes the body to the city morgue (somehow several steaks lighter from its flank, thanks to Oliff) and drops it off.
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