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Session Summary #3
« on: September 18, 2019, 10:30:59 AM »
Session #3 notes

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

The party has just escaped the buried ruins and had their first full nights rest under the stars with a full belly of wild game caught by Ceress.

The next day they start traveling through the forest heading towards the Aridorn, the capital city of the Rukemian Empire. This is where Akronos was captured and enslave. He had originally traveled here from Drakkel to learn some specific spells from a sage named Boazman. His spell book and magical chest of book storage was left at Boazman home and Akronos is eager to get them back.

They spend that first day traveling through the forest and rivers and avoiding any paths. In the second day they see what might be a hunters Lodge potentially filled with provisions, soft beds, a good fireplace and spare hunting gear, but out of great caution and wisdom, the avoid it and spend the night sleeping in the dirt instead.

From there they find game trails to follow and the ground they cover picks up. They eventually find a small road and follow that to the east.

Later in the day as evening is getting close they come upon a roadside inn.
They decide that a party of a human, an elf, a half orc, a saurian and a halfling might be too easy to identify if they are followed so they send in just the elf and human to buy dinner as well as more provisions for the road. After eating their warm meal they return to the rest of the party and give them the provisions for a cold but superior meal to anything they have had in the past several weeks while slaves.

This travel continues for several days with the occasional stop in a roadside tavern for provisions. On the fourth day after escape, the are traveling down the road in two groups, Lutheo and Akronos in the lead by about 100 feet followed by Theren, Otep and Ceress in the hopes that they wonít be as identifiable.

Two guards from the slavers dig catch up to the party at this point. They ride past the first group without recognizing them but when they get to the second group they realize they might have found the escaped slaves. The stop and circle back around, dismount and interrogate Lutheo and Akronos. These two stall the guards while the rest of the party catches up, then they attack and quickly overcome the guards. They keep one from dying and hasten the other to his afterlife.

The party questions the guard that they kept alive and he begs to trade any information he has for his life. They find out that the Black Sorcerer Kelvar and his right hand man Delmanakan have sent half of the guards out looking for the escaped slaves. The guards arenít just mercenaries hired for this job, they are part of the military arm of the Knights of the Abyss of Duthelm. For some reason they arenít wearing their uniforms on this mission. The guard doesnít know much but promises to never return to Duthelm if they set him free, he will go to the War Vale and become a mercenary and never speak of them to anyone.

Just to make sure that they arenít missing anything, the party has Akronos detect magic on the guard and all of his gear. While doing this Akronos sees the green gemstone for the first time with detect magic since it has been carried by Lutheo outside of the protective box that it came in. The power of the stone almost knocks Akronos unconscious but he quickly drops his concentration on the spell before it overwhelms him. He instructs Lutheo to put it back in the box for safe keeping and to shield it from detection. They then swear the guard to silence upon pain of death, strip him of all possessions except some of the scrap slave clothing that they still have with them and then set him loose to go to the War Vale. They are very good people for doing this and the gods will probably smile upon them when they meet their early death for some good deed one day.

They now have the two horses of the guards and their speed of travel improves greatly.

They continue on their way and as the party approaches the great capital city of the Rukemian Empire they start to see the landscape changing. The forest gives way to farmland. The farmland eventually gives way to smaller specialized farms and then to outlying villages as the city comes into view. Aside from Akronos, none of the party have seen anything on this scale.

There is a sprawl of tents and shanty dwellings from travelers too poor or cheap to stay in the city leading up to a cleared area 1000 feet from the great wall of the city of Aridorn. The wall is at least 30 feet tall and formidable. Guards can be seen patrolling the top of the wall. Hawkers line the road leading up to the gate selling meat pies, hats and cloaks, offering their services as a tinker to repair items and selling small toys to occupy childrenís attention. The queue of people entering the city at this time of day isnít very long and it doesnít take the party long to get to the gate and hear the rules of the city while paying the 3 copper piece price each to enter.   

The guards at the gate inform all that come through the rules of the city of Aridorn and the Rukemian Empire. Bared weapons are forbidden. Fighting is forbidden. Killing is an execution-able offense. Theft will be punished in proportion to the crime. Wearing of armor, carrying weapons or other signs of being ready to fight, kill or cause mischief is highly discouraged. The city guard are to be obeyed at all times. The Empires roads is sacred and commuting a crime on the Empires road is as if you committed the crime in the capital.

The party is informed that they can recognize the Aridorn Guard by their shining silver helmets and shields, their white and purple tunics and the purple padded jerkins.

Once past the city walls the party find themselves in a tight packed city of stone, wood and plaster buildings, mostly three to five stories tall. The main roads are wide enough to pass two wagons while still leaving a space for pedestrians on either side. The side lanes are wide enough for a wagon and a pedestrian on one side and ally ways are only wide enough for two people or a hand cart. At regular intervals are courtyards that are a bustle of activity during the day with farmers and venders selling their wears.

The hustle and bustle feels like it is pressing in on the players that didnít grow up in a large city, the stench is overwhelming and the sounds make it hard to think. Dirty children in rags and filthy bare feet beg, hustle and steal, merchants walking with purpose, shoppers, craftsmen, messengers and the occasional grouping of Aridorn Guards.

Akronos doesnít recognize this section of the city from his few weeks here in the past so he finds a carriage for hire to take them to the university district where his friend Boazman lives.

The carriage drops them off in the square just up the road from Boazman home and Akronos leads the party to the door leading to the second story home of Boazman, the sage he was staying with before getting kidnaped while exploring the city down by the waterfront.

Boazman seems genuinely surprised and happy to see Akronos alive and at his doorstep. He invites him in before realizing who his traveling companions are. Unable to retract his invitation and not wanting to be rude, he invites the road weary party into his home. His wife Rezo seems even less pleased with the unexpected company but still offers refreshments to them. Ceress and Otep take the horses and extra great to a inn just a few blocks away called The Kettle to stable the horses and stash all of the weapons and armor that they have collected in their escape.

Boazman returns a small but heavy chest to Akronos. The chest was in a prominent bookshelf in the living room and he assures Akronos that all the contents are as they were when left.

Boazman is a sage working at the local university authenticating written documents. He analyzes the language used (where art tho vs where are you, etc), the ink composition and the paper to put it into date context. He has developed a specialized version of the Identify spell to analyze ink composition.

According to Boazman ďA lot can be told just by analyzing the ink. Ink can be made with plant, animal, and mineral inks. Pine sap from trees that were between 50 and 100 years old and then boiled till black is popular in some areas. Ink from mixture of hide glue, carbon black, lampblack, and bone black pigment which was mixed with pestle and mortar. Ink made from burnt bones, tar, and pitch or ink from soot, glue and water. These donít damage the paper they used on but are not resistant to moist and can smudge. Iron ink made from iron salts and tannic acids. Only problem with this ink was that it is corrosive and damages the paper it is on. Ink was also made from branches of hawthorn which were cut in the spring and left to dry. Then the bark from the branches would be peeled off and left to soak in water for eight days. That water would be boiled until it is thick and black but while boiling, wine would be added to it. That thick and black liquid would be poured in bags and left in the sun to dry. When it is dried, wine (again) and iron salt would be mixed with it over fire. The resulting mixture would be ink ready to use. But I degrees, you asked about...Ē

Theren asks him to look at the poem that he has been obsessing over for the past 111 years and Boazman take it with the promise of fully analyzing it and providing any information that he can.

The party tells Boazman a little about their adventure but leave out the information about the room with the symbol of Ynthar, the gem, finger on the chain and the map.

Boazman suggests that it sounds like the party found the final battle site of the Demon Wars. He would be interested in any of the books they would be willing to part with. He knows others that might be interest in any other hard artifacts they found.

Most of the party donít know much about the Demon Wars except that it happened a long time ago in this part of the world so Boazman educates them.

ďThe Demon War was fought from 2566 to 2570 CY, during which time there was a nine month siege of the city of Myranor. Duthelm fought against the combined forces of Kitar, Rukemia, mercenary companies from the War Vale, the Order of the Drake and the Conclave of Freedom (a group of six very powerful wizards and clerics). In the end, the Conclave managed to setup and spring an elaborate trap within their own stronghold during a climactic battle known as the Battle of the Banishing. Draxorith was banished and the forces of Duthelm were routed. The forces of Duthelm retuned to attack the Conclave but reinforcements of Rukemia and Kitar were there to ward them off. Unfortunately during this battle when the Empires side was winning a volcano in the Snowy Timber range erupted and whipped out both sides in a massive lahar mudslide. It buried the army of both sides as well as the conclaves stronghold where the banishing took place. The only ones to escape were the powerful Conclave Defiant, the heroís of the war.

With the demon lord Draxorith banished, the war quickly unraveled. The loss of their master was a devastating blow to the Church of Draxorith. The loss of Draxorith left the priests weakened. For the last century and a half, the priests and the Knights of the Abyss have sought a way to re-establish contact with Draxorith.

Duthelm has since had other skirmishes, battles and minor wars with Kitar, but none that quite rival the first Demon War. The Second Demon war is recent history with Duthelm summoning in an extremely organized and almost hive mind Demon force but they quickly lost control of them. Now those Demons live in the Rift Vale in the Snowy Timbers south west of Kitar.Ē

The party decides to show Boazman the large book that was found in a side room by the final battle, the book that is locked and they havenít been able to look at yet. With great reverence and care and the white glove treatment Boazman uses spells to check out the book, unlock it and discover that it is encoded and will need lots of time to decipher.

The party mentions at this point that they might be tracked by a Black Sorcerer and Boazman freaks out, making them gather all of their possession and leave his home to continue the conversation at their rooms in the inn.

Once in their rooms in their inn they bargain with Boazman to get the magical ring and cat figurine identified, get a couple extra pearls for their future use all in trade for giving him 8 books on demons, summoning and banishing that they took from the ruins.

Once identified the ring is a ring of fireballs with the two smaller ones used, two medium ones and one large one still intact.

The figurine of the cat is discovered to be a Figurine of Wondrous Powers. It is the legendary Kitten of Purring Health. It can be used once per day to summon a magical cat that will curl up on the bonded owners chest while they rest, purring and doubling the amount that they heal during that time.

Theren takes the ring and Ceress takes the cat figure. The look on Ceressís reptilian face is hard to decipher, but maybe this small item means more to him that first glance would indicate.

The party sells off the used armor and weapons they gathered, the demon horn they took is sold to Boazman and they entrust him with the large book that is written in code on the understanding that he is to work on decoding it and provide them with what he learns and return the book when they want it back. They have money in their pockets to replenish the gear that was stripped from them when they became slaves. Boazman acquires some lead sheeting from a local components shop here in the university district and wraps the encoded book in a cloth, then bends the lead sheets around the cloth wrapped book to help hide it from scrying and magic detection and then puts it into a large sack.

This is where the third session ends. The party is ďsafelyĒ in Aridorn with two rooms in The Kettle Inn enjoying soft beds, hot meals and cold drinks for the first time since the many weeks of hardship as slaves and escapees on the run. Next session, do they retire from adventuring life and set up shop in the big city or try to find out what the map, gem and finger are leading them into?
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