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Session Summary #11
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Session #11

The party has spent the last two and a half months traveling to the Great Temple of Thandrimora to ask the monks of Ynthar for advice. Given that the symbol of Ynthar is so heavily associated with everything they have found, they believe this to be the best place to get confirmation on what to do next. Since Lutheo and Ceress had spent years training there, they feel they can trust them.

The party was given a warm reception when they arrived at the temple. Lutheo and Ceress were welcomed back by the monks that they had spent so much time with before leaving about 4 months ago. The party asks to speak with a master and they are granted an audience.

Master Ta’hana sits with the party and reviews all of their findings. They talk for hours about what the party has witnessed, what they have found and what they have deciphered in the book of banishment found at the ruins of the Conclaves stronghold.

As a group they come to the following conclusions:

From the book they are were able to discover that each of the Conclave members dedicated their mind to the banishment, their bodies were present and they sacrificed/tied a portion of their soul to insure the banishment would work. This is in line with the three paths of Ynthar, the paths of the mind, body and spirit.

The banishment needed to break Draxorith into the three separate parts of mind, body and soul to insure they could succeed in banishing the mighty greater demon.

The finger on the chain and map were probably made by the Black Sorcerers to track Geldan (using his amputated finger from the historic battle of Storms Port). This is probably how Duthelm found the secret hideout so quickly after the banishment, using the map for general location and the finger to pinpoint him.

They surmise that the fingers enchantment continued to work pointing to Geldan even after death. When his remains were taken out of this realm by being put in the bag of holding, the finger then pointed to the next closest Conclave member since they were all tied together through their dedication of their souls to the still active banishment.

Similarly, the map pointed to Geldan but they are unsure how it picks the next Conclave member to highlight since it isn’t based on proximity. This is a mystery that they will have to see if they discover in due time.

Through the use of Legend Lore, Master Ta’hana was able to confirm their suspicions that the gem holds the soul of Draxorith. Based on the circumstance of finding the gem on the body of a dead Black Sorcerer near the banishment chamber as well as notes in the final pages of the banishment book wondering what caused the banishment to fail, they surmise that this separation of the soul probably happened prior to the banishment and is what caused the banishment to only partially succeed. It was probably a defensive measure taken early on by Draxorith like a Lich using a soul jar. Maybe the Black Sorcerers brought the gem with them in an attempt to use it to undo the banishment, giving Draxorith an anchor close by to help retrieve him, but instead they died in the final battle leaving the gem, the answer to the reason the banishment failed, right there for all these years, unknown to anyone but some of the highest ranking Black Sorcerers.

Given that the banishment probably failed due to not having Draxoriths soul in the banishment, the only way to complete the banishment is to throw the gem in the banishment pit. But since the Conclave members had to bind their souls to the spell, had to physically be present and dedicate their minds to the activation of the spell (which is still running), it is most likely that the remains of the six Conclave members will also need to be there to complete the banishment. Without this, the warding may unravel and Draxorith will once again be unleashed on the world to wreak havoc.

During these conversations, Ta’hana assures them that they have done the right thing so far. He lets them know that the church of Imarus has no rights to the bones of Kelandor, the Conclave member interred  there. He will point out the folly of the church of Imarus being attached to material things and the mysticism surrounding remains of the dead, although apparently this one does have some mysticism due to the tie to the banishment spell.

At various points, master Ta’hana encouraged each of the characters for their futures. He tells Otep that he is wiser than he gives himself credit for. He encouraged Theren to follow the path of getting his head out of the stars (and the bottle) and into the soil, less Moon and more Shadow. To Akronos he subtly mentioned that he should return home before too long. Lutheo he told to continue to walk the path and get your hands dirty but also look to lead down the path for others need your guidance. Ceress was encouraged that it is time for him to come out of mourning for who he has been and fully engage in who he wants to be.

Ta’hana sends the party to dinner with the monks of the temple while he and the four other masters meet to talk about next steps and how Ynthar will be involved.

The dinner is simple but excellent. They haven’t had this good of food in a long time. Otep asks one of the other monks about this and is told that a regular practice among the faithful is the Three Day Cycle. Adherents study each discipline for one day and then begin again. The first day is completely devoted to physical training. This includes exercise, weapons practice, running, swimming, yoga, martial arts and gymnastics. The second day is devoted to study, intellectual pursuits and magic. This usually involves reading and may also involve visiting a local library, solving puzzles and riddles, magical research and engaging in discussion with learned scholars. The third day is spent meditating and in deep contemplation. This day may also include resolving problems, confronting fears, honoring the past, planning for the future, trying something new, fasting, feasting, arranging flowers, gardening, creating art or anything else that enriches the spirit. This third day, the "spirit day", is a deeply personal day and it may take many different forms. Many of the monks in the temple have found a deeply satisfying joy in cooking and the results is an active, meditative culinary masterpiece that everyone gets to join in.

Otep is impressed with the diversity of the monks given that there are humans, elves, grum, dwarves, half orcs, saurians, phellysians and others. The fact that they are not all just traditional monks but also clerics, wizards, fighters, paladins and more intrigues him. When he talks of this later with Master Ta’hana, he is told that Ynthar isn’t a religion so much as a philosophy and way of life. The monks who study here are studying that way of life and philosophy, not specifically the martial arts of being a monk, although some of course are monks in the martial arts sense. Otep is given the invitation to return once his mission is accomplished if he would like to study the way of Ynthar.

Master Ta’hana has met with the four other Masters of Ynthar currently in residence at the temple. Master Michael (a human monk from Drakell), Master Elodin (an elven Wizard), Master Agoch  (a dwarven paladin) and Master Edwin (a grum cleric).

Currently in attendance at the Temple of Thandrimora are five masters, fifteen monks, thirty two apprentices and fifty two initiates. There are many other Ynthari monks elsewhere in the world. Some come to Thandrimora from time to time. Most make a pilgrimage here at least once in their life. The three lesser temples are little more than ruins that lie in hostile territory.

The Master Monks can’t spare more than a small but strong party without leaving this last remaining temple of Ynthar woefully undefended. They have agreed that Master Agoch and Master Edwin will lead a party of 5 monks to find and kill the necromancer at the ruins of the Conclaves banishment site.

The party should continue upon that path of retrieving the other skulls and meet up at the banishment site to complete what was started 150 years ago.

Otep and Ceress have great skill in surviving in the outdoors and paid close attention to the surroundings when they escaped the digging camp. They give Master Agoch and Master Edwin detailed descriptions of the area to help them find it. They also agree to leave the book of banishment with the masters in hopes that it having been created at that site will give it a strong binding to the location and they might be able to use it to help magically pinpoint the location. Master Elodin has all of the notes that Boazman and Akronos made while translating the book over the past three and a half months copied so Akronos can keep the originals and the Masters can have a copy.

Master Ta’hana introduces them to master Elodin the top ranking wizard within the monastery. Elodin is a tall Elf with long white hair in a tight ponytail braid down his back. He is old even by elven standard and whipcord strong. Elodin provides Akronos with the spell Sending so they can communicate more while the party is on the road. Akronos asks for a couple other spells including Levitate which might come in very handy in lifting the lid off of the sarcophagus of Kelandor and Elodin is happy to help the cause. Akronos then thinks to ask for a long shot and asks if Elodin can recharge the ring of fireballs. Apparently this is well within Elodin’s skills and he has it accomplished before the party leaves the temple.

The party asks if the Masters will be able to provide them with anything else to help in their mission. Ta’hana explains that they live rather simple lives and most items in the monastery are the personal belonging of a monk that brought it with them and will take it when they return to the outside world. They do collect up several potions of healing, lots of holy water, 5 pearls that can be used for identify and 1,000 worth of gold for them.

The Monk Santiago who was the mentor for Ceress before sending him out to the world meets with Ceress to see what his progress has been. After an unarmed sparing match and then a match with swords (both of which Santiago easily wins), he offers up a magical long sword to Ceress. The hilt is intricately carved and by tracing the lines with the eye or hand it could be used for meditation. He wishes him well and looks forward to meeting up with him at the ruins of the Conclave since he has volunteered to be one of the five monks going on that mission with the masters.

With the blessing and encouragement of master Ta'hana the party sets about a plan to steal the skull of Kelandor from the Basilica of Imarus. They spend the next two days practicing this plan while at the monastery to make sure that everything will go smooth when it comes time to execute the heist.

Master Elodin agrees to teleport the party back to Aridorn. He provides them with a letter with his personal seal and lets them know that they can present this to the wizard Hessen at the guild in Aridorn and he will assist them with a teleportation circle to another city when they’re done with their mission there.

Master Elodin uses a Sending spell to contact Hasson and alert him to their arrival. When they teleport into the courtyard of the wizards guild of Aridorn, Hessen is waiting for them.

The wizard Hessen of Aridorn is a butt ugly half orc with a rough demeanor. The party informs him that they will be needing to teleport out early the next morning. He laughs and says that he’ll be happy to have master Elodin in his debt. Normally he would charge 2500 gold pieces for such a service but Elodin has promised him proprietary spells in exchange.

After Akronos and Lutheo make a quick trip out to barter a deal to exchange Lutheos magical short sword for a magical rapier the party lies low in the wizard school for the evening.

They head out first thing in the morning before the Basilica opens to the public. They travel in small groups to not be seen together and when they get there they spread out in the public courtyard with the locals. A couple of the party purchase some meat pies from a local vendor and wait for the opening of the Basilica.

Two Civilars flanked by four Militants come promptly at 8:00 and open both the large double doors in the center of the front of the church as well as the sets of double doors on each side. The civilars go deep into the church and the militants take up position by the doors.

There are plenty of locals waiting around to enter the church at first opening and after a dozen or so go in Theren passes by each party member and gives them Bardic Inspiration on his way in. The rest of the party moves in and takes up their designated positions.

Theren and Otep go to the area dedicated to the Demon War hero’s that contains Kelandors sarcophagus. Lutheo and Akronos go to positions across the isle from them. Ceress goes to the far end of the Basilica and waits for the signal.

Theren bribes and uses his power of Suggestion on the local that was already at the shrine of Kelandor so they could have it to themselves. He gives him a gold to go out and purchase a meat pie for Theren and keep the change.

Theren then casts silence ten feet above the sarcophagus. Ceress sets off the Combat Shroud in the back of the church drawing the attention of the Civilars and Acolytes and terrifying the worshipers. Akronos uses Levitate to lift the lid to the sarcophagus, Theren throws the Snatch Pit on the floor next to it, Otep grabs the skull of Kelandor and jumps into the pit. Lutheo is ready to run interference if any part of their plan goes awry Akronos lowers the lid while a couple of the Militants are running past to investigate the commotion in the back of the church and Theren closes the pit with Otep and the skull in it and takes the controlling lever with him as he and the rest of the party head for the exit with the rest of the frightened masses.

The two remaining militants guarding the door aren’t able to contain the flow of panicked worshipers fleeing and the party escapes in the confusion.

While in the pit, Otep gets his first experience of pure darkness. With no light source and no friends to provide light or even a comforting conversation panic starts to set in. After just a little bit of panic he decides to do that meditation thing he has seen Lutheo, Ceress and the monks at the temple do. He calms down and finds it to be a surprisingly relaxing experience.

The party meets up a few blocks away from the church, join Otep in the pit and close it back on themselves. They check the map and now that the skull of Kelandor is in another dimension the map no longer points to Aridorn, it points to Storm Port up in Duthelm. 

This is where session #11 ends. The party has collected the second skull and have a clear idea of what their mission is.
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