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Mixed Economies

Many nations, because of their nature or geography, conduct trade with many other cultures. These nations, for various reasons, accept virtually all currencies, either at face value or for the base weight of the metal in their make. Many of these nations allow trade and barter right along side the various currencies. So, a grum smith might pay for goods with a iron petty, a copper dweomer or even a chicken. Such an unorganized system might seem unstable, but in practice, such systems tend to balance themselves due to internal forces. Those nations that have mixed currency systems include:

bulletthe grumman clans of the Khenshire
bulletthe grumman Falkir Clans
bullet Jannerus
bulletthe free city of Ithell
bulletthe free city of Vogue
bulletthe many groups of the Pirate Isles
bulletthe orcs and ogres of Duthelm
bulletthe Coalition
bulletthe free city of River Gate

Trade And Barter

Other nations operate almost entirely on nothing more than trade and barter, tempered by tradition and common law. Such nations include:

bulletthe Aswani of the Aswanar Wildlands
bulletthe baenites of the Baen DesertBaen
bulletthe clans of Bathynia
bulletthe barbarians of northern Borrell
bulletthe tribes of Myria
bulletthe Secambru giants
bulletthe feline folk of Talis
bulletthe elves of Cyrell and Ethara.
bulletthe Eshtari of Aggradar


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