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The Story So Far...
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The Story So Far…

The players work for a small underworld guild in the city of Drakkel. This guild, called the Swordtongues, happened up information regarding the location of the legendary mine of Kalrothis, a once-great source of arkulyte, a valuable mineral that can power wizards’ spells. Arkulyte, also known as “power crystals” is useful to wizards, but also dangerous and abuse of the mineral can cause addiction, grave illness and death.  Incidentally, one of the players has an uncle who is dying from arkulyte addiction.

Long ago, Kalrothis  supplied power crystals to the Traxx Legion, one of the great super nations that fought the Great War more than 2000 years ago. Amidst political turmoil and a military coup, the mine was abandoned and its hidden location was lost to the mists of history. By a twist of fate, the Swordtongue Guild recently learned that the location to the legendary mine of Kalrothis was concealed in an ancient hand written letter which was about to go on auction to the public.

Funded by their guild, the players set forth on an adventure to locate Kalrothis and secure it so the guild could begin mining it again and reap its wealth. First, the players were required to free an imprisoned historian. Next, the players had to steal the letter from under the noses of the auctioneers. Having obtained both historian and letter, the players successfully uncovered the clues that showed the way to Kalrothis.

Following the clues, the players journeyed across Ithria into the Sentinel Mountains. They scaled a great mountain and at the mountain top discovered the magically cloaked entrance to a great buried fortress. They opened the fortress gates and plunged into the mines of Kalrothis below.

Inside they discovered an ancient dungeon which had lain untouched for two millennia. They found the bodies of warriors and wizards who had died in a great battle. Enchanted by some foul sorcery, many of these bodies rose up as undead abominations that attacked the party. The party also encounted a variety of mechanical golems, many of which were automated sentries, still functioning after all these centuries, and which attacked the party on sight.

During their exploration of the dark chambers and musty corridors, the party found and repaired one automaton who had been designed for valet service rather than combat. After teaching it their language, they were able to converse with it. This servant golem was able to describe the great final battle which had occurred in the mine many years ago. The golem’s story told of how those who worked in the mountain were betrayed by a radical military faction who had been determined to shut down mining operations forever, weaken the mages and take control of the Traxx Legion.

After clearing the first two levels of the dungeon, the party finds that deep under the mountain is the actual mine. It's a huge single cave with a vast forest, lake, island, castle and village in it. Furthermore, the castle and village are inhabited. And strange bat like creatures dwell in the nooks and crannies of the cavern ceiling. It seems the inhabitants below offer up sacrifices to the bat creatures above. The party expected an empty mine. They did not expect to find a two mile cavern with people living in it.

Current Status: The party is on a high balcony overlooking the two mile cavern. They are trying to decide how to proceed. They are thinking about contacting their guild for instruction.
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