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Session 41 – Interrogating The Prisoners
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Session 41 – Interrogating The Prisoners

The party asked the phanglir about the prisoners that were held below. Specifically, they wanted to know about the omarin prisoners and the Duthelm soldiers.

Where the omarin and the phanglir enemies? Not usually, they were told, but the omarin were captured stealing food and supplies from the phanglir. The phanglir considered omarin raiders an annoyance, but not really an enemy. They had bigger problems than to worry about the local primitive omarin.

What about the Duthelm soldiers? The party asked.

The party were escorted down into the dungeon levels. There they came face to face with the Duthelm prisoners. There were three. Ugita, Rothgar and Grimnoth (following Ugita’s orders) used fairly brutal techniques to get the Duthelm soldiers to talk.

These Duthelm soldiers had been part of the scout team which was ahead of the party, to the north. They had split from the group to scout to the east and ran into a group of phanglir warriors. A fight broke out and the Duthelm soldiers, having underestimated the phanglir, were captured and taken by here as prisoners.

They found out that the Duthelm force had actually split up into four separate groups. One group was the scout group ahead, north in the desolation. One was the city group that had been left back in Soleth to kill the heroes (the party smugly told the prisoners that THAT group had been wiped out). Another group was on a flying steed and heading west toward the Iron States. The fourth group was the largest group and they were in Chaddamar waiting.

What were they waiting for? Well, the soldier told them that he had heard a rumor that Lord Caramus was displeased with their lack of progress and that he himself was coming to Aggradar to take over. The soldier did not know when he was coming or how. Or how he planned to speed things up. Only that he was coming.

The party asked about the group which was using a flying steed to go to the Iron States. Why were they going there? The soldier said that they were going to retrieve a piece of the Death’s Door key. That made sense. Now that the party thought back to it, one of the pieces of that legendary key was held by a Duke in the Iron States.

So, it seemed that the heroes was ahead after all. The bulk of the Duthelm forces was behind them and they were waiting for Caramus. The party decided to continue north and try to find, and eliminate, the small Duthelm team that was ahead of them.

The party then went to the other dungeon cell and spoke with the omarin prisoners. Three young men. One about 30 and two young men, not more than 18. The older one talked with them.

They showed him the bizarre sea shell that they had recovered from the hill top cache. They also told him that, with magic, they had peered into the seashell and seen what looked like a large, smooth hunk of meat, like an internal organ from an animal.

He told them the sea shell was a common storage device for the omarin. With resins, the seashell could be made totally air tight. It was often used to store food and other perishables. This one, however, had a horde gland. An internal organ that had been cut out of one of the larger horde creatures. He explained that the horde creatures identified each other by scent. The omarin sometimes could evade horde, even walk through a horde group, if they smear the juices from this gland over their bodies. They would essentially smell like, and be mistaken for, a horde creatures.

The party asked the phanglir if they could take the three omarin men with them. The phanglir agreed. They had no need to keep them and didn’t want to have to feed these three. So, they gladly turned them over to the party.

The party made a deal with the omarin. If the older, more experience one would guide them on their journey north, they would let the two younger ones go. The older one agreed. His name was Torel.

The party and Torel left the fort the next morning and headed north.