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Session 48 – The Underground City
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Session 48 – The Underground City

The party descended down the spiral stone staircase that hugged the inside wall of the deep shaft. They could see only darkness below.

Eventually, they stairs reached a stone floor and the party found a long tunnel. They followed this into a network of passages, chambers and doorways. Not wanting to waste time exploring, Ugita cast “Find the Path” spell which would guide them to the shortest path down to the deepest levels of the dungeon.

As the party made there way through the dungeon, they encountered several small groups of undead, which attacked. These were either slain or locked in barricaded rooms and left to rot. The party passed through armouries, offices, barracks, weapon training rooms and guard rooms. They came to a set of stairs which led down to another level with similar

It quickly became apparent that these two levels were meant to be a buffer between the outside world and the city below. Remembering what they had been told, this underground structure was an entire city. Duke Morgoth, centuries ago, had led his people into the earth, into their own mines and created a vast underground city. They had done this to escape the World Storm and chaos that raged above in the after math of the sundering of the star and subsequent collapse of the Empire.

It seemed that the two dungeon levels the players were passing through were entirely military – guard rooms, armories, etc. – designed to keep the outside world out and the city below safe.

Throughout these two dungeon levels, the players had several minor encounters. They ran into another of the strange mutated beasts which seemed to have once been a morphian. But now, there were mindless creatures that simply attacked. They dispatched the beast (which was shaped like a huge four pincer scorpion) and dispatched another group of undead.

Finally, the “Find the Path” spell led them to a magical elevator. They took the elevator down a long vertical shaft and the doors opened. The party stepped out and found themselves in a large circular chamber with several exits. The party stepped out of one of the exits and found themselves on a balcony overlooking a vast inky black emptiness before them. The balcony on which they stood seemed to be attached to a huge stony column or pillar. It connected to a stony roof about 30 feet above them. However, the column extended into darkness below them. Judging by the air currents, the cavern that lay beneath them must be immense. They used a Daylight spell on a torch and had Grimnoth carry it. This bright light showed them a spectacle… they were standing at the top of a tall column that was at the center of a truly immense cavern. The cavern was over a mile wide and the floor of the cavern was some 500 feet below them.

A city full of buildings and tower and bridges and streets, was laid out on the floor beneath them. It seemed that had found the dungeons of Morgoth at least. Down here, according to Raj, was where Aracles and his group of morphians had come centuries ago to hide the Talisman. Down here, was their final goal, the end of the quest.