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Title: Session 18 - Voyage End
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Session 18 - Voyage End

Day 37 - Recovering the Titan
When we last left our adventurers, they had recently been attacked by the hive spiders on the small island. Many did not escape and the Titan (which was beached for repairs) was completely overrun. This occurred in the night.

The next morning, the Third Wind people returned in longboats to check out the Titan. A few “sentry” spiders had been left on the ship, but these were quickly killed. The heroes searched the wreck of the Titan and found the cabin boy hiding in a large iron chest. He was the only survivor. The players then sat, knee deep in water, outside the bulk of the Titan, discussing ways to refloat the great ship. However, they were interrupted… several thousand hive spiders erupted from the brush and pursued them out of the lagoon again. (This time they had a head start as Rothgar, the phellysian, was listening intently for them). It dawned quickly on the players why the hive spiders had left sentries behind. The hive spiders are a communal mind. They all form one great consciousness. What one hive spider knows, they all know. It also explained how the horde was able to move and dodge so quickly and seemed so intelligent.

They finally decided to summon a large water elemental who was able to right the boat and push it back out to sea. Sailors then scrambled from the Third Wind onto the Titan and finished the repair work on the hull before the ship sank (the repair work had been almost finished, but not quite). They were successfully with their repair work and the Titan was made seaworthy. The sails and rigging of the Titan, however, had been shredded by the spiders.

The Titan crew (What was left of them… one officer and about twenty crew) was put back on the Titan. The Third Wind spared as much canvas and rigging as they could and the Titan was refitted with a make-shift sail. It wasn’t the best repair job, but it would allow the Titan to limp to shore at a greatly reduced speed.

During their repair work, it started to rain.

It was decided that the Third Wind would sail on ahead and the Titan would follow as fast as they could. They had already decided on which part of the continent to land. They had chosen what they believe is a city in a narrow inlet at the mouth of a river. Based on what limited intelligence they have been able to gather (from divination spells, research from Ithrian documents and, most importantly, Gremal) they believe this area to be relatively friendly.

The Third Wind left the Titan behind and continued on their journey. On day 38, good winds, but the rain continued. On day 39, Beth (a morphian capable of seeing magical energy) and Grimnoth (who can also see magic) detected an object off the starboard bow. It was small, above the surface of the water and moving fast. It was magically enchanted, but they could barely see it through the rain. It quickly went under water and they lost track of it. Beth assumed the shape of a dolphin and went down after it. She approached the thing. It was a spherical mechanical device. It had four protrusions and a large mounted lens in the front. Sort of like a spherical mechanical golem. This thing looked like Duthelm magical technology to her. It was quite obviously scanning the ship. She attacked and retreated and attacked and generally annoyed the thing. It fired an energy beam from its main lens and her and she dodged several times. She was hit once and received a bad burn. This cat and mouse game went on for awhile. Then she went back to the boat and asked Callister to drop hull breachers into the water. (In case you’ve forgotten, hull breachers are those spiked, powder filled cannonballs which had been used so effectively like depth charges against the thallasian mermen). Callister gave the order and 8 lit hull breachers were dropped to in and this caused the drone to fly out of the water to avoid the explosion. The thing snapped a few more “photos” of the deck of the ship and the people. It continued scanning. The crew and players started firing arrows at it. Having gathered sufficient data, it took off to the east. [In actuality, this was a remote sensor device created by one of the Duthelm black wizards and sent from the Duthelm ships]. It moves very fast and was able to catch up to the Third Wind to “check” on them. Duthelm was, at that point, a week behind the players, but Duthelm has much more fire power at their disposal. They also have no moral problems when it comes to dealing with the locals. Their progress through Aggradar will be brutally efficient.

Days 40 and 41 - The Third Wind
Clear skies and good winds. The rain cleared up. The Third Wind sailed on. The crew and heroes started to feel good about their journey. Despite the horrific loss of many good men to the spiders, it seemed that the worst was behind them. They knew that they were much more than half way through their journey and that they might spot land within a few days. They had rescued the Titan from the spider horde and refloated her. They had faced terrible monsters, overcome adversity and survived. The spirits of everyone on board the Third Wind were up. There was a definite feeling that they were actually going to make it to the shores of Aggradar.

Day 42 - A Winged Visitor
A large winged reptile swooped down out of the sky and squawked curiously at the ship. It looked like a close relative to the dragon or wyvern except that it had two sets of leathery bat-like wings, and a large beak that blended with a saurian snout. It sniffed the crow’s nest and made a general nuisance of itself. Eventually, the crew scared it away with a cannon shot.

Days 43 - Signs
Callister noticed some changes in the sea currents and the clouds that indicated they might be getting near a land mass. Later that afternoon, he spotted a few bird species that he was not familiar with, but they looked like land birds to him. He believed they were getting close.

Day 44 - Good Winds
Good strong winds pushed them along at a rapid pace and they made excellent progress this day. No encounters.

Day 45 - Grounded
In the late morning, the Third Wind abruptly stopped with a great shudder that shook the deck and made the beams creak and groan. The ship had run aground upon a sandy bar just a few feet below the surface of the water. From the crow’s nest, the crew could just make out shadowy coral reefs to the east. The ship had stumbled in to a maze of reefs and sand barriers.

The heroes decided to save their magic and get the ship off the old fashioned way. Callister ordered the ship lighten its load. The crew lashed together crates and barrels and “floated” a large chunk of the cargo. Most of the crew took to long boats. The ship, now some 3 or 4 tons lighter, was easier to dislodge from the sandy bar. The long boats towed the ship away from the reefs and into the clear. Callister then deftly began piloting through the maze of reefs to get clear of them. They then continue on.

Day 46 - Land Ho!!! The Island Group
In early afternoon, the lookout in the crow’s nest spotted land. They use a clerical flying spell (Windwalk) to gain serious altitude and take a look at the land from the air. They approach 10,000 feet and see that it is actually a group of islands (three very large islands and about 20 smaller ones). They return to the ship and decide to avoid this island group all together. [DM Note - This was the imperial resort island group. A number of palatial estates for the empress and various Sybren senators and lords dominated these islands. It would have been tight security and possible pursuit by military vessels had the Third Wind intruded]. As it was, the Third Wind gave the islands a wide berth and continued on.

Day 47 - Position
Having bumped into the island group and positively matched it up with an island group on their map, the Third Wind was now able to ascertain their exact location on the map. With this information, they altered their heading slightly and continued with more confidence to their chosen destination (the port city in the inlet).

Day 48 - Land!!! The Shores of Aggradar
The Third Wind came within sight of the shores of Aggradar. They sailed south, toward the port city in the inlet. As they sailed south along the coast, the shore turned to enormous cliffs which dwarfed their ship. For the entire day, the sailed along the vast walls of rock and saw no civilization at all and no good places placed to moor.

Day 49 - A Brief Encounter
The cliffs began to break up to lower land with beaches and hills and forest. They came across an old man, sitting on the shore, looking out to sea. He was smoking a pipe and he waved to them. They ignored him and continued on their way.

Day 50 - Local Fishermen
The Third Wind was in the inlet and it was narrowing. Within another day, they would be at the port city. The characters wondered what they would find there. In the early afternoon, they passed by a boat full of local dark skinned fishermen. These people also waved to the Third Wind. Again, the players ignored them and continued on.

Day 51 – Journey's End
We ended session 18 here. The Third Wind was almost to its destination. They would  be arriving at the port city within a few hours. It had been a very long journey. They had been at sea for almost 2 months. And now, they had only a few more miles to go. For the past several days, Gremal had been giving the heroes and crew a crash course in the language of this area. The nation is called Magrakia and the players speak a few words of their tongue. (Due to his magic, Ugita now speaks it fluently). So the language barrier will be an inconvenience, not a true barrier. The characters know very little about this region and the races they are going to meet.

Starting next session, they set foot on Aggradar. A whole new continent. The sea voyage is over.