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The Aukarian Republic
« on: August 16, 2015, 08:15:41 AM »
Last night I ran my first session using the Dungeon World rules. The difference with D&D/Pathfinder is immense, but I love it. The best way to describe it is that it's a narrative-driven system, as opposed to a stats-driven system like D&D. The character sheets are lean and every roll you make is 2d6 (plus modifiers). On a 10+, you succeed. On a 7-9, you succeed but there is a consequence. On a 6-, you fail. That's the gist of it. The consequences and the failures are up to the GM. You don't play Dungeon World for tactical battles that could last for hours, like D&D. These are cinematic battles that rely heavily on what the characters attempt to do, and how well the GM can improvise when they fail or partly succeed. It's pretty great. The sense of freedom after years of D&D is a breath of fresh air. Not that it's a perfect system, mind you, because there are a lot of things you cannot do with it, and it obviously requires players and a GM who are reasonable and creative people and who don't try to power-play.

But the real reason I created this thread is to talk a little bit about the Aukarian Republic. These players are all new to role-playing and they enjoyed last night's session, so they want to continue. I don't want to run the Avisarr campaign again, so I thought it would be a good chance to explore one of the other continents of Khoras. Aggradar interested me most. All of the nations there have a lot of potential for adventure, and the continent is still 'unknown' enough for me to add a lot of things. I've decided to start in the Aukarian Republic. While going through its pages and jotting down notes for the coming campaign (probably focused on Lothiramar's return), I thought I'd add anything I'd find/have questions about here.

1) The government section says 'The government is a true democracy. The population is divided up into "noble houses" and most citizens are a member of a household.' but a bit below that, it says that only 10% belong to houses (and the Government Type tab says it's an aristocracy).

2) On the Nation page, it lists Wutar Alov Hashon as the supreme commander of the armies who's currently off fighting Lothiramar. On the Brulan page, it lists two people with similar roles: both Wutar Hashon and Alov Hamond.

3) On most pages, it says 'Trossoli', but on both the Nation and the Brulan page, it says 'Trossali'.

4) What happened at the Burning Wood? How did people know Lothiramar was truly dead? Did they find his body?

5) Is anything substantial known about Tembrul's Island?

So far I'm mostly working on the Aukarian Republic itself to make it come alive in my mind more. I get an Armenia feel about its geography, climate etc, with some Arabic influences in its general architectural style (with special notes for gardens, terraces, low walls, statues and ornate stone-cutting).

Because it consists mainly of 'coastal grasslands', I was going with a Byzantine-style army: cataphracts as the absolute elite forces that strike fear into all opponents, light cavalry for support and recon, heavy infantry as the 'secondary elite' forces with light infantry for backup.

I even made a note to change dates to other types of fruit because the 'temperate' climate doesn't seem suited to dates. After doing some research on Armenia's fauna and flora, I went for sandthorn berries and quince instead. Yes, it's ultimately meaningless, but I enjoy adding little things like that to the world.
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Re: The Aukarian Republic
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2015, 01:39:46 PM »
interesting I haven't played anything but traveler and dnd...
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Re: The Aukarian Republic
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2015, 10:30:19 PM »
You're right. There are a few discrepancies. I'm going to make some adjustments to those pages this week. But to answer your questions...

1. Aukaria has aspects of both a democracy and an aristocracy. The noble houses form a senate in which things are decided by vote (which is democratic). But only the top 10% of the population are members of noble houses (aristocracy). So, Aukaria has elements of both. But I think it leans toward being an aristocracy. The fact that a group of elite, wealthy noble houses control the country overshadows the fact that they decide things by vote.

2. Supreme Warlord Wutar Hashon is the leader of the armies. I'm pretty sure the other individual, Alov Hamond, is a fragment from an earlier version of the document. An oversight on my part. I'll get that straightened out soon.

3. Trossoli is the correct spelling. Trossali is a typo. I'll get that fixed.

4. At the Battle of the Burning Wood, Aukarian armies clashed in battle with the armies of Lothiramar. Several key individuals on the Aukarian side (heroes) turned the tide of the battle. In the end, the forces of Lothiramar were slain or routed. The Aukarians did find the body of Lothiramar. In fact, they killed Lothirimar and several of his most powerful and trusted servants and minions. However, they underestimated his power. He had prepared himself ahead of time with some very powerful magic. It took time, but he was eventually able to manifest himself (mind, memories, magic) in another body. Lothiramar is particularly good at necromancy and much of his magic is focused on it. However, he was greatly weakened that day. He spent some time on other planes of existence. Later, he returned to Khoras. For more than a century, he has been slowly rebuilding in the Kalanos Marshes. He intentionally stayed out of sight. He has slowly been gathering his strength, magic, wealth, minions and so forth. His minions have been slowly building a castle in the marshes too. Because of his talent for necromancy, he is essentially ageless. He is very patient. I don't picture Lorithamar as a demi-god. He's not that powerful. Fearful peasants might think of him as a demi-god and the stories have exaggerated his power over the years. However, he is just a very powerful necromancer/wizard. He's also good at controlling weak minds (hence all the minions) and he's good at crafting golems and summoning things. No doubt about it, he's one of the most powerful wizards on the planet. He was, after all, able to take control of an entire nation for a time. He should be an interesting and powerful, long-term nemesis for an adventuring party. Ok, so that's how I see him and his past. Feel free to adjust it to make it fit your campaign.

5. Tembrul's Island is currently a blank slate. You may do with it whatever you like. It's possible that the tales about it are "exaggerated". Or there could very well be something nasty on that island that is the source of all the mariners' tales (and possibly an adventure in itself). But at the current time, I have no notes on Tembrul's Island. So it's available to be fleshed out as you see fit.


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