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Completed / Pop. Discrepency
« on: October 30, 2011, 12:16:29 AM »

Gaming Tales / Journey of Del Pt. 3
« on: January 09, 2009, 01:29:20 AM »
Currently Revising

Gaming Tales / Journey of Del Pt. 1 & 2
« on: August 07, 2008, 05:34:05 AM »
About a year and half ago I started a short story and put it up on my message boards. Ever since then I've been putting off finishing it for one reason or another. SOOOO last night I sat down around three or something made myself put some kind of a conclusion to it. Now I'd like to point out that its going to be ruff grammar/spelling/structure wise since I haven't really read over it or anything of the sort, but I decided to go ahead and put it up cause it could be another year before I get around to polishing it any. Also the original name was supposed to be "A Fine Day" but I don't really remember why since the ending I gave it now wasn't the ending I was going to give it originally since I don't really remember how I was going to end it.... originally.  :-\ So I'm sure I'll give it a new name someday.

Enjoy everyone.

General Discussion and Questions / A historical question
« on: January 17, 2008, 07:56:36 PM »
I've been away for a while (with school and lots of work), but I was looking around the site a bit since I had some time and a question I've been curious about for a long time came to me again. In the Age of Dreams, we all know about the three "Super Powers" of the time, but what about the other nations and groups that were around at that time. Pruellon Brotherhood, Daigon, Tarsel, Miran, Jesi, etc. I know there are small bits and pieces about them scattered around the site, but I was just curious if you were ever going to put a bit more focus on them some day.

Announcements and News / Recent Updates?
« on: November 16, 2007, 12:23:54 AM »
Just wondering if you could point any of us to some of the new updates over the past few months. The darn sites to big to go searching for every detail.  ;)

Miscellaneous / The most recent spam bot....
« on: November 12, 2007, 11:21:31 AM »
Its name is Kingbooby... or at least I hope its a spam bot cause if its not then that person is certainly my hero. Just something I saw and laughed at so I figured I'd bring it to everyone's attention.

General Discussion and Questions / Taking the long way around...
« on: June 14, 2007, 10:19:43 PM »
Check out the distance from Vogue to Hearthtown toward the bottom of the chart, and please tell me theres another way to get there other than that one.  :o

Announcements and News / Perecho Heights
« on: April 01, 2007, 09:33:36 PM »
How many of you have ever wanted to be a green faced goblin pillaging a well to do merchant convoy, or one of the townsmen that decides to take up arms to kill the bandit group that the goblin is a member of. Either is possible, but who would win the fight? Goblin or Townsmen? In the name of justice most would say that the townsmen would hold the moral advantage, but in Perecho Heights anything is possible. It just depends on what the players want to do. I like to consider it a free form Fantasy RPG where almost anything, as long as its not completely ignorant, is possible. Good, bad, ugly, neutral, donít care, or you care way to much. Its completely up to you.

A level and stat system will be used, but only as guidelines as to what a player character can realistically do. If a wizard only has a strength of ten then I hope that a player would not roleplay him picking up a wagon to free a trapped friend. Now if that was a fighter with a strength of nineteen then we could discuss the possibility, but that character would not be able to have an intellectual conversation with a local historian if his intelligence only has a score of nine. Also as a character progresses and levels up then more stats will be given him as rewards as well as special items and the like.

The game system itself is based on the D&D 3.5 rule set , but only loosely. Iíve done away with the feats system since I find it cumbersome in a writing based system, and Iíve replaced it with a Strength and Weakness system. This system is still in its infant stages, as I like to call it, because it has not been used in any actual game situations. I hope to remedy that as soon as the rpg gets a few players. The main idea behind it is that for every strength a character has then it must also have a weakness to counter balance it. If a thief has better than average sight in the dark, then it would be obvious that bright sunlight could make it harder for him to see during the day. I hope that players get creative with these, so they wonít always sound so repetitive, but I guess Iíll just have to see.

The join application( is not overly complicated, or I hope its not. The only thing that could get weird is the system I discussed above, other than wizards choosing out their spells. I donít really have a system for that yet, so weíll just go with the flow til then.

The sitewide story has not been completely decided upon, so until then standard adventures will be available for all characters. Feel free to be as creative as you want though. I have no problems with tying in a player characters story into a sitewide story, or working with a player to make their story better.

Iíve started working on the website again, so maybe itíll be viewable in a few days/weeks/years. It depends on how much time I get away from college, work, and coaching my baseball team. Until then I have all of the information needed for the site on the forums.

Thats the gist of what I got... If I can get a few players then I hope we could start writing a bit more and actually see how things will  work out. Until then I'll just be guessing as to what things will be like. Thanks for reading the whole thing through, I hope you look around at the forums a bit and like what you see. If you have any comments then feel free to make them. I don't care if they are critical or just comments on how things are going. 

I know its a long name, but I think it fits well. I believe that its about time to get this thing rolling. I'm not completely done with it, especially since I'm not even going to be using the actual website to run things right now. I'm still not proficient enough with HTML to make it look the way I want it to look. SO until then I'll just be running things from the Forum.

All of the necessary information for the game can be found in the bottom category under Game Info. Not all of the information is up yet, but I think its enough to get things started soon. So just go there and check things out. If you'd like to see anything different then please say so on the forum, or if you'd like to recommend something then say that as well. Discussion is a good thing, it keeps people's interest and it allows for everyone to get to know each other.

Thats the forum everyone, ENJOY!

General Discussion and Questions / How bad are things?
« on: February 13, 2007, 02:06:08 AM »
Out of the aproximitely 4 million Orcs/Ogres/Saurian, how many live outside of cities? How many pillage and attack things? Or the real question is how and where do they live? Do most live in tribes in the countryside and fight over the land? Just looking for a bit of clarrification on the subject.

My next question would be, how hard is it to travel across Ormek?

Exactly how much trade do you think Perecho Heights would get in its position? I've never asked this before so don't feel like you need to hold anything back. ;)

More questions to come I'm sure. Just can't remember them at 4 in the morning.

Role Playing Discussion / Strengths, Weaknesses, and other ideas
« on: January 08, 2007, 12:48:04 PM »
I know I havevn't been busy on Perecho for a while, but most of that has to do that I recently moved and do not have my computer with me.

Anyways, so what is everyones opinion on adding a strengths and weakness system to a play by post rpg like the one I'm taking 10 years to do?

Are there any other ideas that anyone would like to see? Something that might work better for a text based game as opposed to a D20 type system.

General Discussion and Questions / A few more questions if you don't mind
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:51:17 PM »
So a look at the Raw Materials of Ormek got me wondering. Where is the clay and sandstone mined at?

I hate to sound a bit sketchy here, but I assume that mos of the cotton and other large scale "pick it with your hands" produce are harvested by some kind of slaves? If not then how are they harvested then?

General Discussion and Questions / A few questions
« on: October 19, 2006, 01:00:11 PM »
The first question is, how far do you think a river craft of some kind could travel up the Stout/Pacey river? I know that as long as there aren't any waterfalls then it should be possible for ships to travel until the water becomes to shallow. So my main question is could ships travel as far as Battleford and Farrow?

Next question, is there any kind of definite noble structure in Ormek? I know there were noble houses prior to the assasination, but the question is how many other houses have been added since Douni line started?

General Discussion and Questions / Ormek's Infestation
« on: October 02, 2006, 10:33:35 PM »
In my studies of Ormek I've noticed something that strikes me as odd... If my calculations are correct then Ormek's Orc, Ogre, and Saurian population is 4,290,650. Which is 41% of the overall population of 10,465,000. Now I know that's a lot of smelly green guys running around. This isn't that big of a deal to me, but the fact that Duthelm's overall population is only 2,983,700. 1,760,383 of those inhabitants are Ogre, Orc, or Goblyn. Now, I know that living in the Lower Ice Rock Mountains has to be hard, and its not the best enviroment for breeding, but Duthelm is the seat of Ogre/Orc power. I just think that its weird for there to be that great of a gap in the populations. I don't know if this means there are to many Orcs in Ormek, to few Ogre's in Duthelm, or if you have them just the way you want them for a reason. Just something I was a bit curious about.

Also, I assume that the bulk of the "evil" humanoids live in the southern and interior portions of the nation. Since the Mercian, Rukemian, and War Vale forces would try to keep them away from there borders.

General Discussion and Questions / Founding of Ormek
« on: May 09, 2006, 09:43:59 PM »
In my studying of Ormek I have recently found something that puzzles me. On the timeline it says that Ormek was founded in 1471, but on the Ormek nations page thing it says it was founded in 1758. 1758 is still a significant year because that is the year that Rukemia annexed it, but is this where you want the nations history to begin, or just a simple mistake?

Meh... I guess it really doesn't matter, but it's just something I noticed and decided to ask about.

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