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Western Elven
Western elven is considered the linguistically pure version. It is beautiful language that is rich in folklorish idioms and phrases. Many words deal with nature, spirits and legends. It is the primary language of Ethara. It has large morphemes that convey a great deal of information with each word.

Eastern Elven
A corrupt version of western elven, eastern elven exhibits influences of the human tongues. It is spoken primarily in Cyrell.


Elven is a soft, lilting language which is melodious to the ear. It bears some resemblance to Phellysian. It contains many subtle variations in tone and inflection which convey mood and emphasis. Many words have specific variations of meaning based on tone and pitch alone. It also has large number of phonemes, so that even subtle variations in sounds can change the meanings of words. This replaces a strict grammatical syntax. Therefore, suffixes and prefixes are few.


The complex elven language is a descendent of Pruelon with influences of the Irenni tongue. Although it has inherited most of its letters from both, it has introduced new ones and also features many complicated letter combinations and variations.

The elven language has 41 letters which resemble artistic squiggly lines. Language is often formal and writing is quite decorative. The elves have elevated writing to an art form in all respects. Subtle emotional overtones are conveyed by slants and overlaps in the lettering.

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