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Session 57 - Battle with the Minions
« on: January 02, 2007, 11:16:35 PM »
Session 57 - Battle with the Minions

I don't have the original session summary, but I do have some notes that were quickly jotted down from that session. I don't have time to write it all up and I'm mainly interested in getting all the session summaries posted. So, I'll just let you read the original short notes and it will fill the gap between sessions 56 and 58.

The party continued to do battle with various minions.

They came to a large chamber filled with mist. A giant on the far side was flinging boulders at them.

The floating probe came back around and attacked.

The party managed to drop a wall of iron on it which effectively pinned the probe down.

The party then toppled a stone wall on top of the iron wall. They weren't taking any chances with the probe.

Enemy archers on balconies above rained down arrows on the party.

Rothgar teleported up into the balconies and began firing arrows into the archers, killing most of them.

One of the enemy summoned a wall of fire on the other side

The remaining archers escaped through a secret teleport screen in the wall

As the minions fled, the party pursued some of them and ventured into the main entry chamber.

The heroes encountered several large creatures, monstrosities, the stuff out of nightmares...

The heroes fought their way up to the main doors and blasted through them with a disintegrate spell.