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Session Summary #21
« on: May 04, 2020, 09:24:23 AM »
The last session ended with the pirates advancing on the Sea Hag and catching up. The enemy ship fired their ballista with the goal of fouling the Sea Hags sails and rigging, doing damage and causing it to slow down some.

Theren tells the rest of the party that he is going invisible and jumping over the side with a float to hamper the pursuing pirates. He does as promised and is gone over the side of the ship.

As the pursuing pirate ship gets within range of Theren he casts an impressive fireball on the front of the ship, engulfing sails, rigging and six of the ships crew that were manning the ballista at the front.

The rest of the party is preparing as the pirate ship advances on them when Theren, now visible in the water and almost even with the ships midst throws another fireball at them. This spell fizzles out and doesnít explode on the ship as Theren was hoping in his attempt to catch the other sails on fire.

Lutheo drops his Moonbeam on the replacement crew of the ballista and later moves it to the main deck. Akronos who has been making great use of his Blink spell to avoid drawing fire drops his Cloud of Daggers on the ballista crew and leaves it there, disabling it.

The pirate ship pulls along side of the Sea Hag and some of its crew throw grappling hooks to lash the two ships together while others rain arrows down on them.

Battle rages as pirate raiders jump onto the Sea Hag with supporting fire from their archers. Lutheo and Otep fight shoulder to shoulder with the Sea Hag crew, mowing down the raiding pirates, but unfortunately the crew from the Sea Hag arenít nearly as capable fighters and many of them fall in battle.

A thunderous blast is unleashed on Otep, Lutheo and their crew from someone unseen on the other ship.

Once Theren has swam back to the ships he casts another Fireball on the back deck, greatly damaging the pirate captain and remaining crew there that Akrons has been harassing with Eldritch Blasts. The captain retreats out of sight and Theren uses the abilities of the Arachnid cloak that he claimed in the last session to walk up the back side of the ship and onto the deck.

The party is suffering badly from more spells from the pirate ship and the swarm of enemies. Most of the Sea Hags crew has died in the battle, the Sumerak Shield has been employed, Otep has been hasted and both sides are down to the last dregs of fighting ability when Theren drops another fireball on the pirate mage that has been posing as a crossbow archer all this time, greatly damaging the mage and taking out many of the remaining archers.

The pirate mage realizes that the end is near for his side so he casts a fireball onto the deck of the sea hag killing several crew members, scorching Lutheo and Otep and damaging one of the pirates in the blast. He then runs and dives off of the ship in a desperate attempt to escape.

While Otep and Lutheo finish off the last of the pirate crew, Theren throws spells at the mage swimming alongside the ship. The mage does something and doesnít seem to be effected by the spells. He swims to the back of the ship and tries to hide from Theren. Ceress has jumped overboard and is swimming to catch up to and kill the mage when the mage casts Misty Step to appear on the back of the Sea Hags main deck where he realizes that Captain Lantron and another crew member are. Realizing his defeat, he surrenders.

Otep and Theren search the pirate ship for its captain and find him in his quarters with one crew, both badly injured. The captain has a heavy crossbow on the table between him and the door and he offers to surrender peacefully if they promise not to killing him. Lutheo wonít take his offer to surrender so he launches at the captain, who raises the crossbow and take a shot but misses Otep. Otep slams into him, knocking him unconscious.

Akronos has been working to revive as many of the Sea Hag crew as possible and then set about putting out any remaining fires. Three crew had lived through the battle and four more were unconscious and bleeding out on the deck of the ship but were able to be saved.

The party searches the pirates and ship and find a magical rod on the wizard. Despite Otep and a couple others great desire to kill the captured pirate captain, mage and last living crew member, they decide to lock them in the cells in the bottom of the Sea Hag and turn them in to the Drakkellian Alliance authorities for the bounty on pirates.

This is where Session 21 ends. The party and crew of the Sea Hag are exhausted, beat up, on a damage ship but they have defeated the pirates and captured their ship.