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Session 08 - Second Half
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Session 08 - Second Half

At this point, Katharana did something rather bold. She went into the Citadel to find Hromoth and the Gilded Page. She then boasted and bragged to him about her linquist skills, being very obvious. Katharana is a silver-tongued, charismatic character. She quickly won him over with her charm and evidence of her great linquistic skills. She convinced Hromoth that she was a very skilled linquist and might be able to offer some insight as to the translation of the map. Hromoth took her to see the officials of the Citadel who were studying the map. The map was, at this point, being kept up on level 19 in Darklore - the wizard's school of the Citadel. Katharana did not get a good look at the map (she got to within about 50 feet). The map was laid out on a table in a large conference room. Pouring over the map were four Black sorcerers and various other officials. Armor plated guards stood at attention at all exits.

Although she was not allowed into the conference room or anywhere near the map, Katharana did manage to get to talk to one of the Black Sorcerers. At Hromoth's urgings, he came out and spoke with Katharana. She offered her services as a linguist, hoping, of course, to get a good look at the map and possibly memorize it or make a copy. The Black Sorcerer, named Vardek, was not convinced of her ability and tested her. With a wave of his hand, a number of sentences appeared on a page in her notebook (which she carried with her always). He asked her to translate them. She did very well. She translated about 75% of the text correctly. Vardek was impressed.

However, Katharana had underestimated her situation. Going up into the lion's den alone with no preparation was a tad foolhardy. She waltzed into a high security area into a group of high level mages offering help. It's ridiculous to think that they would let a complete stranger look at the map. And even if she did have good translation skills, they are CERTAINLY going to do everything in their power to verify her identity and intentions before granting her access to something as valuable as that map. A quick review of magic user spells will unveil the sheer range of spells they have at their disposal for such verification. There are a number of spells - Detect Lie, Zone of Truth, Friends, Domination, Charm Person, Charm Monster, Suggestion, Detect Thoughts and other spells that would allow the Black Sorcerers to uncover every last thought in her pretty little head. Not to mention that fact that these are the Black Sorcerers. They are a talented bunch of mages. They have new spells that they developed themselves. Spells that are not in the book. Spells such as...
Mind Probe
Advanced Mind Probe
and the devastating  "Mind Rending"
all of these are Black Sorcerer originals.

Needless to say, Vardek basically gave her a vulcan mind meld of sorts. Using a spell, he linked up to her mind and sifted through her thoughts. Keep in mind that this was a low level spell. Not the most powerful or effective that he could have used. But then again, he was just doing an initial "background" check. He wasn't expecting to find anything interesting. Katharana was caught off guard by this. She had not been prepared for such a possibility.
This is where it gets really interesting...
Katharana suddenly found thoughts being pulled to the forefront of her mind. The image of the Shrine of Lost Souls came to her mind. Although she had never been to the Shrine, it had been described to her in detail and she had imagined it. Also, she had imagined the mission, the characters sneaking into the Shrine, stealing the Avisarr, etc. All of this had been discussed, planned and imagined. When Katharana realized that she might give away the mission to Vardek, she began struggling against the mind meld. She couldn’t resist, but she could try to mislead by imagining false visions. She made several rolls and was partially successful. However, Vardek successfully saw

Callister Draabyn
The Shrine of Lost Souls
The Avisarr

Vardek was unable to get anything more. He terminated the mindmeld and questioned Katharana. What were these thoughts in her head? How did she know Callister Draabyn? How does she know that the Avisarr is in the Shrine of Lost Souls? Speak up now. Quickly!

Katharana, thinking fast, said that she was in town with Callister Draabyn and friends. Katharana stated that she was only pretending to be a trustworthy companion. Her real intentions were to turn Callister and the others over to the Citadel and collect the bounty on their heads. She explained that Callister’s group was in town to try to steal the Avisarr from the Shrine. But she did not have the details yet. With her help, she explained, the Citadel could be ready with an ambush and take them all prisoners with little effort. She could get the information that they would need to prepare an ambush, but she needed more time. She promised that if she were free to go to Callister, she would get the info and return to the Citadel.

Did Vardek believe her? Did Vardek trust her? Of course not! But Vardek saw that this could be very useful. He agreed to her plan. She would go to Callister and find out the details of his plan. She would then return to the Citadel in 12 hours and meet with Vardek. She was instructed exactly how to get in contact with him. She was to go to a specific guard’s barrack and ask for a specific Captain by name, who would then escort her back up to the upper levels to meet with Vardek again.

Katharana agreed. Vardek ordered the captain to escort her back down to the main gates of the Citadel and Katharana went back out into the outer city. What Katharana did not realize is that the instant she left Vardek, he ordered another Black Sorcerer to begin tracking her with a scrying spell. Katharana was being tracked all the while as she went back to the Black Cauldron.

When she got their, she went to her room, divested herself of certain magic items and then wrote a letter to the other players explaining what had happened. She suspected that they might try scrying her. After reading the letter, the other players joined her in a game of “let’s pretend” for the benefit of any mage who might be watching them through a crystal ball. In order for this ploy to work, Callister left the room. (If you remember, Callister has those magic blocking tattoos that protect him from scrying).

Later, Callister rejoined the group and they had the “real” discussion, save from scrying. What little discussion did occur was brief. Katharana adamantly demanded that the group go after the map, even though some players felt it was better to stick to the original plan. There was some disagreement. In the end, they came up with a PLAN. Now, I'm not sure I fully understood what they were planning. I might have some of it wrong. I'll do my best to explain...

Because of Katharana’s ill-advised trip to the Citadel, the Citadel was now aware that Callister was in town and that he had some intereste in the Shrine.  The exact details were not known, but they were able to guess he was after the Avisarr.

It was decided that the assault on the Shrine would have to be moved up and occur the very next day. Before the Citadel could react. The magic users in the group needed to rest. It was decided that, while the magic users in the party were getting their 8 hours of sleep, Katharana would go and spend some time with Hromoth, the master scribe of the Guilded Page. Why Hromoth? Two reasons. 1. He had seen the map up close and studied it in great detail. The information they were after was in Hromoth's head. 2. Hromoth was not a Citadel ruling official and, as such, would not be heavily guarded. Of all the people who had seen the map, he would be the easiest person to get to.

The plan was for Katharana to take the teleport plaque and go to Hromoth and keep him busy for 8 hours until the mages were rested. Then, while the rest of the group was stealing the Avisarr, she could poison Hromoth (using a vial of poison she had gotten from Martin) and teleport out with his body to their “safe spot” in the grove of trees on the hill some 15 miles outside of town. After the Avisarr was stolen, they would all meet their and then flee back. With both the Avisarr and the dead scribe. The myrian brothers could then extract the information from the dead scribe (either by using Speak with Dead or Resurrect).

That was the plan.

Katharana went to the Citadel, went to the Gilded Page and met up with Hromoth. She found that he was under guard. Four guards, to outside his shop and two inside his shop. She tried seducing Hromoth, but the guards would not leave, even though she hinted that they should (and might get some sex out of it later if they did). The guards would not leave.

If you remember, Katharana, upon returning to the Citadel, was supposed to go straight to meet with Vardek. Vardek was scrying her and knew that she had gone to see Hromoth instead of to him. Vardek sent down a squad of troops to retrieve her. When they showed up, Katharana was again, surprised. She hadn’t counted on this. The squad marched upstairs to meet with Vardek.

No messing around. He started to cast a spell and was quite obviously going to do another mindmeld type of spell. This time he wasn’t going to stop until he knew every thought in her head.

At this point, Katharana had three options.

She could fight and/or teleport her way out. She had a chameleon ring (Predator style cloak ability) and a teleport plaque. She could have cloaked (which would have given her a few precious seconds) and either fled or possible grabbed Hromoth (who was standing only 12 feet away) and teleported out with him.

She could have surrendered and tried to escape later on.

but no…

Katharana choose the third option.

Drink the poison! She killed herself rather than give information to the enemy.

Meanwhile, back at the inn, the player characters decide to check up on her progress using a divination spell. The myrian brothers summoned a spirit and asked him a few questions. From the spirit world, they discover that Katharana is dead and that the plan has basically gotten screwed up.

They decide that if Katharana was killed and her body is held by the Duthelm leaders, they will be able to extract the info from her just as the players had been planning to do with the scribe. There is no time to waste. They decide that they must move quickly.

That’s where we left off. Katharana’s character is dead (suicide). The bad guys know that the players are in town and know that they’re coming. As if the mission wasn’t already hard enough, now the whole Citadel is on red alert and the city gates are in lock down mode (no one gets in or out without being searched).

Likewise, Katharana had the teleport plaque with her. The Black Sorcerers analyzed the plaque, figured out what it was and sent a small heavily armed team out to the rendezvous site. There they soon found the Kitaran soldiers (who were going to escort the party home) and promptly wiped them out.

Things are not going well for the group… Next session should be interesting.
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