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Session 19 - The City of Okslad
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Session 19 - The City of Okslad

The date was Icebreak 24 (May 24) in the year 2716 CY when the Third Wind finally sailed into the Bay of Tears and toward the coastal city of Okslad, the capital city of the Magrakians.

It took another four hours to reach the city. During that time the Third Wind passed several other vessels… mostly fishing ships crewed by a race of large, pot-bellied humanoids with snouts, large floppy ears and somewhat piggish features. Gremal confirmed that those were magrakians, the native race of the region.

The Third Wind also passed a huge military vessel which was loaded with weapons, shields, armored humanoids, etc. It was heading out to sea at full sail.

The port had two huge sea walls to protect the harbor from the waves. Ships were coming and going between the gap in the walls and light houses flanked the harbor entrance. Each light house was a huge stone tower with an enormous fire pit.

The port was huge... larger than Freeport’s harbor even. A massive stone statue of a Magrakian warrior, some 75 feet tall, sat on the banks of the harbor gazing out to sea.

The Third Wind anchored in the middle of the harbor behind two other ships. They waited for their turn. When it came, a sleek skiff with twenty rowers arrived and a uniformed magrakian climbed aboard. He was the harbor pilot. He asked Callister what the ships tonnage was and then piloted the Third Wind into the port.

Ugita asked about the gods of this city and the pilot responded that “Bromat” was the chief deity. As they sailed in, the pilot pointed out the temple of Bromat.

The Third Wind moored. They noticed a battle worn naval ship a few docks down. It seemed that this nation must be having a naval war with one of its neighbors. A tax collector came up almost as soon as the mooring lines were tight and accosted Callister for a port tax before he had even set foot on dry land. The tax was 90 hunedari, the standard coin of the realm.

The characters and crew disembarked. The city seemed to be a mix of races, but the stout, piggish magrakians were by far the most common. Several people pointed and stared at the characters and crew as they got off the Third Wind. The clothing and look of them was unfamiliar to the magrakians.

Off in the distance, the characters could hear drums beating and music. It seemed the city was having some kind of festival.

Beth spoke with the harbor master and she described the Duthelm ships. He had not seen any such ships. The characters had arrived first.

Other races that were evident were the eshtari – brown-skinned race, bright eyes, dreadlocks. Very friendly.
Various other versions of human were also here. But the city was predominantly Magrakian. A few
interesting races were wandering around the Beth and the others had never seen before.

A government official approached. He was accompanied by two guards and an assistant. He was wearing robes of office that mark him as administration of some kind. The two warriors with him are wearing elaborate and decorative armor.

“My dear captain,” he said to Callister, “welcome to Okslad. I am Othok, junior city warden and assistant to City Warden Brochon. I have been sent to welcome you and provide anything you might need. It is a rare treat to receive guests from distant Ithria. It is not everyday that our port is graced by the presence of outlanders. Are you emissaries from noble Ithria or have you come to trade?”

“A little of both, I should think.”

“What ever your needs, it is my honor to serve you this day. I gift you with this sculpture from the Council of Wardens. It was crafted by Makanar, master sculpture of the Shopor Province.” (The characters learned that gift giving was an important part of Magrakian culture).

“Where can we get a map of the continent?”

“I believe the city library has several excellent cartographic resources. However, as it is not a common policy to hand out sensitive government documents to Outlanders, it may take me several days to procure such information for you. And then again, they may simply refuse. Still, I can always try.”

“Where can we spend the night?”

“I recommend the Grand Okslad Inn. Tell them that you are guests of City Warden Brochon and they will take care of you.”

Ugita spoke with many people in the city, learning as much as he could. Most times he was mistaken for a short eshtari. He eventually wandered off to spend time at the Bromat temple and speak with the priests there.

Callister, Rothgar and Gremal went to the market. Gremal was looking for spell components. Rothgar was looking to replenish his supply of arrows. Callister was looking for whiskey.

Beth spoke further with Othok and learned a bit more about the city. She then went to a tavern that he had mentioned. She was looking for a place where she might be able to find a map of the region and she didn’t want to have to wait for the government to go through official channels.

While wandering the market, the characters were approached by many people who wanted to see and touch and talk to the Outlanders. One merchant approached Callister and told him a tale of woe. This merchant was a magrakian named Rokor. He explained that a ship of his had recently been lost in a storm and that he had a huge cargo that was sitting on the docks with no way to transport it. It was perishable and would soon go bad in the sun. He asked if Callister’s ship might be willing to take the cargo to its destination for a handsome profit. Callister accepted, but upped the price by having the merchant help them outfit a caravan of wagons. The characters knew that they would be heading east soon and Callister decided to get them set up with wagons and supplies by someone who knew the region. The merchant was delighted and accepted the offer. He would make arrangements to set the group up with a fully loaded caravan. In return, Callister would make arrangements for the Third Wind to transport the cargo for this merchant.

Meanwhile, Beth went to a tavern, a government building and eventually found her way to the main city library and left a message for Pagrad, the chief librarian. He spoke and read a little Rukemian, so she wrote the message in Rukemian. Although the assistant librarian that she met spoke very little Rukemian, she was able to figure out that Pagrad was busy until that evening.

That night, Beth met with Pagrad. He was delighted to meet another person from Rukemia (a Rukemian ship had come into port a few years earlier, so it was a rare treat – it was how he had learned to speak some Rukemian). She explained to him that the group she was with, the “outlanders”, would be traveling east and needed a map. The two of them went back to Pagrad’s house and he showed her his private map collection. He agreed to have one of his scribes make a copy of his best map of the Aggradar continent.

She explained the threat that the coming Duthelm ships represented. He wanted to meet with party. He told her that he would send a messenger the next day when the map copy was completed. He also suggested that the outlanders speak at the royal court and tell of the Duthelm threat.

Callister, Rothgar, Gremal and a few officers from the Third Wind were wandering around the city enjoying the people and the festival. They eventually ended up at a large tavern called the Iron Ring. There they witnessed a popular sport called Magrakian Club wrestling. This involves two combatants who enter a pit  together. Their arms are bound straight by wooden planks with small metal protrusions. They then bludgeon each other. There are no rules. The fight continues until one is combatant is no longer standing.

They were also introduced to the traditional Magrakian beverage, a foul concoction made from fermented fish guts. After a few bowls of this potent stuff, the characters were quite drunk. Pretty soon, Callister was challenged to a wrestling bout and he was drunk enough to accept. His shirt was stripped off and broad wooden blanks were strapped to his arms such that he could not bend them. His opponent was a huge, muscled and scarred magrakian (whom Callister would later find out was the undefeated wrestling champion). The wrestling match was brutal. Callister used a good deal of street fighting to stay alive, even throwing a handful of sand into his opponent’s eyes at one point. However, he was outmatched and was soon pummeled into a bloody, unconscious mess. After being revived, Callister was hoisted up onto the shoulders of a cheering Magrakian crowd. They were all quite pleased that the outlander had lasted as long as he did and for the night, Callister’s name was shouted throughout the tavern, something which he did everything he could to encourage.
Rothgar led the group, including the badly wounded Callister, to the Grand Osklad Inn and took advantage of the free rooms being provided to them by City Warden Brochon.

And so ends session 19.