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Session Summary #4
« on: October 01, 2019, 04:46:27 PM »
Session #4 Summary

Cast of Characters
Theren Moonshadow, a Moon Elf Bard played by Payson
Lutheo, a Halfling Paladin played by Dale
Otep, a Half Orc Fighter played by Nelson
Akronos, a Human Wizard played by Alec
Ceress, a Saurien Monk played by Graham

When last we gamed, the party is “safely” in Aridorn with two rooms in The Kettle Inn enjoying soft beds, hot meals and cold drinks for the first time since the many weeks of hardship as slaves and escapees on the run. They have sold off loot and are replenishing the gear that was taken from them when they were enslaved.

After buying new musical instruments Theren spends time in the vast Aridorn library with the help from a library pass that the sage Boazman vouched for. He spends several days looking through the books on astrology for a clue to the poem he has been pursing for the past 100 plus years but doesn’t find it or any reference to the author, Thun Pines. His evenings are spent playing his new musical instruments at The Kettle inn and earning a few coins and free drinks.

After buying new gear, Otep gets bored and takes a job loading and unloading wagons at a pay of 2 copper pieces a day.

Akronos has a custom made, one pound letter A crafted for reasons only know to him.

Lutheo practices his sword play and the meditations of Ynthar in an effort to get back into balance with life after serving as a slave.

Ceress buys a small set of pan pipes to help calm his nerves and control his Saurian rage. He also spends a decent amount of time with the Figurine of Wondrous Powers cat curled up on him and purring despite not needing the boost to healing. He has taken an instant bond with the figurine, more so than would be expected from a massive lizard man.

Theren and Lutheo team up in the library of Aridorn to search for history on the Conclave Freedom and their involvement in the Demon Wars and the banishing of Draxorith. They discover that the Conclave was made up of 6 individuals. 4 were men, 2 woman, 4 were wizards and 2 were clerics. There names were Kelandor (F cleric), Tarmondan (F wizard), Nikova (M wizard), Hardin (M cleric), Geldan (M wizard) and Illanor (M wizard). All were hailed as heroes of the war when it was over. Some stayed in the public eye and some disappeared from the spotlight after the initial celebrations were done.

Kelandor dedicated her life to healing others, working from sun up to sun down using her spells to heal any that needed it and her skills with medicine and first aid when she would run out of spells. Nikova went on to become a politician in the Rukemian Empire and Hardin became a crusader leading may battles for his home nation of Kitar into the boarder lands with Duthelm. The party didn’t find much on the other three past the first year of the end of the Demon Wars.

On the evening of the fourth night at the Kettle, Boazman joins the party for drinks. He has obviously been working long hours studying the encoded book that the party brought out of the ruins. He tells the party that he is proud to have deciphered 2, maybe 3 of the symbols used in the coding method. He can also tell that the cipher changes with each page. He is thrilled to be making this progress but the party is a little underwhelmed with how long it is taking. Boazman points out that who ever encrypted the book was brilliant and it will take him quite a while to get to where he can ready it.

The party decides to sell their two stolen horses and take a ship to the point on the map that is highlighted when the green stone is brought near it. This is in Ormek, the southern most region of the Rukumian Empire in the area of a town called Lands End.

Akronos goes down to the harbor to find and negotiate passage for the party. He finds the harbor master who for a small fee tells Akronos that there are 5 non military ships due to head south in the next few days that might be willing to take on passengers.

Port Master Rillo tells him that the Warthog, captained by Sancho, The Third Wind captained by Draabyn, the Clay Duck captained by Rinity, the Anterra captained by Salazar and the Comet captained by Nikos are all scheduled to set sail within the next week with charters to the south.

Akronos asks Rilio which is the ship least likely to encounter pirates on its voyage. Rillio let’s him know that while he isn’t sure which one is least likely to encounter pirates he is sure about which one is most likely to encounter pirates. “If any of these five ships had an encounter with a pirate it would almost definitely be the Third Wind” he says. “For that matter, if there’s an encounter with a kraken, a hurricane, an angry sea god or anything else befalling a ship in these oceans it would be the Third Wind mixed up in the disaster.” He went on to say that “According to Captain Draabyn, he got his start adventuring when he was just a ship hand and the ship he was on was attacked and destroyed by a kraken. He was the only survivor and washed ashore clinging to the ships name board. He spins an even crazier tail of adventure from there that none of us believe but now he’s a renowned captain. Renowned mainly for attracting crazy situations that go exponentially bad.”

Akronos decides to avoid the Third Wind and talks with Sancho of The Warthog. While the normal rate to book passage as far south as Lands End would be fifteen gold per person, Akronos negotiates a rate of five gold pieces per person since they are skilled adventurers who could help in the case of a pirate attack or other challenge at sea. Sancho also agrees that if there is battle and they are instrumental in the victory then he will refund their five gold pieces each.

They set out the next morning on the Warthog and are informed that they are not allowed to tie knots or help out in any way aside from fighting off enemies. The well trained crew of the Warthog doesn’t need landlubbers messing up the ship. They do notice that The Third Wind has already left port despite not being scheduled to set out for a few more days. They keep an eye out for it while at sea but don't see it or any ship wreckage so maybe it was just good fortune that took it out to sea in the middle of the night instead of ill fate or nefarious business.

Several of the party spend the first couple days at the railing throwing up but by the fourth day at sea, everyone has gotten their sea legs. The weather and wind was good, there were no pirate attacks or other encounters and on the fifth day they make it in to port at Lands End.

The town of Lands End is a shabby shadow of its former glory. The kingdom of Ormek has been in decline for a long time and now suffers great corruption and lawlessness. Bandits and raids on the roads have become common.

The party gets two rooms at the local inn called the Slaty Dog and enjoy a decent lunch before testing out the map and finger back in their room. The map still lights up in the general area of Lands End when the gem is brought close to it but now the finger points to the east, showing them that they are now west of the location instead or north of it like they were in Aridorn. 

The party decides to head north out of town a couple miles and test the finger again. This time the finger points East by Southeast and the party sets off in that direction realizing they must be very close to have have that much of a shift in a few miles. They hike across rocky, rolling green hills sides with nice views of the ocean for a few hours with the occasional check of the finger to make sure they are still on course. After a few hours they see a tower up ahead, probably the old abandoned lighthouse they had heard about.

Ceress snakes ahead to find out what the movement was that they saw near the base of the lighthouse. He discovers that it’s a hobgoblin with a human leg on a spit that he starts roasting over the campfire near the lighthouse.

The party decides that such evil can’t be bypassed so they decide to attack and kill the hobgoblins. An elaborate plan of attack is designed and the three hobgoblins now seated around the campfire eating the leg are surprised by a well shot arrow from Theren. The party sets upon the hobgoblins quickly killing one and scattering the other two, one into the lighthouse and the other around the back of it. Two arrows whip out of the lighthouse doorway, one striking Otep as the party advances on their enemy. Ceress goes through the lighthouse door to battle the hobgoblin in there only to find out that he is backed up by a bugbear with the largest mace Ceress has ever seen. The remaining hobgoblin circles around the lighthouse to rejoin the battle but is brought down by the remaining party outside.

Inside, Ceress is hard pressed and it is only through the magical aid of Theren that he lasts as long as he does. Otep and Lutheo join him and shortly after Ceress is dropped by a massive hit from the bugbear.  The party drops the hobgoblin and focuses their attacks on the bugbear and are finally able to kill it.

Ceress is revived, the party regroups and searches for magic items and finds that the oversized mace and a jug in the lighthouse are both magical.

This is where session #4 ends.
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