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Session 40 – The Phanglir
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Session 40 – The Phanglir

The party and the phanglir warriors cleaned up the battle field. The bodies of the slain wights were piled up and burned. The remaining wights were chased off.

The phanglir invited the party into their fortress. It was not often that they saw anyone come from the south. The chaddamarians were fearful of the Desolation and it was a rare event to have visitors from that southern land.

The characters ventured inside and were given food and a place to rest. The phanglir were genuinely friendly and treated like guests. Gen, using the Mindmelding stone head band, could detect no deceipt. Although this was a battle hardened race, they were not cruel or evil.

The party partook in a great feast in the main hall of the fortress. There, they ate with perhaps 40 or 50 of these phanglir. This group of phanglir held ranks and appeared more like a military unit than a clan or tribe. Mostly male. No young. They were one of several groups of phanglir warriors who were trying to retake the Old Wall from the wights, one fortress at a time.

The party spent a great deal of time talking with the phanglir. They learned about the fauna and flora of the Desolation. They learned about the wights and the Horde. (The Horde season struck once each year in the summer… Horde season was due to start any week now and that’s why the phanglir were stockpiling weapons and supplies – in preparation for Horde season).

The phanglir also confirmed Ugita’s previous assumption – there was another indigenous race – a primitive human tribe based society notable for their blonde hair. They were called the omarin. They were primitive and low tech compared to the phanglir. While the phanglir crafted stone and forged steal, the omarin were hunter gatherers with no skill in metalwork.

The party engaged in some games and archery contests after the meal. They then traded weapons and magic items. In exchange for a few of the party’s magic items, the phanglir gave them a few wrath cannon rocket launchers and a couple of “shredder grenades”. Shredder grenades were small metal spheres with many protruding hooks. When you throw it, it shoots out long chains covered in hooks and then starts to spin. A devastating weapon, especially if tossed into a group of enemies.

The party continued to rest and eat and talk with the phanglir. This fortress was a welcome respite from their long trek.