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Session 51 – Resurrection
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Session 51 – Resurrection

Having survived the battle with Lord Varull and his minions, the party took stock of their situation. Several of Varull’s mentally dominated minions had been freed. These free-thinking individuals had not been killed and the party parlayed with them. The freed slaves told them about Lord Varull, the sarthak civilization and their enslavement. It seemed that the sarthak had a city deep, DEEP underground which was the heart of their civilization, a place called Buranzakar. The sarthak enslave any and all they encounter in the underrealm using their powerful telepathy and telekinesis. Many of their minions had been enslaved for years. Now, suddenly free, this ragged group of slaves found themselves in a dangerous place, an ancient ruined subterranean city. The only two exits from here was the fissure (which led to the Buranzakar) and Death’s Door, up on the surface, where Caramus and his army was trying to get in.

Neither seemed like a good option. For the time being, everyone decided to stick together. Strength in numbers. The slaves were indebted to the party for slaying their master and freeing them. They vowed to serve the party until such time as they reached the surface. The party agreed. The freed slaves consisted of a small group of human mercenary warriors, the last 8 members of a skrell (ratman) tribe, a powerful human wizard, an orcish giant and a human military commander. The wizard was named Tyron Orbus and he was from Ithria. The party invited him to join them for they were in need of a man of his ability.

Ugita used his resurrection spell to raise Martin, sacrificing an ogre berserker (who was still alive and had been captured) in order to satisfy the gods.

Rothgar, however, arose on his own. He stood up, dusted himself off, picked up his bow and growled at the party as if to say “Death has no hold on me!”. His astonished companions asked how it was that he lived again. Rothgar explained that a spirit had entered him. The spirit of a morphian. He then sat down and told them a story…

It seemed that Aracles, the leader of the morphians, who led them to this place thousands of years ago to hid the Talisman, had grown drunk with power from the Talisman. He studied it for 2 years, always searching for a way to destroy it without risking the race of the morphians. But after nearly accomplishing this, he abandoned his studies. He was too enthralled with the power of the Talisman. He experimented endlessly creating new creatures and abominations of life. He even experimented on his own morphian followers.

In one of these experiments, he severed the spirit of a morphian from the body, but the morphian was not slain. This morphian was named Belizar. Belizar’s spirit wandered aimlessly through the underground city, unable to leave, unable to pass to the afterlife. Belizar fed off of the life of others – plant life, animal life, creatures in the underground. He waited, in a timeless dreamy state, for the centuries to pass. So it was that when the party arrived, Belizar watched the trials of the heroes as they came to the city with great interest. He watched as Rothgar was struck down in battle and saw Rothgar’s spirit leaving his body. Acting quickly, Belizar uses his powers to bond with the failing spirit of Rothgar, dragging Rothgar’s spirit back to his body.

Now, as long as Belizar’s spirit was with him, Rothgar would live. Belizar kept Rothgar’s death at bay. Belizar was able to communicate with Rothgar, like the echo of a voice in his head. Rothgar was able to relay to the party everything Belizar had told him.

Belizar was able to tell the party about the fate of Aracles, the experimentation, the magic which had gone awry. He told them of the horrible magical abominations that Aracles had been creating. He also knew of the final fate of the morphians. It concurred with what Lord Varull ahd told them. Aracles had merged all the morphians into a single horrific entity that, to this day, dwelled at the center of the Shrine. It was this entity that the sarthak worshiped. And at the center of that entity was the Talisman.

With the freed slaves following, the party ventured across the city, heading toward the next huge chamber wherein Raj had said the secret door was that led to the Talisman Shrine. According to Raj, they would the central city chamber was connected by four residential chambers, one on each side (north, west, south, east). These residential chambers were where the humans under Duke Morgoth had dwelled. Of course, now the chambers, like this underground city, was long abandoned. But the secret door, that the morphians had built, leading to the shrine, should still be there. He told them it was in the center of the far wall in the east residential chamber.

As the party came to the edge of the central city, heading east, they came upon a large well maintained, heavily fortified building. Belizar was able to tell the party that Aracles and his chief lieutenants had used this building when they occupied this underground city some 2000 years ago. It has been their base of operations. Within this building, Aracles had studied the Talisman and learned its secrets.

The party decided to venture inside to see if they could find anything useful. They found that a huge organism was growing through the entire fort. Strange twisted fleshy organic growths, somewhat like tentacles or vines, had grown through the place, down corridors and into chambers. They were mottled gray and pulsed with the flow of blood. The organic matter had grown up walls and across ceilings.

In several places, the organic matter sprouted strange living organisms. In the first chamber, the growths took the form of large spiked spheres supported on columns of bone and flesh. These spheres fired spikes at the players. After some trial and error, the party managed to destroy these. With blades and fire, they hacked at the organism and severed it in several places. Through a lot of hard work, they managed to kill it off, section by section, chamber by chamber.

Eventually, they found a large office on the second floor. It was filled with books, scrolls, maps, binders and journals. This had obviously been Aracles main library and office. Unfortunately, almost everything was written in a strange runic code that the party had never seen. But Belizar was able to help with this. He told them it was the written form of the morphian language. He could read it and did so, whispering to Rothgar in Rothgar’s mind. Rothgar sat down with pen and paper and began translating. Rothgar and Tyron Orbus, the mage, worked together to see how much they could decipher. The party hoped that Tyron could make sense of it all and see how far Aracles got with the research before he had abandoned it.

The party was secretly  hoping that Aracles had found a way to unlink the Talisman from the morphian race. This would allow them to destroy it without killing the entire race of morphians. Even if Aracles had not completed this branch of research, he might have done a great deal of research regarding that and perhaps Tyron could complete it.

That was their hope, anyway.

While Rothgar, Belizar and Tyron worked together to translate and decipher the magical texts, the rest of the party rested.