Session #33 Summary - The End of the Campaign!

Started by Nathan Sherman, January 12, 2021, 04:39:29 PM

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Nathan Sherman

This is the 33rd and final session of the Avisarr 2019-2020 campaign!

The party wakes up in the forest the next morning. While they are rested they aren't quite refreshed. The battle and completion of the banishments was the culmination of months of crazy adventures, running hard from one challenge to the next and too many near death experiences to count.

Tykor is feeling much more himself with his memory being sharper than it has in years. Apparently having tied a piece of his soul to the partially completed banishment ritual almost 150 years ago was detrimental to his health. Now that the ritual is complete, there might be some recovery and better quality of life left for him.

He remembers that he has the ability to create a Teleportation Circle and knows the symbol outside of the Temple of Ynthar.

The party agrees to go to the Great Temple of Thandrimora (the last standing temple of Ynthar) with the four monks of Ynthar, return the body of Master Elodin for proper burial and update the rest of the masters on the completion of the banishment.

Master Ta'hana welcomes them back and while he is saddened to hear about the loss of Master Elodin, he is thrilled that the party has been successful in completing the banishment that the six Ynthar followers started so long ago. Ta'hana offer that they can stay at the temple for as long as they like to rest and recuperate or even to live if they were so inclined. The party takes them up on staying for several days and enjoy the fine food and good company while recovering from their ordeals.

Otep remembers how inclusive the monetary was and how the offer to train in the Ynthar faith was given to him when they were last here. After a couple days of staying at the temple and being welcomed in and treated as an equal, Otep approaches Ta'hana and asks if the offer to train here is still open.

Ta'hana welcomes him to the Way of the Three Paths and says that he will find a monk that would be up to the challenge of being his teacher for as long as he wants to stay. Later in the day, Ta'hana introduces him to Master Agoch, a dwarven paladin who is interested in exploring if they are the right fit for each other as master and student. He offers for Otep to go for a run with him and they spend the rest of the day running the grasslands outside of the temple and talking at length between runs. While a half orc and a dwarf might not be the most common of sights as companions, they both agree that they could grow from the relationship and Master Agoch will take on teaching Otep.

Otep tells the rest of the party that he will be staying here to learn the ways of Ynthar and not continuing on with them. Before saying their goodbyes, the party works to split up all fo the loot that they have gained over their adventures, both the recent items and the items that were found and used along the way. Some of the magic items are given to the four surviving monks that helped assault the banishment chamber and the rest are distributed throughout the party.

The party talks about the formerly haunted mansion outside of Freeport that they have earned outside and the possibility of keeping it or selling it. After some creative conversations they decide to keep it and have Boazman and his wife work it as caretakers with the proceeds getting split amongst the party whenever they want to pick up the earnings of the estate.

Lutheo says that this is also his time to say goodby to the rest of the party. He wants to find out what happened to his parents long ago. He hasn't seen them since they packed him and a few belongings onto a cart, sent him to the Grand Temple of Ynthar with an old monk named Ouren, and sneaked off into the dark on some secret mission. Now that he knows more of the history of Kitar and the Demon Wars, he suspects that their secret mission must have somehow been related to that. Maybe not directly, but something to do with Duthelm.

He will head to Waterford to see if he can learn anything from the people who were town officials at the time he was sent away, and then to wherever that information leads. He plans to also visit Myranor to let them know what the Knights of the Abyss in Duthelm are up to. Since one of the skulls that didn't get sucked into the banishment chamber is the skull of Harden the Crusader he will deliver that back to Myranor, home of Harden and proper resting place for the hero.

The temple of Ynthar will keep the other two skulls and give them proper rites and a resting place here since it is unsure which of the heroes the skulls belong to.

When they are ready to leave, Tykor teleports Akronos, Theren, Ceress and Nikos back to Freeport. They go to their mansion to insure that things are running smoothly with Boazman and his wife Rizzo. Boazman has been absorbed in the massive library but Rizzo has been the task master running the restoration of the property. She has been keeping the young wizards Santiago and Salazar busy as well as the hired hands that she was authorized to bring in.

While the estate, lands and contents could probably be sold for a sizable amount of gold it could also be kept and generate income from its lands. With some investment into the development of the lands for both farming and livestock it is estimated that the estate could be providing a handsome income of 500 gold per month within a year. The party decides that since Rizzo has a great head for estate management that they will make her the official manager, keep the estate and each collect their profits whenever they want to come to Freeport. They will always have an amazing place to stay and retire if they ever choose to slow down from their adventuring lives.

During this time, Akronos asks Santiago and Salazar if they would like to become his apprentices. The young wizard brothers eagerly agree and Akronos starts laying out the rules to their training, which the brothers grumble is starting to look like indentured service.

Nikos is eager to get back to Drakkel to attend the Wild Goose Chases that will be hosted by Lord Ashcroft using the recently purchase book that was written by Gustav Wilder. Tykor is ready to return to life back at the Inn of the Broken Staff and start implementing some of the changes to the Fall menu that he has been dreaming about. Sleeping in his own bed, listening to the best musicians in the land and sipping his own whiskey will be even more enjoyable after this late in life adventure and the knowledge that the banishment ritual that he started almost 150 years ago is finally completed.

Tykor casts one more Teleport Circle and he, Nikos, Theren and Ceress teleport to Drakkel. Akronos stays behind to spend the next couple months fixing up the estate, making sure Rizzo runs it the way the party would like and training his new apprentices.

After a little while at the Inn of the Broken Staff both Theren and Ceress grow restless with what calls to their future. Theren believes he has a welcome obligation to go to the forest and serve his Feymaster, Zoastra, that has been showing him the ways of being a warlock. Zoastra has been watching There on his mission ever since starting to provide Theren with warlock powers almost a month ago and is thrilled to be working with a strong student. Zoastra welcomes him to its service and has great plans for him, stating in the dense forests of Myria.

Ceress also has reasons to return to Myria, reason tied to a troubled past that he has barely hinted at with the other members of the party. They both agree to travel together, at least until they get to the forests of Myria and then they will see where their paths take them from there.

After a couple months and making sure that everything is in order with the estate, Akronos charters a ship with Santiago and Salazar to spend some time in Drakkel visiting with Tykor and Nikos, enjoying the fine music of the Inn of the Broken Staff and exploring his old merchant guild contacts and new prospects.

Akrons gets a home in Drakkel and continues training his apprentices with regular stints on merchant ships as sea wizards. Quite often he visits Tiykor at the Inn of the Broken Staff to buy him a brandy and talk mage-craft.

This brings to an end the Avisarr 2019 campaign. We ran 33 sessions in the course of a little over a year, traveled the far reaches of Khoras and had a lot of fun. Thank you David Roomes for creating Khoras, running me through this campaign over 20 years ago and inspiring me to be a better DM than I ever thought I could.


And so it ends.

Been fun reading the campaign summaries!
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