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Session 15 - Ocean Voyage
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Session 15 – Ocean Voyage

Day 19  - The Wreckage and the Survivor
Third Wind comes across more debris. Then the other ships encounter debris as well. A whole field of it. Lots of barrels. A crate or two. The barrels have a strange kind of ale in them. Tasty, but odd. The crates carried water logged and rotted cloth items. Blankets, clothes, etc. Several crates have a weird orange muck on the inside like a residue of some sort. Clinging to the sides. Most of it is constructed of some strange wood. Several pieces have strange markings. A shaft of wood. A few planks nailed together. A patch of sail. A floating barrel.

Then,they hear cries from someone. It is a man, with dark brown hair braided, brown skin and the most beautiful crystal blue eyes (he is an eshtari). He is mumbling something over and over in a strange tongue. When the Third Wind gets close enough, he looks up at the people and a look of absolute relief/contentment sweeps over him. (He thinks Valadahaj has sent this strange vessel to take him to heaven). He lets go of his barrel/life preserver and opens his arms and starts to sink.

Once he is on board, he will throw himself to the deck and kiss the feet of anyone. He believes the crew to be angels. He will say the word Valadahaj repeatedly. His name is Hashikan va sadi va padan. He speaks two unfamiliar languages - he tries them both on the crew unsuccessfully. Has a single glyph burned/branded upon his right shoulder. (It is the mark of an Sybren Imperial Slave). This man is thankful to be picked up, obviously terrified of the sea and scared that they are going east. He's a survivor (a former prisoner/slave) of a Sybren military ship that was attacked by the Thallasians.

[Ok, that was how it was SUPPOSED to be. However, Nathan’s brother, Alec, moved up to Seattle permanently and decided to join the campaign. Therefore, I had to find a way to smoothly integrate his character into the campaign while the players were out at sea. What better way than to use this encounter. So, instead of an eshtari slave, I put Alec’s character in the water. Alec is going to run a saridian. I am sending the saridian notes in a separate file to describe that race.
So the players come across the debris field and, while they are searching through the wreckage, they find a strange humanoid in the water. He has his hands tied about a piece of floating wreckage. Chained to one ankle is a large, air-tight wooden chest which is also floating. They whole him on to the deck, chest and all. They check him and find that he is dead. Ugida, the myrian priest, checks him and finds that he has only been dead a few days. The body is mostly intact (except that his legs have been eaten away by fish down to the bone). Closer inspection also reveals that a symbol is burned into his shoulder (the brand of a slave of the Sybren Empire) and that small metal “plugs” are embedded in the palms of his hands. Martin, the assassin/mage, checks the plugs and finds that they are composed of a metal that emits a weak radiation that screws up magic. Obviously, these plugs were put in his hands to keep him from casting spells. He must be some kind of mage.

Rather than resurrect him, they put on “on ice” in the hold. The players are unsure of what to do with the body. Some of them want to resurrect him. Others don’t. Ugida casts a General Repose spell on him which keeps him fresh for a future Raise Dead spell. In the meantime, Alec is going to run Rothgar – the NPC phellysian archer who has been with the group from the very beginning of Avisarr 98.

Day 20 - Calm Seas
Calm Seas. No encounters. Callister orders a crow released. Fourth crow. Five left.

Day 21- The Coming Storm
Seas start to get a bit choppy. Foul winds blow. Rough weather ahead.

Day 22 - The Storm Builds and the Thallasian Scout
Storm begins to build. This one looks to be worse. Preparations are made.
Also, during the day, one of the crew members (Beth or Ugida) sees a thallasian scout warrior with his head out of the water. Obviously an aquatic life form. Then he disappears.

Day 23 - The Thallasian Attack
Several small round objects just breaking the surface. Then they disappear.
Major storm. Builds gradually then explodes. Massive 80 foot waves. This storm has been summoned and/or made worse by an aquatic race. The Titan has stumbled into their territory. The aquatic race attacks and uses the storm to confuse the enemy. The aquatic warriors can be seen in the waves. This storm should almost sink the Titan. Possibly roll it. Severe damage. At the height of the storm, a sea spout or a sea vortex forms. Commanded by the wizard of the aquatic race. Perhaps a vortex. They are trying to suck the ship down into the ocean. Or perhaps a sea tornado. Could lift and then drop the ship.

The lipluradon attacks with the Thallasians. A sea monster. A lipluradon variant. This is a pet/weapon of the Thallasians. It is mentally controlled. Several Thallasians are also seen. Make it clear that they are involved. This attack leads to damage to the ship. Also, several supplies (barrels of food, water, whatever) get washed overboard or destroyed or contaminated. This leads into the next encounter
During this, the Vanguard is sunk. Sucked down by the vortex. Most people on board die.

Day 24 - Survivors from the Vanguard
Another crow is found dead. Undoubtedly from the storm. There are four crows left. Early the next morning, debris from the Vanguard is found. Survivors are found and taken aboard both the Titan and the Third Wind. Who are the survivors? You need names and positions. [They find four survivors from the Vanguard. Callister uses them to replace the dead among his own crew].