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Yes, that's what I meant, but for that system it may be best to keep it like that. My idea is to make things slightly more simple, and base almost everything off of the person's writing ability. There will be stats, of course, but those stats will be more like guidelines as to what a person can accomplish in an RP. No dice rolling of any kind. After and PC completes a quest then it will be judged by a GM and awards and exp. will be handed out in that fashion, or at least that is how I'm hoping it will work. ;)

P.S. Also if you ever wish to talk via MSN or something along those lines, I'm pretty much always on late at night. Which is from 9-10 Central time to whatever time I end up going to bed.

Much thanks Spence. Though I never said I would have had much problem creating a character. It was more along the lines of the complexity of creating a character in the 3.5 ruleset (or in any ruleset for that matter.) I could have definitely finished a character and been ready to play in a little time, but roleplaying in a chat setting has never really been my thing. Not to say that I won't register and give it a go some day, but my thing is more along the lines of longer RP's and more freedom for the PC to come up with there own adventures. I might get with you sometime and discuss some of the stuff about Dathkandra, since I've never "actually" roleplayed in a fantasy setting before. '

I have more to say, but alas, I have to look over summer courses (everyone who hates/hated college raise their hands) before el girlfriendo has my heado.

I should say a bit more later tonight.

Miscellaneous / Re: Member Levels
« on: May 07, 2006, 06:39:57 PM »
*Nods* Parents are weird sometimes... Mine had me cleaning fish at 3. :-\

Announcements and News / Re: Secret in Asylum
« on: April 23, 2006, 07:46:43 PM »
Found this a while back, by the way, and just forgot to say anything. I thought it was quite interesting, and could change the face of trading around the world if pulled off.

Miscellaneous / Re: What's your avatar?
« on: March 21, 2006, 12:21:03 PM »
I just meant it looks nice. I have no idea who it is or anything of the like.  ;)

Miscellaneous / Re: What's your avatar?
« on: March 21, 2006, 11:02:48 AM »
Like the new pic Bart! :o

Role Playing Discussion / Re: Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: March 16, 2006, 08:32:10 PM »
An update should be up sometime soon. I've just been busy lately, that and my laptop quit picking up a wireless connection in my room recently... Tis weird. Anyways, I've decided on the name Perecho Heights. Now all I have to do is come up with a story as to why it is called this.

Gaming Tales / Re: Eltern Story Hour
« on: March 09, 2006, 05:43:00 PM »
Hmmm it seems your missing a little content in this last entry. :P

Role Playing Discussion / Re: The Perfect Role Playing Game
« on: March 03, 2006, 11:58:42 AM »
I was about to turn 7 and had just moved to Louisiana... I COUNLDN'T READ AT READ! :P Edit:Wow... What I really meant to say was, "I COULDN'T EVEN READ." Don't know what happened there.... :-[ </edit>

Anyways, on to more important matters.  ;D That is a much appreciated background story, and I must admit, as a history major, I always have a hankerin for anything of the sort.  :)

Role Playing Discussion / Re: Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: March 01, 2006, 07:29:19 PM »
Well, I've put some minor thought into and wrote out a chart kind of thing. I based it off of Dathkandra page since that is the city that has a page devoted to it, that isn't a capital or independent city. :P This is what I have so far. I haven't decided on the name yet, though, so that is why I have so many at the moment. I'm leaning toward Perecho at the moment, but that could change at any time. The population is also iffy, since some of it kind of depends on the history of the town.

Name: Depoltas, Shytanran, Bantan, Raytia  Perecho, Belol???
Population: 2300-4500 (I haven't rightly decided as of yet.)
Demographics: Human 70%, Elven 9%, Dwarven 6%, Grum 5%, Orc 3%, Other 3%,
Ogre 2%, Saurian 2%
Languages: Rukemian 95%, Southern 5%
Nationality: Ormek
National Colors: Red and Black
Year Founded: 1572
Currency: Rukemian
National Resources and
Manufactured Goods: Lumber..., ???
Wealth: Average
Government Type: ??? Undecided (This I'm a tad bit confused on. Should it be the government of the town, or the government of the nation they are a part of. Town I'm sure, but you never know...)
Government Stability: Very Stable
Allies: Mercia, Rukemia, War Vale
Enemies: The Coalition
Walled: Yes
Crime Level: Below Average
Technology Level: Middle Ages
Primary Religion: ???
Other Religion: Erylon, Imarus, Carrikos, Mareth, Sorrath, Barrinor, Assytia
Climate: Subtropical
Terrain: Forested

More will definitely come later. I might even sit down and work on some of the history tonight. Comment and as usual, any criticism is welcome.

Edit: I didn't know that three ?'s in a row was the ??? smiley....  :-[

Role Playing Discussion / Re: Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: February 25, 2006, 09:24:16 PM »
Hello again everyone, so I've came up with an idea for the location of the proposed city. I used the nifty little paint program to place a dot here ---> 

I had a few different reason's for choosing this location, the first of which is that it is in a prime position on the Stout River to play some kind of a role in trading between Drachen's Bluff/Green Hills and Galen Shore. I know it wouldn't play to big of role considering the overall size of the two other cities, but some trade would have to flow between the cities because of the value of the sheep and horses in the two areas.

I also like the fact that the peninsula that the city will be positioned on is also part of the Mercian forest, or at least it looks like the green extends that far to me. This will allow for some local logging to be conducted, and will also allow for an ample amount of wild life around the city. The forests will also allow Orcs and Ogres a place to launch raids upon the city.  :-\ This may sound bad in theory, but for story usage this is plus, at least in my opinion.  ;)

The other major reason at the moment would be the distance away from Stovikar. At that distance away it might as well be an independent city. The less the "government" of Ormek puts its nose into the city the better.

So yeah, if there is anything anyone else would like to add to this feel free to, even if it's criticism. It is nigh impossible to make me angry. So feel free to say just about anything.  :P

Role Playing Discussion / Re: Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: February 23, 2006, 09:59:42 PM »
Oh well thanks David, and sorry it took me so long to respond. I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys. I've just been busy trying to get the other rpg I'm working on off the ground. Some people can be so stubborn... So they've decided to rework the joining system at Dathkandra? I will definitely re-review it again, and see how it turns out.  :)

Now in the meantime, I've been considering staging area's for my project. The leading place at the moment is somewhere in north Ormek. Possibly somewhere up above Raven Hill on the White Stone River, or a more probable location would be somewhere in the northwestern part of the nation, alongside the Stout River. The reason I'm considering Ormek as a prime area for the RPG, is the amount lawlessness that is rampant in the nation. Also would it be possible to add a city of some moderate size to the map of where ever I decide on? *Shrugs* Once again, ideas and comments are always welcome.  I could still go anywhere with with this thing, from an island in the middle of an uncharted ocean all the way down to the middle of one of those overpopulated cities out there. It just depends on where I believe I will get the best quality stories really.

I will continue to update when I get the time. I'm hoping once the opening day of the site happens, I'll be able to hand some of the major mod functions down the other members. Til then though, all I can do is what I can do.  ;D

Thanks and everyone have a great day!

Announcements and News / Re: Asylum City Map
« on: January 30, 2006, 04:03:16 PM »
 :o Good stuff, I'm very impressed. Maps fascinate me almost as much as the events that happen on them do. I've attempted at creating a world map for Errol, the world I'd mentioned in the previous topic, using photoshop more times than I can count. (Which isn't very high. *points at history major*) Sometime you'll have to eplain to me many of the tools you used in creating the world map for Khoras.  ;)

Keep up the good work on the city maps though. It will end up being an invaluable feature for any who use your world.

Role Playing Discussion / Re: Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: January 30, 2006, 03:53:18 PM »
Much obliged Senor Roomes. Now after spending part of today reviewing Dathkandra, (It's been one of my rare days off! YAY!) I noticed that I believe it used a chat room type based system. I wasn't for sure since I never actually got into the game because I didn't want to spend part of my day creating a character. If this is wrong then by all means tell me, but if it's right, then that isn't exactly what I was planning on doing. What I was planning would be on a forum like this one (I do love Simple Machine Forums, good choice by the way.)
Actions by player characters would be posted in multi-paragraph form, and everyone would post many times with their characters. Right up until the particular adventure they are having is finished. When it is finished a "judge" of sorts comes behind and judges what exactly they get from there adventure. The bulk of the rewards will be dependent on the person's roleplaying/writing. Correct grammar is a must, as well as well thought out adventures. Major adventures that would change the landscape of the area that it is based around would be ran by GM's but would still be in the same form.

There of course will be a stats system, but it would also be no where near as complex as a normal D&D (such as Dathkandra's) system (or at least that's what I'm hoping... ;))

There is a very big likely hood that this could change some what. Especially since I havn't actually started working on it. This is just what I have planned for the moment. I'm currently working on reviving the first RPG that I joined, (don't ask me what it's all about... it really would make me look like a yougin in everyone's eyes) but the tentative opening date for it is Feb. 13. So I'll be working on this as much as possible til then. Some time after then I'll be able to focus more on this and hopefully have something up as soon as possible.

Role Playing Discussion / Love what you've done with the place. :)
« on: January 29, 2006, 07:23:54 PM »
Wow... That's pretty much all I can say now that I come back and look around the site Mr. David Roomes.  :)I stumbled upon the site about four years ago while working in the library for an easy A back in High School. I quickly fell in love with the site and printed off almost every nation that was available at the time. (Cyrell was the only one that I missed I believe, so it's the only one I have in color. I printed it off as soon as I got home. This was all unbeknownst to the librarian of course) I still have all of those printouts somewhere in 3 1/2 binder. I'll have pull them out sometime. Anyways, other than playing baseball and basketball, my time was spent reading over those printout's and looking around the site. I quickly memorized most of the information that was on the printouts and thirsted for more. This eventually drove me to start working on my own planet which is of very little importance, since almost all of my information was deleted when my computer of the time, a Gateway....enough said, went cablameramers. After this I stayed gone for quite a while, until I returned one day to find out you were working on the two new continents. I very nearly sent you the money to access them, but in the end I guess I just didn't think it was worth the trouble. (I'm cheap. ;D)

So for a second time I stayed gone for a far to long a time, until I decided one day to pop my head back in and see if there had been any updates on the free part of the site. I was surprised to find a blank white screen with a countdown timer when all of Khoras would go public once more! From here I can't really remember what happened, but to be honest I don't believe any of it's that important and we all just wasted a small part our lives reading (for me writing) all of this.

Oh well, what is important is that I'm back and that Khoras is looking better than it ever has. And now for the reason why I posted this particular post in the Role Playing Discussion's thread. I myself only have very limited experience in table top gaming. I'm afraid to say that it is not a very popular thing in North Louisiana to play these kinds of games. To be quite honest I'd be labeled a devil worshiping freak, and then would spend most of my time dodging the Triple K's gang and their upside down cross.  :-[ Enough of that, what I'm trying to get at is that I had to find other venues to express myself in an RPG like manner. I found that in text based forum RPG's. I know I know, from what I've shown you here my grammar is piss poor and tend to ramble at times, but writing is something I enjoy doing. This particular way also allows for a person's character to react to another person's character in real time.

Ok I'd started to ramble again... So anyways, what I'm leading up to is... Would I be allowed to work on a forum RPG based around a certain area in Khoras, and if so, then is there anywhere in particular that any of you would like me to base the story around? That being cities, nations, etc. I had been thinking of using Garrison in the beginning, but that's only because there is always a chance of plenty confrontation for a character to get into there. That can be said for a lot of places around Khoras though. If there are any questions feel free to ask.  :) *Puts on innocent answer question face*

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