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Vacation work
« on: July 28, 2010, 07:55:38 AM »
I know I know David, you already have A LOT of things to do. But I just wanted to finish that before hollydays. ;D

Arcane Items:
  • Artifact: in Farastu page, there is an unfinished sentence at the end of the last section. - Sentence Completed.
  • Jewelry: Tulyken's Ring is said to be an artifact but it is not in the artifact section. - Fixed.

Talis :
  • founded in 621 CY : "Although they had lived in cooperation peacefully for many years, they formalized their relationship in 621 CY with the first Verral." in Talis page VS "Talis is discovered. [...] they are recognized as an independent nation." in history timeline page.  - Fixed.  
  • history section : " enchanted talisman in the shape of stone statuette that bore the likeness of a cat sitting in quiet repose"
    VS "Stone Phelysien" page (in legend and lore?) : "It appears as a small, stone statuette of a feline humanoid kneeling in supplication".   - Fixed.

Bathynia :
   history section "he united the clans of the region in 423 TIC and ruled over them. [...] Many served him at his sprawling estate including several legions of troops led by his greatest warrior, Krugendaur." and "Finally, in 28 CY,  met his fate in battle against phellysian marauders."
There are 75 years between 423TlC and 28CY. Was Krugendaur's life extended with magic? Such a long life-span is quite obvious for Threll because he's a sorcerer, but less explainable for Krugendaur, isn't it?  - Krugendaur was older, but had some help from magic. I'll add a comment to clarify.

  • Kannor and its island is not included into Anquaran Kingdom - Anquar Locator Map has been fixed to include Sollok Island and the town of Kannor.
  • bug in population density - Demographics now adds up to 100%.
  • bug in founding date 678CY (it does not correspond to founding date of Ipotal, nor ascention of Dalmoran)  - Good catch! Wow, I have no idea where 678CY came from. That's definitely wrong. I've fixed this and also added some new material to the history section of Anquar. Hopefully, that ties off the loose threads in that section.
  • allies and enemies categories have no link (to Border Clans (or Borderlands???) and Padashan Empire). Generally speaking you have to check because there are conflicts in these categories between Anquar / Border Clans / Padashan Empire (and few have links) - I added Border Clans as an enemy to Padashan, but other than that, everything looks ok here.

Ipotal page:
  • governement type conflicts with Anquar page (Imperial autocracy VS Theocratic autocracy) - It's a theocratic autocracy. This is Fixed.  
  • shops and guilds : unfinished sentence in Copper Bell - Fixed.

Language : Quaryn
  • it refers to the language of the "Kingdom of Quar" which is in fact Anquar
  • and in the Anquar page the language is said to be the "Anquar" and not the "Quaryn"
       ... probably some changes in the names... (personnally I prefer "The Kingdom of Quar", too bad ;) )  - Fixed.  

  • in Entropy (organisation page) :
        Primary location -> "Arcanum" link dead (the second "Arcanum" link is good)  - Fixed.  
  • Flora :
        forest : in Clabbergill page, repetition of the sentence about the tolerance at the end  - Fixed.
  • Fauna :
    • desert : Durgang and Dune strider have the same second name : "sand runners".  - Fixed.  
    • swamp : in Dragonsnake page, the last sentence in "habitat" unfinished...  - Fixed. 

The end. Enventually not as many things as I thought. ;)
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Re: Vacation work
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2010, 12:32:17 AM »
Ok, I'm definitely going to have to figure out a way to edit the site while I'm in France...  :D


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Re: Vacation work
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2011, 10:16:58 PM »
Ok, so I didn't do any editing while I was in France.  ;) But I am making progress on fixing these errors. I'm actually finding lots of little things that need fixing related to the errors that are pointed out. Anyway, this is good. Making progress. Will continue to fix all of these errors this month.