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Session 47 – Stealing the Key
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Session 47 – Stealing the Key

The party noticed the huge tentacled “frog” beast was crystallizing into Chrylomar like a slain morphian. This thing was, or at least had been at one time, a morphian.

Raj the morphian with the party, who had been noticeably absent during the fight with the frog beast, told them that this frog thing had a definite morphian aura that he could sense. He also told them that the beast had been using a morphian trick wherein one morphian, through energy emanations, can immobilize another. Raj had been immobilized for the duration of the fight. It seemed that if the party ran into any more of these strange pseudo-morphian beasts, that Raj would not be able to participate in the combat (if he was again immobilized by the creature).

Now that the initial battle had been won, the party had only to descend down into the circular shaft (stone stairs led down circling the side of the shaft), venture into the dungeons below and find the Talisman. They had to hurry, because Caramus, who also had a portion of the key which could open the Death’s Door, was mere hours behind them.

However, perhaps there was another way.

The party had a great idea – instead of racing ahead into the dungeon, they were going to wait just inside Death’s Door. Caramus would have to open the door the same way they did, by sending the key up first with a few non-magical fighter types. As soon as the door opened (and the anti-magic field collapsed) the party would grab the fighters with a spell and then yank them in and then close the door. Effectively taking Caramus’ key from him.

Caramus would then be faced with a choice – either figure out a way to breach the Door without a key, or travel all the way to Qeshir in an attempt to get the third and final piece of the key. Either way, this would slow him down considerably and give the party a great deal of time.

The party rested and made preparations for their plan of action. Ugita prepared his most powerful spell, a veritable plea to his god to pull in anyone on the other side of the door. Rothgar and Teela took up positions just inside the door so they could shoot at enemies outside. Callister held the key ready to close the door.

Finally, after much waiting, the party heard the telltale signs of the mechanism in the door to work. A deep clank followed by a rhythmic clicking of a wheel turning. Then, the door slowly started to open. Instantly, the anti-magic field outside flooded in even as it began to shut down. The floating silvery teleport bubbles vanished as the anti-magic field swept through the chamber. It quickly faded away.

The door rolled open revealing a small group of armored men with one officer holding the key. Far behind them, on the far side of the quarry, stood a large host of men and beasts. Caramus could be seen at the front, along with Death Knights, Black Sorcerers and several dozen humans and orcs.

Now that the anti-magic field was completely off, Ugita began casting his Miracle spell. Rothgar launched a volley of arrows and brought the commander to his knees. Ugita finished his spell and a great telekinetic force pulled all the Duthelm soldiers in like a huge magnet. There were eight of them in total.  Callister pushed the key to the door and it began to grind closed again. Callister poked his head out as the twin doors rolled shut and blew a kiss at Lord Caramus. Caramus glared at the mariner even as the sorcerers and knights about him stared on in bewilderment.

Caramus drew a deep breath and let loose with a bellow that shook the quarry. “Draabyn!” The echoes of that single word were cut off as the doors slammed shut with a thunderous boom.

The plan, it seemed, had worked.

The party quickly slew the remaining Duthelm soldiers and took their piece of the Death’s Door key. The party held their weapons at the ready, watching Death’s Door, fearful that somehow Caramus would be able to open them by sheer force of will.

The doors remained shut. They had done it. They had stolen the second piece of the key right out from under the nose of Caramus.

Congratulating themselves, they wiped off their weapons, packed their gear and started to head down the stone stairs that lead around the inside of the circular pit.

It was then that they heard it. A tremendous heavy thud that shook the floor. Dust from the ceiling fell down on them. A few seconds later, another great impact. The floor shook again. More dust from the ceiling. The sound was distant, muted, outside Death’s Door, out in the quarry. A slow rhythmic pounding began. Caramus, it seemed, was not willing to go to the distant continent of Qeshir to retrieve the third piece of the Death’s Door key. Not when his target, his goal, was so tantalizingly close. No. It seemed he would rather bring down the mountain and rend open the land through sheer force if necessary.

Not wanting to wait around and find out how long it would take Caramus to split the very ground apart, the party hurried down the stone steps into the darkness.