Session 58 – The Final Battle

Started by avisarr, January 02, 2007, 11:36:51 PM

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Session 58 – The Final Battle

This was the final session. The final battle in the final chamber.

The Heroes stood outside the main doors of the central Shrine chamber. Beyond the doors, the great Godbeast covered the floor, a writhing mass of flesh. Creatures spawned from its flesh were lumbering forward, rank after rank.

The Heroes, weapons readied, dove into. While the party  battled the tide of monstes, Callister began hacking his way into the Godbeast. Tentacles lashed out at him, but they were unable to grasp a hold of him because of his Ring of Free Action.

Callister could see that the great central mass of the creature was glowing from within. Something incredible bright and radiant was lighting the semi-translucent protoplasm of the beast.

Beyond this great central hump, on the far side of the creature, some 200 yards away, Callister could see a battle going on. It took him only a moment to realize it was Lord Caramus and his Duthelm soldiers. They too were battling dozens of creatures spawned from the belly of the godbeast.

As Callister neared the central mass of the beast, Rothgar suddenly appeared just ahead of him, having used his teleport ring. The two reached the central mass at almost the same time. Both of them hacked their way through the swaying tentacles.

Charge the godbeast
Rothgar and Callister pushed in.
Callister – ring of free action.
Rothgar – teleported.
Several creatures surrounded the central mass.
Central mass began lowering.

Tyron used Bigby's Grasping Hand to wrestle the central mass and rip the Talisman free from the creature. At his moment, the party got their first good look at the Talisman. It was shaped like a crown, a brilliant crystal crown, glowing from within.

At that moment, the Godbeast separated into all the separate morphians. Various wailing shapes poured out of it. Mindless, raging, furious - the morphians were in a berzerker rage, shifting wildly. Chaos erupted and the battle intensified.

Rothgar and Callister teleport back, out of harm's way.

The group, uses a Mass Teleport Spell to get out of the island. They couldn't get all the way out of the maze because of the magical glyphs, created by the Sarthak, that prevent people from teleporting in.

The group manages to make it back out to the shores of the underground lake with one teleport spell. They had left the Duthelm forces battling the morphians and the spawned minions from the Godbeast.

There, on the banks of the underground sea, the party used their magic – a combination of Passwalls and Disintegrates – to burrow into the side of the cavern wall. They kept the opening of the tunnel small and well hidden. They went in deep and formed a small cave. There they cast Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion - an extradimensional space where they could hide and rest.

The party was wounded, weak, bloody and exhausted. They are almost out of spells. The plan was to hide here, in this extradimensional space, hidden in a cave, far from the sarthak and their minions. Here the party would stay for at least 8 hours to rest.

The party ended up staying there for about 20 hours. They were terrified that the sarthak would have some magical means of finding them. However, no one came.

Eventually, they emerged back into the cave. It seemed their hiding spot was a good one. No one had found the small entrance into their spell-made cave.

After much discussion, they decided that they MUST destroy the Talisman, and quickly, before they were found out. They cast Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion again. They all entered the Mansion's dimensional space. Once they were all safely inside, they used a Wish spell to cause the Talisman to break.

The Talisman shattered into a thousand blazing crystal shards. A tremendous explosion of light and energy accompanied this. It shook the caves. Such was the force of magical energy unleashed that the heroes felt the shockwave even in their extradimensional space. The energy of the blast, it seemed, transcended dimensional barriers.

A few moments later, the heroes emerged, only to find a smoldering crater where their cave had been. Half the rockface had been blown away exposing the tiny cave to the coastline and underground sea. Rubble was still raining down even as huge boulders crashed and fell into the sea.

Regardless of what lay ahead of them, they had completed their mission. They had prevented Duthelm from acquiring the Talisman. They had destroyed it and ensured that Duthelm would never gain control of the morphians. The mission was a success. The party cheered.

The players discussed various ways of getting back to the surface without tangling with Duthelm soldiers, insane morphians (if they had survived) or spawned minions. Ultimately, it did not matter. We ended it here. The heroes would have a long journey home, but the campaign was done.


so....any thoughts?  Right now Sandy still has a good portion of spells left

4 rounds of GI and 4 Action points.  I was thinking of going over and fighting the archers b4 my invisible is gone?