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Avisarr - Session 1
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Session 1 - Summary

On the 8th day of Magereign in the Current Year 2715, five strangers come together at the small village of Hendin in the Snowy Timber forest seeking shelter from the coming storm.

Arriving from the west, Asher, a male Elven ranger and Raiden, a female Half-Elf fighter/mage, have been tracking a band of orcs that raided their village in Cyrell.

From the northeast arrives Mara Wyndmare, a human female Acolyte to the Church of Assytia, who has been out on her first Right of Ascension. She has been studying the village for about an hour and is currently watching the two newcomers.

Sendel Kadorus comes in from the southwest, Sendel is a big human male fighter who has been traveling from his village in the foothills of the Sentinel Mountains. He is heading to Myranor to join the Freedom Fighters.

Aloren, an Elven male fighter/mage, arrives from the north, Aloren has been on a survival test in the forest for approx two weeks.

The first thing everyone notices is that the watchtower has collapsed, this is assumed to be from the significant landquake the night before. The next perception is that there are absolutely no people moving about in this village, the only visible life is a few dogs running around.

While entering the village, Sendel notices a body on the floor of a small dwelling that has had its door kicked in. After investigating, the body is a female adult with stab wounds and claw marks all over her body. Raiden thinks that the person has been dead for 6 Ė 8 hours.

After a meeting at the village square, where everyone is well met, the group searches the rest of the buildings. They find 39 bodies total, mostly women and children but a few men who appeared to have been trying to defend their families were also killed.

The ranger, Asher, notices several tracks that are in the 22Ē of snow that blankets the ground and begins to follow them. They lead approx 500 Ė 600 yards to a fissure that has opened in the ground. After investigating the opening, Asher returns to the village and tells the group what he discovered. The group decides to go to the fissure in hopes of finding the remaining villagers.

When the PCís topped a small rise, they see two bi-pedal rodent looking creatures with fir branches, attempting to wipe away their tracks. After several missed bow shots, Mara casts an Entangle spell and traps the two creatures with brush and branches from the underbrush. Now itís just a matter of target practice, until one of the skrell starts to screech. Four more skrell appear out of the fissure only to be met with a volley of arrows, Raiden kills one with an arrow through the heart, Aloren shoots one of the other skrell through the left thigh at which time the skrell exhale their black sooty cloud to cover their escape back to the underground.

Before descending into the fissure, the PCís dispatch one of the entangled skrell with arrows. By that time the Entangle spell ends and Sendel decapitates the remaining creature with a solid blow from his bastard sword.

While exploring the fissure, Asher discovers stone steps leading down and a trail of blood from the wounded skrell. Descending the stairs, the party follows the trail of blood into a buried ruin. Moving past a guard post and into a main hallway, the PCís see about a dozen skeletons, all apparently died in battle. While searching the area, a green misty tendril floats into the chamber. At the end of this there is formed an eye that seems to be checking out the group. Sendel pokes the eye with a gloved finger and it passes through it. The mist then floats to the ground and spreads out quickly. As this happens, the skeletons raise and attack the party. 

Mara turns one skeletal and the battle ensues. The party dispatches the skeletons with relative ease. Aloren gets clawed in the face, but other than that, the party is unscathed. The group continues to follow the blood trail that leads them through many rooms. Finally ending in the small dungeon where the skrell bled out.
From here the party moves into a great hall with seven life-size statues lining the walls on both sides, facing the center of the hall. The party then passes through an archway into an enchanted hall with slate stone sitting inside niches next to tapestries. There is one tapestry for every piece of slate. The group sees scenes from their past on the slate stones in stunning detail and scenes of their future in the tapestries. Being a little stunned by what they are seeing, they locate a staircase leading down to a large chamber that was apparently the site of a great battle. Seeing the pit in the middle of the floor with green mist swirling inside it, Mara recognizes the symbol for Ynthar, God of the Trinity.

While in the chamber searching around the bodies, another landquake hits and there is the sound of a cave-in from inside the ruins.

The party finds a metal box with a large gem inside it, a scroll case, a map of Ithria, and several books with hand written notes, glyphs, and runes inside. Raiden copies down some of the glyphs and runes that are on the walls and around the rim of the pit for later study.

Aloren finds a concealed door in the corner, behind it lies a dais with a crystal globe sitting on a pedestal. The dais has magical writing engraved around its perimeter.  After an unsuccessful attempt to remove the globe from the pedestal, Aloren places his hand on the crystal. As soon as he does this a scene of outside appears inside the orb, the scene turns as Aloren turns. Placing both hands on the globe, Aloren finds himself back outside a few yards from the fissure.

While Aloren makes his way to the fissure and back down the stairs, the rest of the group work their way back out of the Banishing Chamber. On their way they find what appears to be a throne room, making a thorough search Asher finds an onyx and diamond ring on the finger of the skeleton that sits upon the throne. Working their way back through the enchanted hall, not looking at the tapestries, they find the ceiling collapsed and can go no further. Heading back into the Banishing Chamber, the party utilizes the transport to go outside. Following Alorens footprints, the PCís head back into the underground to find Aloren. They map out the rest of the level (as far as they can travel due to cave-ins), locate Aloren, kill a few more skrell, and return to the surface. Traveling back to the village the party barricades themselves inside an empty cottage.

The party was unable to find the remaining villagers.

This concludes the first session.

Aloren took a bronze sphere, two scrolls, book from the laboratory, and a glowing blue sphere... Mara took the metal box, the scrollcase with the map, and a scroll from library... Sendel took a silk glove off the hand of a corpse, platemail armor, silver ring off corpse, and a massive hammer from ogre corpse... Asher took a warhammer, a book from the library, chainmail from an elf corpse, silver sword, onyx and gold diamond ring (from throne room), and studded leather... Raiden took two large tomes, jeweled amulet, jeweled sword, a jeweled and gold crown, a book of lore, and a glowstone.

Magereign 9  

After spending the night in the empty cottage, the party decides to head south to Alorenís home town of Nordrun.

While preparing to leave, Asher enters the cottage, reports a patrol has cordoned off the fissure, and that two soldiers are headed for the village. With a since of urgency, the group gets their equipment together and runs for the tree line. Entering the forest just as the soldiers enter the village, the PCís hunker down in the snow and wait for an opportunity to get away.

After about an hour the soldiers finish their search of the village, mount their horses and head toward the fissure. After spending almost an hour, half buried in snow, the party heads south through the forest, avoiding any roads.

On the morning of the third day, Asher reports smelling smoke and cooking meat. Topping a small hill the party can see smoke from a campfire in the distance. Moving closer to the camp, the group sees a small lone figure, draped in deer skin sitting next to a campfire. As the figure reaches out to check the meat that is cooking over the fire, the party sees that the hand is glowing with a yellowish aura. 

Announcing their presence, the party asks permission to enter the camp. The figure waves for them to enter. As the group enters the camp the figure drops the cowl of his deerskin cloak. The PCís see a grum with a glyph branded on his forehead and the yellow aura is emanating from the glyph. The grum introduces himself as Davlin Berdell from the village of Brookbridge in the nation of Khenshire.

Davlin explains that his village was raided by slavers and they captured several men including him. All of the slaves received these glyphs to mark them as such. After traveling on foot for more than a month, the lead slaver received word that slaves were need for an archeological dig near the village of Hendin in Kitar. Late one night, Davlin took an opportunity to escape when the guards got lazy. He stole a sling with several bullets and a dagger.

Davlin asks if the party is hungry. With an affirmative from the group, Davlin jumps to his feet and, with the dexterity of a cat, climbs up the tree that is next to him. He cuts a couple of slabs off the carcass that is tied in the upper branches.

While eating the venison, Sendel notices that the hand with the glove on it is starting to itch. When he attempts to remove it, he finds that he cannot take it off. Starting to panic, Sendel begins clawing at the glove. Aloren stops him and says that it can be taken care of in Nordrun.

With Davlin traveling with them, the PCís start their journey south to Nordrun. It is another seven days traveling on foot when they reach the outskirts of Nordrun.

Ariving in Nordrun on Magereign 19.

Staying the night at Alorenís home, the group tells there story to Alorenís mentors Dorien and Redira.

Redira takes Sendel to the local temple to have his hand looked at. The itching has steadily moved up his arm and is now beginning to change the structure of the skin and bone. After being told that Sendel will have to stay the night, Redira returns home.

Dorien is in the basement with Aloren and Raiden studying the gem and the map. Raiden is studying the large tome she found in the Banishing Chamber. Needing a magnifying glass to check the map, Dorien sets the gem on the map to reach for the glass. As soon as he does this there is a flash of white light and then two intersecting lines appear on the map, one vertically and one horizontally. They seem to be coordinates that point to the southern coast of Mercia.

After some research, the group realizes that they have stumbled upon an attempt to banish the Dark Lord Draxorith from this land. The Banishing Spell has continually been working, for the last 150 years, to accomplish this. The six wizards and priests who initially casted this spell need to be found in order to complete it. According to the text, any part of the spellcasters bodies will work, preferably their skulls.

Dorien believes that the map shows the location of these spellcasters, one at a time.

The group of adventurers are preparing to go on the quest of a lifetime. If they succeed they will banish a great evil from the land. If they fail, they will unleash Draxorith upon the land and a third Demon War will rage into Kitar and beyond.

Having received supplies and a few items to help them in their journey, the party departs Nordrun heading south for Mercia. After about 16 days travel by horseback, the group arrives at the southern tip of Mercia. Consulting the map, it seems to be indicating the castle ruins sitting 200 yards off the coast.

The party makes camp and begins recon on the ruins. After nightfall, a group of humanoids lead by what appears to be a witch leave the castle and row to shore. Davlin and Asher follow the group to a local cemetery where they watch the humanoids dig up graves and take the bodies back to the ruins.

The following morning, Asher, Raiden, Aloren, and Davlin are gone. All that is left is a note to Mara and Sendel stating that they decided not to pursue this quest and wishing them luck.

Arriving at the coast on Hearthseek 10

After being left on the southern coast of Mercia, Mara and Sendel decide to return to Freeport and figure out what to do. Reporting to the priestess in the Temple of Assytia, Mara turns over possession of the gem and the map to the church. Since there doesn't seem to be anything they can do right now, they wait.

Sendel decides to ride home to Bowden for a visit. Mara continues her studies and does service at the church.

Four months have passed and a message arrives from Drakkel. It seems a strong supporter of the church of Assytia, Lord Halrath, is in need of assistance. It is coming up on the Festival of the Coin in Drakkel and Lord Halrath believes he is the target of foul play and deceipt. He is requesting a unbiased third party to investigate.

The church sends Mara on a journey to Drakkel to investigate the claims Lord Halrath are making. Along the way, Mara stops in Bowden to see if Sendel will accompany her. Sendel agrees and the two depart for their 35 day journey across Ithria. The journey to Drakkel is uneventful. When Mara and Sendel arrive at the city gate, they inquire about the location of Lord Halrath's estate. The city guard says that Lord Halrath is expecting them and they will be escorted to his estate.

Still missing part of this section

It's the time of the "Festival of the Coin" in Drakkel, a wealthy city in the Realms of Drakkellian Alliance. Prior to the events, earlier the same day, 3 travelers reached the city independent from each other. Eldhinaronelia, a female elven fighter / thief, Luemas, a human wizard and Sarasvati, a human fighter. All find their way into a church of  Imarus where they discover that the place of worship was recently disturbed. Apparently they stumbled into the aftermath of a fight - some clerics are injured and a rough-looking badly hurt human bound up, is questioned by Mara, a young priestess and Sendel, a big human warrior.

Luemas, Eldhinaronelia and Sarasvatia approach the scene, curious about what's going on. Sendel and Mara seem irritated by the newcomers and start questioning their motives. All three introduce themselves and ask to join the quest after it became clear that Sendel and Mara are on a mission to retrieve the coin. They explain that the "Festival of the Coin" describes a yearly event where a coin is hidden somewhere in the city. Whoever finds it gains the wealth of one of the city nobles who was choosen by a lottery. Their client, Lord Halrath, is the one this year who has to give up his wealth in case the coin is found. He suspects that his greatest enemy is behind his election and will  "find" the coin by trickery. Mara and Sendel were assigned to find the coin first and then publicly renounce Lord Halraths fortune. Eldhin, Sara and Luemas have all their own motives to join the quest; Eldhin likes the challenge, Sara wants to offer her services as a warrior for hire and Luemas is curious what other interesting things can be found on the way. Eldhin and Sara are quickly accepted, Luemas on the other hand looks suspiciously like a hooded figure Sendel and Mara have seen this morning in the inn. But Sara vouches for him, claiming he seems harmless to her, and when Luemas told them that he is an engineer/wizard and might be useful when the party has to move within structures that might be potentially unstable, it is decided that he can go too.

There is a hint to where the coin might be. A poem, openly displayed in the city for everybody to ready, points to the very church they are in right now. It is built on top of the remains of a much older church, whose bell, so goes the legend, cracked shortly after being cast, and the poem states that the coin is under the muted voice of Sess'quel. Sendel and Mara have already searched the cemetery in case the words refer to a crypt - and found nothing. The group questions a priest who gives them a map of the cellars and states that there are rooms underneath the church which are mainly used for storage. The party is allowed to search the cellars, with the exception of the high priests quarters, recognizable by the white feather symbol at the doors.  

Equipped with the map, they step down into the cellar, finding a well-lit corridor and start proceeding according to the map they were given. Nothing noteworthy happens at first, the dungeons are all illuminated by glowstones, the first two or three rooms they encounter seem to be storage rooms or simply empty. They do come by a door with a white feather on it and decided to honor the agreement to not disturb the high priest.

After a while they arrive at a passage where no passage is shown on the priests map. First suspicion arises and the party can't decide if the priest tried to hide something or if he simply didn't know about the extra rooms. From now on they proceed with much more care then before with Eldhin leading the way, due to her superior hearing and vision. She listens now at every door first, before opening them and it doesn't take long to arrive at a door from where she can make out chattering noises. The party decides to go in and find out what the source of the noises is. When they open the door, they encounter 4 kobolds sitting on a table and playing dice. They are totally surprised by the party. One of them flees immediately out of a door in the back of the room. The other three fight and are eventually all killed, especially after Mara casts a blessing spell, thus making the weapons of the others stronger. After the fight the group looks around in the room and sees some backpacks and sacks. It looks like the kobolds have camped in the room for a while. What is even more curious is the fact that aside from the door they came through, the only other door to the passage in front of the room with the kobolds has a white feather on it. Sara asks Eldhin to listen at the door to the high priests chamber in order to make out if that door might be barred from the inside. Eldhin says she can make out a muted conversation where she would hear nothing if the door would be covered from the other side and now they have to assume that the high priest knows about the kobolds. A very worrying thought.

After discussing what to do next, they decide they need some answers. They start to follow the fourth kobold who left clear footprints in the dusty floor when he fled. Those footprints lead to another uncharted room, this one has a white feather at the door. But the kobolds footprints lead into it, so they open the door anyway. This room seems to be a place of strange worship. It has a pentagram chalked on the floor, an altar with oblations and some benches. The party searches the room and looks for hidden doors to get underneath or behind the altar, but nothing can be found. The next door leads to an unlit corridor with doors left and right. Eldhin can see in the dark and both Mara and Sendel have glowstones. They form together with Sara the front of the party with Luemas trudging along behind them. Noises can be heard through a door to the left and the party decides to have a look inside although the kobolds trail continues straight on. The human warriors prepare to open it, with Eldhin and her bow right behind them. Mara readies herself to cast another blessing spell and Luemas, feverently hoping that his armour spell is still intact (this is the time of a dominant Drellis) stays way in the back and prepares his daggers, a weapon he much prefers to hands on combat, after all he is man of the books and not a fighter. The door swings open and 3 hobgoblyns are revealed. Two of them are down quickly with only the minor incident that Luemas is a worse shot then he thought, stabbing Eldhin accidently in the back with one of his daggers. Mara uses one of her two healing potions to prevent the worst. One hobgoblyn is injured down on the floor and Sara, determined to get some answers, tries to interrogate him. Instead of cooperating, he spits in her face and stabs her in the chest. He is silenced quickly, but now Mara has to try everything in her power to keep Sara from dying. She bandages her, gives her her last healing portion and applies her natural healing powers. After a while Sara can sit up again, but needs some minutes rest.
Meanwhile Eldhin remembers the sacks and the backpack from the room with the kobolds. She uses the resting time to go back to retrieve them, in case they contain something useful. As it turns out, they contain a bit of money and some dry rations. Further indicating, that the kobolds prepared themselves for a longer stay. The same can be said by the hobgoblyns, their room also looking "lived in".

After Sara is able to move on, they follow the kobolds footprints further down the corridor. At the end of it, stairs lead further down ending in a door. The kobold apparently went through there, but to the right is another door with grunting noises coming from the other side. The party is already tired and some of them injured, but it is agreed, that in pursue of the coin, every room must be searched. This time Sendel goes through first with Eldhin backing him up with her bow. Luemas prepares his daggers again but promises this time to keep well away from any members of the party. The room contains 5 orcs, ready to fight. Mara doesn't have any healing potions anymore and has also used up her spells. So she asks for caution, but after some fighting, Sendel is so badly  injured by one of the orcs, that he lays unconsciously on the floor. Luemas has more luck with his daggers this time and so after vigorous fighting, all 5 orcs are dead. But now one of the party is seriously injured and the group consults on how to proceed. Mara can't do anything for Sendel in the dungeons except bandaging his wounds. He needs to be brought to the tempel of  Assytia, Mara's church, where the priests can heal him. It took only 20 minutes to explore the cellars so far, but with carrying Sendel and his equipment, it takes them 3 hours to get back to the tempelgarden of Assytia. On the way out they encounter several lowranking priests who seem shocked and appalled by the events that took place in the cellars of their church, but the party can't trust them anymore after the involvement of the high priest became clear.

The tired party arrived at the temple of Assyrtia and Mara goes together with her religious brothers and sisters immediately to work. She cures the wounds of Sendel, Sara and Eldhin and gets two more healing potions from her high priest. She gives one to Sendel and one to Sara with the explanation that their are the most likely to need them in the future.
Meanwhile Eldhin is anxious to get back to the church to find the coin. She volunteers to go there, trying to find another entrance to the dungeons, one that does not lead through the church. No one wants to inform the clergy of Imarus at this point of their continued search for the coin. After some discussion Luemas agrees to go with her, he has the skilled eye to spot irregularities in the church walls which might lead to the discovery of a hidden pathway.They all agree to go back the same evening to continue the search if Eldhin and Luemas find the entrance.

And they do. After some time they report back that they indeed have found a way, concealed behind shrubbery and that lots of different sized footprints can be found leading in and out of the passageway.The party goes to the mouth of the passageway and Eldhin volunteers to scout ahead. She is the only one who can see something unaided by a light source in the pitch black darkness and she is able to move with elven stealth. It is agreed that she will come back when she encounters someone or something. She goes down the corridor and soon sees a light coming from the side. She peeks around the corner and sees a couple of humans, apparently bandits, sitting around the fire. They talk about the festival and how it is the ideal time for some stealing and looting, with all the additional visitors in town. Eldhin draws her bow and instead of going back to the party, decides to surprise the men right away. She trusts that the noise will alarm the others and they will come to her aid.

And that is what happened. The party comes rushing in, two of the three bandits where already down. But then, 3 more come from the depths of the cave. Luemas redeems himself by using his unseen servant spell, throwing dirt into the eyes of two bandits. This concludes the battle quickly, with all bandits dead and no injuries on the part of the group. They look around in the cave, the bandits must have camped out there for a while. They find 66 gp in loot, some stolen jewellery and the usual signs of a temporary settlement (bedrools, food etc.) They take the money and the jewellery and proceed cautiously along the corridor deeper into the cave. Luemas gets the glowstone from Mara, because his unseen servant can carry it ahead of the group. The footprints in the dusty floor lead them along the passageway. It looks like quite a lot of people or creatures went in and out. Some of the prints are fresh. After a while they arrive at a cave-in. A pile of stone rubble blocks the way, but a large enough hole was created from someone earlier, so the party can proceed through it. On their way to the stone pile they have found two more caves with camping gear and loot but no more bandits. Behind the stonepile is a door. The party goes through it with the necessary caution. They arrive in an empty room with three doors, most of the footprints lead to a door to the right. But some go to a door on the left and they can make out another door straight ahead. The party discusses what to do. Eldhin opts for trying out all the doors one after the other - after all, one might never know behind which door the coin might be. Sendel wants to follow the footprints, but after a while everybody agrees, that making sure that no enemy is behind their backs before going into the direction where they most likely are (the right door - muffled screeches can be heard there) is a good strategy.

The door on the left leads into an empty antechamber. There is a dark green stone door ahead, glowing in the dark with a glyph written on it. This is clearly a magical matter and Luemas is asked to identify the glyph. After a while he remembers where he as seen that symbol before and identifies it as an ancient Traxxian glyph for necromancy. He strongly recommends not to meddle with those forces, but Sendel argues, that this might be quite a good place to hide the coin. Everybody is hesitant but Sendel volunteers to open the door. As soon as he touches it, a blinding discharge of green light hits him and he falls on the floor. Good thing Mara gave him the healing potion! After he is somewhat revived, he really wants to know now what is behind the door and convinces Luemas to use his unseen servant to open the door. After all, using the unseen servant means no one has to directly touch the door and it already discharded all it's power, hasn't it? Luemas knows better, but he tries it anyway. His unseen servant spell touches the green door, immediately backfiring at Luemas and then collapses. Luemas is not hurt except for an excrutiating headache and can't do anything for the next time except moan and clutch his head. Seeing this, the group decides to let the door alone. Two casualties are quite enough. Sara takes the glowstone from Luemas, carrying it for him until his head is better. Now they try the door in the middle, always advancing cautiously. It leads into a corridor going to the right and making a right turn after 60 feet. Straight ahead is another door and at the end of the corridor yet another one. Sara was mapping the rooms and passageways they have encountered so far and deducts that the door at the end of the corridor very likely leads into the same room from the other side, where all the footprints lead too. Eldhin want to explore the third door in the corridor first, she wants to see what is behind there and if that leads to more treasures or possibly the coin. Sendel is against that, anxious to find out where the footprints lead to and where the screeching noise is coming from. Eldhin opens the door anyway and discovers an empty room behind it with yet 3 other doors. But the party is impatient, so she just listens at the doors, finding no evidence that anyone is behind them.

Back to the task at hand. Sara's intuition tells her, that trouble is very likely waiting in the room where the footprints lead to. She thinks that having discovered two doors to the same room from two different sides is a bit of luck that they should take advantage of. So they agree on stationing Mara and Sendel at one door and Sara and Eldhin at the other. Luemas goes to a spot in the corridor, where he can see both teams at the same time. After they are ready, he gives the sign and they burst open their respective doors. Sara and Eldhin find themselves in the room, Mara and Sendel facing another door, but after opening this one, they reunite with Sara and Eldhin in an empty room. The only remarkable thing about the room is the fact that there is a pit in front of the only other door they haven't opened yet. The screeching comes from the pit and after cautious investigation, they see the kobold, that run from them earlier, laying on the bottom of the pit, pierced by numerous spikes. The creature is clearly in a lot of pain and Eldhin ends it's torture with a wellplaced arrow. They decide to cut two doors from their leather hinges and use them as bridges to safely cross the pit. Luemas states that the construction is safe enough to use. Eldhin goes first, she opens the door and finds herself in another small antechamber. Everybody crosses the pit now and then they open the door into the main room. It contains no enemies, but a large object covered with tarp and some barrels. Sara removes the cover and there is the cracked bell, they were looking for. They start to investigate the room for hidden trapdoors or a way to lift the bell. No hidden doors where found, but after a run back to the bandit caves, some rope was produced. Sara and Sendel use the rope to tilt the bell, Mara braces it with her foot and Luemas uses his glowstone to look underneath the bell. He sees the coin! But can not be persuaded to reach in and retrieve it. Eldhin uses her sword to get the coin from underneath the bell. The bell is put back on the floor and everybody is happy at the finding. What now? Sara proposes to put back everything the way it was and then get out of there as soon as possible. After all, there is still the issue of all those footprints and they might be discovered any minute. Meanwhile Luemas opens the barrels in the hope to find a drink, because he really feels he deserves one. He doesn't find anything drinkable but a barrell with greek fire instead. This discovery is a bit disappointing, but then he knows that the chemical might be worth a lot of money and opts for taking the barrel with them. The party puts the wooden planks over the pit on which the bell apparently was brought into the room in the first place. Luemas cautiously rolls the barrel out of the room, but it's quite heavy and he is not a strong man. Sara helps him, because she really wants to leave these dungeons within this year.

On the way they don't encounter any enemies, but an interesting metaphysical dilemma occurs. Sendel asks Eldhin to give him the coin, which she does. They start discussing the next steps, Sendel feels like everybody except him and Mara is out of the adventure now because the agreement with Lord Halrath which started the search in the first place, was an agreement between Mara, Sendel and a former companion of theirs and has nothing to do with the three new members of the party. That doesn't go well with Eldhin. Luemas shows himself satisfied if he can keep the greek fire and Sara points out that she did say at the beginning that she needs to be paid for her help. Eldhin wants an equal share for everybody, especially when she finds out that the agreement was 2000 gp for each member of the original team and since one has left early, 4000 gp will be divided between Mara and Sendel. Their discussion gets quite heated with Mara trying to mediate and Sara and Luemas waiting for the outcome. At the end Sendel and Eldhin agree on the following: Sendel and Mara will go to the Lord alone with the coin and ask for an award of 1000 gp each for Eldhin, Sara and Luemas. That means the Lord must pay roughly 1000 gp more then he originally agreed to. The discussion about fairness has brought up another topic as well - what if Mara and Sendel show the coin to the city council as agreed and renounce the Lord's wealth, giving up the coin and therefor any kind of leverage towards the Lord? Will he still feel obliged to honor the contract? Sendel is suspicious now.

Meanwhile they made it out of the cave unharmed. The daylight is gone now and it is late evening. The party decides to see the Lord right away. Mara and Sendel pay the Lord a visit while Eldhin, Sara and Luemas wait outside. When they come out again, they have achieved everything they asked for, Eldhin, Sara and Luemas get each a bag of 1000 gp and Mara and Sendel where paid 1000 gp each upfront as well. To now complete the quest, they have to show the coin the next morning to the city council and renounce Lord Halraths wealth. Sara and Luemas are quick to point out, that they should not let their guard down just yet. There is still some time until the morning and a lot can happen. Sendel and Mara dismiss their original plan of sleeping in the local inn in favor of the plan to seek shelter in Maras churchs grounds. She even asks her high priest, if it is possible to dispatch more priests then usual to spend the night at the church. Sara proposes that they should take turns watching over the others and everybody settles back to wait for the morning.

It's the next morning after the events during which Sendel, Mara, Sarasvati, Luemas, and Eldhin found the traxxian coin which plays a major role in the Festival of the Coin in the city Drakkel.

The night was uneventful and everybody agrees that the first order of business should be to bring the coin to the council of Drakkel and thereby to complete the contract Sendel and Mara originally made with Lord Halrath.

They arrive at the heavily guarded council house. Sendel shows the guards the coin as proof that they have found it and the party is brought before the council. Seven people - the most powerful authorities of Drakkel are gathered around a table. Among them is Lord Ozzel, High Lord of the Council of Guilds, Poth Dimrani, the guildmaster of the guild of Sorcery, Amaratu (Poth Dimrani's lieutenant) and of course Lord Halrath, the challenged noble who has to give up his wealth to the finder of the coin. Poth Dimrani demands to see the coin. As soon as Sendel pulls it out of his pouch, the coin flies into the hands of the sorcerer. Apparently he has put a spell on it before it was hidden. This spell also allowed Dimrani to track the coin.  Amaratu asks Lord Halraths why the coin was on his property the night before. Dimrani turns to Halrath and demands an explanation. Lord Halrath says the the party approached him last night to make a deal. Poth Dimani is too powerful a wizard to not notice the signs of a lie being told. To get to the bottom of this, he casts a spell and discovers the truth. He declares that Lord Halrath is the one who hired the party to find the coin for him and then to renounce the prize - his wealth. Lord Halrath defends himself, stating that he had reason to believe that the lottery was rigged by his enemies to rob him of his money. Lord Halrath then explains that Amaratu and he had met at a social gathering some time ago and after one too many drinks, Amaratu told him about the clue that points to the hiding place of the coin. Dimrani declares that Amaratu was the one that manipulated the lottery on behalf of Lord Halraths enemy Lord Malleron. Sendel and Mara recognize Amaratu as the mysterious hooded figure they have encountered in the local inn after their meeting with Halrath. Now it all comes together.

After these facts are known now, the Council speaks its verdict. The search of the coin is void. At the end of the festival it will be announced that the coin was not found this year. Amaratu will be suspended as the councils lieutenant and further punishment awaits him. The nature of the punishment is not decided yet. Lord Halrath has to pay a fine of 200,000 gold lords and has to provide the stone to rebuild the two lighthouses of the city free of charge. The party is dismissed and kindly but firmly asked to leave the building.

Relief settles over the party and they discuss what to do next. Of all the party member, only Sendel and Mara have a mission - Sendel wants to fight the threat of slavery and prevent his hometown Bowden to be in danger and Mara quest is to find a certain portal in or around the city of Freeport. That portal prevents an evil demon to come into this world. Maras church watches over the only key to the portal but word has reached them that there is a lot more undead activity in that region. This is worrisome because it could mean that someone tries to open the portal. Mara is supposed to make sure the demon can not escape because that could mean the end of the world (or at least a nation). Everybody agrees that preventing the end of the world is a noble mission so the party plans on setting out to Freeport that very day.

It's a 35 day ride to Freeport - that requires some preparation. Luemas still has his barrel of greek fire which is much too dangerous and much too heavy to be taken with them. Eldhinaronelia and Luemas go to an apothecary and after some haggeling they exchange almost all of the greek fire for 6 healing potions, 1 shrinking potion, 1 potion of persuasion and 1 potion of heroism. They only keep enough greek fire to fill 6 vials with it. Eldhinaronelia volunteers to carry them on her belt. The healing potions are distributed evenly among the party members. Sendel buys the potion of heroism for 400 gp from Luemas who keeps the other two potions for now.

The next stop is the armoury. Sara gets a custom-made composite longbow, a quiver and 12 sheaf arrows, Luemas some new daggers, Mara a new mace and quarterstaff and everybody makes sure their gear is in good repair.

Mara and Sendel already have horses, everybody else needs to buy one. After everybody has a mount with the necessay gear, the party stocks up on food as the last thing to do before setting out for Freeport. Meanwhile the day has worn on and so it is decided that they spend one more night in Drakkel to get an early morning start.

The first few days on the road are uneventful. On the 10th day of their journey they see ahead of them a lone humanoid figure. 7 doglike creatures with wings are attacking it. The figure fights bravely, one of the dogs with wings is already down, when he gets bitten badly and lays there, not moving anymore. The party urge their horses to great speed to get to him and aid him. Sara and Eldhin in front use their bows, shooting at the doglike creatures. They flee south / southeast, one with an arrow through its wing. The party finally arrives at the humanoid who is bleeding heavily. The party bandages his wounds and Mara casts a healing spell, bringing him back around. Now there is time for closer observations. The stranger appears to be a giant human with a bald head and fierce features. He is clad in well used plate mail and a priests robe. Around his neck hangs a gold chain with a pendant showing three interlocking rings, coloured red, blue and green, surrounded by a golden circle. He introduces himself as Kharnath, a priest of Kael the War god from Vorrik. He thanks the party and asks if he could join. The party agrees that he would be a helpful addition, as Mara puts it " Strength is in numbers" and the journey ahead will lead through dangerous territory. Kharnath doesn't have a horse though and after some rearrangement (Eldhin and Luemas share a horse now), the party with one additional member sets out to continue the journey.
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Re: Avisarr prelude - summary
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Thanks Bart for the reply. I modified some parts of the original post and it definetely reads better.
I will keep your suggestion in mind when I write the next one...
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Re: Avisarr Campaign - session 1 summary
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It seems that after one session our Quest of the Avisarr has fallen apart. Only Mara the cleric and Sendel the human fighter were willing to go on this journey. The others have decided to go their seperate ways, this is, in large part, due to their schedules and also partly my fault by not keeping the action interesting enough for them.
I am currently seeking two or three new gamers for my tabletop game and will keep you posted when we begin again.

David, I am still working on the map of Nordrun, I will send it to you when completed.

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Re: Avisarr Campaign - session 1 summary
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yeah it can be a real bummer....

i'm playing a online game of traveller...and i think i am the last person left who has not left
i've outlived about 7-8 people....that includes one GM also that left....the game has lasted
about 17 part was about 6 months...then was picked up by another GM
when the first quit...


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