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The Crystal Dominion - Session 10 Summary
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The Crystal Dominion - Session 10 Summary

The Heroes:

RedEye - A sayune darkwalker with rogue skills and a very specific set of spell abilities.
Eiran - An elven ranger and archer with a gift for communicating with animals.
N'sahd - A human wizard, born without vocal chords, who casts all his spells silently.
Tristan - A knight in shining armor, man of honor and courage, and a skilled swordsman.
Alan - A human arcanologist... a magic tinkerer with a keen ability to "reprogram" spells and magic items.
Rikhaal – A human priest of Barrinor.

NPC Characters:

Koeglur – The ogre cook. A prisoner of House Vorgan, now freed.
Reena – A common slave girl, now freed.

The Story:

Last session, we left the players huddled at the bottom of the stairs in the first floor of Boss Vorgan’s mansion. They had freed three people…
- A large muscle bound ogre who had served as cook for the mansion,
- A slave girl who had served as a commoner laborer
- A prisoner who turned out to be a priest of Barrinor.

The eight of them readied their weapons. Rikhaal, the priest, cast a silence spell on Tristan’s shield. The knight would be the mobile center of the silence spell. The spell nullified all sound within 20 feet of the shield. They would make no sound, but they would hear nothing either.

The group opened the doors, charged up the stairs and took the two guards completely by surprise. The battle was quick and silent. The party now stood in the main guard room.  There were 3 exits. Two led to the corridors of the second level and one led to a balcony outside. From the balcony, one would have a good view of the estate grounds.

N’sahd, knowing that the apprentice wizard was dead, was interested in ransacking his room. N’sahd left the group to go directly to the apprentice wizard’s room and find his spellbook.

Koeglur, the ogre cook, was able to describe the rooms of the second floor. Boss Vorgan’s bedchamber was on the other side of the wall from this guard room, according to Koeglur. He also said that the painting they sought was in Vorgan’s room.

RedEye used his magic to peer into Boss Vorgan’s bedchamber on the other side of the wall. The room was extravagantly decorated, but somewhat cluttered. In addition to four paintings on the wall, RedEye saw a stack of paintings leaning against a crate.

Eiren, the elven archer, noticed that the door leading outside to the balcony had a small window in it. He peered out through it and saw that it was starting to rain outside.

RedEye scanned the area for life and sensed three life forms outside the first floor at ground level below the balcony and another life form scaling the wall outside of Boss Vorgan’s room.

At the same moment, Eiran saw a grappling hook hurl out of the darkness and latch on to the edge of the balcony. Clearly, they had visitors. Possibly thieves come to rob the mansion. Or worse... another team after the same painting that the heroes sought.

Tristan went out on to the balcony to cut the rope. He peered over the edge of the balcony and saw a vague shimmering humanoid shape  scaling the wall with the the rope. Undoubtedly the person was cloaked in some sort of imperfect invisibility. He swung his blade and cut  the rope. The figure fell into the mud below with a splash.

From somewhere in the night, someone fired an arrow and hit Tristan in the shoulder. Tristan backed up to the protection of the doorway and kept an eye on the balcony, waiting to spring into action.

RedEye phased through the wall into Vorgan’s bedchamber. Boss Vorgan, an immensely fat man, lay on the huge four poster bed snoring loudly. RedEye snuck over to the stack of paintings and began going through them carefully. He eventually found one that matched the description they had. As he started to lift the heavy canvas and frame, he heard a quiet voice say to him “Drop it”.

He slowly turned and found another rogue, short, like him. The stranger was dressed in black and had twin blades in his hands. RedEye could sense sayune magic about him. There was no doubt… this was another sayune darkwalker.

While RedEye was in the next room going after the painting, the rest of the group waited quietly. Tristan, keeping an eye on the balcony, watched as the invisibility cloaked figure came up over the wall. Tristan charged back out onto the balcony and swung. Although he could only see a faint shimmer, the rain drops framed the outline of the figure and gave Tristan a good idea of the size and shape of this person. He swung hard and felt his sword hit metal armor.

Rikhaal followed Tristan out onto the balcony and saw another invisibility cloaked figure come up on the balcony. The two of them traded blows with these invisible intruders. The smaller of the two figures was firing arrows at a frightening rate.

Back in the bedchamber, RedEye was facing off against the other sayune darkwalker. RedEye grabbed the painting and leapt (using his magic boots) and phased through the wall. He landed back in the guard room with the rest of the group. The other darkwalker pursued, running right through the wall.

The party drew weapons and attacked this new threat. He proved to be formidable. He had the same sayune dark magic as RedEye, but seemed even more skilled in the art. He was a whirling blur of black leather and twin blades. He dodged and parried while phasing in and out. Every time someone lunged forward, he would phase and their weapon would pass through him.

Battle raged in two places.

In the guard room, the sayune darkwalker fought Koeglur, Eiran, Alan and Rihkaal. (The slave girl stayed out of the fight). RedEye stayed out of the battle so that he could cut the oil painting from the frame, carefully roll it up and stuff it under his armor.

Out in the balcony, Tristan and Rikhaal went toe to toe with the two invisibile opponents.

Most of the players assumed that these opponents were another team that were after the same painting.

Having secured the painting, RedEye leapt back into battle and joined the others in attacking the darkwalker.

As soon as RedEye was within reach, the enemy darkwalker turned and did a phase attack and reached through Mark’s armor, grabbed the painting and pulled it out. He then turned to flee.

RedEye, reacting quickly, yanked out his poisoned dagger and stabbed. He got lucky and struck the blade deep into the darkwalker’s back. The darkwalker pitched forward, convulsing from the poison. Eiran immediately leapt on the paralyzed darkwalker and slit his throat.

Outside, the battle raged in the rain. Rikhaal summoned an ice axe and slashed away at the two invisible foes. All four men were trading blows back and forth.

An enemy wizard appeared at the base of the stairs and fired three rays of energy up into the guard room. One struck Eiran, one struck Alan and one struck the slave girl. Alan and Eiran shook off the effects, but the slave girl collapsed unconscious.

Alan turned and blasted the wizard with a flame from his metal staff. Eiran fired two arrows into the wizard, hitting with both. Burned and wounded, the wizard turned and fled. The players assumed that the wizard was also a member of this “other team”.

N’sahd returned to the group at this point and walked back into the guard room. He had the spellbook that he had been seeking from the other room.

Eiran began to roll the body of the little darkwalker. A ring on his finger glowed brightly and the darkwalker stirred and started to try to get up! Eiran slashed at the darkwalker and severed the hand that had the ring. The darkwalker slumped forward and was still. At that very same moment, the two invisible figures outside collapsed as well. Their invisibility wore off. One was an org and heavily armored. The other was a human wielding a unique “bladed bow” weapon and two separate quivers. The party didn’t have time to figure out why all of them had suddenly dropped at the same time. There would be time for that later.

N’sahd did a quick detect magic and the party stripped off everything from all 3 bodies that glowed, including identical rings that each had. The party guessed that the 3 rings were linked and that they somehow shared health between them. Alan speculated that the identical rings had somehow linked the members of this other team and had allowed them to share health and vitality. But eventually the heroes had done enough damage that the group's health failed. Since they were linked, they all suffered the same fate and all fell together. This would explain why they had managed to shake off so many blows and sustain so much damage. Alan decided he would study the rings later.

At this time, soldiers began charging up the stairs. The silence spell was still running on the knight’s shield so the party could hear nothing. A line of soldiers were charging up the stairs into the guard room before the heroes knew anything. N’sahd quickly fired a lightning bolt down the stairs killing all but one of the soldiers on the stairs. That one turned, smoking and fried from the bolt, and stumbled back down the stairs.

N’sahd chased him down to level 1 and almost ran into a hoard of soldiers flooding the corridor. Clearly someone had raised an alarm and the entire mansion and all guards were awake and coming. In the midst of this group of guards, N’sahd caught a glimpse of an ogre that looked familiar. It was the ogre that Alan had freed from the dungeon only a half hour earlier. This ogre was now back in his uniform, the colors of House Vorgan.

N’sahd faced overwhelming odds. He had only a moment. As they charged him, he fired a fireball spell at point blank range, almost dropping the fireball at his feet. The detonation shook the floor and fire roared, filling through the corridor, going around corners, engulfed the wizard and went up the stairs.

The soldiers died horribly, screaming. Two managed to stay on their feet and conscious. One was the ogre.

N’sahd was badly burned from his own fireball, but managed to withstand it. He staggered back up the stairs. The party quickly grabbed all the magical loot and began heading down the stairs. Rikhaal ended the silence spell.

Now that they could hear, the heard the sounds of booting feet, of yelling and shouting, the jingle of armor, the ringing of swords. Clearly they had stirred up a hornet’s nest and more mansion guards were coming.

RedEye and several other party members came hustling down the stairs only to find the ogre they had freed and another soldier behind him (those two strong warriors who had survived N’sahd’s hasty fireball). They began attacking those two.

Meanwhile, upstairs, officers were exiting their bedchambers in hastily donned armor. Eiran, standing guard at the door to the corridor, saw two people coming down the hallway, one from each direction. Still having several alchemical grenades, he tossed a grenade at each. The two grenades detonated simultaneously. Both men were knocked off their feet.

One of the officers, a hulking ogre, stormed into the security office. Koeglur, the ogre cook, met him in battle and the two huge ogres began trading blows. N’sahd finished the ogre officer off with a shocking grasp spell. Koeglur fled to rejoin the party downstairs.

The party downstairs defeated the soldiers in their way. At this point, it was a running fight. The party called a general retreat. All fled down the stairs to the cavern level. (Tristan, being the virtuous knight that he is, made sure to grab the unconscious slave girl and carried her along).

N’sahd stayed in the guard room on the second floor flinging spells as he slowly retreated. He managed to take out the last officer facing him with a chain lightning spell from the Ring of Wishes. At that point, he was almost completely depleted and had no more magic in him.

Seeing that his own party had fled, he used his last bit of magic to do a quick scan of the dead officer at his feet, grabbed a mace and mirror necklace (both of which glowed as magical) and then fled.

Down in the caverns, the party came across the body of the wizard who had been at the base of the stairs. He had apparently died from his wounds. He had a ring on his finger that matched the other 3 rings taken from the other team. Alan guessed that he had died here when the "group health" failed and, linked to the others through the magic of the ring, had died when the others did.

They stripped him and then continued to the exit. Eventually the wizard N’sahd caught up with them and they reunited at the cave entrance.

The party returned to their guild house.

We ended Session 10 here.
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