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Session 06 - The Dimension Gate
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Session 06 - The Dimension Gate

Now that the siege was broken, the heroes helped the city clean up the aftermath. Everyone had a job to do and busied themselves.
Meanwhile, Beth’s character, Katharana, the linquist and scholar, assembled everything they had acquired from the previous sessions into one big pile and sat down to study. This was quite a bit of material. Over the course of the previous few sessions, they had acquired a Duthelmian sorcerer’s spell book, information from the mind of an enemy commander, several pages from the satchel which their friend Kramtha had given his life to smuggle out of the Citadel and other bits and pieces.

Having successfully translated the bendothi code of the spell book, Katharana then turned her attention to the papers from Kramtha's satchel. She spent several days translating them (with the help of the Myranor wizards). When she was done, she learned the secret that Kramtha had died for.
It was widely known that Duthelm had captured control of the Snowy Timber forest for most of the war. However, what they were DOING in that forest was unknown.

Deep beneath the roots of the trees of the Snowy Timber Forest and is a great underground network of chambers – a buried fortress that had been used by Rukemia during the first War of Demons but had since been lost. Within this great underground stronghold there was a central chamber called the Hall of Banishing and within it the great Conduit - a great magical gateway to the Abyss and other dark regions of the multiverse. It was the discovery of these ruins more than 2 years ago that started the Avisarr Campaign. For more information, read the Avisarr Campaign on the Khoras website).

The ruling lords of Duthelm had taken these buried ruins and disassembled the Hall of Banishing and the Conduit  - that which had held Draxorith trapped for so many years. The Duthelm armies transported the Conduit and the Hall of Banishing back to the Citadel, brick by brick, piece by piece – rune stones, tapestries, everything.

There they used the raw materials and the Codex of the Infinite Planes to build a massive device - the Dimension Gate. This device, once completed, would allow them to open doorways leading to other dimensions. It would also allow them to teleport troops and equipment over vast distances with pinpoint precision. Never before in Ithria had teleportation and dimensional magic of this scale been seen. Such a device would certainly win the war for Duthelm.

The first function was already active and several monstrosities summoned from Hell had been used during the siege. The teleport function was not online yet and was over a month from being completed.  The Avisarr, which is much more than just Draxorith’s soul gem but the holiest of artifacts of this dark church, was being used to power the Dimension Gate.

The players spent most of the session discussing this new information and the horrible consequences that it implied.

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