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The Crystal Dominion - Session 13 Summary
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The Crystal Dominion - Session 13 Summary

The Heroes:

RedEye - A sayune darkwalker with rogue skills and a very specific set of spell abilities.
Eiran - An elven ranger and archer with a gift for communicating with animals.
N'sahd - A human wizard, born without vocal chords, who casts all his spells silently.
Sir Tristan - A knight in shining armor, man of honor and courage, and a skilled swordsman.
Alan - A human arcanologist... a magic tinkerer with a keen ability to "reprogram" spells and magic items.
Rikhaal – A human priest of Barrinor.

NPC Characters:

Koeglur – An ogre warrior, former prisoner of Boss Vorgan, now freed and serving the party.
Osh – A 12 year old human male serving as a squire to Sir Tristan.

The Story:

At the end of last session, the party’s camp had just been ambushed by a small group of orc soldiers led by an ogre in the middle of the night. The party was victorious and all the humanoids were slain.

The following morning, the party broke camp and continued their trek east into the Sentinel Mountains. Following their map and Eiran’s keen ability in the wilds, the party made their way through winding and rolling foothills of the Sentinels. They were all on horses, but the terrain was rough and they were intentionally staying out of sight in the thick forest, so it was slow going.

After several hours of travel, the party spotted a thin trail of smoke a few hundred yards ahead. They were, as far as they knew, many miles from any village. Deciding to investigate, they cautiously approached.

In a grassy clearing they found a strange house which appeared to be built out of a single giant mushroom. The 20 foot dome of the mushroom was covered in a hard bark-like skin. The mushroom house had doors, windows and a chimney from which the smoke was emanating. In front of the house was a pile of chopped firewood, an axe and an assortment of bones and animal hides strung up by twine to dry. There was also a human boy, no more than 14, chained to a large decorative wooden pole.

Tristan and Alan walked into the clearing and headed for the house while the rest of the party stayed at the edge of the clearing, out of sight. Eiran took up a good position with his bow in case there was trouble. Upon seeing the Tristan and Alan approach, the boy pleaded with them to be released sputtering excitedly about an orcish warlock who had plans to eat him. He described the warlock as a terribly evil being with powerful magic and who ate his victims. Repulsed at such a story, Tristan picked up the axe and began hacking at the pole in an attempt to free the boy.

Alan proceeded to the house and knocked on the door, at which point the boy said that the warlock and his “monster” were not in there. They had left some time again.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party heard something large come crashing through the forest. They spun around in time to see what looked like a walking tree step out of the forest. This thing was almost ten feet tall and appeared to be a horrific fusion of orc and tree, as if some terrible spell had only partially transformed an orc into a tree. The creature was vaguely humanoid, but horribly disfigured. Its thick brown skin was rough and like bark. It had several branch like arms and leaves all over.

The tree creature opened its toothy maw, bellowed and then lumbered aggressively toward the party. Koeglur didn’t hesitate and rushed to meet the creature in an attempt to protect the party.

From somewhere in the forest, a crackling bolt of green lightning shot towards the group. It encircled RedEye and Rikhaal, illuminating them briefly. Instantly, the earth beneath them opened up and dozen of thick thorn-laden vines erupted from the ground. The vines wrapped around Redeye and Rikhaal and encased them in a thorny cage of writhing tentacles. The vines contracted, crushing the two helpless victims and piercing them with long sharp thorns. Both of them struggled futilely.

Osh, Tristan’s squire, pulled out his blade and began hacking at the vines that encased RedEye and Rikhaal. In response, several more of the thorny vines detached and began to lash at him. Osh soon found himself dodging and hacking at living, writhing tentacles of vegetation.

Tristan heard the startled cries of comrades. Two more strokes of the axe and the chain securing the boy fell to the ground. The boy cowered behind a large stump to watch the battle. Tristan began to run back to the party to fight with them.

Alan, pushing on the door, found it unlocked. He strode into the giant mushroom house. Inside he found crowded environment - racks filled with potion bottles, shelves crowded with boxes and books and scrolls, animals in cages hanging from the ceiling, a large work table covered in bowls and beakers and flasks filled with all manner of elixirs and spell ingredients. Alan began to explore the place.

Meanwhile, outside, the party fought the tree monster. Eiran was firing arrows into it relentlessly into the thing along with a magical fire arrow which detonates in a cloud of orange flame. Both the tree monster and Koeglur caught on fire. Neither seemed bothered by it and both continued to beat on each other.

N’sahd casts a Flame Whip spell. Two long fiery tendrils extend from his arms. He begins whipping at the tree creature from a distance.

At this point, a figure stepped out of the brush of the forest from the same direction from which the green lightning spell had come. It was a orc dressed in green and black robes and decorated with bones. He had several small skulls dangling from his belt and a skull tipped staff. He muttered another spell and the earth before him shifted. A great pile of soil and rocks and roots rose up into the air. The mass of dirt and stone formed into a huge earthen hammer and then flew toward Koeglur. This strange animated thing began to beat on Koeglur, again and again.

Eiran shifted targets and began firing arrows into the orc warlock.

Tristan, having sprinted across the grassy clearning, had arrived at the battle. He positioned himself behind the great tree monster and bellowed a challenge, beating his sword against his shield. The monster spun and attacked him. Koeglur continued to hack at the tree monster with his great sword. N’sahd continues to whip the thing with his fiery whips and Tristan sank his blade deep into the things below. The tree monster’s blood was green and foul and flowed freely from a dozen wounds. The animated dirt hammer continued to beat against Koeglur who stood his ground and pressed the attack. After a few more seconds of the party’s onslaught, the tree monster collapses into a writhing pile of flaming branches and debris. N’sahd continued to whip the flailing creature to make sure it stayed down.

As soon as the tree monster collapsed, Tristan charged the orc warlock. The orc cast another spell and a blasted out a bolt of lightning at the knight at point blank range. However, Tristan’s shield was a powerful enchanted thing that he had obtained from the tomb vault of Mazuris. One of its functions was to reflect directed spells. The lightning bolt reflected off of the shield and struck the orc warlock full in the chest, catapulting him back 25 feet against a huge stone boulder.

At this point, Alan, hearing all the racket outside, stepped out of the house. He could just make out the orcish warlock standing against the boulder. Hoisting his staff to his shoulder, Alan took aim and activated its most powerful function… expending all of its magic in a single fireball. The spell streaked from the house, across the field and into the woods. The spell struck the boulder, just above the orcish warlock and detonated into a tremendous ball of yellow flame. The orc warlock was completely engulfed. When the fiery smoke cleared, his charred body was lying on the ground smoldering. Everything on him, potions, spellsticks, staff, spell components and so on, had been completely destroyed.

With that Alan yelled (in his thick German accent) “Keep it down outz here!”, went back into the house and slammed the door.

Having defeated both foes, the party went to join Alan in the house and investigate it. The boy who had been prisoner, marveled that they had just killed the warlock. This boy’s name was Seff. He followed them into the house, his curiosity overcoming any fear. The party spent a long while ransacking the place while Osh spent the time regaling Seff with tales of the party’s adventures.

Most of the books and scrolls were orcish. N’sahd collected the warlock’s spellbook along with some notes in Roeda (the orcish arcane system) that looked interesting. N’sahd had been intrigued by the unusual spells that the warlock had been casting. Most of this orc’s magic seemed to be elemental based.

Using a detect magic spell, they found several magic potions in a locked cabinet which they took. N’sahd, who spoke a little orcish, read off the labels one by one. There was a Potion of Fireblood, a Potion of Treelife and a Potion of Aura Eye among others. N’sahd wasn’t entirely sure if he was translating them correctly. In any case, several of the potions sounded interesting, if not entirely useful.

They found a locked iron strongbox filled with various coins from a dozen different nationalities. They took all this. Finally, they discovered that several of the animals in cages also radiated a weak magical aura. Curious, they took the animals (cages and all) with them. They decided to spend the night in the warlock’s house. They maintained a rotating guard of two people, but had an uneventful night.

The next morning they saddled the horses and continued east. Seff, the boy, departed for his village. At Alan’s suggestion, Seff took the severed (and charred) head of the orc warlock. Seff would be welcomed as a hero.

The party travelled all day and reached the mountain in the late afternoon. Bloodspire was an impressive mountain… over 9000 feet tall and a rust red color in the last light of the setting suns. It had a wreath of clouds around the top. The north side was a steep rocky face. It was clear that the south side would be the easiest way up the mountain, so the party set up camp at the base of the south side.

The party decided to wait until morning to begin the long climb. They decided to contact the officers from Swordtongue and find out where they were. If you remember, the Swordtongue Guild was sending 20 soldiers and 3 officers to assist the party. Those guards were travelling in several small groups by different routes. The head officer carried one of the “speaking mirrors” (small communication device). The party contacted him and he told them that his small group was some 20 miles south of the mountain. The party decided to wait for his group to arrive (which would be another day and a half).

The party maintained a two person watch through the night. Near the middle of the night, while Eiran was on guard duty, he saw something up near the top of the mountain. It looked like one of the clouds was illuminated from within, like lightning. Only there was no thunder and the light did not flicker. Rather, the light glided through the cloud. The light faded and Eiran saw no more of it. When he was relieved, he told the others.

The next day was uneventful and the party stayed in their camp resting and waiting for the Swordtongue guards to arrive. They kept an eye on the mountain and listened intently. At one point during the day Osh thought he heard something on the mountain. A bellowing voice on the wind and a crashing sound, like waves or thunder. But it was distant and no one else heard it.

We ended Session 13 here.